Thursday 5th of November 2020

The Only Person I Trust to Count The Remaining Ballots.

Social Media Says

Count Every Vote Well Wait .
How come every time they count Mail-In ballot dumps they are so devastating in their percentage and power of destruction?
Joe Biden wants to count every vote. President realDonaldTrump wants to count every vote. Theres a big difference.
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Maybe someone wants to tell our idiot president that stopping the count right now would give Joe Biden 270 electoral votes.
In 2016, when Trump won PA, MI, and WI by a handful of votes, the election system worked just great. Now that he's losing, it's a "fraud" and they're "stealing the election." This is how demagogues destroy faith in democracy and move us toward authoritarianism. Count every vote!

Im taking a stand for our democracy. All our votes must count.
The guy who doesnt want to submit his DNA so we find out hes a rapist is the same guy who doesnt want you to count votes so we find out hes a loser.
Trump supporters think the election is RIGGED if we dont count every vote.
We are going to count every vote. You will lose. You will go.
Protesters were gassed and thrown into unmarked vans while demanding justice for Black lives. Meanwhile, armed white mobs were left alone while surrounding a county elections office to stop the vote count. Could this be any more blatant?

I wanna fucking slap Rick Santorum in his dumb face. "He's not saying stop the count" Trump tweeted, "STOP THE COUNT" Get this clown OFF.
Yall rushing tf out of Nevada. girl we 50th in education give us a second we cant count.
It is the first time in my life that I see an application to the court for the suspension of the vote count! People are laughing at the USA now. Trump shouts in front of the whole world: I must be the president! Stop counting votes!!

Then at the current count ... you lose. We don't stop counting just because you don't like the result.
Trump Sharpens Wooden Stake To Take Down The Count.
As I understand the state of the race, Trump is seeking various forms of relief in his lawsuits: - recount WI - stop counting in NC - count faster in NV - count backwards in PA - count only the ballots he likes in GA - don't count Detroit.

I went ahead and did it for you.. So the question is, why do you want to disenfranchise military voters who are the main recipient of this anticipated delay?? Shouldnt the folks defending our country have their vote count?

You really have no idea how elections work do you. I guess just like Trump, you don't give a shit about the military Vote that has ALWAYS had mail in ballots and they come in past election day, but I guess you don't care about if their votes count do you fake patriot.

Is it really possible that the president of the United States is the only person who doesn't understand that stopping the count at this point would mean Biden wins?
Good lord, educate yourself instead of making a fool of yourself on social media. There is a reason some states knew on election night and some didn't, and it's almost entirely because of the GOP that some didn't.

This just in: Trump crowds in Nevada advised to change their chant from Stop the Count! to Count the Vote! in light of favorable trends for Biden. However, having little faculty for change, they are now confused and shouting Stop the Vote! Trump seems okay with it.

A Nevada elections official said final results might not be made public until Saturday or Sunday. Our goal is not to act fast, but to accurately count the votes, he said to audible groaning in the room.

Does writing songs count 3/5 nulb.
Let's be clear: The ongoing vote count in the key state of Pennsylvania is a result of the rules set by the GOP state legislature which refused to allow mail in, or absentee, ballots to be processed prior to election day. More than 2.5 million voters returned absentee ballots.

What I told myself for weeks: 1. The count will take days. Be patient. 2. Some states will look red but slowly shift blue because of mail in ballots being counted at the end. Dont freak out. What Im doing: WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG WHY IS THIS RED I LIKE BLUE WHAT IS SLEEP.

Nevadas Clark County registrar Joe Gloria says at news conference just now they wont complete ballot count until November 12 and that only instance of voter fraud was a Trump supporter who tried to vote twice.

"Stop the count" sums up this presidency. He doesn't want to count cases of COVID, he doesn't want to count the deficit, and he doesn't want to count votes. And he wants to be entirely unaccountable to anyone.

Elected officials in Philadelphia are suing to prevent oversight of Pennsylvania vote count. Why would someone obstruct transparency??
CNN reported the 370k ballots remaining to count.
I cant take my eyes off of you PA, AZ, NV & GA. Count every vote.
If PA is going to count & report the "vast majority" of the outstanding ballots today, they're going to have to pick up the pace. Maybe they'll dump a big batch at the presser? Dunno, but thus far, ~76k new votes have been added to DecisionDeskHQ's tally since 7:25 AM MST today.

Unm my mom is 46 Ans lies a lot does that count.
Huge thanks to all the election officials working around the clock to count votes & refusing to be intimidated by those seeking to obstruct the democratic process.
Sunrise and sunset do not matter anymore. Vote counting is all that matters. Hence, sunset occurs only if/when Trump takes lead in AZ vote count.
Reminder... Many states wanted to count the early votes before election day to have them ready for faster results. Republicans sued to stop them. But this isn't getting in the way of them bitching and creating conspiracies around it.

I know they're shouting "STOP THE COUNT" but if you pretend they are shouting "STOP THE C*NT" & it's way funnier.
Yes, stop the count and Biden wins as he is ahead in NV and AZ!
Does this when we all are distracted by the vote count. But why tho?
Trump: STOP THE COUNT Biden.
For anyone who needs to hear this... there were no ballots added after the election. They were always there. They are authentic tangible votes that someone mailed to be validated and counted. Do you know how fascist and un-democratic you sound when you say "stop the count?".

How in the fuck does a state count 95% of the vote in just a few hours and then take days for the final 5%?
Trumpers in Arizona: 'Count the votes!' Trumpers in Michigan: 'Stop the count!'.
Hey, FoxNews - Cut the BS out. Your network is purposely lying to Americans to incite violence, gaslight, further twist the Trump message. This is a democracy. All votes count. COVID deaths are really on your hands too.

Not everyone in Ohio agrees on everything. I would rather my personal vote count equally no matter where I live.
Just a reminder: You dont claim states, you win them. You dont find votes, you count them.
Harrisburg PA at the Count Every Vote protest Clown car.
Trumps strategy for winning: Stop counting in NC and PA. Keep counting in NV and AZ. Only count the votes that help him in GA and MI. Count again in WI. Finally, kick the whole thing to SCOTUS so Brett Kavanaugh can decide. Just like the founders envisioned!

In AZ Trump supporters are chanting Count the Vote. In PA theyre chanting Stop the Count. That kind of irrationally and hypocrisy is the perfect ending to the Trump era. The fact that half the country cant see how absurd that is the saddest thing of all.

Trump campaign notches WIN in PENNSYLVANIA state court The court, at Trump's request, issues interim order to election boards to (a) set aside certain mail ballots that lack identifying info for the voter, and (b) not count those votes until after ct rules further.

COUNT EVERY VOTE!!!!!! (just a little faster).
Watch your mouth. Were keeping count.
Just your daily reminder that if youre frustrated that its taking this long to count ballots in a state like PA, its because the GOP legislature refused to allow ballots to be counted before Election Day so that Trump could get the good optics of an early lead.

Yeah thats fucking dumb, they totally shouldve been allowed to count mail-in early I didnt know they didnt do that. That sucks.
American Idol can count 100 million ballots during a commercial break.
I cannot grasp how with your whole chest you're saying stop the count y'all are literally chanting against democracy but are the same people who had an issue when black people were chanting for their lives to matter.

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