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Thursday 2nd of July 2020

Today at Urugwiro Village, President Kagame Chaired a Cabinet Meeting on Various Topics including The Ongoing Measures to Stop The Spread of COVID19.

Whoa: USArmy Halts SERE Course at Fort Bragg, NC, after 90 Test Positive for Coronavirus Out of the 110 students in the course, 82 students, along with eight instructors, tested positive for COVID[?]19.

Today at Urugwiro Village, President Kagame chaired a Cabinet meeting on various topics including the ongoing measures to stop the spread of COVID[?]19.
This is murder: Michael Hickson, a Black disabled man who had contacted COVID[?]19, died at age 46 on June 11 at St. Davids South Austin Medical Center after the hospital withheld treatment from him, including hydration and nutrition, for six days.

India is reporting 18,000 coronavirus cases daily and it still seems like government want to conduct the most crowded exams of India that is JEE and NEET. About 20 Lakhs students appears in both the examination. Jus imagine a COVID[?]19 patient in this crowd.

Radical maybe, but here's some advice for you Boris Johnson: 1. Make it mandatory to wear masks in public 2. Issue clear, unambiguous instructions & give the authorities the power to enforce them 3. Sack Dominic Cummings 4. Stop lying & using distraction techniques COVID[?]19.

What happened, Ron DeSantis? So much for the false reassurances. Florida COVID[?]19 is out of control.
How the pandemic is changing our commute WSJ nulb***nulb pandemic COVID[?]19 COVID urbanplanning design commute.
Do we need to count things before COVID19 and after COVID[?]19.
And this is from Yadgir in Karnataka... A COVID[?]19 victim's body dragged and then dumped into the pit. Is this the SOP??
1/2: On the occasion of doctorsday2020 we convey our utmost gratitude to all the CoronaWarriors who chose the nation first in these difficult times of the COVID[?]19 pandemic. Also sharing a story of a young patient who visited our clinic in London.

You have failed Americans costing over 129,000 American lives and 42,000 million jobs ResignNowTrump COVID[?]19.
{neoliberalism. PFI Deloitte Testing fiasco COVID[?]19} Fun Fact - BBC Laura K Husband {James Kelly - Management Consultant} used to work for Deloitte as Director of Strategy "to secure a market leading position in the delivery of the UK Gvt's work programme.

Claims Govt took action in early June to tackle the Leicester COVID[?]19 spike. Really? Why didnt they tell anyone ... like the residents of Leicester - all the businesses that now cannot reopen & all the parents who are having to take their children out of school.

THIY-SIX AREAS CLOSE TO LOCKDOWN: Bradford and London boroughs among 36 'at-risk' areas that could be 'just days away' from local lockdowns. Local lockdowns like the one in Leicester could be implemented in "just days". coronavirus COVID[?]19.

Many states are nt utilising private labs fully for COVID[?]19 testing, restricting tests by insisting on prescription by govt doctors only, says MoHFW_INDIA ICMRDELHI; Insists allowing anyone who needs testing to get tested is the only way to save lives.

Walkers Crisps confirm 28 factory staff have tested positive for coronavirus LeicesterLockdown LocalLockdown COVID[?]19.
Counties Orange 540 new cases 15.4% positive, Osceola 37, 18.2% FloridaCovidEpicenter Floridacoronavirus Floridacovid Covid_19 COVID[?]19.
Everyone KNEW what to do about COVID[?]19 except for YOUR stupid ass. You lied. People died. You politicized wearing masks. You slowed the testing down. You turned America into a NIGHTMARE. On November 3rd, we EndTheNightmare.

This cause is close to my heart - please sign: GOP COVID[?]19.
All this chaos of what is the real level of infections maybe more local lockdowns and over 170 people a day are still dying and 4 weeks from now the help for the most vulnerable and shielded people ends COVID[?]19.

[?]19 HCoV19 positivity rates UWVirology creeping up from previous levels... 5218 PCR tests run on 6/28, 4.5% positive. 4051 run 6/29, 4.4% positive.
By the time we get to the end of this year probably close to half the population will have had coronavirus, Dr. Scott Gottlieb says. And thats if we just stay on our current rate. Coronavirus Health COVID[?]19.

