Monday 12th of October 2020

See RudyGiuliani at Italian Americans For Trump Columbus Day Event in Philadelphia!!

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Im laughing about this day of rage against Columbus. Yet if Columbus hadnt come to America, none of the people raging would even exist.
"Columbus Day is bad, and it would be better if Europeans had never reached the Western hemisphere!" they tweeted from their iPhones amidst unprecedented human prosperity and individual liberty.
Christopher columbus trending so imma jus leave this here.
AND I QUOTE: "Sadly, in recent years, radical activists have sought to undermine Christopher Columbuss legacy. These extremists seek to replace discussion of his vast contributions with talk of failings, his discoveries with atrocities, and his achievements with transgressions.

Throw every christopher columbus statue in the ocean and let that dizzy bitch think he discovered atlantis.
Christopher Columbus was a murderer who stole land from the Native Americans. Its not a happy day for those who were here first.
Republicans celebrating Columbus Day by spreading modern small pox seems pretty on-brand.
The whales dont celebrate columbus day because theres literally nothing to celebrate.
Fuck Columbus, you pudgy orange asshat.
Happy Columbus Day! As an Italian-American, Im PROUD of US history and Im proud of my hard-working ancestors from Pacentro, who bequeathed me so much.
The Leafs since losing to Columbus: HI Wayne Simmonds TJ Brodie Travis Boyd Joey Anderson Zach Bogosian Jimmy Vesey Filip Hallander Evan Rodrigues BYE Kasperi Kapanen Andreas Johnsson Tyson Barrie Cody Ceci Frederik Gauthier Kyle Clifford Evan Rodrigues Missing anyone?

Many Places Refuse to Abandon Columbus Day But They Are Losing That Battle.
Celebrating a man who committed genocide on natives that lived on the lands that Columbus accidentally came upon when he was lost.
Happy Indigenous Peoples Day. Fuck Christopher Columbus and his discovery.
Today is IndigenousPeoplesDay. Heres what these Native Americans want you to know about Christopher Columbus. The people's history.
South Dakota has celebrated Native American Day instead of Columbus Day since 1990. It was part of a Year of Reconciliation, coming 100 years after the 1890 Massacre at Wounded Knee.
The american education system had us knowing the names of the three boats columbus came on better than the tribes whose land we live on.
Fuck Christopher Columbus!
It's not Columbus Day anymore, moron. Just another example of how out of touch you are with what is going on. Weak minded.
Columbus Day? Nah.
No wonder you like Columbus. You and him are a lot alike. You both stole things that arent yours, took credit for things you didnt do, and then started killing everyone after it all went wrong for you.

Indigenous peoples day will never come out of the shadow of Columbus day. We absolutely need to honor native peoples in this country but not in a way that reads as a PC version of Columbus Day. Just take it off the calendar.

Today in history, 1492, Christopher Columbus made his first landfall in the Americas at the Bahamas. He wrote in his journal that day of the Indigenous persons he met: "I think they can very easily be made Christians, for they seem to have no religion." What a dick.

Christopher Columbus had 0 bitches.
Last night an Antifa mob tore down the statues Lincoln & Roosevelt in Portland. Today Joe Biden joins the howling mob of anarchists who fought Police to rip down statues of Christopher Columbus across America. Italian Americans have celebrated Columbus Day since 1866.

Uhm that girl that you guys post flippin Christopher Columbus.. actually said the n word so . were not gonna post her today.
Columbus was a mass murdering fuckhead that did NOT discover America. Happy IndigenousPeoplesDay.
Columbus was a nightmare!
Forgot it was Columbus day. I was just celebrating that there was no school.
You are a ignorant pathetic president and the laughing stock around the world. My family was on this continent long before Columbus.
How many ignorant people attacking Columbus hahaha he was an explorer and thanks to him all of us exist today.
American colonists who found America because of Christopher Columbus treated native populations more civilly than the native populations treated each other - and thats a historical fact.
This is why we're called the Knights of Columbus.
Christopher columbus gonna discover these hands.
My teacher was like do yall know what national day it is or sum like that and yk i answered with jimins birthday but she was like no its columbus day and we all know shes wrong and im right.
When i see christopher columbus.
Retweet if you agree we need to rename Columbus Day in the USA to Indigenous Peoples Day.
Was Columbus a consequential person in history? Yes... but not because of his brilliance. Because his poor navigation, bad math, and dumb luck happened to take him to a land he did not realize existed (he died thinking it was China).

