Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Word of The Day is Malversation (16th Century): The Corrupt Administration of Power.

Social Media Says

Corruption. There other word
House Commons votes overturn Conservative Owen Patersons suspension Standards regime that found guilty anti-corruption rules.
Corruption experts warn Tory move against standards watchdog "behaviour consistent with state capture, which around world from several governments deliberately moving away from democracy undermining checks balances power".

Zimbabwe will only admitted into commonwealthsec President stops persecuting citizens arresting journalists exposing corruption! Commonwealth Secretary General, Patricia Scotland PScotlandCSG aware abuse court system your State!

There were scandals years governments parties generally tried stop them happening again. Todays institutionalisation corruption Conservative government without precedent.

JulieMarsonMP, Hertford Stortford, backs corruption. Vote next
Owen Patterson byword parliamentary corruption, like Neil Hamilton before 1997 hope there united opposition candidate next election defeat North Shropshire, just Martin Bell ousted Hamilton 1997.

Evolve will releasing list every single just voted scrap Parliament's anti-corruption rules their corrupt colleagues hook very shortly. Stay tuned.
This JeromeMayhew just voted legalise corruption MPs. Take Jerome.
Unfortunately, this Caroline Ansell. Today voted corruption.
you're with corruption parliament then? Cool. assume you'll with Labour doing same thing then Timmy?
FACT The Tory Anti-Corruption champion, Penrose voted favour letting Owen Patterson away with corruption.
This JHowellUK just voted legalize corruption MPs. Take John.
Corruption still corruption even legalise
This Nick Fletcher NickFletcherMP. voted favour Tory corruption today OwenPaterson vote while party takes income vulnerable being mins late Centre appointment. Leveling Tory style, making everyone vile they are.

This voted condone corruption.
Westminster village story. Everyone important. care about behaviour monitored millions others. press needs report this properly, please. unfortunate event, corruption.

Andrea Leadsoms attempt redefine Tory sleaze corruption standing justice transparency wasnt entirely convincing.
Whilst TandMCLP been highly critical KevinHollinrakes recent voting record, thank doing right thing voting against corruption when many party would not.
Tory slogan building back corruption!
Conservative including RobertBuckland have voted favour legalising corruption House Commons votes 232.
resigned because party would allow continue investigation into multi-billion dollar corruption, much paid Systems, doubt that most corrupt political systems deeply corrupt world.

Nigerian radio censors words like 'Alcohol' 'bad' because foolish. They're just words, even profanity. This extreme expression morality case misplaced priority. country drips with corruption terrorism, let's censor alcohol bad.

It's deal that 10,000 John Deere workers voted down their revised contract offer. Shows they feel that Deere, with record profits, still being stingy. They also feel UAW, after corruption scandal, isn't bargaining hard enough them.

This stevedouble, voted release sewage into waters, voted save mate, Owen Paterson from punishment corruption, rather than defending democracy. your vote corruption, check here.

This John Penrose. supposed governments anti-corruption Tsar. Today voted allow criminal profiteering MPs.
Corruption enabler that that needs said about you.
Well pussy abstained. course this means anti corruption. AndrewBowie_MP "the cuck" good voted ignore MP's caught corruption. No doubt half melted shelf looking prick will made ScotTories leader now.

investigate Tory find guilty sleaze your reward sack. (Just case were wondering police show little interest corruption procurement.).
voted Tory voted favour corruption. It's that simple.
Tory party corruption, stinks worse than England's waterways.
Anyone know scottories voted today allowing government corruption carry unchecked?
This Tory robertcourts. course voted support corruption.
truth that huge portion Tory electorate don't mind corruption" Government.. even self-preservation individual corruption, long they think country going right direction. Next voting-intention polls will confirm that.

Corruption plain sight, Tory voted re-write rules order that their didnt face punishment. rule them, another rest Scotland better than this.

This George Freeman. Today voted parliamentary accountability corruption unpunished.
Well said Nick. have starting call mass protest Parliament. Against Tory corruption. need this viral time. help?
This Neill. voted support corruption, something which been known past.
This chrisheatonharris voted favour corruption today. Please feel this brings Parliament into disrepute. wish could surprised.
Corruption always.
This DamianGreen voted favour corruption today Please retweet feel this brings Parliament into disrepute.
John Penrose will back PS37bn. Thats price Corruption Tsar (plus one).
This DavidRutley. voted condone corruption.
This just voted even more corruption parliament! Anne Marie Morris.
know monarchy isn't supposed involved governance absolutely flabbergasted that there's been intervention over past years when corruption dence all-time high.

believe they were dancing, corruption these rivers.
Here's Gillian Keegan again..a jewel parliamentary democracy ...the other week sewage voted pump into Chichester voted favour Tory corruption... what next?

This edwardtimpson supports corruption.
Next election have opportunity vote Morrison Government out.
Today Tories voted give green light corruption. Labour will taking part this sham process corrupt committee. Prime Minister, Conservative Ministers have brought shame democracy.

voted corruption General Election?
this isnt corruption, then what
Orleans, everyone gets their minutes corruption.
We've provided evidence Tinubu's corruption, arrest him, leave Cubana Reno tells EFCC.
This danny__kruger. voted favour corruption today. Please feel this brings Parliament into disrepute. Danny, wish could surprised.
Robin Walker been very quiet today, does anyone know whether voted favour venal corruption, abstained?
DANGER. This cocktail rewriting rules corruption, strong-arming Parliament, attacking judicial review, voter supression, electoral rule manipulation, blackmailing media, outlawing protest frighteningly close Orban's "reforms" Hungary Erdogan's Turkey.

doing government corruption scandal?
This Pauline_Latham voted support corruption.
Cheers, hate corruption.
This John Lamont, voted undermine rule endorse corruption public office.
This Siobhan_Baillie Today voted support corruption, along with most Tory Colleagues. They claim party Order protect their own. Shame you.
days bail application demonstrated that corruption endemic, unfortunately.
They refused reform. They've been promising root corruption since joined 1973. Then they just shrug their shoulders carry before. Ultimately will fail. It's just matter when, if.

