Wednesday 31st of March 2021

Robbie Lyle "devastated" After Death of Ex-Arsenal Fan TV's Claude Callegari.

Social Media Says

Sending our condolences to Claude's family, friends and everyone who cherished him His passion for the club was undeniable and he will be missed V.
Claude Callegari, former AFTV star and passionate Arsenal fan, has died age 58.
I wonder what the guy who sent this to Claude is feeling right now. Seems unlikely since the coward has deleted his Twitter and appears to live in India but I hope he gets nicked and faces some form of punishment. Think twice the next time you send abuse on social media.

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RIP Claude. Poor bloke, hope hes found peace.
Cant believe the sad news about Claude thoughts are with his family and close friends.
Bette Davis and Claude Rains in Now, Voyager (1942).
RIP ,claude from a nufc fan . you, brought so many laughs pal.
We cant believe we are writing this, with permission from Claudes father, it is with great sadness and a broken heart that we have to announce that our dear friend and legend Claude sadly passed away yesterday afternoon 29th March.

This probably won't work or even do much, but it's worth a try Please tag Arsenal and people involved in and around the club Arsenal - Hold a minute of silence in memory of Claude this Saturday - Sign the Petition!

The streets will never forget the legend of AFTV R.I.P Claude.
RIP Claude V.
Damn just saw this. RIP claude.
Claude died??? wtf...
We ask that you please respect the privacy of Claude, his family and friends and be respectful at this extremely sad time. RIP dear friend, gone but never be forgotten. Gooner for life V Terry & Diesel.

RIP Claude funny geezer.
Wadmin thoughts on claude.
Talks about Time EP, Kwesi Arthur influence and Sarkodie comparisons STATE OF THE A. YOUTUBE ;.
Listen to this short speech Claude made for Robbie during the AFTV 5th anniversary. What a fucking man, in a much better place with his mum now. V.
Athy and Claudes relationship while claiming that she wants to be a family with them. She aint even Claudes duaghter. Not once have I see her make the right decision or any of the decisions that could not hurt anyone.(2/2).

Rest easy Claude V.
Sad day - RIP Claude You will be missed God bless.
RIP Claude AFTV Certiii condolences to all his family.
This was always my favourite Claude interview on AFTV, just perfectly encompasses what an absolute gentleman he was and what Arsenal meant to him. Rest Easy Don V.
RIP claude, it wasnt time to go.
We are absolutely devastated today to learn of the death of Claude Callegari, one of the channels most popular contributors.
It wasn't time to go mahn RIP Claude.
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No matter what team you support, Claude from AFTV was a legend in all our eyes.
RIP Claude. So sad to hear.
Abuse on social media really shouldnt be taken lightly. Think for a second that someone is going to receive your slander, death threat or insult. Imagine how that makes them feel. Use today to celebrate Claudes life but remember that treating others with respect is paramount.

Rest in Peace Claude [?].
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Arsenal FC: Hold a minute of silence in memory of Claude this Saturday - Sign the Petition!
Just seen the news, RIP Claude from AFTV.
RIP Claude V Here's one of the greatest clips I've ever watched on aftv.
Just heard about the sad news that Claude from AFTV has sadly passed away. Im actually heartbroken, man. A funny, caring bloke who was loved by everyone. I send my condolences to his family and friends at this difficult time.

RIP Claude. It was always a great laugh when we spoke. A great football supporter and person. We extend our thoughts and prayers to Claude's family at this time. Gone but never forgotten.
Claude of AFTV fame is dead.
Itd be great if arsenal held a minutes silence for Claude this weekend.
Of course and he shouldnt be solely blamed for his death (if it was suicide) and shouldnt receive any hate/abuse as its not what Claude would want and, it makes us no better. Point is, actions have consequences.

This happened yesterday wtf, fuck social media some times man, you never know what someones going through, rip claude.
Sad to hear about Claude But cmon he was a fan just like everyone else who supports this club. Are you going to do a minute silence for everyone who passes away that support this club?
Look after each other n ur selves, you never know when someone in battling mental health, rip Claude.
RIP Claude. Some things bigger than football and rivalry One of the only genuine guys there on that toxic turd of a channel.
People pretending to be offended by something claude said on aftv that they probably had to google search the meaning of has cost him his life and that upsets me to no end.
Legend for saying it how it is. RIP Claude.
Ahhh man thats crazy :(. Claude.
RIP Claude forever a legend.
Heart news, Claude was a great man. Rest in Power kingV.
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Ty and Claude fell out.
I honestly dont know what to say, as a likeminded, passionate, and fiery Arsenal fan we clashed many a time. But there were some really good times, he was the Godfather to all of us. I honestly hope youre at peace now, Claude, thank you for the many fun times together R.I.P.

What You Really Think

Rest in piece he was the best pundit out of the lot of them.

Fuck AFTV.

The cancel culture forced him out of AFTV. Imagine getting pushed out your friend group because of a silly joke. Keep in mind he grew up in different times and then quickly apologized. People ravaged him with hate. He lost more than just his job. RIP Claude.

It wasn't the time to go.

Yeh, threw him under the bus.

Rest on.

BOOM CIAO - We play what we know 100%, someone else plays something they dont know , who is the winner in the end WE ARE the winners, perfection once again from my best source. Never settle for less message the king.


Rest in peace legend.

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