Saturday 3rd of April 2021

"I am The Resurrection And The Life. He Who Believes in me Will Live, Even Though he Dies; And Whoever Lives And Believes in me Will Never Die." - John 11:25 Wishing All Christians a Blessed.

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On this GoodFriday, Susan and I join millions of Christians around the world in remembering the sacrificial love shown for us on the road to Calvary. We remember that Jesus died for our sins that He always has a plan, even when things seem dark.

This Good Friday, KarenPence & I join Christians everywhere remembering the sacrifice our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ made for us on the Cross. ...He was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by His wounds we are healed.

They are busy condemning RSS. Sold out SGPC. Doesnt have time for resolutions against drugs and Christians openly converting Sikhs.
There is not one word of condemnation from Jesus on the cross, but there are words of mercy and tenderness. *This* is the example we Christians must follow.
New ISIS video allegedly shows mass execution of Ethiopian Christians.
White evangelicals were quiet when GA passed Jim Crow Era voter suppression laws but are up in arms over a MOB all-star game! Fake Christians make me sick.
PFN Urges Christians To Be Law Abiding During Easter Celebration.
I had to go to church until I was 18. I grew up with religion all around me. Those MFers aren't Christians. I don't care how much they praise Jesus and God. We were taught to treat people with respect, which is the polar opposite of 21st century "Christians".

Forget freedom of Hindu temples which never will happen. Meanwhile I wanna know, is that wrong for me to urge Hindus to robe encroach Hindus temple wealth and land before Muslims and Christians does? Already 60% Temple wealth in their custody while 50% revenue goes to them.

Even Jesus will think twice before loving today's Christians!
The non-Christian medieval Jews were mostly poor farmers, though some rose to prominence as physicians, tailors, jewellers, traders, financiers, and even slave dealers. As Christians were prohibited money-lending by the Church, the dominance of Jews in the role is doubtful.

Yikes, you should do some research about the atrocities committed in the name of Jesus over the centuries Christians are absolute monsters Statistically.
I think we Christians do not still understand the essence of today..lets get it..You commited a crime that should have caused you your life but someone decided to pay the price ,take your place so you can live..this person in question knew no sin no crime no bad record ...

TESCO advertises Ramadan at Easter? Do they know something Christians don't? Are they getting in early in their bias?
While you bigots are reveling in the reports that the Capitol attacker was Black and a member of the Nation of Islam... ... let me remind you of the Capitol attacks you defended by white Christians who murdered police, vandalized, stole, and looted.

Good Friday is the day Christians remember that time when Jesus was savagely beaten and murdered by the state for his radical politics of feeding the poor and healing the sick.
With the strength of the good Lord, I will not succumb to your temptations. The diet stops for noone. Also, enjoy your Good Friday's my Christians and Catholics.
2.4 Billion Christians call it Easter you commie fuck.
Alright. Christians( might not be you but Ive seen a majority of them do this) go after other peoples religions tell them that your god is the only REAL god. They told the lgbtq community that they are going straight to hell for their sexuality(1/2).

This is your friendly reminder that thousands of white Christians attacked the Capitol about 3 months ago.
Dear Conservative Christians: The Nation of Islam is not Islam. Thanks.
We revere people like galileo and socrates both people that were burnt to death by christians. How many artists werent appreciated till way after their death? This is not an excuse to not learn from the past.

Christians mark Good Friday, Holy Week under virus woes.
Ivanka Trump worships at his grave and you foolish Christians adore her.
From reuterspictures: A view of the Holy Land as Christians look to Easter.
You can easily tell friend or foe among Christians by whether or not they'd tap Ebrietas, Daughter of the Cosmos.
I know our PM just loves sending out messages to all religions congratulating them on religious holidays. Maybe I missed it but I havent seen anything from Trudeau wishing Christians well on this Holy Weekend.

It's very funny to me that tiktok has such a revival of christians vs atheists, it's like atheism is just a pretty juvenile debate that folks gotta go through when they're relatively new online before they move onto other stuff.

Christians - God is in control! Me - Systemic abuse exists. What does God is in control mean? Christian - God doesnt cause abuse, people do, God gave us free will. Me - I didnt say God caused it. And are you saying God is not in control then? Christian - Me - -.

