Saturday 6th of March 2021

Republicans Are Already Doing The Thing They're Threatening to do if Democrats Get Rid of The Filibuster, So...

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Net worth of the 8 Democrats who just voted down $15 minimum wage: Chris Coons: $10.13 million Angus King: $9.49 million Joe Manchin: $7.62 million Tom Carper: $5.73 million Jeanne Shaheen: $3.82 million Jon Tester: $3.67 million Maggie Hassan: $3.47 million Krysten Sinema: N/A.

If Democrats dont use our majority to pass landmark voting rights legislation, I fear the GOP will make it impossible to ever secure another one.
I just objected to skipping past the reading of the Democrats 628-page bill that was just introduced minutes ago. If theyre going to add nearly $2T to the national debt at least we should know whats in the bill.

Do people deserve a living wage? republicans: democrats: .
The whole stimulus "fight" in the senate is such an own goal for the democrats. We traded McConnel for Manchin.
With Democrats like this who needs Republicans?
GOP Sen. Roger Marshall tells me the continued delay in the vote is because the Senate is waiting on the CBO score for the new deal Democrats struck with Manchin (confirming burgessev).
Democrats are in complete control of the government: [?]No $2,000 checks [?]No $15 wage increase Syria bombed Children in border camps Congratulations. You got played.
It is unconscionable that eight Senate Democrats would tell millions of essential workers earning poverty wages that they are heroes but dont deserve a $15 minimum wage.
If Democrats knew theyd lose their jobs for not supporting good and absolutely desperately necessary things theyd think twice about voting against those things. This is how Republicans make evil things happen; this isnt hard.

I'll always love that my two favorite Presidents are also the only two that have a star on the Walk of Fame. The best part? They're both Republicans that Democrats hate.
Democrats are delivering $1.9 TRILLION dollars in coronavirus help to your family tonight, while Republicans are reading Dr. Seuss. They represent no policy objective except a continuing culture war.
Disgraceful Democrats.
Democrats want ballot harvesting. I want Voter ID. if you do too!
This is the map for the Senate in 2022. Most vulnerable Democrats: Warnock (GA) & Hassan (NH) Best Dem pick-up opportunities: WI & PA (Biden won both) Regardless of the narrative... No, Democrats have not "Lost the Senate in 2022." People want you to give up. Don't. Focus.

Democrats: 42/50 vote for a $15 minimum wage Republicans: 0/50 vote for a $15 minimum wage Twitter: these two parties are clearly identical.
The senate is taking its wonderful sweet time to decide on a bill and its costing the American more money because the republicans are so corrupt that they just want people to die from covid thats Lauren Boeberts team of people lets go Democrats senators!!!!!!

Democrats meant proxy voting to be used for legitimate reasons related to the pandemic, and they have done so. The GOP not only argued against the Dems using it at all, but are LYING in order to take advantage themselves. Unethical in the extreme!

The major problem with what is going on in the Senate right now is that 50% of the Senators are Republicans who have no intention of helping anyone. I have to keep reminding myself of that when I'm frustrated by Democrats who refuse to help enough people.

Dear Democrats: Stop calling it a "COVID Relief" plan. A better name would be "The Pelosi Payoff.".
This is a dumb take. The bill literally gives trillions of dollars away and billions of dollars to directly to private citizens. But lets get mad at joe Biden because the democrats only have 50 senators.

When Kyrsten Sinema almost lost her election, Democrats tried to blame the Green Party. Now they bizarrely try to blame the Green Party for Sinema acting like a centrist Democrat. Will Democrats ever hold their own accountable or will they always just blame Greens for everything?

Democrats spent years in the wilderness as Republicans controlled the Senate and stuck together. Now Democrats control the Senate but won't stick together.
The ONLY WAY forward. Republicans have made it infinitely clear they wont work with Democrats.
What happened to that whole honor Ginsburgs wishes thing? She was very much opposed the changing of SCOTUS. I guess that slogan was as sincere as anything else Democrats claim.
King's an Independent... so technically 7 Democrats.
Me next time Democrats say vote blue no matter who.
It is despicable and unacceptable that there is not unanimous support among Democrats in Congress for a $15 minimum wage.
I was ambushed leaving the White House by a left-wing mob for proudly supporting realDonaldTrump. I wont watch my country be destroyed by JoeBiden KamalaHarris SpeakerPelosi SenSchumer and radical Democrats. CNN MSNBC cbs NBCNews ABC washingtonpost My response.

The 8 Senate Democrats who voted against raising the minimum wage are collectively worth over $43 million.
Democrats giving up on $15 minimum wage immediately after the smallest roadblock.
Statement on the Senate Democrats agreement.
The $15 minimum wage just failed, because 8 Democrats voted against it. The Democrats broke their promise. The Dems who voted no are: Joe Machin (WV) Jon Tester (MT) Jeanne Shaheen (NH) Maggie Hassan (NH) Angus King (ME) Kyrsten Sinema (AZ) Tom Carper (DE) Chris Coons (DE).

