Tuesday 18th of May 2021

Watch "I Don't Have Covid Because I Drink Cow Urine Every Day": BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur.

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Today Texas reported: Covid related deaths--the only time that's happened since data tracked March, 2020. fewest Covid cases over months lowest 7-day Covid positivity rate ever lowest Covid hospitalizations months. Thanks, Texans!

While failed just managing Covid crisis also standing with people, there numerous individual stories strength altruism everyday. Immense gratitude these heroes dedicated serving others showing world what India truly stands for.

clinicians voiced their helplessness frustration struggling secure beds their patients this unprecedented times. very truth, overwhelmed more beds, every single day, only Covid-19 patients also many critical non-Covid-19 cases.

Yes, it's coincidence. difference being that Covid causes death (unlike vaccine rarest cases) well long-term impacts (13.7% have effects weeks, including brain fog, compromised lungs, etc) Would rather have fatigue days months?

This renowned Palestinian physician Ayman al-Ouf, Head Internal Medicine COVID response Gazas largest hospital, Al-Shifa. Israel obliterated family missile strikes neighborhood Sunday. Then they blew roads leading hospital.

have received Oxygen Concentrators from Sangat Guru Nanak Gurdwara, Springwood, Humbled blessed such overwhelming support Guru Tegh Bahadur COVID Care Facility Gurdwara Rakabganj Sahib from Sangat.

Cuomo set to receive over $5 million from his book on Covid-19 pandemic.
Maybe... Just let them serve their sentence by cleaning up Covid-19 ICUs atau jadi petugas handle jenazah Covid-19. KKM shorthanded kan?
have believe seeing state things here Canada Covid. Isnt there ample evidence that theres lies mental pathologies happening. Your voice would welcome these important issues. With deep respect, thanks.

Some people tell themselves assuming that others must also have motive their journalism. don't care whether COVID-19 natural evolution intentionally-made bioweapon. care you're citing bullshit make case something.

someone said... covid started virus, test.
only compare feeling Covid restrictions being lifted with last grade.
It's time debate with Muslim brothers sisters know truth covid creating rift between Muslim communities hadeeth proved something have follow keep united. There's social distancing mosque.

Hey! covid situation india still pretty bad! havent seen threads circulating lately complied list resources thread below that donate
Isha foundation under guidance Shri Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev working relentlessly support Covid relief Hats volunteers working night tirelessly provide relief people.

According Washington Hospitality Association, restaurant industry Washinton state 100,000 workers short what pre-pandemic.
Truth? When were saying that missed cancer treatments caused lockdown, that 'truth'? we'd virus wild fill hospitals with Covid patients, would that have treat more cancer patients, Julia Really? Truth?!

Hong Kong tightens entry rules arrivals from seven Covid-19 hotspots.
They bombed only COVID testing within hours killing doctor directed COVID response Shifa hospital(Gazas biggest medical complex central hospital).
major announcement from Target adding mask confusion Minnesotans experiencing.
Infra. development been prohibited NGT, Public health facilities also prohibited them? here didn't benefits such mosquito fogging, covid test sanitization program. They being discriminated Just they reside floor plain area.

Israel bombed only covid-19 testing gaza. just remind this happening coronavirus rages
Javier Baez understands power Cubs stardom personality, knowing people will follow lead. It's Baez teamed with Walgreens encourage people COVID-19 vaccine. "The smart thing right vaccinated.

Post Covid. Managed struggle.
destroyed Gaza's only laboratory testing Covid-19. There complete halt tests.
didn't think Fauci could discredit himself more... then said COVID racist.
know. admission drug companies shots meant relieve symptoms "covid". This labelled 'protection' CDC. Insane.
direct movie where Doctor looking heroine show battled COVID India office some centi moments. Believe with your efficiency this best battle covid India.

Covid Natural Vaccine Immunity Vaccine Immunity Institutions foolishly seem determined ignore immunity from natural infection. have reviewed evidence regarding powerful natural immunity compares immunity from vaccines.

WATCH BODIES DUMPED RIVERS Maybe bodies dumped rivers there paucity wood spike COVID-related deaths. Also, know, there belief DISPOSING BODIES Ganga Yamuna India: Banerjee, Former DGP, to.

