Wednesday 3rd of November 2021

Virginia Democrats, Excited to Teach Schoolchildren All About Racism.

Social Media Says

Democrats want give ILLEGAL immigrants $450,000. slap face rule those waiting line come this country legally. while Biden Admin refuses enforce rule law. unconscionable.

Manchin just plain wrong! It's progressive part party. It's ENTIRE Democratic Party! members House, Senators passing Infrastructure. That's Democrats against. were paid off. Despicable!

have views what Democrats doing wrong politically, basic issue that touch. I've never seen such wildly pro-labor sentiment America lifetime, Democratic governing class connection working class.

Democrats done.
When you, self-proclaimed conservative, become campaign manager Democrats? never mind.
Democrats need Trump more than Republicans
Democrats learning hard Virginia Jersey that getting shit done people January justice Trump Sedition Caucus, DOES INSPIRE DEMOCRAT VOTERS.
recall DOESNT make difference democrats VIRGINIA devastating sorry Governors come laws wants place voting rights going fought courts dares change anything will outed right away.

four takeaways: 1) Schools matter more ways than think. 2) Theres path *about* Trump while benefitting from coalition. 3) Democrats take their coalition granted. 4) national environment wreck Dems.

can't believe canceling student debt, passing parental leave, doing anything health care, raising wage, taxing billionaires, cutting military spending, passing universal pre-K passing voter rights didn't want Democrats more votes.

Democrats haven't figured that "Trumpism" doesn't grow because Trump. grows because their policies.
Message Democrats (especially Squad): Americans done with radical crap. childrens education, businesses, border, taxes, military, national security, enforcement safety, sale.

Democrats: newly elected Lieutenant Governor Virginia female black Republican. comment?
Thanks Corrupt Democrats, there MEDIA COVERAGE reporters chasing Republicans around Capitol, asking they against Policies, American voters keep saying they want. There ZERO PRESSURE Republicans, thanks Manchin Posse.

Congratulations Manchin Kyrsten Sinema laying groundwork help republicans create narrative that Democrats getting nothing done Virginia governorship handed trump clone.

political analysis, there truth that must understood. Republicans weaponizing racism, Democrats lose trying ignore
Brass tacks: Youngkin able pull Trump's votes. McAuliffe only turned Biden's votes. Enthusiasm matters. Democrats losing
Democrats will lose they votes then nothing. Just like they plan
Democrats strategy woke. Unfortunately them, they have awoken sleeping giant that conservative America! pendulum begins swing back normalcy Virginia Jerseys governors mansions.

Progressives Virginia loss: Corporate Democrats have only themselves blame.
weird when voters like, Democrats cant clean horrific mess Republicans made fast enough should elect more Republicans.
Disagree. This type practical beneficial action Democrats take help middle class people high districts.
CNNs Jones: Democrats Coming Across AsAnnoying Offens...
Considering that race baiting Democrats platform, it's democrats only value. That stealing your money phony word plays like abortion health care they're going climate change climate that's been changing billion years.

After covid lock down See deceptive these lefty chits are? 4 million people quit their jobs last month Democrats your money they stay home. Ronald simply full chit.
Congratulations from moderate Democrat know progressive democrats poison party kick them out.
Americans understand importance climate change, green energy, civil right issues, people more worried about immediate issues like having enough money make ends meet. Jobs lower taxes middle class. Democrats need focus they will lose 2022.

masks going hide sullen faces among Democrats House today.
After Stacy Abrams Democrats tried hurt economy Atlanta taking away Star game, Atlanta Braves bounced back World Series!! Look works!!
think point democrats extreme hypocrites.
Manchin will bend when Democrats threaten fund campaign 2024. will bend funding jeopardized. will give Democrats call home turf. past time play fucking norms. Normal went door 2015. Wise up.

Maybe "your kids belong also fuck you" greatest education slogan Democrats
Republican Virginia shows voters rejecting socialist zero agenda Democrats have woken Covid control nightmare bless USA.
can't understand Terry McAuliffe wasn't swept victory voters grateful Democrats preserving filibuster.
Takeaways from Tuesday's elections: omens Democrats. what deserve.
This Democrat party. black woman Hispanic Virginia Democrats call white supremacy.
Dems playing politics usual while Republicans systematically take over America vote, law, election time. They will stop until they with defiance determination. Democrats must with urgency crisis demands hope late.

Convince democrats would worse spot politically than they today they immediately abolished filibuster, expanded court, codified roe, passed equality act, given whole $1200 that promised etc.

democrats Virginia seemed feel this too. took democrats Youngkin win. just sayin.
Notice lack commonsense budgeting helping deepen perception that Democrats just like spend OPM. mainstream acceptance Dems need sell their plan start renaming "SPENDING BILL" "BUILD AMERICA BACK" some similar sentiment wider support.

Something something take Democrats.
Congress needs everything protect voting rights. clock ticking. democrats lose house this might free fair elections.
RESULT: Tucson voters have approved raising minimum wage very large margin. Tucson base Democrats Arizona, whose senior senator made quite show opposing minimum wage hike earlier this year.

