Monday 2nd of January 2023

Conte Ball.

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Conte: there opportunity strengthen squad, club will THFC frustrated because when arrive club work have stay understand vision. young players.

Manchester United waiting Erik getting Conte when desperately wanted best decisions we've made recent years. Glad didn't him.
salt wound, Sonny Dykes Chris Conte's first choice Texas job.
Same song. nothing with Levy. Conte refusing change system. does work. players there play back with middle. fefuses okay though players this season.

Doesnt matter manager same players making same mistakes board willing challenge spend with urgency when needed. Dont surprised Conte walks tonight. ENIC OUT. dare dear. MOTM: Fans turning watch that shite.

Conte thinks Sufferball allyEmery born moulded didnt positive until man.
The core is rotten james. Contes body language is broken because he clearly knows that he isnt getting backed and that translates to the players.
What next Conte Spurs?
Gary Neville delusional. failed Manager. Conte wouldn't have worked Manchester United Micah Richards destroyed him.
honestly thought Romero suppose better signing than White recall video telling going long season. Aside from poor defending that just poor performance. Conte aint staying, Kane wishes left seasons ago.

This disgrace. owners don't care they won't sell club, therefore players won't change there will investment, would Conte (1/2).
first this year this NFTCommunity Happy Birthday
Conte immediately improved squad still needs some work, current hard figure. Obviously weve been killed injuries cant rotate players form.
yesterday even bigger after Tottenhams result. Thought Spurs would make four strength Conte factor Lloris cause enough think they wont. Kulusevski such major loss them.
Most fans secretly love moan about their team. also accept they wont serial winners. absolute must, that want entertained enjoy team playing. Jose, Nuno Conte just dont offer this.

What Contes philosophy anyway? changed formation when arrived only score goal game lucky. There sense urgency until down, today there none all. players look like they have given upso guess should too.

Sack conte. Kane leave. help develop players. start fresh ugly rebuild. better worse done.
conte out.
Conte wank Cheers.
That there is Contes dream result, given that its Jan 1st.
Tottenham Aston Villa. Points dropped Conte's team once again. Manchester United create point with them Tuesday!
Said years ago, heart unlike Conte these owners! They were blame demise of.his tenure because ENIC/LEVY didn't back him.
Anyway, they werent already, Spurs have just elevated themselves genuine title challengers next seasons. cant underestimate power having Conte, with Kane, Son, money spend, squad already filled with some terrific talent.

Conte just leave. Just walk out. Youre getting backed. Been lies idiots above you.
Conte going walk club will backwards.
Conte going leave Poch coming back.
They coached coach. Your coach Xavi, move Conte***.
He is way better than Conte. Even emery is better. Both of them have worked at 'budget clubs' and won trophies.
"Its quite nice Arsenal fans enjoying themselves after years frustration self-loathing, theres something inevitable about Antonio Conte." Nick Miller (NickMiller79).
Obviously ownership main issue their complete lack direction everything that goes with play some worst football watch league this season. thats what blame conte for.

Love Spurs getting 2017/18 Antonio Conte without title winning campaign year before.
Thank fuck stayed clear Contehell gone before season.
Conte been backed it's just that chose wrong players.
Sending Oliver Skipp Djed Spence with minutes down. Conte: CASE ANYONE CAN'T HEAR BACK".
Disappointing team wonder president Ghana support you. Same same categories time leave this team want trophy Conte he's still same can't survive EPL.

Conte going threaten quit again until gets PS40m fullback.
Blaming levy conte been backed summer what excuses fault
Conte fangirls yourself... Does motivate players win? Does change tactics when games going badly? Has made better attacking? Has made difficult beat? answers every question!

Conte cant even lack quality excuse. Doing wonders with supposed M.O. just doing terrible things with this team.
conte didn't want romero could give conte whoever would still negative dull crap.
More Details.
Conte doesnt change anything. Kane doesnt ball, some reason still plays sessgon when doesnt play Spence.
spend like team 6th/5th. thats what get. Conte isnt miracle worker. Poch closest, chose stadium over backing him. Time will tell right decision. Conte wont sign, PochBack imminent.

Conte after tried play Haram Ball with founder EMERY.
Arsenal fans that used hype Conte times <<<.
didnt back Poch paid price. then gambled with Mourinho Conte without backing either financially despite knowing thats they operate. closer winning anything have identity.

problem ENIC Levy Conte Not Mourinhio Not Pochetiho Levy Lewis Until change ownership will always like this.
Nothing will change until ENIC sell club, were gonna have lost poch, Jose conte managers, Kane will leave retire still will have trophies until that happens. Were club anymore.

Come Bob, thats Palace coming excellent easily good enough team (maybe City!). Spurs should have been really good this year with squad they have. Contes management running them into ground.

either back conte sack him, simple.
Conte can't blame players it's negative football that's killed club.
Levy out. Enic out. Conte out.
Soon Conte will implode mental.
history Antonio Conte.
We've bought some good players recently felt lacked creative midfielder. solution? probably patience spending this well this back Conte when he's dithering&we've regressed? feel someone else better fit?

Full-time They went down comeback today. Fans turned Levy, Conte some stick Spurs only mustered shots game. They're booed off. Happy Year etc.
Conte loss good start year. Haram football.
Conte should sacked.
records: Spurs have lost their last they just lost home Aston Villa that have only away game this season. Last time Villa stream rolled Spurs like this years ago. Villa have back2back road. Conte's title credentials indeed.

starting think these "World Class" only have plan stick because worked before doesn't work they don't have another play. We could have summer Conte turned them down because doesn't only system.

Fuck Conte take your negativity elsewhere.
Nobody said manutd everything process better suited than conte
Rah Emery dunked on Conte.
think reached tether now. board need sell club. dont care Conte stays. majority squad build project around Romero, Bentancur, Kulusevski. What start year.

Antonio Conte Want Stay.
Thought Conte bring trophies? Joke club.
phone Fabio give Conte what needs.
Conte Ball.
Fire conte bring whoever want. doesnt matter people arent bought will same place.
Sack antonio conte bring pochettino back.
Things getting really ugly Tottenham. We're crisis, Conte seems ideas, this getting much toxic. blame course, he's manager, problems this club deeper than this. We're awful, weak mentally, embarrassing.

conte walks.
Antonio Conte understand frustration fans.
blame Conte now. could blame Mourinho Pochettino. Harry Redknapp before. Tottenham going nowhere with Daniel Levy business operation model. It's weak focused football sucesso.

This formation does suit players have club, every single person Conte. good enough ultimately Conte will sacked however Levy have long hard look himself.

Conte walks. Surely.
Conte leave after game.
Gary Neville spot with this now. Conte United

What You Really Think

Slate conte when emery literally had every man behind the ball in the first 50 minutes.

And fans are feeling sorry for our PS15m a year Manager. Ahhhh, Poor Conte, it's all the players fault, it's not Conte...

Can't stand that relegation fodder.

Live look at SpursOfficial stadium.

Good tweet for once.