Tuesday 12th of May 2020


To Corey,
he has a name and it s corey la barrie a legend not just some youtuber.
RIP corey la barrie ... such a sad day. the few times we met he was so kind and i know so many people in this city who absolutely adored him - life is so precious & nothing is promised ): fuck.
corey, i hope you lived a wonderful life without regrets.
Corey, we had met a couple times but I never knew they would be the last. My prayers go out to him and his family. Fly high.
due to the heartbreaking news I found out today it would not feel right to post a video, we love you corey here s a happy memory i ll never forget,sending love to his family and any one who knew him.
corey la barrie, thank you for everything you have done for us. thank you for giving me the best friends i could ever ask for. thank you for making me the happiest when i needed to. thank you. simply thank you. i love you so much. fly high.

Proud Of Ending His Semester With Good Grades & Passing All Of His Classes Continue To Stay Focused.
not corey i am devastated. we had our ups & downs in the reality house but once i really got to know him he was the most delightful, warm, hilarious, kindhearted person who always made everyone around him giggle their ass off. praying for his family and friends rn.

corey la barrie may 10th 1995 - may 10th 2020.
this does not feel real at all, Corey was hands down the most kind person I ve met through this entire journey of social media. constantly lighting up the faces of EVERYONE the second he would walk into a room. this is heart breaking. rest easy Corey.

I asked to make a cameo for anybody who needed a pick me up during this stressful time, it has a different purpose now. Corey was an amazing guy with a pure heart&brilliant smile. My heart hurts as many others do but remember how much he loved everyone.

my heart goes out to those close to Corey. lost my bestfriend 7 yrs ago in a motorcycle accident. spent weeks sleeping at the hospital waiting for him to wake up but he never did. worst time of my life. only one call away if anyone needs anything or just to talk RIP Corey.

rest easy corey love you.
hi i m seeing a lot of people on my tl share photos of Corey s accident if you have any respect towards his life, his fans, his friends, and his family please do not spread that tweet! this is a heartbreaking situation as it is people do not need to see that.

fuuuuuck god i cant believe this. rest in peace Corey sending all my love to his close friends and drunk driving fucking sucks.
Just burst into tears I know I dont know you, but I know from your videos that you had a huge heart, one full of love and kindness & having the ability to make everyone around you laugh RIP COREY, it doesnt seem love to your family & friends.

my heart hurts. rest in peace corey.
if u guys have time today please show love to jc, kian, chelsey, ayla, crawford, bobby, harrison & anderson, dom, & all the ppl in corey s the light he brought was unmatched & they need that love rn. my heart aches for them.

what the hell just i just found out corey died and i don t think anything s ever hit me this hard. i just tweeted how hard life is right before i heard, this isn t fair. we ll miss you corey.
This shit is so incredibly sad. It s 2020 everyone has uber you have no reason to drive drunk.
Rest In Peace Corey.
Life can be so unfair RIP Corey La Barrie.
youtuber corey la berrie passed away in a car accident.
YouTuber Corey La Barrie was killed in a car accident in Los Angeles and fans and fellow creators are grieving online.
Heaven gained an angel RIP Corey La Barrie.
he was not just a youtuber. say his name, he deserves to be known. he was such a loving person who cared more for others than he did himself, he made millions of ppl happy, he was a light in this world, he has family, friends & supporters who care. his name is corey la barrie.

i ve written this tweet 12 times hoping to find a way to do you justice corey but the reality is that a fkn tweet will never do you justice. all i can do is continue is spread positivity & make people smile because that s what you did with me every chance you had. i love you man.

spread nothing but love and positivity - Corey La Barrie.
i don t know how long i m here for and i m just gonna make the best of it. this breaks my heart. this has stuck with me ever since he said this and it s helped me try to live my life better. corey you touched so many lives and we love you so much. thank you. for everything.

i still can t comprehend this, corey was always an angel now it s just too real.
Its so unreal that Corey passed away. I feel terrible for his family and all his friends :(.
Corey Sanders: Episode 7 "Oak Ridge Game".
No way has Corey LaBarrie died, by far one of the funniest people ever & by no means was he ever really under appreciated.
Corey was more than a YouTuber Corey was kind Corey was funny Corey was caring Corey was loveable Corey was charismatic Corey was a friend Corey was a family member Corey was an idol rest easy Corey youll be missed.

corey died on his fucking birthday AND mother s an angel was taken way too soon from us, my prayers go out to him and his holy shit i miss u corey.
I grew up watching Corey hanging out with O2L and Kian and JC, to seeing him try to win 25K. He was an amazing person inside and out. He s not just a YouTuber he s a person. Corey will be missed by so many I love you so much.

