Saturday 15th of May 2021

Buy Your Next House With Doge. Its Now Possible Thanks to Guarantyescrow Who Now Accepts Crypto BitPay. .

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cyber truck with doge coins..Confirmation that correct simulation. Doge4Tesla elonmusk like seriously what world.
Buy your next house with doge. Its now possible thanks to guarantyescrow who now accepts crypto BitPay. .
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Which crypto will listed Coinbase first Ravencoin $RVN) Dogecoin $DOGE)? BTW, Coinbase indicated DOGE will listed weeks. Finally, Ravencoin developers already completed Rosetta implementation Dogecoin developers still working it.

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But I want 5i oau with.

There are rumors that Elon Musk is trying to turn Shib from a token into a coin, and his next plan is for Tesla to accept Shib. This news has not been officially announced yet, but his hit is being spread in many forums. shib shiba $shib.

Aint nobody buying a house with $doge when $doge is far better asset than a house. - Willie 17 living in her moms basement.

Nice one guarantyescrow do you accept other cryptocurrency like $XRP as well?

Wow wow wow MUCH WOW $DOGE.

If you have time check out! Great community and even a greater team!!

Female SHIBA INU 100K holders in 3 days New exchange listing in next few days 50 million market cap Buy and hodl before pump[?] Available in pancake swap.

Lets go I wanna buy my first house with.

And $Ass.

Just imagine what will happen to $ETC once $eth moves to Proof of Stake ... today its was at $92 and now &106only... ...By Aug 2021..its will be? can anyone Guess ...?

Obviously, DeCo platforms will take the lead in the DeFi market this year, especially if you can create your own NFTs on the platform, like barterteam. There you can easily exchange NFTs at a flat commission of 0.02%.

Can I refinance my home & pay it off using dogecoin?

Omg that is amazing we can buy a house with our Dogecoin!

Oh wow!

Ill be contacting them by the end of the year.

Let's buy a mansion.

V Thank you.

We dont buy BITCOIN We earn from mining Im going to show you how to earn $5,000 (0.1BTC) Daily & more No referralNo withdrawal Fees If interested kindly send a DM.


Can non-US citizen bu a house?

Buy shibainucoin shiba shiba oooo.

Bt lo lang,cham soc,quan tam.

Robinhood should pay out 5% daily interest for holding dogecoin.

Bro!!! WTF!!! All my house deposit money is already in Crypto.

Ya $Doge is cute. But will you be early in BabyDogeCoin? BabyDoge doge $doge $shiba shiba $kishu.

I willbuy my house through them only..whoever supports Dogewe support you..Dogefam..

One day.

(D)o (O)nly (G)ood (E)veryday DogecoinRise No hate, just love... To the moon Doge wallet D5Dz7GckeGWWUtpbigsNsBMmnTk7NwrxJW.

$RNB from $0.025 to $1.5 in a few days, what an amazing investment!

Share with community for good.

Real Estate agents: say whaaa.


Lol I posted about this last month.

We are doge army.

God damn I'm from China. This thing goes crazy man.

But than I have to fly every week from Amsterdam to the us.

Can you consider also bringing Cardano to BitPay?

More details. Currently looking to buy a home.

Wow! I recently bought I house! Cant wait to pay it off!!

Nah, we are all dreaming. WOW!

I own a house in maine, would love a doge private mortgage. I'll pay 3% for 30 years on a 200K loan :).


Nice. 28 laser eyes just died.

Doge, BitPay and, guarantyescrow changing the game. Will you provide mortgages for investment properties as well??