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Monday 8th of June 2020

Talented Researchers of IIT Hyderabad Have innovated a Low-cost Test Kit That Can Detect Covid-19 Within 20 Minutes. The Kit is Easy to Carry Around, And Tests Can be Done at The Point of Care. Well Done, Team?? More.

121950 tests done in Chennai so far. So Case positivity rate is a whopping 18% . Almost every 5th test is positive. Yet they won't increase testing???
Talented researchers of IIT Hyderabad have innovated a low-cost test kit that can detect Covid-19 within 20 minutes. The kit is easy to carry around, and tests can be done at the point of care. Well done, team?? More.

1/ Good morning. As you hear the media (maddow) hyperventilating over Arizona covid cases... think back all the way to May 22 - when Alabama had reopened too soon and was about to get overrun with coronavirus! About that...

Is COVID-19 really causing neurological complications?
Will MODI resign before the COVID peak ?
Massive hike in charges for COVID-19 cases by corporate hospitals in Delhi. Public including Doctors and HCWs are demoralised. Tough times ahead. Situation requires pragmatic decisions from government.

.UdayKotak on the changing economic and corporate landscape post Covid-19. FollowCII Watch the full conversation.
This kid is going places! Anaira Joshi-Seoul is only three years old - but she already knows what she wants to be when she grows up. Here's her report on the COVID-19 situation in Edmonton.
Join on June 9, 630 pm (BKK), as saliltripathi speaks with our executive director, SudarshanaKundu, along with 5 other stellar panelists on the impact of Covid-19 on internal migrant workers in India and Indian migrant workers abroad. For BizHRAsia_UNDP.

Mumbai has more COVID cases & deaths than any Indian city or even state (other than Maharashtra). What went wrong? Pretty much everything, starting from a too-late focus on dense slums to limited testing to low capacity.

Looking for a doctor who can do a video interview with us (HEmagazineIndia) about the challenges they're facing during the COVID crisis. Pls DM me if you know anyone or are a doctor who'd be interested in talking to us.

Monumental blunder of not listening to cries of migrants has unmasked profiteering from crisis agenda of BJP. Its unfitness to rule is convincing a growing majority. In remaining tenure, it should heed to INCIndia .SoniaGandhi on mgnrega for mitigation of COVID economic woes.

Started work again today. It was business as unusual.
To hinder development of renewables in.
Just yesterday a parent of an upmarket school in Hyd called and said that schools are blood suckers - hike fee transport food even school uniform design changes ( so that children cannot reuse their last years uniform ) & now branded Masks and tmrw PPE kits ? covid wards?

Unfair to open schools in July in UP or in any other states as covid cases are increasing day by day.Its important to focus on learning which can be online also. Save youth of the nation.
Surveyed 166 practitioners re: DomesticViolence during COVID restrictions. Almost 60% said the frequency of violenceagainstwomen had increased. Approx half said the severity of violence also increased. using pandemic to.

Appreciated the talk this evening with FM E.P. Chet Greene of AntiguaAndBarbuda. Discussed our cooperation in education, health and training. Have repurposed India-UNDP resources to meet the COVID challenge. Will work together for economic recovery.

Hot off the press - Male mortality and the German response: lessons from.
Thanked FM Jerome Xavier Walcott Barbados for taking care of stranded Indians, including cruise liner staff. Discussed the need to support small vulnerable economies in face of COVID challenge. Appreciated his warm words for India's pharmaceutical industry.

The Chinese government and non-governmental organization have provided Somalia with four batches of medical materials to fight COVID-19, which were transported to Mogadishu by Ethiopian Airlines six times.

Introducing The Billables, our talented musicians from across the Middle East who wrote and produced their debut single, Lockdown Blues, from various locations whilst in lockdown. Listen to the recording at.

HCQ has shown potential as prophylaxis for Dengue and Chicken Guinea too. Isn't it a Golden opportunity for India and South Asian Countries to start mass distribution of HCQ to prevent Malaria if not Covid ? It has all chances of becoming total game changer for Covid too.

'Virus drains no-deal Brexit medicines stockpiles' - this is scary and really important- it needs to be addressed before Brexit costs lives directly in 2021 - adding to the pain of.
Media shouts in what bad position India is regarding COVID do these COVIDIDIOTS know that Europe, incl Russia USA Brazil comes close to population of India? these countries together have 300,000 deaths and 4 Mill cases India has 7,000 deaths and 250,000 cases.

It's a trend. FossilFuels, goodbye! RenewableEnergy solarenergy solarpower windpower cleanenergy COVID?19.
Over 60 lakh people ferried by Railways. Thanks to Hon. Minister PiyushGoyal ji & his team RailMinIndia for successfully operating special trains during COVID pandemic & took migrant workers/stranded passengers from different parts of the country to their home state.

The COVID -19 crisis brought the world to a stop! We paused to save lives but now we need to start again to save livelihoods. The economic fall-out of these global lock-downs has been brutal - and the battle to save livelihoods is as important. (1/4).