fuck you daniel silva for driving under the influence and taking corey with you when you probably knew you shouldn t be driving. fuck you.
fuck me i know how to spell his name it s corey i m sorry.
Corey gone to soon.
rest in peace Corey , thank you for always making me laugh. We love you<3.
Ink Master Star Daniel Silva to be Arrested After Crash Kills YouTuber.
his name is corey la barrie, use it and respect him.
We offer our sincerest condolences to Corey La Barries friends and family. He will be forever missed.
Damn on his birthday? - YouTube star Corey La Barrie dies in car crash on his 25th birthday.
RIP Corey Laberrie gone too soon love you brother always had such happy positive energy.
corey la barrie was appreciated. if anyone needs someone to talk to my dms are always open to anyone, ily all.
i feel like in honor of corey, no matter where you live, we should go outside when the sun is setting, look at it, and think or say out loud what you love about corey. then come back to twitter and tweet this -> to show you sent out your message to corey into the universe.

corey died.
my favorite clips from my favorite video of Corey <3 Corey La Barrie, May you Rest In Peace & know you are loved by many.
my heart is fucking shattered. i ve been watching corey s videos for as long as i ve watched kian and jc, which is a long as time. we love you, and we will miss u so much. im truly at a loss for words.

corey :(.
corey has always been a huge part of kian and jc. this is hitting me so hard because i grew up watching these boys. it s never gonna be the same without him :(.
my heart goes out to Coreys family & friends let this be a reminder to never take anything for granted. we love you corey. you will forever be in our hearts. never forgotten. & never underappreciated.
my heart hurts so fucking bad. i cant imagine how crawford, jc, daniel, and kian feel. i cant imagine how his mom feels. on his birthday and mothers day. im at a loss for words. may corey forever rest in power:(.

I still can t believe Corey is seems so surreal.
he did. apparently he was in the passenger seat and the guy driving was drunk. the guy broke his hip but corey died immediantly.
Corey I love you sooo much man Rest In Peace Brother!
this was one of my favorite clips of corey. rest easy and know that i love you. half circle and LLC.
my heart hurts. you are so so loved. we will miss you corey. forever in our hearts.
corey i truly hope you know how many of us you ve had an impact on. thankyou for always making us laugh, we love you forever.
absolutely fuck you tmz for name dropping ink master but not even putting corey s name in the headline. rip corey la barrie this is awful.
This young man recently moved in across the street from us with his friends who have all been very respectful neighbors. We are heartbroken for them and available for anything that they may need. RIP.
The fact Daniel Silva is walking away with a broken hip and Corey died pisses me off. Not saying Daniel should have died too I m just saying this should ve never happened! Don t drink and drive it s honestly not rocket science tf.

Seeing the Corey tweets and being like no fucking way, wtf. Like omg.
Jesus Christ no more fucking death. I love you Corey.
i m still waiting for corey to tweet asking why everyone s so sad and that he is okay. i just can t wrap my head around him actually being gone.

What You Really Think

I haven t stopped crying, I loved Corey so much.

we love you ryan.

i love you so much ryan.

I sorry u lost your friend How did he die?

sending love.

Bruh life aint fair.

i love you ryan i m so sorry.

This is surreal it can t be true.

His saying is under appreciated ?? Bitch I ve been crying half circle I m going to miss him so much.

i love you.

my hearts goes to you and those close to him, may he rest easy.

Im so sorry that we all, including you, had to experience such a heartbroken loss. He was such a good person and will always be. Just remember that he is always with us, emitting his precious energy. RIP Corey, we all love you.

Im so sorry Ryan. I love you sm stay strong.

Sending all my love.

This made me cry.

im so sorry for your loss we re here for you<3.

My heart hurts so much right now.

this was beautiful ryan.

i love you so much ryan and i m sorry for your loss.

Love you Ryan my thoughts and prayers are going to all of you at this time.

Corey did not deserve this. His love for you and all those he cared about will live on forever. Sending you my love.

i m so sorry for ur loss :/.

sending you love.

stay strong and take care. i love you.

sending lots of love.

i love you ryan.

im so sorry for your lost.

wait he died?

i love u.

My deepest condolences Ryan. I m praying for y all of you guys and his family. My heart hurts for you.

Im so sorry for your loss Ryan.

sending love.

Love you Ryan.

can someone pls tell me what s going on.

Ryan :(.

I love you so much Ryan.

I hope I can Impact someone in this way someday! This is so inspiring! So much love to you!

sending love.

oh my gosh I had no idea until just now I m so upset!! I m so sorry ryan.

Stawp im crying.