Wednesday 2nd of February 2022

Today, I am Calling For a Caucus Review of Erin OTooles Leadership of The Conservative Party of Canada. See my Full Statement Below.

Social Media Says

SAVAGE Canadian Conservative Leader Puts Final NAIL Trudeau's Coffin Parliament Front Whole World.
Every Conservative should watch this. Every Conservative should feel deeply uncomfortable. Straight, factual reporting most effective.
Quite amazing hear Conservative ministers today talking about their mission save forgotten communities live parallel universe where they havent spent last years brutally cutting their through those communities.

will lead Conservative Party? Leslyn Lewis homophobic/panders religious radicals Pierre Poilievre authentic/goes wherever wind blowing Michelle Rempel would require staying Garnett Genuis -evangelical mouthpiece They need look outside caucus.

Federalist Society Justice Gorsuch attending Federalist Society event surrounded MAGA elite gee, what could possibly wrong with that?
Conservative tonight voted hand bankers worth PS1,000,000,000 each year. This while they're pushing ahead with their National Insurance hike workers. Don't believe their lies "levelling up". They're busy punching down.

youre Conservative dont submit letter confidence Boris Johnson, this going follow your entire political career.
Suggestion Rogan since likes bringing controversial people. Let's have bring very conservative Anthony Fauci.
realized without social bigot conservative they similar liberals. Thats what otoole tried
know. It's kind scary that middle. While he's always been steadfast conservative, least becoming more centered, which good thing. Rehnquist same devout conservative personally toward center judicially.

Conservative Esther McVey asks mandatory vaccinations staff care workers abandoned: ifs, buts".
someone remind Conservative government, Conservative party Conservative voters that tories have been making decisions allocating funding last years. Whatever mess they responsible.

Whoopi gets week suspension... conservative, they'd fired.
sure still conservative today. Definitely Liberal sure what Conservative party anymore. sure alone!
Deplorable that FoxNews Conservative Rightwing Network, doesnt have integrity proving have. Inappropriate behaviors associates News leaked others forcing involved public, inappropriate behaviors unexposed till victims damages.

This Right rally that appeals good number cops Right Wing politicians, pundits white-wing media. FreedomConvoy2022 ORGANIZED INFLAMED KNOWN WHITE NATIONALISTS INCLUDING SYMPATHETIC CONSERVATIVE POLITICIANS.

singular flag dating profile subtle conservative lingo? C.A.V.E. will.
"Whoopi taking that white counterparts conservative networks, conservative platforms that spewing literal neo-nazi type information, receiving that same type fire," says AmeshiaCross apparent double standard.

great pleasure announce will seeking leadership Conservative Party Canada.
JUST Erin O'Toole been ousted leader Conservative Party Canada. voted remove him.
Party. I want thank courageous stood their convictions good Conservative Party first. Thousands members made their voices heard Conservative listened them. 2/3.

REPO Facebook Instagram reels Conservative Rapper BRYSON GRAY'S Album ]vs] Industry while currently holding spot iTunes climbing OVERALL spot... THEY WANT THIS ALBUM 1..

no... this group based being Democrats, being moderate conservative, populist Republican (Owens) being independent. Youre obsessed with race.
Would Conservative stupid repeat slander Boris Johnson outside chamber House Commons? Here's hoping. would popcorn time!
assume thatll Conservative Party decide. past, interim leaders were barred from running full time leadership. Well have stay tuned.
press making fuss about "three Conservative leaders since 2015." there have also been three elections since 2015. It's hardly irrational, sign party chaos, candidate prime minister every election failed.

Prime Minister this country repeating lies very heart British democracy propagated right Facebook groups shameless cabinet ministers defending him. Every Conservative should condemning this.

Confirmed that erinotoole lost vote with members voting against him.
Erin O'Toole officially resigns Conservative Party Leader after majority vote remove him. Caucus meet choose interim leader.
those Conservative votes.
Conservative vote remove Erin O'Toole leader News does anyone else think ironic that O'Toole ousted using that Harper allowed?
Until Senate reformed give each province equal number seats, Conservative instability will persist. There's many votes Central Canada West, which different values (libertarian Eastern communitarianism), suffers persistent alienation.

Conservative Candice blocked because posted photo MAGA hat.
JUST Canadas Conservative voted secret ballot oust their leader Erin OToole.
During today's Question Period, Conservative finance critic PierrePoilievre defended tens thousands TruckersforFreedom protesters, accused Trudeau hateful rhetoric.
PMQs today when Boris produced letter from Starmer Conservative Health Minister stating should procure equipment ventilators from obscure companies experience Labour been loss would have been enormous.

