Sunday 7th of March 2021

Durbin immediately Debunks Cruz's Amendment Seeking to Ban Stimulus Money From Going to Undocumented immigrants -- Something That's Not Happening Anyway.

Social Media Says

Durbin blasts Cruz: "Undocumented immigrants do not have social security numbers. And they do not qualify for stimulus relief checks, period. And just in case you didn't notice, they didn't qualify in December ... To stand up there and say the opposite is just to rile people up.".

Come for DickDurbin swatting down Ted Cruz and then stay for that.
REPO Cruz Amendment Would BLOCK Stimulus Checks for Illegals.. DO YOU SUPPO?
You idiot Q Senator Ted Cruz. They should vote against anything that you have something to do with. You are not for the American people and especially the people that you were representing in Texas. People died because of you. People died in the insurrection at the Capitol.

Durbin is done listening to Cruz.
Ted Cruz lies like others breathe. He claimed undocumented immigrants, (the "rapists, murderers, and criminals" Trump imagined), will get Covid relief checks. Cruz seems to be having a mid-life crisis of epic proportions. Watch out Heidi Cruz. Bimbos next?

It won't and that says a lot really.
The only way to deal with Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz (R-Cancun) is a traitor.
Dominick Cruz elaborates on the post-fight callout in an interview with.
Hope a lot of you feasted on that Dominick Cruz pick. Been on fire with the UFC tips lately!
I have something to say about Dominic Cruz. I've never really been a fan but I've changed my view of him and his run right now. I fucking love Dominic Cruz and I'm sorry if I spelled his name wrong. You are the fucking man!

Dominick Cruz is back in the win column for the first time since 2016 after defeating Casey Kenny at.
WOAH joerogan just cut off Dom Cruz for calling out Hans Molenkamp is something I did not see coming.
Cruz is two good for kenney.
After a 30 minute debate Ivy League Princeton University rescinds the James Madison Award for Distinguish Public Service awarded to Ted Cruz in 2016. Due to Ted Cruz's tirelessly support of baseless claims of a 2020 fraudulent election.

Lying Ted Cruz is making shit up about stimulus money going to illegal aliens when he knows thats not even true. What an offensive worthless lying sack of shit. His whole life is garbage. From now only he should only be referred to as Turd Cruz.

Coach: careful Dom, no nonsense cruz.
Matheus Ryder Stallony Santos Tiago Silvestre PL Torvic JC Sheik Bruno David YTB IG DANCY JEANZINHO DE STA CRUZ a elite do funk carioca.
First of all, F Ted Cruz. Second of all, I've lived and work in Cali, Florida, Illinois, and Texas seeing undocumented immigrants work their ass off. And nobody asks them for their status when the econony needs them. Regardless of their immigration status they SHOULD GET RELIEF.

Sen. Durbin exposes Ted Cruzs lie that StimulusChecks can go to undocumented immigrants They dont have SS. Cant qualify for stimulus checks. Period. More importantly, Cruz voted against the bill He doesnt want checks going to -any- American. Thats you, Texas.

Dominick Cruz explains the situation with Hans Molenkamp and why he called him out. He says, in reference, you cant use me to get clout. He comments on Hans texting & forcing to comment on his post or threatens to withhold what pays his bills...

Dick Durbin Shuts Down Ted Cruz On The Senate Floor For Lying About The COVID Relief Bill.
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Idk why Cruz isnt considered vulnerable now - mfer did a coup then betrayed the people of texas repeatedly while we are suffering. Wondering when texasdemocrats SenateDems will try to recall or force him to resign now.

