Saturday 3rd of April 2021

On This Day in 1991, Led by Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski And Christian Laettner, Duke Wins its 1st National Championship in Program History, Beating Kansas 72-65.

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The side saying If you dont like Satan shoes, dont buy them, is the same side that boycotts Chick-fil-A for being Christian. Just dont eat there.
DARK KNIGHT RISES photo shoot with Christian Bale and Tom Hardy.
HOW stupid are you _sabanaqvi? First you tweet happy good Friday, then invent an imaginary kid, and then say your mum is a Christian? Have no idea why people like swapan55 give interviews to prize dolts like Saba!

The Christian faith confuses me so much. Why do they call the day Jesus was crucified Good Friday Shouldnt Easter be called Good Sunday? Maybe today should be called Crusifriday? IDK.
Sunrise Christian now in complete control as the FGs not dropping for IMG and Buffaloes getting to the foul line.
That's a rude and childish comment. A true atheist respects Christian's. I bet you're about 25, short, boring looking, lacking in social skills and repel women lol.
Wishing all Christian faithfuls a Good Friday! May this season bring peace and tranquility to you and yours.
I am a Christian & I am utterly appalled that people in the Tory government (& for that matter voting for the Tory party) have the barefaced cheek to call themselves Christian - There is absolutely nothing that would convince me that it is possible to be both a Tory & a Christian.

Porcupines pick up a non district win at home against a quality Liberty Christian team. Pines will be back in district action next Tuesday at home against Castleberry.
Cishet christian men,,,,stay mad lmao hu tao peg me again.
Its not just the evangelism, but the conviction that people who walk in darkness must be brought into light, that marks humanists as so irredeemably Christian.
Yep. I grew up in the church and heard its not about religion its about the relationship all the time. I think that statement has been said so often within Christian circles that its completely lost its meaning. Like when I was a kid and I said everything was epic.

Tw// nsfw () I HAVE NO CLUE also one of the priests called lucifer daddy i cant- HES A CHRISTIAN PRIEST AND HE CALLED THE DEVIL THAT.
Just like the rest of Christian mythology GoodFriday is a made up date. Christmas was fabricated for the pagan solstice and Good Friday/Easter to appropriate Spring. There is no evidence for this Jesus birth or death. Plenty for Church FakeNews.

Rather be a Gangsta 4 Jesus!
I don't celebrate Easter because I'm a real Christian and celebrate the risen Hebrew Messiah Lord Jesus Christ every day I'm so thankful he died for my sins I don't believe in Catholic Easter Bunnies or the Estor fertility Goddess what a bunch of sin!

May I remind you, last week 6 as/am women were killed by a christian guy who was heavily influenced by purity culture.
It's GoodFriday so today's FrescoFriday came from the early Christian (350 AD circa) hypogeum of Vibia, along the Appia. It represents Vibia led by an angel into the afterlife where six other figures, judged to be righteous, are feasting, reclining on a stibadium coach.

We already do. You can't discriminate against multiple groups of people. A Christian business owner was forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Many businesses have been forced to be closed nationwide because of Covid. Plenty of precedent.

Indiana Basketball Source breaks down tomorrow's 2021 IHSAA boys basketball 2A state final between Blackhawk Christian and Parke Heritage.
Labour Cllr thinks Easter is about celebrating our diverse community. Sorry but no, Easter is about Christianity. Please can we stop erasing the Christian faith. Why can't we exist as well?
Luis Palau, a Christian evangelist known for his smile and hearty laugh and described by some as the Latino Billy Graham, died Thursday (March 11) at his Portland, Oregon, home. He was 86.
DrOakley1689 I see why you try to deny evolution. You're smart enough to realize that evolution disproves Christianity, but not quite smart enough to discard the Christian fairy tales. So close.
No mention of the Christian holiday, Easter? Good Friday? Why is that?
Nowadays, youve got to ask, Do you believe in Jesus or Republican Jesus?
If prayers are legit Ambulance will take patients to Church. Christian's would have far better productivity in lifestyle and lifespan than everyone else outside their faith.
How will our bodies be put back together? What about those eaten by cannibals? A brief History of Christian resurrection beliefs.
The Prime Minister knows its Easter. He knows the long weekend is for a RELIGIOUS holiday. Anyone whos worked in politics knows there is no such thing as accidental comms, it was an intentional slight. Jewish & Muslim holidays are acknowledged as religious, Christians should too.

