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Monday 13th of July 2020

A Group of Mainers Threw a Going Away Party For Senator Susan Collins, Hoping She Gets Voted Out of Office This November.

NEWS w/ AshleyRParker: The Lincoln Project raised $16.8 million this quarter and will soon expand to include ground operations. They plan to next target GOP Sens. Susan Collins (Maine), Joni Ernst (Iowa), Thom Tillis (N.C.), and Lindsey Graham (S.C.).

Susan Collins voted to acquit the president with no witness testimony, saying "He learned his lesson." Time to get enablers like her OUT of the Senate. Donate to her future opponent here.
They're campaigning for the election of Joe Biden, who is a Democrat, and for the Democratic challengers of Republican Senators Tillis, Ernst, Collins, and Graham. What would you call them?
They should have made the man that owned the world trade centers pay for their care..he got double insurance payouts for 3 buildings, and it was 2 of his buildings, full of asbestos, that caused these people's cancer and health issues..that cloud of white dust was asbestos.

Here we go! About to start the birthday Kindred: the Embraced live tweet marathon part 2! All tweets will be in this thread!
Thats basically 1 in 5 Mainers helped by the Senator in one program - plus all the efforts w veterans, schools, healthcare workers. Thank you Senator Collins!
Emily In Paris Picked Up By Netflix; Darren Stars Comedy Series Starring Lily Collins Moves To Streamer From Paramount Network.
In the latest in our 'Ireland's Missing' series, Sandra Collins' brothers reveal how they are still looking for answers twenty years after her disappearance in Killala, Co Mayo.
Misha collins arms; a thread.
Ardern will be doing a little dance today over Mullers resignation. So who will the replacement be? Collins,Luxon,Adams or Kaye ? Bridges !!? Good luck Todd toddmullerBoP Health and family first.Sorry the media were so hard on you. We tried !The battle goes on.

Lily Collins.
I believe they stole this idea from Genesis (both the old testament and the Phil Collins versions).
If youre interested in learning about how to invest in stocks or bonds, even if you just want to acquire financial knowledge, the book The simple path to wealth by JL Collins is such a good read.
Dont say anything, just.
PHOTO: Crash blocking 2 left lanes on I-295 W Belt NB after Collins.
It ends all square at Old Trafford.
VOTE "IN" !!! ALL GOP including 22 REPUBLICAN SENATORS up for reelection who LOVE TRUMP & USA: Dan Sullivan (Alaska), Susan Collins (Maine), Martha McSally (AZ), Thom Tillis (NC), Cory Gardener (CO), David Perdue (GA), John Cornyn (TX) and Joni Ernst (Iowa).

Phil Collins Another day in paradise.
I have compiled a list of gutless GOP that I hope will lose their seats in November; Linsey Graham Mitch McConnell Joni Ernst Martha Mcsally Thom Tillis Cory Gardner Susan Collins Matt Gaetz Elise Stefanik Kelly loffer David Perdue Pls fill free to add.

Well that confirms I'm not sexist since I still love women tho.
Is the Democratic candidate who will run against Susan Collins come November 3, 2020 if she wins the Maine primary tomorrow July 14 Get to know her, feel free tweet her some questions about her policies & stances!

Phil Collins...1984?
Six players have been named to the Chuck Bednarik Award watch list. Richie Grant - UCF_Football Ahmad Gardner - GoBearcatsFB Darrick Forrest - GoBearcatsFB Diego Fagot - NavyFB Ifeanyi Maijeh - Temple_FB Zaven Collins - TulsaFootball .

Also those giant Dynasty Era/Joan Collins shoulder pads aren't doing him any favors.
A few favourite portraits by Liz Collins for the new issue of Violet Book discussing my new poetry collection. Out Now!
PLS !!! Jordan Collins (ig: iordanphotos) is a black photographer/artist and 2020 graduate from my school! He is currently selling zines of photography he's token throughout the pandemic for $10 and all of the money is going towards college! He's a talented and kind teen .

Who now? - Nikki Kaye: would she want it? - Judith Collins: book covers in every town but ... dirty politics - Amy Adams: the accidental leader? - Mark Mitchell: has he got command presence? - Bridges: nearly half the votes last time - English: Clutha Southland open.

