Sunday 6th of December 2020

Youre Stuck Just Like me Cant go to Chuck Cheese.

Social Media Says

Chuck Schumer Endorses Biden's Plan To Force Public Schools To Allow Males In Female Bathrooms.
This water gun battle with Shaq and Chuck is a classic ( NBAonTNT).
Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have spent months refusing to budge on COVID-19 relief. Here is a thread to refresh your memory.
Getting used to practicing hitting my Chuck Norris target by pretending its Anna.
Technician: well THIS doesn't bode well. foreman: ]watching 2021 ball plummet to times square far below] no chuck, no it doesn't.
For those that think UCO and Wantland Stadium cant host a state title, this atmosphere is as good as youll find. Jenks and Edmond Santa Fe now underway.
Georgia Republicans, if you dont vote in the upcoming election for the United States Senate then Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will be running the United States. Overwhelm the polls with a tidal wave of votes to prevent the socialist agenda from hijacking America.

Also this is SUPER tmi but i had a clementine orange and its whole undigested pulp clogged the sink i had to pick it up to chuck into the toilet instwad it was grosss.
Chuck Taylor Cozy Club Platform.
DONT WATCH THIS VIDEO unless you want to know the truth about how the GEORGIA ELECTION WAS RIGGED!!!!
Yeah baby! My Instagram is makegravescosmetics dm me there!
Terrorist Group Benefactor Disappointed To Learn Most Of Donations Go To Covering Administrative Costs.
Chuck berry, freddie mercury y malcolm young.
Mamamoo retro bside,Mamamoo Chuck,Hwasa radiant rainbow nails, Hwasa high ponytail in a fancam with her fashion shown.mamamoo red moon album.mamamoo dingga on billboard Christmas RBW_MAMAMOO ]2020MAMA] Voted for mamamoo on MAMAVOTE deol 2020 MAMA deol 2020.12.06 (SUN).

Dont you mean the Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer like to put pork into getting money and it will not pass its ridiculous.
I think women should have the option of forcing the father to raise the child. That way she doesn't have to potentially live in poverty or work two jobs without healthcare while the man gets to skip off merrily on to his next cheater event.

Chuck E. Cheese at Freddy's.
That song will now remembered as the song Lisa dedicated to RBG after learning of her passing, down mid song, and Chuck continuing, but with the wrong verse. This is how I will remember 2020.
Is this satire, or is this real? Sometimes you can't tell.
How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
But i like legit know a guy who has the skills, the tech, the instruments, and lives in st chuck. he is my brother.
I forgot rappers, I'd have put Chuck D on the list.
Im chuck bass.
Chuck Long would do that in the first half,but nice win.
Chuck you Farley.
Chuck and blair will always be my favorite toxic relationship ... my babies.
Even chuck e cheese fears horny twitter.
And I also Chuck People in Dumpsters when they decided they don't want to behave, and this is most exclusive to Trolls before they get the block...
Pat, shes taking advantage of her position. You are not bright enough to understand that. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
"\"Everybody Hates Chris\" was originally called \"Chuck Norris hates Chris\"".
Daveybo63799441 kenga1971 Daves1973lfc LiverpoolLiveRD Dont be bitter Chuck.
2nd oldest member of the US Senate, Chuck Ernest Grassely (born same year Hitler became the chancellor of Germany), gets the Wuhan Virus and is back to work within days like nothing happened. Guess he didnt get the deadly strain that only spreads within small businesses.

Chuck give it upit was a landslide.
Thats nice chuck SenSchumer but people are more concern about making their rents and putting food on the table forgive my tone but that can wait.
Finally! Open carry at Chuck E. Cheese.
Joey Bada$$ - Summer Knights (Prod By Chuck Strangers) (1999).
Holy cow, how could BrianKempGA allow this?
Rat-boy Chuck Todd. Want some cheese to gnaw on? Who hated themselves enough to marry you? Damn, even your hair cant stand you. Its leaving your head as fast as it can.
...We received more LEGAL votes by far. All I can do is run, campaign, and be a good (great!) President it is 100% up to the states to manage the election. Republicans will NEVER forget this.
Waterloo took 2nd place this weekend trailing Belleville West by 23 points. Varsity Champions include : Grant Barker - Special Occasion Speaking Chuck Davidson - Original Comedy Austin Bedford - Impromptu Speaking Drew Totra - Prose Reading JV Champions are listed below.

Carolynne, I only wish that you did more research. First of all, I ask that you follow the cheese. The Dems have been in charge of all our major cities for decades. If you understand that concept, you should understand that things have only gotten worse for the poor.

Except Chuck Wagon.
All the states in which Trump is meddling with their election outcomes and the electoral process should be launching State-run AG investigations into Trump's conduct so he cannot pardon himself from those crimes.