Conservative caucus removes O'Toole leader.
doesn't SenJohnKennedy just he'll only accept white conservative male?
Erin O'Toole, FORMER Conservative Party leader. Man, that feels good say.
Erin O'Toole voted leader Conservative MPs.
Update: 12th Conservative called Boris Johnson resign amid warnings that more will follow.
Some tension Idaho House floor this morning conservative members debate against conformity bill because would recognize same-sex marriages. Members have gone ease because repeated objections over content debate.

next thing Conservative Party Canada should strongly consider reviewing their agreement with Canada Proud.
Since truckers have taken stand: Quebec dropped unvaccinated Saskatchewan pledging scrap passports Feb. 28 3) OToole been voted Conservative leader Thank TruckersForFreedom! Lets keep going!

There cannot single Conservative does know that Monday Boris Johnson lied Parliament shamelessly repeating propagated right Facebook groups Contact your Conservative them they have handed their letter not.

"Companies with many years experience supplying complained they were ignored procurement process, while some people with previous experience with Conservative party connections were awarded multimillion-pound contracts.".

happy that todays caucus vote provides clear direction leadership party. I want thank courageous stood their convictions good Conservative Party first. 1/2.

problem with Conservative Party Canada isn't simply just lack leadership, party's views main problem. They've changed their leader three times past months...changing cover badly written book won't change content.

Because conservative more likely have long term partner, meaning someone have relations with their older years.
need Conservative leader fast call vote confidence.
Erin O'Toole been ousted leader Conservative Party Canada. hearing vote count 73-45.
next step abolish conservative ideology altogether United States. It's Right that keeps electing people like Trump order sabotage destroy America's independent status nation.

Conservative outrage 3...2...1...
Governments LevellingUp press release implies proposals socialist feared should using 80-seat majority implement conservative policies, policies that wouldnt look place Labours manifesto.

Like seriously! Listen your conservative counterparts people have been governing majority it's existence tell they created socialist system without sort pushback from bourgeoisie. It's silly know it.

Remind many hostages Wetsuweten protesters took before conservative politicians called their arrest?
Wow. 1997 Labour supporter election really threw myself into. While there large, clear between Labour Conservative, Blair _textbook_ neoliberal Third Way. leadership capstone Labour's 2-decade cleansing left factions.

believe Conservative Party Canada farther right. They will focus politics anger division that Europe. hope type politics that will resonate Canada.

Would Labour government lead Keir Starmer Conservative government Boris Johnson best handling immigration?
Poilievre siren attracts lost conservative travelers trying find their way. The siren's song sweet irresistible... corrupt hungry beast. Bind yourself mast solid values: peoplespca by.

Erin O'Toole been voted leader Conservative Party Canada.
Seize Day.
conservative lives Canada this good going Canadian trump that seat that would stupid would also never win.
Conservative party needs stand conservative values such protection civil liberties. Bill attack civil liberties. must stand against more comprising fundamentals. Quebec nationalists unsatisfied, they have Bloc.

outdated conservative viewpoints, lady perfume, obsession with antiques!" she'd disowned flesh blood account homophobia, once found that sexuality couldn't shoved away with Bible.

What You Really Think


Great move! Yes, failure in so many grounds. We need the leaders that we elected to hear what we have to say and fight for the liberty of the people.

The Conservative Party of Canada has now made it clear- it will accept no leader who does not support psychological child abuse against LGBTQ teens. Decent Canadians can no longer support that party.

Thank you!

The leader was fine. It's your policies that are terrible.

So you wanted him to deliver more seats while advocating policies that most Canadians don't support? That's a tough ask. Take all the time you need to figure it out.

Is Now is the time for this? The prime minister is hiding under his bed and just as the world is focused on how much of and idiot he is. you want to reface the party. I hope you have an absolute Ace of a replacement lined up.

Thank you Bob for your perseverance , I Wish my MP Michelle Rempel Garner had your guts.

Hey Bob the Mayor of Calgary is going to fix your wagon next.

Good. Now, oust the other tool...

You may not like the consequences of your own actions.

Now your party can veer farther to the right and alienate us in the middle. Oh yeah, this is going to work out perfectly.

Make CandiceBergenMP the leader of the CPC, she's the one standing up in Parliament and being a leader! We need an official opposition because the PM is playing hooky.

Can we do you next Bob? Just asking - as a constituent of yours.

Hey, turn the lights off on the way out: Shut the whole party down.

Time to bring back the PC party.

I think it wouldve been its a very poor decision to remove him. He won the popular vote and is very likable and electable. My donations now stop! Very bad time to change and will result in Again - worst decision the party has made. Good luck in your future!!!

47 years a Conservative. I am so tired of this shit, we never learn. Next leader will have the same happen to them!!

And install someone more in line w/Harper or Trump? No thank you! There are enough fringe/mob-like members already. Leave O'Toole alone.

The new leader better be someone strong and willing to do the job. Motions need to be made ASAP to get Trudeau out!!!

Cue the rump.

Erin OToole is one of the most presentable leaders in recent years. By all means, replace him.

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