Rogan: "Sorry this is too political" Cruz: "It's Monster Energy".
Retiring Republicans will be leaving open 3 winnable Senate seats in 2022 in Pennsylvania, Ohio and North Carolina. And Cruz, Johnson and Rubio have to be considered vulnerable in '22, also.
"That last takedown was brought to you by Corn Nuts and P3 Protein snacks bitch." -Dominick Cruz.
Well worth the time and very informative.
Vegan leather.
America's oldest college debate society votes to strip tedcruz of a prestigious Princeton honor for public service. Anyone else ready to.
Can we make it an organ reveal party for Cruz? Pretty sure he has no heart or brains. Definitely has gall and most likely a colon as he's full of shit.
This is my favorite cruz setup for his lead uppercut.
Senate rules should be changed to eliminate holds altogether.
Trumps Taxes Reveal He Claimed Ted Cruz as Dependent JOSH HAWLEY REPOED DESPONDENT.
Listening Dominick Cruz is love V.
Irony of irony. Lin and Santa Cruz draw Rockets Rio Grand Vipers in first playoff game on Monday at 1:30 EST.
Cruz knows better but he also knows his supporters might not. If they have a social security number then they are authorized to work which means they have legal residency.
Dominick Cruz using his microphone time to call out his lawyer?
The Cruz comback was more intriguing in my view.
Cruz claims that Molenkamp has been forcing fighters to do personal PR for him while holding their contracts hostage, which is why he wants to fight him.
MaricopaDems ThomHartmann & StephMillerShow have been talking about this for years. We definitely need more progressive talk radio.
Ted Cruz caught lying about relief bill, INSTANTLY humiliated on Senate ...
Texas deserves Ted Cruz and their power grid.
A mash-up of the Texas Republican's CPAC speech is going viral.
"This is the first time in the society's history that members have voted to rescind this award, The Daily Princetonian said." Way to go Ted Cruz!
Ill like Cruz next.
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No women think no one lies?
Dominick Cruz's two biggest rivals right now are Keith Peterson and Hans Molenkamp. I love this sport.
Cruz is an extremely devious & unethical man of no character, I am embarrassed he represents Texas.
So the Monster Energy CEO. Is forcing his fighters to do shit for him or else he would kick them off of their contract, and the UFC just cuts out the broadcast bc Cruz called him out? Thats kinda fucked up.

Im honestly still baffled by the Dom Cruz post fight interview. like I need to know more about this beef he has with Hans Molenkamp.
Rogan: Who do you want to fight next? Dominick Cruz: I want to fight Hans Molenkamp. Me.
Note: John Cronyn & Ted Cruz voted against helping you and your families today. Theyre too worried about Cancun and Dr. Seuss.
Fight him on the Cruz vs Hans undercard.
The best part of this is Cruz nervously laughing after Durbin calls him a liar and refuses to yield for a question.
Cruz still got it.
I love how Senator Durbin laid into Cruz. Well deserved.
Ted Cruz stupid.
Every Republican Senator voted for a $2 trillion tax cut for billionaires and corporations, but none of them voted for a $2 trillion relief package during the worst pandemic in 100 years. The next time Cruz, Hawley, etc. say the GOP is a working-class party laugh in their faces.

No worse than Cruz!
Out of every Republican in the Senate, Ted Cruz is the most pathetic and traitorous. Our billboard trucks are reminding his neighbors right now. You can help with a and a small donation.
Sen. Cruzs proposal to block illegal immigrants from receiving stimulus blocked by Senate Democrats.
Sleeping through my alarm missed the Cruz & Santos fights fuck sake. Just in time for Makhachev vs Dober.
Ted Cruz exposed.
But you still got to watch Cruz though right? All the prelims were bangers.
Ted Cruz lied in Congress, saying that illegal aliens would receive $1,400 stimulus checks. The new GOP allows ppl like Cruz to lie, as they no longer care about facts & only what MAGAs will believe...which is ANYTHING they say. TRUTH no longer matters.

America's oldest college debate society votes to strip Ted Cruz of a prestigious Princeton honor for public service Damn, tedcruz. This really sucks for you.
Trump's out of office <2 months and the GOP is reverting to"fear of brown people" strategy for everything. Greg Abbott pivoted to it. Stephen Miller and Ted Cruz already banging that worn old drum. 250 laws in GOP-led state legislatures suppressing POC's vote. The GOP is Racist.

What You Really Think

Gotta love Sen Durbin's response: Mr. President, the statement of the senator from Texas is just plain false. False.".

Funny...he didn't mind sending Billions to already rich donors. Hmmm Me thinks he needs to shut the f**k Up!

The only way people south of the border are getting stimulus money is when Ted tips his waiter when hes on holiday in Cancun.

Does Cruz stay up at night thinking of new ways to be obnoxious?