Morning After: Democrats should support embrace 2020 election transparency immediately election audits everywhere requested even where they aren't this lingering issue behind not?

read Today article Youngkin beats McAuliffe Virginia governor, dealing blow Democrats Trump mentioned times article. What mainstream medias fetish with Trump? yeh, they need ratings. USATODAY problem!

Lets perfectly clear. repealing Trump cuts restoring SALT deductions Democrats cutting taxes rich.
Half million people turned Trump. Democrats stole election. Pence stood back. dont that when know freedoms electoral integrity line.
story Virginia. Jersey voters nuked Democrats. Biden months SIXTEEN POINTS. Today, that race tied. Unless want argue Jersey racist, deep south, based election (the Republican almost MIA)...

There will calls recounts claims voter fraud here Virginiawe Democrats!
attack racist rightwing Lie. Democrats must more stop this dishonest propaganda campaign because Republicans harming children.
Republican Glenn Youngkin apparent winner governors race Virginia. Democrats better wake hell
Anytime hear election close call that means Democrats cheating.
Opinion Virginia proves Democrats slipping with voters gave them victory 2020.
Light bulbs turning house??? Ratings massive failures democrats werent CLUE!!
meant passage chances space. correct. think Democrats will misinterpret last night "Dems didn't their agenda passed" rather than "Dems' agenda sucks hard don't want passed.".

handing more leverage over Washington dictate education standards, classrooms will ground zero political propaganda rather than starting point lessons math, reading, history. Democrats' plan nationalize early education.

"Republicans came with plan into Democrats coalition. They didnt throw their hands decide burbs were lost forever... Dems dont even seem trying reversechip away hold working-class whites...".

DemocRats what happened they stop counting votes magically tight.
only have fight what believe have seen fighting," Reid says, discussing Democrat strategy Virginia. "Democrats, never them fight.
Democrats focus moderates because they like writing concession speeches.
Democrats take power, nothing, lose, then blame left. Every time.
just going this once: literally begging Democrats first time their lives, *not* reflexively believe GOPs assertions about they instead recognize that these strategic statements designed affect change, neutral analysis.

Seanator Warren! dont stop mandating vaccine, Democrats will loose everything 2022!
Republicans sweep statewide office with most diverse ticket ever Democrats site racism.
Jones says Democrats' problem that they're annoying. Which, fair enough.
"Glenn Youngkin flipped Virginia governorship Republicans, pulling embracing hot-button education cultural issues signaling trouble Democrats." wonder cautious, formerly allergic-to-social issues Youngkin learned anything?

Republicans understand that having power more important than having policies they willing whatever takes elections. question what Democrats willing elections?

have this right? Lincoln Project group Republicans that anti-Republican trying elect Democrats process somehow elect Republicans?
cannot made clear enough that Democrats actually make people's lives tangibly better next months, Republicans will 2022, Biden will accomplish nothing entire term, Donald Trump will 2024.

Democrats came with soup ladle white supremacy fight.
Strike that. CNN, non-college whites went from (76-24) 2-way partisanship. that's anywhere *close* accurate, it's absolutely stunning very worrisome Democrats.
"Democrats didn't excite their base enough" pretty VAGov take. McAuliffe track lose with least million votes, maybe closer million. Four years ago, Northam rout with million votes.

fictionalized version Democrats that only exists fevered manipulations smart Republicans count bias, mass ignorance, propaganda tactics their lies penetrate.
Correct. Democrats have figured respond
Kennedys were Democrats. Trump Republican. Even they were come back from dead, would they even consider reinstating Trump? they think sent from God, then maybe they should agree with Democratic policies.

Congratulations Virginias next Governor GlennYoungkin. people Virginia have spoken 2022 Americans parents across nation will send same message Democrats Congress. Today liberty, free speech role parents education.

self aware enough pontificating think Democrats such awful election night NJ. But reasons really Democrats talk much about racism bigotry and/or The vaccine mandates unpopular then good with those Ls.

hours Biden said Democrats were going Virginia. Instead they their completely kicked lost three statewide races first time since 2009. Nice call, Joe.
"Demoralized Democrats need reckoning after rough election night that sent serious warning signs that they have misjudged nation's mood their window closes before next year's midterms." Analysis by.

Analysis: Elections warning shot Democrats. Will they heed
What Democrats learn? really question. does democracy address systematic manufactured racial threat strategy political control? Perhaps engaging that question seriously when Bush disgracefully used Willie Horton would have helped.

Democrats need better. Period.

What You Really Think

Youre such a pretty snowflake.

Lost VA - may lose NJ. This is huge. No one likes sleepy joe.


Virginia, your racism is showing.

Christina the first picture you posted is literally of people at a Youngkin rally youd be very hard pressed to find someone carrying a confederate flag who voted Blue.

Well racism does exist and history happened a certain way. Its crazy that you want to pretend that certain things didnt happen.

Let's go Brandon.

Too right. In the white shirt. It was a stunt by Lincoln project.

Bad take. Botox getting to ya.

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