Tuesday 4th of August 2020

Kyle Clifford With a Big Hit to Start The Game.

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Orlando's Jonathan Isaac is on his way to the MRI on his left knee now, sources tell ESPN. As Magic coach Steve Clifford said, he will stay in The Bubble to be examined.
August 3 MapleLeafs practice lines & defensive pairings: NylanderMatthewsHyman MikheyevTavaresMarner RobertsonKerfootKapanen CliffordEngvallSpezza JohnssonGauthier MuzzinHoll RiellyCeci DermottBarrie SandinMarincin Andersen Campbell.

Kyle Clifford has entered the chat holy hell.
He told Clifford the song was about him.
If you love and support michael clifford please say i.
I am enjoying "P Valley." I have a friend in St. Kitts who could double for Uncle Clifford character. Maybe he could be a stunt double or Uncle Clifford's brother. Same complexion, height, etc. If you are interested in hiring him, he could come here on a work visa.

MICHAEL CLIFFORD IS strong beautiful talented.
Nic Petan Skill Nic Petan = 6 NHL Goals Clifford Skill Clifford = 61 NHL Goals 3 years of age difference.
Clifford with a big hit on Kukan.
5sos isn't 5sos without michael clifford.
Magic coach Steve Clifford said filling the minutes created by the loss of Jonathan Isaac will be based on matchups. If a team uses smaller lineups, he'll play James Ennis or Wes Iwundu at the 4. If a team goes bigger, he'll likely play Gary Clark at the 4.

Clifford with an illegal hit to the head. There, reworded for you.
A candle in the window to remember John Hume, the man who brought peace to the island.
Yeah yeah, big hit, but the last time Kyle Clifford ran over someone and took them out of a game they were replaced by a zamboni driver so let's hold on.
CLIFFORD big hit!
I'm sure michael clifford gives the best hugs in the world and i just want to know how that feels.
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Clifford is a big red dog.
Clifford Chance announces free international virtual legal internship program.
All because i called out a racist.. pack it up clifford.
I was but I couldn't understand why he was mad at his friend. Well he was right Lil Murda isn't man enough to face his fear.. Same time at this moment he gat want he wanted from Uncle Clifford..
We arent re signing BarrieAnd Clifford would get max 1.2 mill, anything more than that, he can go to a worse team and not win and make a lot of money, or he can take less and try to win in Toronto.
When i said id become a sian clifford stan account i was kind of joking ... but now look.
The most effective way (to hide that someone is gay) is to create an relationship.. it would have to be a long term one - Max Clifford, Simons PR Advisor.. died in prison in 2017..
I assume the Leafs got 7 goals for that Kyle Clifford hit based on the sportsnet intermission coverage. *puts hand over ear* nope, they are telling me it wasnt actually a factor on the scoreboard at all. Wow weird.

Michael clifford could run over me and I'd be sure to come back to life just to say thank you.
6 things I like, 6 tags(I don't know why I continue to participate in threads) Music Forensics Criminal Minds Painting Records Frank Ocean.
I mean as shitty as it looks, it was a good hit. Clifford getting elevated is the only I see wrong.
As much as i love rubbing vaginas with hush i really like clifford the big red dog.
TMRW 4pm-8pm 310 Clifford Ave (310 Clifford Ave, 15613).
Play Clifford more. 2:01 minutes in the first period is disgraceful.
S A M E.
Clifford smash.
Thank god one of the Leafs have some heart and soul.
I'm guessing Clifford has bail money.
Last time Clifford destroyed someone like this they had to bring in the zamboni driver to replace him.
Thinking about the poor vet that had to neuter clifford the big red dog.
RIP John Hume...
Thank you John Hume. Rest in peace, peacemaker.
Only 100 more days before Clifford the Big Red Dog - Release Date CliffordtheBigRedDog Visit the website to see the LIVE countdown.
Clifford is no longer a big friendly red dog.
Half of the leafs roster is capable of making that same hit as Clifford.
Clifford is a forward. Take a lap.
There's the Clifford factor - Jones saw him coming and coughed up the puck.
Uncle Clifford was getting banged out Chile. when Lil Murda spit I was like ewwwww. DL niggas.
Tonight we join together to light a candle for peace and reflect on the huge contribution John Hume made to our society. He brought people together and secured peace on this island. He truly was Irelands Greatest. Thank you John.

Hey kev, did that Clifford hit not seem a bit illegal? Seemed to have left his feet.
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Leafs fourth line, led by a couple hits from Kyle Clifford, makes itself known.
In memoriam, John Hume.
Vintage playoff hockey for ya. Clifford MIGHT get a game, but I doubt it. Muzzin is looking amazing though.
I miss singing My daughter would rather watch Clifford than sit quietly and listen to Led Zeppelin.
Kyle Clifford making his presence on the ice known early.
G2P1: In theory, Leafs should have advantage w/ middle six Fs. Good first, Kapanen stood out. Goal of F1 is to get D stopped, turn em back up wall. Put Kukan on tee for Clifford w/ good FC. Gets above puck and throws hit in clip 2, draws penalty (can quibble w/ call) in clip 3.

Thats the impact Clifford can have in this series. Guess what the cbj Dman are thinking now everytime he touches the ice?
Clifford is every MapleLeafs fan after 80 minutes of playoff hockey and no goals.
Now do people understand how important a physical presense is in the game? That hit by Clifford made every Leaf 3 inches taller & 15 lbs heavier. Since that collision, I've seen 5 good Leaf hits & the early momentum is in their favour. The game is still a contact sport!

Dont forget hes got Donald Trump in his insta bio.
Kyle Clifford with a big hit to start the game.
Clean hit. Shoulder to shoulder and Cliffords feet didnt leave the ice until after contact.

What You Really Think

Man ... that's pretty close to a charge.

Im thinking youll approve of this hit !!!!!

How is that not a penalty, he left both feet!

That's charging or boarding..take yo pick.

Probably should have been charging but idk.

Skates left ice...charging.

Clifford is trash.

He jumped and took both skates off the ice . wtf no call.

Great hit, old time tough playoff hockey.

-Left his feet -Jumped upwards If he hit his head it would be a multi game suspension.

2 for charging.

So many [?]nulb in the comments who dont understand hockey.

Wow, look how filthy this play is.


Textbook charging.

Funny.. I thought you weren't allowed to leave your feet on a hit...

Good god thats quite the leap.

Dude left his feet.

Is it just me or do you wish that Craig Simpson would just shut up and quit trying to explain everything that just happened !!! I JUST WATCHED IT AND AM NOT BLIND !!!!

Wasn't that a headshot?

Keep feet on the ice.


Love cliffy.

Hope the rest of the Jackets Dmen took notice.

Nice hit but stay on the ice bro...

Oh wait it's a Toronto player... Nothing to see here. Switch the jersey and watch the uproar of REEE from leafs nation.

Illegal hit (left his feet).

Left his feet?

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