Recommended wretched of the earth to some christians going on about their oppression do you think theyll read it.
In the past, Christians used a fish.
- Your misappropriation of this Christian symbol for Tory propaganda purposes on this holy day is disrespectful and insulting to Christians throughout the country and across the world. You should withdraw it and apologise immediately.

Extremist Fulanis have committed mass rapes, murders, torture, and massacres, and have permanently displaced Christians and occupied their homes and farmland. - Genocide Watch. Are we supposed to be silent over this? Never! Instead, we will seek solutions; Biafra solutions.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him may not perish but may have eternal life. John 3:16 Wishing a safe & blessed Good Friday to all Christians who, especially today, embrace the message of sacrifice & unshakable love.

I'm not worried about the Nation of Islam, its people who call themselves "christians" that keep me up at night.
Yes, the black, Nation of Islam member, who celebrated crimes against christians, was a White Supremacist Catholic... Did I do that right, FBI, DNC, CNN, MSNBC?
And how many Christians are left in Bethlehem? Oh, right, once Palestinians took it over they persecuted the Christians because they werent Muslim Palestinians and kicked them out... How bizarre, how bizarre.

ICYMI: A black Muslim Farrakhan supporter attacked the US Capitol on Good Friday, one of the holiest days of the year for Christians. Yet in minutes federal LE, Dems, and the media were absolutely positive Muslim terror wasnt the motive.

Yes absolutely. What youre describing isnt what I meant exactly. It sounds like youre keeping your Passover meal as close as you can to the Jewish traditions. Ive seen some Christians changing the foods and symbols in the Seder to show the correct Jesus story.

Are you willing to die for those Christians?
At least 16 Bangladeshi Hindu students have been arrested under blasphemy charges in the last two months. Most Islamic countries have draconian blasphemy laws which are misused to harass non-Muslims. Hindus and Christians of Pakistan are the most common victims of blasphemy law.

This bust of the Roman general Germanicus is our ArtefactOfTheDay. Made c. 14 - 20 CE, it was later mutilated by Christians in late antiquity. Carving crosses into their faces was thought to drive off the demons believed to haunt statues.

Happy Good Friday to all those who are celebrating today, especially those in countries where Christians are targeted and persecuted for their faith.
Theres a special place in hell for people that cancel Easter God protects us. This was never about COVID19 , this is about destroying Christians.
We now have realized that there isnt any Christians in this Trudeau Party! He can wish Muslims a happy Ramadan but not wish Christians Happy Easter! Who built this country by the way ? Not anyone the likes of Trudeau or anyone in his vile Party. Please take note Canada.

Universalism is a recent concept, the early Christians didnt think of them selves as that.
Another open letter to followers here. I see a lot of sadness creeping in, so here it is. A lot of you aren't Christian, but for Christians Easter is renewal time. Rebirth... Sao Zi Shi ** Shi Tuo _dopzhyx_Chi Yin _Yu Cheng Luan _Peng Yu Lu Zhuan Shi _Lang Jia Shi _LOVE_dopzhyx TeamYunho Reading.

Let's all stop and think about what Good Friday is actually about. On this day, Christians remember the violent death of an innocent man at the hands of people in authority.
Today is a day that Americans and Christians world wide acknowledge Jesus Christ willingly shed his blood on a cross to pay the debt of sin for all who believe.
Its ALWAYS ignorant men, Christians, and Trump supporters that say the stupid shit and still cant apologize for being wrong so they make back handed statements. Can I get a Yikes hard lemonade on the rocks?

Why are fuckwits Scott & Jenny Morrison broadcasting their "Happy Easter" message on Good Friday? Any REAL Christians would know that Good Friday is a solemn day.
Hypocritical "Christians" Dont me- I'm a real Christian.
God has changed multiple times. That's kind of the whole point of the new testament. It's why Christians aren't kosher. What a crazy thing to say.
Honestly .. this is not how Christians feel. I support your view but ... My bestie is a Christian and her argument was one shouldnt remove a person from any MP/PM position because of their religion. After all they all are elected representatives -.

Yep The infiltration of our govt and PH by cultists and FR christians is very concerning I would be very interested to know how many of the pms cultists and FR christians now hold seats in Govt and are staff in PH.

