Friday 23rd of July 2021

Dave Bautista is Beast Rabban.

Social Media Says

Hello, name Dave here teach about dangers marijuana.
Dennis Skinner right when too, expelled from House calling David_Cameron dodgy Dave, DawnButlerBrent right when says Johnson liar. country cease afraid truth.

Please welcome these talented folks voice cast Wakanda Expansion! Steve Blum Ulysses Klaue (blumspew) Dave Fennoy Zawavari (DaveFennoy) Erica Luttrell Shuri (shukrani) Debra Wilson Okoye Weekly Blog .

Dave said praise Allah peace next song reciting bible verses uno.
3:02 am and still listening to dave.
Dave Wizkid cash money. Thats tweet.
Dave musically superior artist world, arent ready that convo.
Kanye what Dave trying
bant Dave Burna clear.
Dave East DAVEFXX Dave tonight
Just little achey hand.
Still prefer Burna Dave thou...
dave's hero here these streets, lady absolutely amazing respect.
Dave stans annoying just SHUSH man.
Dave Kanye Geminis making Bro.
ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT beyond excited finally announce Vile Genesis fifth full-length album! This time around, honor working with legendary metal producer Dave Otero helped take production next level. Once again, have brilliant.

Paul wanted play Must Know, Dave said would know redeemed himself with Forever Young appearances later.
"they call dave chabelle cause black" isn't black.
Dave Falls Down.
Dave wizkid summer complete.
ahead throw that Dave album Ice.
Happy Thursday Beautiful!
"I've felt so much pain that I've got favourite scars".
Dave clear please.
Mama feeling system vibe Dave wizkid greatness.
Daves flow on Lazarus tight. That hook good the beat? MADDDDD!!!!
pride wearing this beyond imagination.
thought Texas going finish wall.
Anyway enough of football chat. Ama listen to Daves album.
Dave Rubin Wants 'Pull Thanos' Time Travel DeLorean.
this Dave album reached point where can't even deep lyrics I'm just shock
Tinie Tempah Skepta Kojo Funds Krept Konan Dave Wizkids lethal hooks Respect unrivaled Hookmaster General.
Dave Atlanta practically same show both fucking fantastic.
Dave Wizkid ridiculous man.
latest Dave makes want peel skin.
sorties nuit Projets Kanye West - Laroi - Dave - Yung Bleu - Uzi - Seven Binks - Slkrack - Carson - Triplego Morceaux Jack Harlow - Logic - Tecca - Belly Young Thug Weeknd Vous allez ecouter quoi ?

this wizkid Dave tune! Straight vibes.
took time your stress about comment onna post saying calm down.
The transition from panic attack to Heart Attack is brazyyyy.
While yall still remember PSYCHODRAMA Dave? behind location(ft. Burna Boy) just dropped album, theres James Blake feature there (its beautiful).
Chris Gill selected Surrey Burrards with pick 1994 WLALacrosse draft. General Manager Fridge Coach Dave Durante pictured well. Gill would play seven outstanding seasons with Burrardslax including goal campaign 2000.

AISTS DROPPIN TONIGHT Kanye West Laroi Tecca Kodak Black Wave Gunna Polo G Logic 24kGoldn Quavo Bizzy Banks Dave Yung Bleu Dave East, Benny Butcher Harry Fraud Boldly James Alchemist Jack Harlow.

Dave wont respond this picture Mikes pre-Pip roster stats either lol. Because shes propaganda peddler deal facts only. Bron incoming.
Daves album been repeat since released, masterpiece..
Dave/Both sides smile. Lesley been chilling listening this.
listening this Dave album bedroom
Dave heart attack.
Music Dropping Kanye West DONDA ]Album] Gunna Polo Waves Dave East Harry Fraud Benny Uncle Yung Bleu Moon ]Album] Kodak Black Wave Before Laroi F*ck Love ]Album] Jazz Cartier Fleur Print Vol. ]Album].

music dropping midnight: Kanye West DONDA (album) Yung Bleu Moon (album) Gunna Polo Waves Industry Baby Jack Harlow Dave Alone This Together (album) Laroi F*ck Love (album) Logic Call Tecca Money Me.

Game Thrones references Dave album what gassed most know that nigga hasnt balls like Greyworm Youll wine like Joffrey Baratheon.
That dave wizkid spiritual.
Nice deflection. worked newspaper, verified. matters all. back point, fully vaccinated folks getting seriously sick from COVID while Facebook skeptics freedom fighters continuing die. terribly unnecessary.

Wizkid better have dave concert stage
there older cousin pitch lost shoe. Went home bare footed. wouldnt brother because were small suspect dying himself !

Would he be under oath?
1:09 into Dave ting, remembered theres levels
Dave WizKid.
Listen Dave album !!!!
Daves bars in in the fires woop indeed.
Dave Wizkid track? Summer anthem sorted.
Dave this purpose album exact hour long Look time twenty OMG.
Me trying to not wake my parents up vibing to Daves Album.
like dave wizkid ting.
Dave Fire.
meanest shitheads here called shit like "Helen_XX" have bios that "pentecostal. mommy blogger. loves coffee. protect women's sports!!!!" nice people have names like "incestguy" "murder dave".

Dave System (feat. Wizkid) now!
In the fire - Fredo, Meekz, Ghetts, Giggs & Dave, 2021.
Dave Wizkid what needed done. ooCLCLCL.
Dave Sexton Tommy take training.
Dave WizKid System.
This Dave Wizkid.
dave wizkid linkup unreal.
Dave wasnt joking around when named this song heart attack. lyrics chest feeling tight.
Dave disappoint.
Wizkid ateeeeeedave killed.
Dave, Fredo, Meekz, Ghetts and Giggs on In The Fire.
Just imagining studio when Dave recording Heart Attack.
Were alone this together dave review: were alone 8/10 verdansk 1000/10 clash 7/10 in fire 9/10 three rivers 100/10 system 9/10 lazarus 8/10 law attraction 7/10 both sides smile 8/10 twenty 9/10 heart attack 10000/10.

Driller Dave Politician Dave.
know when Dave song over mins gonna slap differently.
Dave Wizkid soon drop! Anticipating!
Yoooo this surprise Dave tune with Meeks Ghetts, Giggs fredo epic moment rap.
whole hearing fredos voice daves album.
Burna Dave fan? Youre actually cool guy.
Daves mum deserves everything!
Listening to Daves mum at the end of heart attack got me like.
Dave Wizkid. boyyyy. Starboy reason.
When said Only pray love, peace love. enemies really pray that Daves song know about have another hit. Fire combo.
Nahh "System" straight Dave Wizkid their thing.
Wizkid Dave Went iiiiiiiin Serious System Shakedown (SSS).

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Where's feyd-rautha and irulan?

I love this book series soo much and have been let down twice already. I cant take a third. G.I. Joe films seem keen to ruin my childhood as well.