BBC wishes its viewers a 'happy bank holiday'. Isn't this Good Friday part of a Christian holy weekend Easter? Perhaps the BBC doesn't wish to be accused of supporting Christianity? Pls rt.
I like how people like you and the amateur dilettante historian Tom Holland enjoy defining everything as Christian or radical Protestantism. Do you know literally nothing about world history? cc.
Whether youre a Christian or not (Im not) just how deeply nauseating is this?
I, on behalf of my family felicitate with Christian faithfuls across Adamawa and beyond on the occasion of this year's Easter. Easter is a time of rededication to the tenets of Love and compassion which Jesus lived for. May the period usher us into a peaceful new Nigeria.

The cross is the foundation of our christian salvation we must return to Christ Jesus in repentance.
Wildcats walk it off again. 3 runs in bottom of the last inning sinks Charlotte Christian 6-5. Game 2 coming up in 30 minutes.
Right-wing trolls deny that I'm a Believer bc I swear & have dissenting opinions & dont fit the nice, quiet, submissive, Christian woman role. As they jerk off to their patron saint FaithGoldy. Have a Good Friday everyone. Peace & blessings.

On GoodFriday, we pause to remember and pray for all those around the world persecuted because of their Christian faith.
Jaden Akins (JadenAkins3) currently at the line with 31.7 left in the ball game. 67-60 Sunrise Christian (sunrisehoops) retakes the lead. Live updates can be found on this link.
Harper Dupre (2024 MI/P/UTL) had a nice day at the plate today! 2-4 with a HR and a 2B for Ascension Christian against French Settlement. The HR was a 2 run shot at a critical moment in the game when FS had pulled within 1. DoDamage freshman CLCL.

I believe there's a God but,he does not interfere with our lives and does not judge us at the end of it. Maybe cos I was a raised a Christian I can't wrap my head around there being no God at all.
And you thought they couldn't get more offensive? conservatives have now 'branded' GoodFriday with their logo. Look, I'm Jewish & I'm offended for you!
For no specific reason whatsoever, it feels like a great day to rage tweet about the perpetuation of oppression and abuse at the hands of the white evangelical christian church.
Deflect? CulturalCanada claims to be a Christian. Remember this? Jesus replied to the Pharisees, Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her. John 8:7. The Pharisees represent Canada, the US and the Christian church.

What is the reason for this long weekend? Its Easter, the most holy of holy days of the Christian faith. You would think JustinTrudeau (who claims to be a Catholic) might acknowledge that.
So every British Christian is white?
I wouldve jumped to that PS5 with so much force the whole house wouldve crumbled.
How old is this fundamentalist Christian? I was born in 85 and late 90s was about when I got interested.
Leading many to the kingdom of GOD should be a priority in the life of every Christian.
Christian Fabianh-hSt. David's Blues.
Good Friday Friday, Apr 2, 2021 Christian: Commemorates the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death at Calvary.
SoldierOneEaODG MarkWEccleston Destrier15 yammerapple LisaKinderLamb1 CleeseRaymond DebLeeFab1 ReignOfHeathens Libertybibbledy kglarson badjin_rank extremecompute jamminhaus MaddHawk77 JonesMurphy BenjaminHampson dslinfreak cleflore23 762x25Tokarev Kasiagabrielle1 JacquotLeGrand 46_billy Peaches_Sabrina FlynDutchman466 insaneknight85 Peyton_PTP_ Gormogons samg399 FBIWFO LincolnProject3 CocaCola You are definitely not a Christian.

I was mad about Christian Seders but now Im having a Great Friday so its fine.
What CTV won't tell anyone is that the group responsible for raising the alarms regarding failings by an industry is an American Heavily Christian right wing group exploiting the voices of victims to push forward censorship, because they don't agree with Porn. Porn =/= CSAM.

Its very rude. Im not a Christian but I can respect the beliefs of others and not attack them on days which are special to them.
Hans Christian Andersen (born April 2, 1805 died August 4, 1875) was a Danish author, best known for his fairy tales including The Little Mermaid, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, and more. We have a wide collection of children's books and non-fiction available for checkout!

Yall please pray for Haiti, The things happening there arent getting enough media attention. They literally just kidnapped a whole church on Facebook live.
Since 1967, on or around Hans Christian Andersen's birthday, 2 April, International Children's Book Day (ICBD) is celebrated to inspire a love of reading and to call attention to children's books.
This week a Christian pastor sought to hold a prayer event inside the capitol green zone today, but his request was denied. The faith leader said he felt compelled by the Lord to do this. A DC federal judge denied his request. Perhaps we need more prayer. Less NG.

Join Dr. Daniels on Thursday, April 8, from 05:00 to 7:00 PM ET. He will be a panelist engaging in a discussion on Being Black and Christian in America: The Black Church and New Vistas of Race in the U.S. Register here for the virtual panel discussion.