She didn't do it for THAT. You sound like someone who has never been to a black church. Until/unless you are, tread lightly. You've already tweeted about how "sick" you are of Christians. And that's totally your call. But judging her is not.

There is something wrong when Christians are known to be the least gracious and the least truth oriented.
Same reason he left Alberta out of Canada Day speech...he doesnt like Christians.
Won't get much press since it can't be blamed on white christians Black muslim just doesn't fit the narrative the press wants.
Being an edgy atheist now means staying completely quiet about the Batley school teacher being suspended whilst making cheap jokes about why Christians celebrate Easter.
Christians are in a cult.
"I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ." Mahatma Gandhi.
Today we remember the final words of Christ on the cross it is finished & the hope that this day represents to Christians everywhere. Whether youre gathering in church, an online service, or simply together with your family at home, l wish everyone a very blessed Good Friday.

You could witness multiple children die horribly and be emotionally scarred for life and Christians will b like all a part of Gods plan.
Only thing worse than corny Christians is corny Christian couples.
Has anyone seen any non-Christian religious or political leaders on here wishing all Christians a Happy Easter?
The AJC just cant do a story about Good Friday without making it a Covid story. Everything has to be Covid or race.
Shabbat Shalom, Ariel. Israel is super apartheid. They are letting Christians observe Good Friday at their most holy site. Can you believe it? They even spent gov. money on security to protect them from terrorists. Are you going to speak up about this?

Its my favorite time of the year to remind Christians that Easter is a coopted pagan holiday based on, you guessed it, the movements of celestial bodies.
You know what would be great?? If Christians practiced actual Christianity.
Good Friday is when pro-death penalty Christians mark the execution of anti-death penalty Jesus; and it's all irony-free.
Christians energized by in-person Southern California gatherings for Easter.
Ur no Christian. Christians are honorable. Ur using every trick in the book to cheat by using voter suppression. Those aren't election integrity laws, they're "how can we stay in power" laws. Now you're using threats to muzzle people who don't agree with u. You're a disgrace.

I do not take lightly the influence of Christianity on this country However, we are secular liberals, not Christians.
Scientists have no obligation to tell you the whole truth. Christians base everything they say and do upon the Truth. You can know the Truth, everyone can know the Truth not just a select, super-intelligent expert few.

What You Really Think

Thank you & also to you.

Should I be surprised that BBC has not broadcast any programmes/films today relating to the Christian Easter festival or will that be on Easter Sunday ?



And Smeagol said to Frodo Precious is mine.

Wishing you and all a happy Easter Eddie.

Happy Easter! Pity that RobertJenrick mhclg nhbc Bellway don't share the Christian spirit of compassion and good will to out of pocket leaseholders and buyers of defective new homes.

Wishing you a peaceful Easter.

Quote scripture, starve children.

Happy Easter.

You're going to hell!

Hmmm but hes never there when you need him?

Christianity from the most corrupt, inhuman, immoral, hostile and corrupt government we have ever had. Happy Easter.

The variety of contradictory gospel accounts regarding Jesus lineage, birth, crucifixion, and resurrection speak to a likely actual teacher about whom people told fanciful tales. Theres no evidence for the claims of the Bible.

The land today did look dead and unnatural. Sun is God and we the minions designed to spread the water.

...unless they are a leaseholders hoodwinked by the Gov't to buy homes that turned out to be flammable - in THAT case, regardless of their beliefs, they are left to either die by fire, suicide or they can choose bankruptcy & homelessness. Cheers mate! Happy Easter to you too!

I wonder what Jesus would think of the Tories treatment of the Good Friday agreement?

Religion is mankinds greatest conspiracy theory even bigger than Covid-19.

Thank you! If only more MPs would post Bible verses.

Thank you Eddie but why not wish all faiths happy Easter even though they don't celebrate it.

How many of us have to live our lives on the cross. We withdrew our silver in 1984: What is your cut of the Lamb of God; how many pieces of silver would you take to see her bear her cross and yet still have an awful death, before she stands with her.

Dont think youve got the lyrics quite right there.

Thanks Eddie, sadly it's impossible to celebrate Easter or focus on its meaning when you live with a knot of anxiety in your stomach 24/7 because of the way the government are treating leaseholders.

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