Face mask R50 TswaDa beanie R150 BoDangerBoMoo Covid-19 is temporary but drip is forever.
Europe? MatiGreenspan Believe me, 99% of our people dont go to these stupid protests! Most people condem those protestors, because they endanger the country, because of covid! Most of those protestors are left wing un employed people! We dont have time for protesting! Must work.

.VP Do for ALS what you did for COVID. ALS is 100% fatal! Help ALS patients access promising treatments NOW! We do not have time to wait!
1) I'm anxious because I'm due4my Covid-19 results. 2) My friend's granny died a few days ago from it. Her burial y'day-I imagine-didn't suit her stature&our beloved's send offs assist us with our own loss&trauma. 3) It burdens my soul that we ain't acting right at this time?

: ?Closure of Workplace during COVID outbreak ??In case of one or two cases of COVID19 ??If there is a larger outbreak.
Denosa has accused Tygerberg Hospital of having no empathy for its employees following a circular prohibiting any memorial services for nursing staff who died due to Covid-19-related illnesses.
Only 0.7% Indians can afford this Covid treatment????
Our Covid-19 Resource Tracker details pledges,those honored & amount spent this week. Read and downlod at: ParliamentZim.
Natlawreview: EU_EDPB Releases Statement on Restrictions on Data Subject Rights in Connection with the State of Emergency in Member States HuntonAK.
Irish company Manna Aero delivers medication and critical supplies to isolated senior citizens. A drone makes up to 100 deliveries per day.
What impact is the COVID-19 crisis having on development work in Scotland? Read our latest report detailing: 1. the impact in Scotland; 2. the impact in programme countries; 3. how donors are responding; 4. requests for actions by the Alliance. ?

Find out how COVID-19 IS affecting business women with families.
Friends from tomorrow i will help 7 patients daily for Free Covid Tests nd if required arrange bed in LNJPHospital, or d other hospitals in Delhi ? DM me.
Dear Raheem I heard you talk to maitlis .I cannot say I know the anger &!distress you feel at another innocent life lost GeorgeFloyd from a rascist I am so very worried about the spread of covid between the demonstrators. You must be careful if we lose any of you from covid...

Maintain Social Distancing in Public Transport stayhome staysafe helpinghands stayhealthy covid19 coronavirus stopspreading covid corona helpingpeople washhands raagamayuribuilders eamaniinfrastructure covi?d19.

The sign of end is when instagram influencers are getting paid to go out to public places and share about it. (remember in "Jaws" when Sheriff Brody is imploring the beachgoers to get back in the water? It's like that.

Unequivocal evidence that COVID-19 was man-made. It has "properties that have never been found in nature".
While volunteering with stjohnambulance today supporting Ldn_Ambulance with 999 calls, our ambulance was broken into. My personal bag and iPad were stolen, and the ambulance is now off the road unable to respond to support the NHS.

.surathkal_nitk has created Saral App to facilitate migrants' return to their homes during covid. It's developed by Mr. Chitransh Lodha, final year student, under guidance of their director Prof. Karanam Umamaheshwar Rao, along with Bokaro District Administration. Kudos, team?

When COVID-19 first started I looked VERY rough lol. I ordered a few kits (nails, feet, loc gel, etc). What did you do?
We care about your safety! Make sure you follow these tips to stay safe during these trying times. In Partnership with African Society for Cyber Security Awareness.
In need of some mondaymotivation ? Read Forbes 3 ways to keep employee morale up during.
Changes its COVID-19 prevention guidance and asks to wear masks in public areas .
Last chance to sign up for our 'The Power of Communication' webinar with the German Chamber of Commerce at 2pm this afternoon to keep your business & people connected in times of COVID-19 & beyond. Register at.

No. Childcare. While. Working. Full. Time. This week's blog about highereducation &.
.CDCgov awards Ciheb grants in Botswana, Nigeria, Malawi, and Mozambique to support COVID-19 surveillance, diagnostics, and procurement of PPE. Also supporting the first population-based epidemiology study of COVID-19 in Nigeria.

Happy Birthday DimpleKapadia Ma'am . . . ShahRukhKhan HappyBirthdayDimpleKapadia.
FANTASTIC SALES 3d Silicone Mold, Food grade , I Love You.
What will happen with hostels after COVID-19.
Platelia SARS-CoV-2 Total Ab assay part of a wide range of products for use in the support of COVID-19 diagnostic screening, confirmation of test results, surveillance, and therapy/vaccine research and development. More info. & check product availability.

Washing your hands to help prevent coronavirus is very important it could even be the matter of life or death.
Contact Tracing, an intelligent application helping business continuity of plant in case there is any case of COVID-19 found in plant.
Bojo will be hosting a second wave welcome party in England in early july in one of the shopping centres he is so desperate to pack with people next week. The man and his gang just do not care anymore. If they ever did.

Sweet Earth Holdings Announces Addition of CBD Hand and Body Sanitizer Spray Full Story: $SE.CA SmallCaps CSEStocks Product.
New Zealand is free of COVID-19 cases. The world sees what true leadership in a health crisis looks like. Give women power, let us show how we do it.
: Churches resume activities after ease on COVID-19 restrictions. Were you at Church yesterday? How was the attendance?