The next Senate will likely confirm at least one Supreme Court Justice, so replacing Susan Collins means protecting abortion, healthcare, and LGBTQ rights. LET'S DO THIS. Donate here.
If Collins had voted "no" on DeVos in committee, it would have been a big story about how there was bipartisan opposition to DeVos. The Collins committee "yes" made the floor vote easier for DeVos, McConnell and Trump.

My hair is such a big source of anxiety for me. I always thought so but now it's really clear to me.
PLEASE Meet Joe Collins... Joe is a Republican and a Veteran. He's running to unseat dog faced Maxine Waters..please lend your support to Joe by sharing this.
Same here. I expected that he would have been talked out of it and stuck it out until September, then replaced and Collins brought in to stabilize the party and restore credibility.
I wish i lacked critical thinking skills yall seem so happy.
This is huge shame for Americans. Fewer than 5 SenateGOP are conservatives. Majority including senatemajldr are globalists working for their own wealth. Could easily do wo Graham, Collins, Cornyn, Lee, Romney, Portman, Langford, Thune, Murkowski...

MichaelsANewman IslesfaninFla patriot_paula EcgoLC jimbo_always IzzeNow DogsBCool MissyB4Trump Tenn_Guy Static_Waste blitzer850 afezio1952 ZingerUSA2020 Suzanne54837213 FRemirus jbsparky_2010 Trash126015134 hollywoodhillsv David_MagaUSA ccinthemiddle RichCarnaggio11 JimGagnon6 CityofTwoRivers Anti_Liberal73 Poomalotta tom46236928 CraigGWelch lou_bruette jmsz826 literalghost ChappyDev WhyYouB14253300 EmeliaBenson7 cdmerrill2 enaidre sueramirez3466 RgYoung00 So right. We gotta dump Murkowski,Collins,Romney,Lindsey,Toomey then.

Natural lighting, wood floors, rock fireplace, this living room has it all. Jenny Collins, Realtor (517) 672-2786 KW Realty - Livingston.
Thank you to our supporters, Geoffrey and Carrie Collins, with Collins Orthopedics for reserving their seats in the new softball chair back seating! We can't wait to see them in the completed stadium this spring!

With Angel's Wings WEBSITE TRAILER AMAZON memoir Parenthood specialneeds.
Planning a KS3 RE curriculum for next year? Check out our knowledge-rich textbook series on World Religions, Biblical Literacy and Philosophy & Ethics.
This sounds like an ecw wrestlers entrance music.
There is a page in my notebook that contains only the words "BOOTSY COLLINS.".
VOTE OUT ALL GOP including 22 REPUBLICAN SENATORS up for reelection who LOVE TRUMP such as Dan Sullivan (Alaska), Susan Collins (Maine), Martha McSally (AZ), Thom Tillis (NC), Cory Gardener (CO), David Perdue (GA), John Cornyn (TX) and Joni Ernst (Iowa).

Lily Collins stars in Emily In Paris, a romantic comedy created & written by Darren Star (Younger, Sex & The City) about an ambitious marketing executive who lands her dream job in Paris. The series features costumes designed by Patricia Field & premieres this Fall FIRST LOOK.

Thats a weird way to say the titans have made the playoffs twice in the last 3 yrs nah we just go back to the Kerry Collins days bro your a fin joke.
Here's why Susan Collins has been silent on Trump's Roger Stone clemency.
Tonight at 6/9pm on newsmax - realKTMcFarland talks GeneralFlynn MancowMuller discusses RogerStone Frm CNN Anchor Heidi Collins weighs in on NBCNews doctor that lied about having COVID19 - and we hear for a Native American leader on Redskins name change.

All of these traitors got to go. McConnell Ben Sasse Cindy Hyde-Smith Cory Gardner John Cornyn David Perdue Bill Cassidy Dan Sullivan Lamar Alexander Cotton Joni Ernst Collins Mike Rounds Steve Daines Pat Roberts Inhofe James Risch Thom Tillis Shelly Capito Mike Enzi Graham.