I just tested positive for COVID[?]19 My husband and daughter and 7 year old all positive. I'm asthmatic, diabetic, high blood pressure and more. I honestly don't know what to do. They want to hospitilize me but I don't want to be alone.

Can this government do anything right? Majority of UK Fintech Firms Say they havent Received Adequate Funding to Survive COVID-19: Report COVID[?]19.
; Broward 536 (14.8%), Miami-Dade 1142 (18.2%), Palm Beach 293 (14.2%), Lee 279 (27.9%), Collier 154 (21.3%). These numbers are mind-blowing. FloridaCovidEpicenter Floridacoronavirus Floridacovid Covid_19 COVID[?]19.

- More than half of NHS trusts in England have gone a week without a COVID[?]19 fatality. Meanwhile 80% of local authorities have seen death rates fall to normal levels. - Almost 2/3 of people who died from Covid-19 have been disabled, with a health problem or a disability.

Report about COVID[?]19 MD experience. We can use socialmedia & twitter to encourage people to wear masks. We also talked about vaccines and how the US should consider giving moderna_tx to the Military.

Not all heroes wear capes. Thanking all doctors and medical professionals for their service, bravely fighting against the corona-virus pandemic doctor DoctorsDayIndia doctorsday2020 doctorslife DoctorsDay COVID[?]19.

A superior asked her to commit data fraud -- The Fired Florida Data Scientist Launches A Coronavirus Dashboard Of Her Own bioethics researchintegrity COVID[?]19.
We are live by 4pm today... VettyAgala will be our guest discussing personal responsibility and adhering to guidelines... Be part of the conversation on NigeriaInfoPH PHMicroscope COVID[?]19.
There is hope! A 40yr old man tests COVID[?]19 positive in Ekambarakuppam village, Chittor. Hospitalized a week ago. Worried by his sons health,father died of heart attack today morning.When no one came forward to even touch his body, CI Madhachary took care of the final rituals.

Are you a family carer for a person with dementia? We are supporting a global survey on loneliness and isolation related to COVID[?]19 and we would love to hear from you. See and to complete the anonymous survey, .

Modi thinks his TV appearances will solve country issues!! One Nation ~ One Mistake SurenderModi COVID[?]19.
UPDATE: Available ICU beds in the state WAY down - was close to 25% on Sunday, now about 18% as of 10:31 am. FloridaCovidEpicenter Floridacoronavirus Floridacovid Covid_19 COVID[?]19.
Where have you been skateboarding since COVID[?]19 ?
Did you know minimumwage workers get only $150/week in unemployment benefits & someone making $60K gets just $370/week? The CARESAct benefits about to expire add $600. The HeroesAct would help families weather this unprecedented storm of COVID[?]19.

NEWS: Florida COVID - A crazy high 15.0% positive rate, new COVID[?]19 cases in the state are 6,583 overnight. 43,907 total tests administered. County data to follow in this thread.
Six kids & dozens of adults have died in CBP custody, but ICEgov continues to hold children & families in jails with confirmed COVID[?]19 cases. We join our faith partners PaxChristiUSA, NETWORKLobby & others in calling on ICE to FreeTheFamilies.

$100000 to the person who can point to a scientific study that a living virus was the cause of any disease ever In The history of man. COVID[?]19 ... takers?
Can someone please explain why this government fails in being open and honest! Their duty of candour is appalling. The public, especially those is Leicester should have known what was going on in their community leicesterlockdown COVID[?]19.

Our piece on COVID[?]19 recovery. For many, real challenges start AFTER the ventilator.
Looking for where to get the best quality thermometer guns in different sizes for your church, school, organization, etc. at the best price right here in Ghana? Call or WhatsApp Neekuba today on 0500 198 119. peoplematter neekuba covid19 COVID[?]19.

Pathological LYING. Trump does it. Pence does it. Abbott does it. DeSantis does it. The whole damn GOP does it. It'a KILLING Americans. AmericaStrongerWithBiden TrumpKnewAndDidNothing COVID[?]19 Terry Crews McConnell Mitch.

You can open Universities with SOP's but how will you implement SOP's in hostels? What about the students who are hostelite? Shafqat_Mahmood universities education COVID[?]19.
How COVID[?]19 is changing womens lives.
Happy New Month! COVID[?]19 cases have been on a sharp rise in the country. Full lockdown has proven to be an unwelcome solution by many Malawians, the question on TrafficJam live on CapitalFMMw today: What measures should the country be following to cope with/curb the virus?