FILOS NON-FILOS PLEASE THIS THREAD: Philippine General Hospital primary hospital covid treatment center Manila caught fire last night. Please help spread this donate can. Check replies more info.

Then tryna plan events they like nooo vacation dont need plan every second when there everything guessed booked. wasnt talking walk covid having everything capacity.

Remove COVID from argument about behaviour these creatures that call themselves football fans because this just they behave this they behave when they win. What disgusting blight Scotland they really are.

months were told Covid death unacceptable. months were told debilitating effects long Covid unacceptable. Thats need destroy economy. Now, death disability from vaccines come with lectures about acceptable risks.

TODAYshow maybe Joel Osteen church took almost $5-million COVID relief that couldve gone small businessesinstead just letting promote another ghostwritten book.
blessed have been able shake back from covid though.
When will Morrison Government stop pitting people with disability against older Australians some Hunger Games-style nightmare. COVID ended vulnerable Aussies.
There's been an alarming rise in anti-vaxxer and conspiracy theory Facebook pages.
Please read Eric Dings tweets. alarmist gaslighting hysterical that wont answer critics acknowledge mistakes. Read tweets, Energizer Bunny fear mongering COVID-19 FUD.

Immunity lasts far longer than 4 months. Studies, even on COVID, show that. Antibodies go away, you're ability to produce them again does not. Anyone that suggest otherwise is misrepresenting the facts.

Brazil's Covid pandemic taking unusually toll children. havent seen this anywhere else world," expert said.
Tomorrow, have been looking forward long time. Starting 8:00 a.m., INDIVIDUALS aged will eligible book their COVID19 vaccine appointment through PublicHealth units that their booking system.

whole covid hoax conspired hurt President Trumps re-election. Liberal doctors were complicit fake diagnoses, along with DNC.
Jason Kenney called COVID-19 influenza. said does threaten life apart from elderly. said Albertans contract virus sick. said doesn't spread schools workplaces. Isn't little late myth-busting?

find weird that past year, questioned guidelines Covid reason were labeled anti-science, conspiracy-theorist. seems everybody gets question guidelines without scorn. What changed?

MacArthur said there pandemic? Also, many holistic/naturopathic health gurus masks cause cancer COVID numbers farce from Soros/hospitals this persecution even though they were still allowed meet safety precautions like everyone else...

pathetic human being, this skit during early days COVID-19. Funerals Palestine arent anything like that. have clearly declared yourself open enemy Muslims will treated such henceforth!

With weather covid playing games with It's time need some real good change life's loads suffering that many going through such moments life Prayers VVV.

When COVID raging, fears high, Cuomo made sure cash
Working long hours killing hundreds thousands people year through stroke heart disease, according World Health Organisation. 2016, it's estimated 745,000 people died result having worked least hours week.

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton says he suffered 'disastrous' side effects from COVID-19 vaccine, blames 'propaganda' insisting they're safe.
true that Texas Covid cases today???
If there's one thing we could do without right now it's tribalism. There's tribalism in everything, politics, Covid, vaccines, passports... It's not doing any of us any good is it Micheline.
Lost another worker today sigh Death, wasn't covid related.
wouldn't this mess something about covid before control. joke him. more worried about playing golf.
Same here. rental rates town less than they were before Covid they refuse lower rents work with people. Driving existing business they stay empty. know they probably other screw their tenants.

1)Where getting this information? 2)What does bunch" mean? 3)How does that second sentence matter? 4)Covid still fatal has, mentioned, killed over 580000 Americans. that with people?

can't imagine painful that must Covid-19 real guys. Majalah 17th.
tickets SadhguruJV terrytamminen LIVE Explore prospects shaping ecological future that humanity large. (A portion proceeds from Patron Sponsor tickets will support Covid Relief efforts India.).

Ofc, they should have freedom wear mask. also deserve freedom unvaccinated person, risk contracting COVID-19. wont spread those vaccinated only those also choose vaccinated. then again priv what they want. Freedom!

Here today's COVID-19 update SanAntonio BexarCounty, including number received their first vaccine those fully vaccinated, total cases, 7-day rolling average cases, deaths, individuals hospitalized ICU. More.

