Sunday 24th of May 2020


Clinton Aides Spent Millions to Push Russia Hoax AFTER Trump s Inauguration.
What has voting for Biden done for the black community in the last 44 years? Clinton Crime Bill passed Three strike law Record high food stamp enrollment Record high black unemployment Record high black imprisonment Maybe its time for a change?

REPO Top Clinton Aide Says Hillary Knew in 2016 About Russia Dirt Digging on Trump.
So corrupt judge Sullivan, hires an attorney that represented Cheryl Mills in a case about Hillary Clintons emails? A case that he, Sullivan, presided over? A case that he "nuanced" to ensure his corrupt behavior stayed hidden? How odd.

BREAKING: Podesta confirms Obama hired Perkins Coies Marc Elias who hired Fusion GPS to dig up dirt on Romney in 2012. Yet Podesta insists no one on the Hillary Clinton campaign -- not even him -- knew Perkins Elias had hired Fusion to do the same oppo research on Trump in 2016.

Russian expert on state TV: "Why is Trump better than Biden or Clinton? Because Biden or Clinton would act in support of [global] coalitions. It s the gathering of all forces against us into one group, one team. When Trump came, he destroyed that team.

Interestingly, Judge Sullivans new lawyer represents Cheryl Mills who, along with Hillary Clinton, filed the desperate writ to avoid testimony on Clinton emails.
Hillary Clinton lecturing us on misinformation after she paid for the fake Russian dossier is like Harvey Weinstein lecturing us on respecting women.
He called Biden, Obama and Clinton warmongers to their faces in 2008. They laughed, but he wasnt joking. They are still laughing! They want your votes! Not today! Not in November! Never! Retweet Leave your @ Follow all Patriots Please follow.

A Hillary Clinton fundraiser this week raised more money than any Biden surrogate has collected at a single event without the candidate present.
We need prosecution of the coup cabal over the targeting of & . We need to look at Obama, Biden, Clinton, Comey, and others," President . More at.
magate">Obamagate Is Fake The Real Scandal Is What The FBI Did To Clinton.
The same cable news channel that told you Hillary Clinton had a 91% chance of winning the 2016 Presidential election are telling you will kill you.
A man whose job it is to sit in judgment over cases argued by other lawyers now needs a lawyer to explain his own actions. His lawyer, Beth Wilkinson represented Clinton staffers during FBI server investigation and is married to CNN and NBC host David Gregory.

"Perhaps thinks she can run out the clock on our efforts to get to the bottom of her scandalous email schemes. Recall that she is resisting, through an emergency appeal, a court order to us about her emails," in Breitbart. Read:.

Hillary Clinton tells appeals court she has "indisputable" right not to be questioned about her emails, seeks emergency relief from federal court order to testify under oath. Desperate to avoid being questioned by attorneys.

who tf usin clinton as their ebay bg.
They dropped that top Twitter trend faster than a witness set to testify against Hillary Clinton.
63 million peopyvoted for Hillary Clinton.
Whoa, I didn t remember this! He was so right and the scumbags just smiled!
This entire Flynn case is getting stranger by the second. Clinton is probably FUMING because Flynn knows everything and the whole point of the guilty plea was to strip Flynn of his T/S clearance, so he can t guide the new DNI to where the files are kept.

Voter registration statistics for Cherokee County as of January 15, 2016: Dems: 13,369 Repubs: 6,484 Indys: 2,703 Total: 22,556 2016 presidential election results: Clinton: 5,456 Trump: 9,994 Johnson: 1,040 Total: 16,490.

LMAO. Hillary Clinton is tweeting about "misinformation" after financing the fake Russian dossier. Incredible.
I know we ve gone beyond this, but I just want to say it. Imagine President Obama or Hillary Clinton went golfing with a death toll of 100,000 and climbing.
People who worked for Hillary Clinton, who was investigating her or who has had contact with her, "had a significantly higher risk of death compared to those who did not".
Clinton whistleblowers dont count, they were already dead.
Your happy thought for this evening. Even though- Russia helped her Obama helped her FBI helped her CIA helped her Fake news helped her And democrats cheating like hell Hillary Clinton still lost.
i m surprised they didn t tweet a pic of hillary clinton with u coulda had a bad bitch over it.
Lol! Hillary Clinton warning others to be wary of misinformation.
Agree Ed, he paid to hear Clinton speak and gathers memorabilia from around the world. Many others do as well, Im sure.
President Donald Trump turned the tables on Democrats and demanded investigations into several deals & arrangements involving former President Barack Obama and two-time failed presidential contender Hillary Clinton .

