Tuesday 24th of January 2023


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Potato wedges.
Fries dont exist? This sounds like the perfect opportunity to invent a julienned potato cooked in hot oil until crisp and then salted. We shall call them Dafuqucairs.

What You Really Think

So potato chips, I'm not sure that would taste good.

Battered deep fried potato slices.

So ya beat me too it, day um.

What's the difference, i still do.

I wanna dip my balls in it! too.

My two bedroom apartment downstairs.

Calm down satan.

Oh and spaghetti.

Eggs?? Ketchup on eggs?? As a canadian we usually put maple syrup on eggs. I've never tried ketchup on them. Is it good?

Who else likes scrambled eggs with ketchup?

Fried Chicken =).

No, this isn't how you're supposed to Play the game.

Extremely rare UK W.

Mix in some brown sugar first. And youre welcome.

Personal preference of mine because it's what I grew up with, but try mixing a can of Campbell's tomato soup (don't add water) with a bit of mustard, a good amount of relish and then put that on your meatloaf instead.

Hell yes, and after.

So everyone puts ketchup in their eggs and I just never knew?...

Ah so you too eat garbage with ketchup.

Trash condiment.

The only answer.

As well you should.

Was looking for this. Hate ketchup & never understood those who do.

Funnymemes became a place for non funny memes and meirl became a place for non relatable things.

This sub is a disease. It is pseudo intellectuals failing at attempted satire, or literal children?

It's not, I just posted it in response to that stupid meme with the french fries that I've seen here like three times this month.

Don't follow the page then . if your tired and sound like the way you do leave just go, why chat on and bring this fabulous discussion to its knees like the empire in return of the jedi.

Diagonally sliced grilled cheese I hope.

I agree fr.

Average american.

Say you're american without telling me you're american.

More like the cold morning remnants of the pizza you ordered at 2 am while shitfaced. Theyre a match made in heaven.


Do you like fish sticks?

Kraft dinner specifically.

Straight to jail.

*cries in Italian*.

I'm going to conjure up the spirit of Josef Stalin to send you to the Gulag.

Tomato Sauce. Sugary, weird ketchup paste. They are not the same.

I had to scroll WAY to far to find this.

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