Tuesday 20th of April 2021

Are You Really Ready For.

Social Media Says

We're considering accepting dogecoin as a payment option. this if you want this to happen. DogeDay dogecoin New to us? We sell everything PC, tech, automotive, and more A.
Are you really ready for.
CONGRATS TO THE DOGEARMY FOR MAKING DogeDay TREND. DogecoinRise to the Milky Way not just the !
$100 to someone who retweets this and follows TheStrayToken in 24 hours.
$100 to someone who retweets this and follows RamiWahid joins in 24 hours.
Guess what day it is? DogeDay. Tomorrow? DogeDay420 (not an actual Snickers pack, just a cool doge gif).
$50 to someone who retweets this and follows ATHena_DeFi 589cryptograph in 12 hours.
Hey elonmusk, if we accept dogecoin as a payment option, would you buy from us? DogeDay dogecoin Fans, let's this to help get his attention New to Newegg? We sell everything PC, tech, automotive, SSDs for Teslas, dog treats & more A.

Initiating Worldwide DogeDay MASSIVE Tweet. Everyone Tweet DogeDay And Lets Get To 1 Trending.
Retweet this & spread word, tomorrow we storm the gates & travel to the moon.
If Dogecoin hits $1.00 on DogeDay Ill give 1 person a Doge coloured Lambo.
I want to see every single one of you succeed in life! If youre holdin a bag of Dogecoin I pray that when the time comes and its on its way that it blesses you in every way you desired when you invested into.

Agree with you... everyday is dogeday . like every dollar is doge dollar not $1 dollar is much bigger than that what you going to do?? All DUMP at 1$ Dumb asses??People needs to stop saying that and keep going.. otherwise doge may stop existing?? doge forever.

Is tomorrow, Ive got butterflies.
Is snowballing into a cultural phenomenon - Brands are accepting it as payment - Exchanges are listing it - Memes are being made about it - The media is talking about it - Your friends are asking you about it - Your dog reminds you of it EVERYDAY IS DOGEDAY!

A few days ago ChrisCuomo said, GunControl wont happen until white peoples kids start getting killed. Agree or disagree?
Today is the day.
- I wanna buy some more doge, but I dont know if I should buy now, or am I supposed to wait and purchase tomorrow because its dogeday?
Who believes Dogecoin will spike on 4/20 & break records? DogeDay DOGE Yes Yes Yes.
Is the internet tomorrow. Retweet if youre here for it.
Is anybody else excited for DogeDay tomorrow?
Other Dodge owners should do this.
Ye of little faith!
Will you be surprised if the jury finds DerekChauvin NOT guilty?
This is a good time to remind you that these doge speedometer gauges should be in every single NA Miata.
BUY PIT !!! Make x100!!!
Like this if you check dogecoin price more than 20 Times a day.
Its almost dogeday!
I am a dog. I love dog. I am Doge.
I will be following anyone who retweets this post and followers me. Let's get us to 1000 followers by 4/20.
Get Dogeday 1 Trending?
Surprisingly no mention of DogeDay yet.
In your opinion, should the jury find DerekChauvin guilty or NOT guilty?
Hit V if you are holding Dogecoin and waiting for $1.
I have no clue what Im doing but Im officially on board. We ride together. We doge together.
420 fuuuu yeah 2 the Moon.
It's already DogeDay in some party's of the world, and it is going to be a Dogecoin adventure! Can't wait to see Dogecoinrise to new heights never seen by any Doge before! Happy Dogeday everyone!
Thank you dogecoin_devs and BillyM2k for sharing the truth!
Yea buddy.
Retweet if you are ready for.
Im not fucking selling.
Has that look in its eyes... Very excited for DogeDay.
Everyday is.

What You Really Think

Y'all are going to crash the planet from buying doge hahaha.

Hope it dips tryna buy more no kizzy.

Doge is the peoples crypto! Every step we take we take together.We are making sure we use this change in how we view currency to benefit as many of the people as possible.Donate a few doge & Retweet! Doge to the moon!!! Whos with me? Doge DKXuHyefV1Cowfdjsy2kuKhvd45w5NeqA9.

I made an NFT collection about the DogeCoin that will go live on DogeDay! Hope the DogeArmy is ready for this as well! Here is the link if you are interested! :).

My body is ready. Just bought $420 more Doge at $0.420.



What are we supposed to do on DogeDay ? Only Good? For sure.

Don't forget to secure your ticket on SAFEMOON before DogeDay or you'll kicking yourself in the knee bone Thank me later!

Watch Vlad from robinhood do maintenance tomorrow on dogecoin. I can just see that now***.

Wish KidCudi would join.

BUY DOGECOIN BuyDogeCoin DogeDay420 dogetothemoon DogeToAdollar DogecoinRise BUY DOGECOIN BuyDogeCoin DogeDay420 dogetothemoon BUY DOGECOIN BuyDogeCoin DogeDay420 dogetothemoonDogeCoinTo1Dollar BUY DOGECOIN.

$DOGEFI DOGEFI to $500, 100X join the ride.

Is it doge day because 4/20 and you have a burned out stoner to hold this goof of a coin for longer then 1 day ?

Screen Light and Smoke doge on the High Soon to the Moon Online in Flow Data in Mind Cripto-Busy N to the FT Ain't your Puppy Clicking and Keys Blowing Gas Fees its420 Lighter, Please.

Let the world know!

ScamDay. Stop.



Put your 2020 profits in it :).

Just, why?

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