The sad story of the interrupted potato SupplyChain and millions of pounds of wasted food COVID[?]19.
Being a NIHRresearch ClinicalAcademic during the COVID[?]19 pandemic is definitely a test. But ultimately, everything is about doing what is best for the patient! My CDRF application will go in on time, thanks to support from my amazing clinical and academic team!

Im so proud of Tom Hiddleston. Hes fighting with us, and hes so involved in good causes. His work at UNICEF is an exemple. Its a pleasure to see him talk about this. Thank you twhiddleston . TomHiddleston Unicef COVID[?]19.

Children Hospital Lahore receives 3 cases of post-coronavirus infection children suffering from an ailment similar to Kawasaki Disease. For more stories: COVID[?]19.
WM is coming across as being bullish towards Scotland over COVID[?]19 They forget the world is watching and it aint NicolaSturgeon they laugh at.
So Hannity . . . you constantly howled at Democrats to SUPPO THE TROOPS when Bush was president. Is your hero Trump supporting the troops? Hell no. Have you howled at him YET? AmericaStrongerWithBiden TrumpKnewAndDidNothing TheFive COVID[?]19 Mitch Booker McConnell.

Does anyone know when places like respite/day centres are reopening?? WHO NicolaSturgeon nhs COVID[?]19.
I'm so sorry, Donna. I can only imagine how scared you must feel. I think if the doctors want to hospitalize you, perhaps you should follow their advice. You have access to better treatments (including IV treatments) in hospital. Beaming you my best. speedyrecovery COVID[?]19.

Some positive news about COVID[?]19 "many people with mild or asymptomatic COVID-19 demonstrate so-called T-cell-mediated immunity to the new coronavirus, even if they have not tested positively for antibodies".

A Ugandan innovator creates Boda Boda covid face shield. COVID19UG COVID[?]19.
What in the world does this mean? WearADamnMask COVID[?]19.
Golden words by akshaykumar sir for coronawarriors. On this NationalDoctorsDay I salute all the doctors who r restlessly fighting against COVID[?]19 & saving uncountable lives.
ALE Beware of fraudulent exemption cards that claim individuals with disabilities are not required to wear face masks in states that mandate their use as the COVID[?]19 pandemic surges in parts of the United States.

Remember when February was the longest year ever and we were all complaining? It knew what it was doing. coronavirus 2020worstyear COVID[?]19.
Our economy is highly seasonal. The mistake of accelerating to Phase 2 can't be undone, but the damage can be mitigated so we can reopen by the busy season if we take steps NOW. FloridaCovidEpicenter Floridacoronavirus Floridacovid Covid_19 COVID[?]19.

Parliamentary question from the formidable stellacreasy shows the Deloitte contract for COVID[?]19 testing does NOT require them to share positive test results with PHE_uk or local authorities. Maybe MattHancock could tell tell us & the people of Leicester - why?

Join me and DoctorYasmin on Thursday evening meedan to talk about COVID[?]19 and children and what you need to know as parents.
The unmasked guy shrugged at him and was like, Its a free country. The virus isnt real. I can do what I want, Ms. Milliken said. The masked guy then says, I work in a hospital. Ill be seeing you soon, buddy. COVID[?]19.

The nearest pub to me ... read and share and applaud them VnulbVnulbVnulb COVID[?]19.
Expresses sincere gratitude to the team of Doctor's & Medics of OurSMC working as Integral part of TEAM SURAT combating COVID[?]19 during this period of distress BIG THANKS TO YOU ALL.
TY BeaconAwards for inviting BelongNetwork Trustee shalni_arora & CEO JoBroadwood to write this powerful article focused on racialjustice & COVID[?]19 carefully curating & signposting so many threads, other articles & research to reflect on >>.

Won't require masks because he can't control young people yet he signed into law yesterday a law that requires parental permission for abortions. Guess he can pick and choose. COVID[?]19.
Im so inspired by the leadership Im watching across the state & hoping that coming together with multiple groups of experts will be a YEARLY practice for schools.Creating/sharing ideas/templates/models is what we need to continue beyond COVID[?]19 Thank you.