Matt Gaetz is just a strong example of the republican Christian what I say never do what I do...this is the party of the worlds biggest hipocrisy.
Kiran Kumbhar, a writer for The Wire, Scroll, whitewashed IMA President Dr JA Jayalal's proclivity for Christian evangelism.
Filled with suspense and love FOREWARNED.
Further letter sent by Porter's lawyer-says by retweeting Turnbulls scurrilous claims that Kate's death was maybe something other than suicide, ABC star reporter Louise Milligan & other servants or agents of the ABC "aggravated damages against Mr Porter".

Confronted by an intellectual world for which they are not prepared, Christian college students are leaving behind their faith in worrying numbers. Here's MichaelJKruger's story.
Because its a Christian Holiday and only Islam matters to Trudeau & his corrupted friends.
The Federal GOVT should designate TPLF and OLF as a terrorist group; and take efficient measures accordingly to combat the domestic terror they rain on ethnic Amharas, Christian Oromos and others. Now is the time.

Did you know that Hans Christian Andersen was born OnThisDay in 1805? To help mark the occasion, it's also InternationalChildrensBookDay! What is your favourite Hans Christian Andersen story - maybe it's The Little Mermaid, or perhaps The Snow Queen? Pic: Dorothy Lathrop.

All these religions in South Africa but only Christian holidays being recognised as official public holidays (e.g. this long weekend) is also a remnant of colonialism and apartheid that needs to be dealt with.

High IQ, Christian, not racist, wears a mask during a pandemic, doesn't want guns to be in the hands of psychotic criminals, believes all people should have access to affordable medical care and education, aren't just white and ignorant Karen's.

I took this picture in the ruined Christian quarter of Mosul. The cross was made from the remnants of the benches of the devastated churches. The Corpus is in the focus, even in this invisible form. I wish all of you a blessed Easter!

A man of the Christian Faith such as Adrian Zenz would never risk the wrath of our Lord by lying, I can promise you that.
Why do yall care so much if Noah Green is a Muslim, Christian, Athiest, white, black or Hispanic? They all become the same when they murder random people.
When the 975,897,786th white Christian shoots up a school do you lead with their faith? Dick.
AP won mvp while almost the rushing record with Christian Ponder as his QB 9 months after tearing his acl.
But a Christian baker should be forced to work against her beliefs.
/ You've got Christian in your bio so for your sake I hope you learn some stuff about being kind cause this is actually sad.
Another horrible Jesus following Christian attacked at the capitol huh? never Thank the Lord for our savior.
No because you're a christian white conservative male. You are a poison.
: Hans Christian Andersen-April 2, 1805 Just living is not enough one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. Hans Christian Andersen Have you read the THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL? Audiobook, CD, ebook.

A Christian believer who picks up their cross & crucify their flesh on a daily basis are : Poor in spirit Mournful Meek Hungry and thirsty for righteousness Merciful Pure in heart Peacemakers Persecuted.

There is nothing Christian about a.
Fox Impostor Posing As The Family's Cat And Sleeping In Its Bed Is Unphased By The Whole Situation.
From this month's CTmagazine, the priorities of major Christian lobbying groups, measured in dollars.
JAO partners with Christian and Muslim schools for multi-faith program.
Matt Gaetz' disintegration shows the Trump method: He realized he didn't need A-listers, just people to play them on tv. He compiled a crew of d-list Christian nationalists & relied on straight-f creeps like Gaetz, but they were just props for his show, prone to collapse.

The Friday before Easter commemorates the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ in the Christian Faith and is called Good Friday. Christians around the world recall the biblical story of Jesuss crucifixion on this day.

"The Word that will change a man must first show the man who he really is. "Christian Michael"".
A Christian wish for a Christian Country!
Please let me be a winner.
Look I'm not a Christian, but if I were, I don't think I'd read your tweet about how SCIENCE IS ALL ABOUT PROOF AND JESUS DID NOT RISE FROM THE DEAD and go 'cool, thank you, I'll start my life again'.
Join me and tell Christian radio host ericmetaxas: Stop lying about COVID-19 vaccines, and sign up to get your own shot. We have a moral duty to save lives.
Its Good Friday which means I have to listen to my moms Christian music all day today.
Christian nationalism is a barrier to mass vaccination against COVID-19.
Reading was a joy, a desperately needed escape I didnt read to learn, I was reading to read. - Christian Bauman.
Hi Boris, BorisJohnson it's still not too late to wish your Christian public a Happy Easter. Thank You.
Christian Nonfiction Book Store (Bibles) $3.99 One Year Bible King James Version by Russell Sherrard.

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And look how they've done since . FVCK.

Still gives me chills. Special game.

Da disrespect...

Happy Anniversary, Roy! Go Duke. GTHC And go to hell, Kansas.

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