Sedih gila Majalah when nurse speaks behalf. swear kalau orang sedar lagi pasal covid, world better those arrogant egoistic human.
On U.S. COVID-19 vaccination distribution efforts: We need to help fight the disease around the world to keep us safe here at home and to do the right thing of helping other people. Its the right thing to do. Its the smart thing to do. Its the strong thing to do.

District Administration Gurugram association with M3M, HERO Doctors added oxygen beds Covid Care Centres. Reach below numbers case need oxygen bed.

American recognized aerosol transmission three principal ways COVID spreads. critics Ontario's mandated precautions don't adequately reflect risks shared air.

"the federal gov't contradicting" provinces vaccines? miss something? watch Covid-19 updates, recall Njoo telling provs what Erika Barootes speaking about NACI? shouldn't "the federal gov't contradicting".

When things were going well fight against covid-19, Narendra Modi happy take limelight. Now, with thousands dying daily, Indians finding nothing say.
Madrid May Join Green Panther Chef they take tasting Madrid featuring Tapas, Small Plates, Cocktails. This event will held private location Washington COVID guidelines will strictly followed.

very true. cough March/April, been skiing Italy, organised group stuck their lockdown return rescue flight. Might have covid. poor health also delayed from waking what happening.

Andrew Cuomo $5.12 million write book patting himself back COVID response, actually murdered elderly state. Disgusting depraved. course, since Democrat will care.

discount number that died "other ailments" (aggravated Covid, don't know), those that left point stands that would tragedy they died this call unmasking.

Here Seychelles' COVID outbreak compared India's. infected people have received both doses China's Sinopharm vaccine. concerned about efficacy this vaccine.
Just wondering which family members Virgin Jayne Hrdlicka would happy sacrifice covid? Names please.
this Patient load reduced inside Covid Emergency Hospital Delhi. Visuals from 17th 26th April.
Important question. experts provide evidence rational underpinning NPHET advice vaccinating people with natural immunity Covid recovered from infection) CillianDeGascun jlamber55605930 HIVTox indeed other international experts.

Real glad Caps starters cant follow Covid protocols save their lives leaves with year goaltender playoffs.
Hospital, People Covid Care Cots Under Tree Village.
melwerveyarnold talking about positive impact that Ohio Vax-A-Million Campaign having COVID immunizations Ohio.
Our first pick from Emily is about one of the groups most vulnerable to the effects of social distancing, along with some advice.
COVID raging across Odisha. Rural Maharashtra Chhattisgarh mess with neither proper testing reporting. Punjab highest mortality states. likely reason these places arent news unlike they arent facing elections this year.

don't want brag but...My Covid-19 chip giving phone signal
weeks later, Texas reports zero deaths from COVID.

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Have fun... and hope many bhakts also follow your policy. have fun all of you. also, please stop drinking tax payers money. thanks.

If drinking cow urine can save from corona. Imagine what wonders will happen if we eat cow meat..

Thats the reason why vaccine was exported :).

She is right . All those follow her and her party to drink cow urine now .

Bakwaas... And we are letting these people to leading our country..shame on us!!

When one is sexually repressed this is what arises. God knows what else these guys are into!

Why doesn't she say gaay ka peshaab?


Normal people have Cerebrum, Cerebellum in brain but this lady has cow urine and cow dung in brain. Isko logo ne aapna representative chuna hai***.

Tu Kab sudregi???

Why arent b*tches like this dying?

Must be having dung cake too for breakfast...

This is how IndiaFightsCOVID19 IndiaFightsCorona IndiaCovidCrisis look like!

I think PragyaThakur is getting Amnesia by drinking cow urine and she doesn't know yet.

Seeing her health, it seems she drinks 1 litre of cow milk for sure which she will never tell her fans to follow as she wants them to drink the waste product...smart player! Politics with life ... Muslims k liye samajh aata hai but for her own people! Shame!!!!

Sardana ko de deti thoda , bach jaata.

Cow dung and Urine will fix Andh Bhakts brain as well . Keep drinking.

Reward her NobelPrize - SadhviPragya_MP. After all its no small feat to find cheapest solution to Covid AprajitaSarangi BJP4India RSSorg. Thank you all to have produced such great innovator AmitShah ji she should be given.