Fifty republicans and eight democrats, who are almost all millionaires, just blocked people from making $15 an hour, or 32k a year.
So in like one month Democrats went from: $50,000 debt cancel $2000 checks $15 minimum wage to $10,000 debt cancel $0-1400 checks $0 min wage increase.
Oh yeah, this is definitely how democrats wanted things to go today.
The procedural vote showed how soft Senate Democrats support for the measure really was.
Democrats are passing Covid relief And Republicans are reading Dr. Seuss.
Republicans abuse power to pass hugely unpopular policies while Democrats refuse to use power to pass hugely popular policies.
Something very fishy going on here I wonder what it could be? The Democrats and RINOS may be all out of cards to play. I mean if I was watching a ballgame right now it would be so strange the winners ..are losing.

See it isn't that democrats try to lose, that's surface level analysis. What it is, is that democrats and republicans are allies, and they're winning -- against us.
Republicans are red, Democrats are blue. But we can all support COVID relief, Because it's the right thing to do.
Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin - were democrats!
No Wonder Democrats Are Delaying Everything Related to the 2020 Election - Irregular Ballots from the 2020 Election in Arizona Can be Destroyed Six Months After the Election.
That's a really, really bad counter-argument. It basically says "yeah, the democrats suck at this".
Senators have paved a way forward for the Covid relief bill after activity ground to a halt due to an impasse on unemployment benefits: West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin stalled the passage of the Democrats' $1.9 trillion Covid relief bill for hours on ..

Senate Democrats: could we please stand up for working folks and not disrespect workers when voting against the minimum wage increase? Please? Standing with workers is good policy and good politics.
>Florida ranks in the middle for corona deaths >Florida ranks in the middle for vaccine distribution >Florida is the 5th oldest state Democrats hate Desantis for saving lives.
Republicans are a lot more cohesive group than the Democrats, virtually everyone well right of center, to put it mildly. The Democrats range from center right to pretty far left. It fits Schumers style. A Harry Reid would have a tough go keeping 50 together, imo.

While we're enthralled with Gov Cuomo's sexual harassment allegations, Democrats in Congress are marching along in lockstep to pass legislation that's not only unconstitutional, but repugnantly partisan & seriously injurious to America! That's HR 1!

Im sure this wont come back haunt the Democrats.
The constant rant by people like BarackObama and other liberal Democrats about being a nation of immigrants has destroyed American workers, much to the delight of Democrats especially in power! They live rich and get votes - what can be better!

PROGRESSIVES: Do something! MODERATES: No! ]Democrats lose the Senate in 2022] MODERATES: Those damn progressives!
Everything is not calm Zoraida! DEMOCRATS are passing bills that Cancel Our Rights as US citizens!! The southern border has an explosion of people coming in because the Democrats are letting it happen!!

The 7 Democrats (so far) who have voted NO on $15 minimum wage have a combined net worth of over $40 million.
I admit that a lot of people on the Left are disgusting racists!!! Ibram at the top of that list! People who take him seriously next. Stop voting for racist Democrats!
> Democrats just voted to defund the police. The unfunded mandates in their bill, H.R. 1280, would cost police departments hundreds of millions of dollarsthe equivalent of taking 3,000 cops or more off the streets. Our men and women in uniform deserve better.

The Democrats needed to win more Senate seats. As is, nothing has changed and we are really angry about it as we watch supposed Democrats, like Sinema & Manchin, be worst or as bad as GOP. This is not boding well for 2022 or 2024 & you better get in front of this!

Imagine canvassing for democrats in 2022 and having to look someone making under 15 dollars an hour in the eyes and telling them they need to vote blue lol.
For democrats, so far Ive been mortared shot at and disarmed folks pointing a gun at me in Afghanistan. Your insults are Weak and wanting.
By forcing Democrats to change UI benefits from $400 a week to $300 a week. Joe Manchin just took away $400 a month from 21 million people. He also forced UI to end 3 weeks earlier. Total cost to the unemployed $2900. Totally negates all 3 stimulus checks.

Lets see, McConnell refuses to allow Pres. Obamas Nominee to the SCOTUS to even be interviewed, rams Barrett through in record time and now he lectures Democrats on Senate Norms?? Hit the road JACK!!
Yall the Republicans are not in power. The fact is that were getting a reduced COVID relief package & the passage of new voting rights legislation is in limbo solely because Democrats arent fully backing it. You cant blame GOP for Dems not backing their own partys platform.

What You Really Think

Remember when Mitch McConnell vowed to make President Obama a one-term president? Twelve years later, hes right back at it, roadblocking the Senate to oppose everything put forward by the Biden-Harris administration.

New Type of Blue Wave . . How much Cost USA as there was a CCC in every State in United States of America . . Today Youths & Young Men could Build Solar systems Today Clean Up Rivers , Plant 20 Million Trees Fix up State Parks ( Time 4 Real Blue Wave ).

It's politics. Dems want to stay in DC just as bad as GOP.


There's only one thing worse than a very boring newscaster and that's one that's literally very painful to look at.

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