Loooool this is rich coming from you.
Chorzow, the World Final of 1976. The scene, and the podium with Peter Collins, Mal Simmons and Phil Crump.
Enjoyed my time with toddstarnes discussing why I support changing the name of "Lynchburg" Virginia.
DUP slabbering for nearly two weeks about social distancing and here we have one of their councillors not socially distancing. DUPleader have you anything to say about Cllr Marc Collins? No? Why not?
Ted Rafael Cruz, Susan Collins, Lil Marco, Lindsey Graham, Ron Johnson, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Rand Paul and Tom Cotton are the worst senators in the history of the senate.
KABUKI THEATER, BABY!! Fauci: Cameras on? Mask on! Cameras OFF? Mask off Caitlin Collins: Cameras on? Mask on! Cameras OFF? Mask off JayInslee: Cameras on? Mask on! Cameras OFF? Mask off. SpeakerPelosi: Cameras on? Mask on! Cameras OFF? Mask off.

The new leader, whoever he or she is will have no authority whatsoever. That person will be just a sacrificial puppet for Collins, Bishop, Woodhouse etc!
They'll be joined by Megan Devine (refugeingrief), Kevin Carter (UpliftCenter), and Maria Collins of the nylfoundation. Be sure to share with a friend and come with questions! Let's get better at grief.

Susan Collins is more unpopular than Mitch McConnell. We can 100% flip that seat in November.
Go Judith Collins!
According to his Instagram story, it appears that Michigan WR Nico Collins is switching to the No. 1 jersey in 2020. (h/t CSayf23).
Looks like Nico Collins will be wearing the legendary No. 1 jersey this season.
And a big activist who is deserving of reaching his dreams. Toledo is not the best place to stay when wanting to achieve something, and he's planning to go to college in NYC! He's already sold 38 copies!! Please share, and help him achieve his dreams.

JESSIAC COLLINS: An Epstein Trafficked Political Prisoner Being Held In Virginia Beach, Virginia.
On All Blues Radio: Cash Talkin' (The Workingman's Blues) by Albert Collins Listen on the site or on the myTuner radio app.
Former MP Peter Dunne believes Judith Collins is the best candidate to take on the role of National leader after Todd Muller announced his shock resignation.
We absolutely bottled that. Based on Oles history. Well struggle now.
Severe Thunderstorms From 3 Miles SE of Six Mile Campground to 6 Miles NW of Granby or From 45 Miles SW of Laramie to 57 Miles SW of Fort Collins Moving E At 45 MPH. 60 MPH Wind Gusts. Expect Damage to Roofs...

Man utd and 5th position, better love story than twilight.
Maine primaries are tomorrow & Democrat Sara Gideon is the front runner against Susan Collins. As Senator, Sara will fight for: Expanding access to affordable healthcare Job training legislation Womens Rights Follow & learn much more.

So proud of Darren Collins who was amazing on the online launch panel today discussing his experience as a Gay Traveller man.
Im so mad because why didnt this end at 2-1 ffs.
Maine's election day is TOMORROW! Remember as you head to the polls that BetsySweetME can send Susan Collins packing AND push for progressive policies like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.
In Ascendency of the Scientific Dictatorship (2004) the Collins brothers outlined very accurately what we are experiencing now. The epistemological cartel! "...the ruling class endeavors to discourage independent reason while exercising illusory power over human knowledge..." 2/2.

4/ This is just one more example of how dishonest Team Gideon is willing to be. For anyone interested in the actual issue, heres the full Nemitz column about how false this attack is.
With Nicos latest Instagram post, I feel its a good time to bring this back. nulbnulb.
On this day 35 years ago all eyes were on Philadelphia as LiveAid was broadcast globally, featuring the biggest names in rock: Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Phil Collins & MANY more. WMMR was at JFK Stadium with complete concert coverage. ] Electric Factory Concerts].

Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Answer these 4 questions from Inc to find out.

What You Really Think

Sponsored by Gideon's dark money PAC.

You will do a story about this which you probably created .your news crew probably got some new Sharpies and you needed a story instead you should have done a story on how her husband's Law Firm took Millions from taxpayer dollars but wait that would be journalism...hacks.

Some people need to just get a hobby...

Not hoping, gonna happen. Bye-bye.

Bye bye.


And yet nothing said about Star Gideon who is supposed to be here in Maine with this so called pandemic, and yet she is out of state at big money fund raisers Sara is a carpetbagger and she is for the money not this state.

I've seen these on cars. I was assuming they were to cover up the Bernie stickers.

Curious to know how many WGME employees were at this "party".