Not even kidding this song is so influential for me personally. Might be my favorite Joey song and I'm a huge fan. S/O Chuck Strangers, too.
Serious question: Couldn't it be construed as an act of criminal conduct for a sitting official to use his office to attempt to alter the outcome of an election?
Did chuck just fucking DIE.
Chuck's Loud and Proud =).
I will never understand people who simultaneously play and complain about a game. It's the DuMbEst shit Eva.
Waitin for 2 hours at the front to chuck the Falkirk football tops on stage.
Yea and any Trolls that do Unfollow you that come from the KHive, I will surely see them soon enough to where I will block those KHive Trolls hands down, and maybe chuck them into a Dumpster...
To write that piece, a journalist must accept the premise that the GOP is today an extremist, white nationalist, fascist party. However, as you know, chuck todd, andrea mitchell, peter baker, etc. report daily both sides blah, blah, and blah.

.DanCrenshawTX: "Think about who controls Chuck Schumer -- it's people like AOC. They're radicals. They're radicals like AOC.".
Yea, The ones with the problems love to project them. I hate a half Chub Chuck ready to Fuck but never got that blood flow to keep the Dick up. ehh. thats an ode for them.
Whos got it better than us?
For millions of Black & brown people, student debt is now just another gigantic roadblock to building real wealth. With the stroke of a pen on day 1, the Biden-Harris administration can right this wrong. Read my op-ed with SenSchumer.

Meanwhile in America we have nothing and nobody knows what the hell is going on.
Ive been saying that for a while. Science is the new religion. Im all for science, but like the does of the past where you werent allowed to question religion, youre not now allowed to question science. And sciences whole point is to question.

I was holding her ball so she was on alert for me to chuck it lol.
Just one more because it's funny, this person thinks a website that bans you for misgendering someone is a haven for white nationalists.
Chekhov Cheese. its like Chuck E. cheese but theres a gun hidden somewhere.
Union is the jackpot town today!
So AOC, did you know that you control Chuck Schumer? ***nulb Also that apparently working class folks have a tough time deciding between still & sparkling? I dont think my grandparents were into that. ***nulb.

Chuck and I know Joe and Joe KNOWS US!!
So your arguments are being misrepresented and having their wells poisoned? Are people cheering for your bans? Are you noticing that a few square miles in San Francisco controls almost all dialogue for the english speaking world? Let's start a new hashtag.

Why they style chuck bass like that lmfaooo.
Yes! Zimmer is THE guy. Id suggest Niklas Wagner. His music is so profound Chuck in some Chopins Nocturnes, top it off with some Scandinan folk (Danheim, Wardruna or Heilung) for more of the mystical. And The Piano OST is a must.

Look at them making all of the exact same arguments that we do. It's like opposites day or something.
Brb gonna go write Chuck E Cheese darkfic.
Gloating over being proved right again aside. Stop banning accounts based on political persuasion. These accounts should not be censored and they should be reinstated.
Im not surprised he did this. However, Im completely shocked at how many Republican lawmakers are standing by silent while he does it.
Chuck Wicks Welcomes Son Tucker Elliott: 'Kasi and I Are Beside Ourselves'.
But guys, Twitter is a private company and can do what it wants. Right?
That last part, WE know Chuck and I that our love is UNCONDITIONAL. WE have been living together for 32 years.
2/ We throw people in jail for sharing state secrets with foreigners, military plans, etc. because its national security. But the security of the state, the republic stands prior to concealing its secrets or military plans. Its the most central national security.

Chuck Norris once uppercut a horse and that is how the giraffe was created.
We need to start understanding that these are quite literally crimes. If you call up the vote counter and tell him to change the numbers or throw away a bunch of ballots, thats a crime. The person saying no doesnt make it not a crime.

Please respond to my dms chuck this is serious... hes going to starve if you dont pay the child support. I lost my job. Please chuck. He needs you.
The poor minimum wage worker who has to run the chuck e cheese account seeing all of you wanna make out with the cgi talking rat and having to block so pr doesn't get fucked over.
Gday! Ive made a nsfw Instagram for my content & other nsfw things I get up to chuck me a follow if ya want!
I think i want to maybe try chuck again but its not aus prime and that just makes me sad.
The hashtag StopTheLeftPurge is trending because many prominent left wing accounts are being banned by Twitter. A lot of people who have called for censorship in the past, are now tweeting this hashtag. Man, if only someone had been warning all of you about this for years.

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Love the outfits too.

U r not stuck be positive love.

Love u.

Babe be nice.

Love u both.

Eminem and Adam Sandler.

Email that to me.

Why is no one in the restaurant reacting to Eminem screaming at Ray Romano?

"i thought everybody loved you man".

One of the most underrated comedies of the decade imo fight me.

Hello Marshall.

Cut off the best part!!

I thought everybody loved you.

This Sandler movie is so underrated.

Would you like to fuck me?

What movie is that?

I love how the Pod appreciates this scene. One of the top scenes in that weird range of comedies in the late 2000s early 2010s.

Most underrated movie of this era.