Did you miss our cover story? See how henriqu13712815 lead the eHealth revolution in Portugal in response to the COVID[?]19 Pandemic.
The Affordable Care Act saves lives. Trump wants to kill it just like he is killing us. You can prevent people from losing healthcare during the COVID[?]19 pandemic. You can prevent your own health care premiums from going up.

Case reports study of the first five patients COVID[?]19 treated with remdesivir in France SARS[?]CoV[?]2.
.USBPChief agents helping spread COVID[?]19 . HonorFirstIsALie.
Hello! My poem has been published in Notes From the Lockdown, a collection of writings from Africa. Please download the collection to brighten up your days. Click the link below. Bless up notesfromthelockdown COVID[?]19.

HAPPENING TODAY: At 2:00 p.m. davidfholt will hold a COVID[?]19 press conference with okchealth.
Encouraging results of COVID[?]19 vaccine candidate from Pfizer.
My daughter has COVID19 and I am pissed because: - Pure science like wearing masks and safe distancing are now political. - Governors override smart protections that mayors and county officials put into place. She has COVID[?]19 because this country lacks will and decency.

What You Really Think

Itahuka wayivuyeho, ubu ni covid yajyezeho ! Budome weeeh !

We appreciate what you serves to Rwandan People and rest of the World%%.

Rwanda has succeeded in becoming the new model of *developed low income nation*. You no longer need to be a big and rich country to be recognized as a civilized, organised and respected country. It is just a matter of being a Village of *disciplined, peaceful people*.

I want my village to look like that too.

Hagamijwe kumenya ukuri no kwandika amateka agenda azimira yavuzwe ni gisekuruza cyacu ku hahise h' u Rwanda tudafite (INMR, Ministry of Youth and Culture, RMB, MINAFFET, PM and Office of president) FM Ltd ntitwajyera ku ntego z'ubushakashatsi turi gukora.

Hoo aoa ooah oahahho ohoo oooaa.

Our country is small so we have to work together by respect all advices given by leaders in order to overcome this pandemic so me and you we are the one to perform that tasks none else to do that.Rwandans together as one, we can.

That's great.

Nge ndabona bakagombye gutekereza kubantu bafungiye mumagereza kuko nabatandura iki cyorezo bazahura nikibazo cy'ibura ryibyo kurya aho bafungiye kuko imikorere itameze neza mubyaro kubera covid cyane cyane ibikorwa byubuhinzi.

Take serious decisions and break down inter provincial travelings.

Turasabako new master plan y'Umugi wa Kigali yasohoka vuba tumaze igihe kirekire tuyitegereje ariko amaso yaheze mukirere.Murakoze.

Rwanda is just an example of what accountable leadership means. So the economy we hope to catch up as soon as we protect our health too.

Imvugo niyo jyiro na covid-19 izahagarara intore yishakira inzira mwibuke natwe ubuzima bugoye cyane Imana iturinde icyorezo turashima his H.E be blessed your family.

Hhhhh Niko se yakubwiye koyahita abura umwuka.

Courage! Nous patientons les resultats...

Turategerej knd twizeye ko muri bukore igikwiye kirinda abaturage n'ubukungu bw'Igihugu cyacu.

Twishimira uko muhangayikira ubuzima bwaba tura Rwanda.

Waiting and ready to observe all measures that which will come as result .

Dutegeteje imyanzuro mufata.

Rusizi twiteguye gusubira mu kazi nk'uko bisanzwe. Murakoze.

Guma murugo ndabona ariwo muti kugirango ubwandu bugabanyuke.

Rusizi is getting better now.

Corona vuris yararangiye.

Why is PaulKagame not wearing a mask?

Nizereko Gatete iriya kawa ari kunywa mutayimuguriye Nizere ko ari nawe witanze ibyagenze ku nama byose.

We still wait some conclusion on spread of Covid-19 !!!

Turategereje kandi tuzineza ko mufata imyanzuro ifitiye igihugu akamaro Nkuko mubisanganywe.

Dutegereje twihanganye imyanzuro kdi turayishimira .

Rubavu district, plz try to think about their people.

Muze tujye gusenga!

Proud of you.

Incomparable to have a great leadership.

No lockdown ***nulb***nulb***nulb***nulb.

We are waiting results.


Ingambashya zigiye kutugezwaho.

This time everyone should get worried about whats to come.