1/The campaign has as many holes in it as a Clinton informant on the eve of testimony. He clearly doesn t want to run let alone win. What s the ultimate purpose of grimocrats apologists continued loyalty to an unwinnable candidate?

Report: FBI Agent Commits Suicide After Allegedly Discovering Clinton Foundation Looted Billions From Treasury.
Excuses, like my Father use to say, are a dime a dozen. If impeachment is keeping him from working on the crises maybe this is not the Job for ,Bush and Obama had challenges as-well and they handled it with calm and poise.

Not another one Killary ... how many is it now ?!? Report: FBI Agent Commits Suicide After Allegedly Discovering Clinton Foundation Looted Billions From Treasury - Big League Politics.
The Clinton errand boy, Alexander Downer, and his bizarre handler, Erika Thompson, exposed Australia s role in the spying scandal only for it to blow up in their faces. No wonder the government is distancing themselves from them already!

Huge! Judge Sullivan hires Beth WIlkinson who represented four of Hillary Clinton s closest aides: Cheryl Mills, Heather Samuelson, Jake Sullivan and Philippe Reines. H/T.
Your show is disgusting. You are all about shock. Journalism has nothing to do with Unfortunately, nothing was learned from Hillary Clintons mistake.
When sessions first took the AG job, he recused himself from investigating any of the Dems for spying on the Trump campaign, and any investigation of the Clintons. This really put any investigation 2 yrs behind. Trump was pissed and finally fired him, the damage was already done.

But before, New-Left & the con of "Trickledown". Hawke-Keating in Aus, Blair in UK, Clinton in US. "Be nice & reasonable to wealth and wealth will reward us." Rising tide etc. (then discovering more & more of us had no boats). Wealthy so NeoCon powerful they became unstoppable.

Why is Bill Clinton & the Clinton Foundation all involved in this C0ntact stuff?? Why are they rolling out drones and mass surveillance so rapidly and without our consent? Why are they pushing so much fear & death? Watch Full video & share :.

Youre right - I heartily agree. This is much adieu about nothing because its an election year and weve all rejected their socialism ideas. So theyre implementing them by force - w/the help of Gates/Fauci/Clinton & Xi - who just got spanked in a tariffs war.

Watch the movie Active Measures with John McCain and Hillary Clinton! Putins doing to US what he did to Ukraine Listen to her and respected GOP McCain who saved obamacare Pelosi has a plan but she needs US to make some FUCKING noise in support Kick and scream for democracy.

My political opposition? I voted for Clinton, Dubya, Dubya, Obama, Romney, 3rd party. I m a real independent. I hate both parties.
Paparazzi surrounding Socks, Bill Clinton s cat, circa 1992.
Id think almost certainly Obama and probably Clinton were also atheists. Its just still a taboo in the US to admit that.
Biden ...I smell a Clinton Ukrainian MP Found Dead With Gunshot Wound To The Head Zero Hedge.
DEAR and : Since youre (justifiably) impressed with s debunking of , care to explain how you were defending the Clinton Cash hit job in 2015:.
BREAKING: responded to our Clinton email subpoena and our team is analyzing the data. (Pic with senior attorney Ramona Cotca, who is now fighting in federal court to protect court order to depose Mrs. Clinton.).

FBI opened Russia probe on 3rd hand suggestion of collusion Australian ambassador Alex Downer said Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos might be coordinating with Russia the release of damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

Same shit as four years ago when the DNC decided to push the most milquetoast neo-liberal they could find with Clinton. Absolute shame. This is my first presidential voting cycle (only 21) and I honestly don t want to vote for either candidate AGAIN (not that I could last time).

The evidence shows Hillary Clinton knew exactly what she was doing when she hid her emails, took them from the State Department and deleted them," President . Read:.
Bill Clinton.
REPO Top Clinton Aide Says Hillary Knew in 2016 About Russia Dirt Digging on Trump Sean Hannity.
A city that voted for Obama, twice, voted for Hillary Clinton, voted for Terry McAuliffe & Ralph Northam, even gave a solid majority to Jennifer Lewis in her 2018 congressional run against Ben Cline, is now controlled by Republicans, Graham added,

Why I wont count Trump out in November: THEY outnumber black voters by a whole bunch. Im not convinced Biden is Bill Clinton when it come to white voters yet.

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Jan 2021 expect prosecution of to begin.

Utsava, world famous psychic, has said many times that Biden, Obama, Hillary, and Comey have all been arrested and replaced with a clone or double, except Comey.

Lets go! If the tables were turned and Trump did half of what 0bama is accused of. He would already have been under investigation.