This David Warburton DJWarburton only vote dump shit rivers voted save shit Tory party today voted corruption allowed OwenPaterson avoid suspension.

This ElliotColburn. voted today normalise corruption MPs. thought better than that.
EFCC after Cubana Bola Tinubu? provided evidence Tinubus corruption EFCC, including photos bullion vans going into home Election Day, contrary Money Laundering Act. Tinubu? because Igbo?

sickening stench corruption.
This James Cartlidge voted today corruption public life.
This Laura Farris (Newbury) also lawyer. Today voted corruption supporting amendment allow Paterson hook. constituent contribute salary prefers Tories rather than constituents!

Labour serious Opposition cease cooperation with government workings Commons force Tories corruption that they actively promoting.
Conservatives change parliamentary rules overturn suspension Tory found guilty corruption.
HeatherWheeler (pictured) voted amendment meaning Tory dominated panel will decide rules corruption sleaze, back Owen Paterson being found guilty. They gradually working make themselves unaccountable.

This local KemiBadenoch Today voted corruption Parliamentary democracy.
Damien Moore, Southport, votes side step Parliamentary Committee Standards decision regarding OwenPaterson today will hold just accountable corruption Paterson backing this. This abysmal abuse power.

Owen PATERSON... byword democratic erosion, corruption hypocrisy.
Youre naive. vote govt, after doesnt resolve appalling political crisis. Broken Brexit. Broken Britain. International near-isolation. Floundering climate. Covid charnel house. Corruption chaos Hogarthian scale. /5.

With Corbyn gone Labour leader, Alt-media last outpost socialism outlets which exposed corruption Owen Paterson under threat Johnson Starmer seek 'online harms bill' destroy left-media exposing their corruption.

Which youth because youth ward (Univen). EFF won't responsibity youth demoralised corruption.
Owen Paterson paid over three times salary lobby interests private firms, broke Parliamentary rules, committee cross party have nailed him, today tory colleagues will save him, they're condoning corruption, please remember this...

Here's Stewart again..a true people other week sewage voted pump into voted favor Tory corruption..fuck give're proper twat.

Conservative including Sarah Dines, Dines4dales have voted favour legalising corruption House Commons votes 232. also blocked many other constituents, because have opinion!!

This Sarah Dines. Today voted allow corrupt avoid punishment. voted facilitate corruption parliament. colleagues should hand their heads shame.

What You Really Think

Aka the EU.

That's been the word of the day since last March hasn't it?

How apt.

How predictable.

Ooh Susie...

Nailed it yet again!



Apt given today's vote in Westminster.

Still used in Spanish - pops up with depressing regularity on the news about govt corruption.

Can we have some alternative words for revolution now please? After todays corrupt vote, we need this malversation gone. Thanks Susie.

Abbreted to 'SOP'.

Do you take nominations for word of the day? Id like to nominate misophonia or if this is on behalf of 8 out of 10 cats does countdown Id like to nominate felching. Just nominating that because it amuses me to think many people reading this are googling that now.

How apt!

He was evil and had mated to probity. he mated the virtue of hatred of ill married.

On point as always.

You mean?


As the Third Priest says in Eliots Murder in the Cathedral.

The Snp comes to mind.

Corruption following process?

You're an absolute treasure.

Similar to favourite word of mine; Machiavellian.

I.e. if youre a Tory, just change the rules to protect yet another one of your corrupt mates.

One word says it all.

Approp as ever.

Yet another word that can be applied to the Tories.

I know a song about Nolan principles being abandoned ...

A timeless word.

You are so brilliant!

It is a common word in Serbian, both linguistically and functionally.

My new word of the day is effluent, because if you use that rather than the word rubbish, twitter doesnt try to ban you when you are replying to an unsolicited twitter advert.


Word of the day for your spaffling vocabulary.

Was a corrupt administration of power, but I didnt notice the suddenly voluble opposition object to that.

Very apt.

In other words...the British government?

Oh Susie! Nadine is going to want a word.

How appropriate.

In common use in Spanish - malversacion.

Never a truer word, back to one rule for us and they can what they like! Bernard Castle here we come, Orwells predictions coming to fruition.


I love you.

Good word. As in the Scummochionarcisopath is in a malversation?

- You seen this BoJo?

You could just say Tory party, means the same thing.

You always capture the mood of the day perfectly!

This is absolute gold - we must use this in all OGA conversations from now on!


OMG, DaveMilbo RonniSalt, can this word be worked into an article about the Coalition Government?

Spot on Susie it'll come in handy :).

A word I will remember. Thank you Susie.

How very apt.

Whats the word for an electorate that constantly puts up with said corrupt administration of power? And still keeps that same corrupt administration ahead in voting intention statistics? Idiotic? Ah, think Ive found one word that fits- Brexitologous? Ill keep trying.

Is there a website somewhere with all your past words of the day.

The Tories have been in power for years and years , but today is the time to change the rules . Aye right !

21st century too.

Looks like it.

Thank you Susie, perfect word .


Brill Susie x.

The wonderful susie_dent gets it right again.

I remember who are now.

We know all about that nowadays don't we ?!

It's recently been abbreted to.

Thanks Susie.


Love you Susie, I bought your book for my Dads 90th birthday so he could look up the word of the day whilst drinking his morning coffee. Unfortunately it turned out to be the word Fuck, oh well!!


It's almost as if you choose your words each day for a very specific reason ...

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