Cw / descriptions of extreme violence if you dont know the actual details of columbus (meaning, if you only know what you learned in school), read this thread.
Joe Bidens running mate actually attacked another one of our judges just because he was a member of the Catholic Knights of Columbus & the Ranking Democrat on the Judiciary Committee said Judge Barretts Catholic Faith was of concern saying The dogma lives loudly within you.

If you are observing ColumbusDay instead of IndigenousPeoplesDay2020 here is a list of what you are celebrating... 1. Christopher Columbus's army used Indigenous people as dog food. They were known to feed live babies to dogs in front of their horrified parents. CW: SA.

"They all laughed at Christopher Columbus when he said the world was round" Nah, they laughed because they already knew the world was roundand his math about earth's size was incorrect. This is a ColumbusDay thread about how so much of what we were taught about him was wrong.

Happy Indigenous Peoples Day! Instead of the focus on Columbus, genocide, White people, and death, try and think of Native Americans as people living in his world today who have always been here.
Columbus' voyages were sponsored by Spain. So was Christopher Columbus even Italian? Sort of. A unified country of Italy didn't exist in his era, so the answer is a bit fuzzy depending on who you ask. But today many Italian Americans proudly claim him as their historical hero.

I dont understand why we need a Columbus Day when this country celebrates incompetent white men failing up, killing BIPOC, and taking what isnt theirs all year round.
There's so many lies about Christopher Columbus & what he actually was & what he actually did & even lies about where he was from. Lies that white people have been telling for 500 years & still do to excuse their celebration of an incompetent maniac. Sound Familiar? Let's get it.

Columbus doesnt love you.
If you absolutely must scream about Christopher Columbus and his human rights violations today, please remember not to do so from your $999 iPhone 11 Pro Max made by a 6-year-old in China.
No. Imho, Columbus Day should remain a day we continue to celebrate the discovery of our land, honoring Columbus for his adventures and visions. All humans make mistakes. Let's celebrate great achievements. Don't erase history, but rather, teach all of it.

Just found out instagram story that Christopher Columbus was low-key not chill at all.
Columbus was a reflection of a bad, yet pervasive concept in discovery-era Europe. His exploration caused the Americas to be colonized sooner, but it would likely have happened otherwise. He was a bad dude, but colonialism and the White Man's Burden were the root evils.

During Columbus governorship of Hispaniola the Arawak people were either sold into slavery or forced to supply a certain quantity of gold every three months. Those who failed to meet the quota had their hands cut off. Thats when the mass suicides began.

The fact that you use the Sentinelese people, a violent, murderous, backwards, group of savages as an example when talking of "peaceful tribes" is exactly why Christopher Columbus was right to bring civilization to the West.

Happy Christopher Columbus...nah just playing fuck that foo.
So weird to me when stores have a columbus day sale. how does that work? you show up, you grab whatever you want, then you pay by killing anyone who tries to stop you.
Columbus can discover this.

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Id rather see a positive testicular cancer diagnosis from my doctor...

AOOOH ooO AHHA hoao HAOHo hOA OahhHAA!!!!

Chinese Americans For Trump!

Well, Italy has historically skewed towards Fascism.


Has always been the champion of the spaghetti eaters, just as He has for the Blacks, the Hispanicals, and most Asians (the good ones). All have jobs Can't wait for the Trump2020Landslide, the greatest Victory in the history of America! ForeMoreYears [?].

I always saw Deneen on FB. what happened. did they block u? I love ur reporting and comments.

So sad Trump would have said the same things about Italians as he did Mexicana if he were campaigning a century ago.

Trying to enlist your mob buddies, Rudy???

No thanks.

Thats a couple of rancid tomatoes in a can.

Italian Mafia For Trump ! How about that.

Should I go?


You got my vote.

Only reason he is going is because he needs money..

214,000 Dead Americans and Republicans Do Not Care.

Drunk rudy. Lol.

Rudy please do something about this mean business name i saw the other day.

NEED you as a man on the street for this.

I'll be there hopefully.. is anyone going to talk about this poor Trump supporter who was shot dead in the street by Antifa? I mean an idea? It needs to be addressed.

Some light reading up for you b4 the gig.


Rudy and Donald pizza shop.

I makeda meatball.

Something tells me this is going to be heavily attended.



He has this Wop's vote. I will dago my ass to the polls Nov 3.

Lunga vita agli italoamericani!

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