Thursday 25th of February 2021

He Said, She Said: PeterDutton_MP on What he Knew And When And Why he Didnt Tell PM.

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Ok so weve now found out Peter Dutton also found out about the alleged sexual assault before the PM (who says he only found out when it broke in the media). Did anyone in the government not know before the PM?

The latest on Brittany Higgins. Peter Dutton refuses to say if he was notified of Brittany Higgins rape allegation.
Just to be clear, Dutton could have clarified these issues 48 hours ago, when we asked him. Strange some elected officials and their offices dont feel compelled to answer basic factual questions.
Peter Dutton referring to an alleged rape in Parliament House as he said, she said is the just REPULSIVE.
EXCLUSIVE PeterDutton_MP press secretary Austin Wenke was one of last men to see Brittany Higgins before she was allegedly raped in 2019 by another Liberal staffer. He attended the drinks and this week has been fielding media calls on fallout.

So one moment its: Cant comment because its not my story to tell; Along with: Couldnt comment because I didnt know; Next was: Cant discuss sensitive operational matters; Then: He said/she said; Has Dutton broken the Libs Dont actually comment rule?

Simon Birmingham signals the Gaetjens review (this is whether or not staff in the PMO communicated with Higgins before Feb 12) is being prepared for the deliberations of Cabinet. What does this mean? We won't see it unless the government releases it.

Dutton knows details of rape matters. Morrison talks to other people's cardiologist. This is all going brilliantly.
Keating said, in 50 years of public life, hes never seen a public figure as mean or mean spirited as Dutton. Theres something very dark and sinister about this guy.
Dutton and fellow Liberal are determined not to accord Ms Higgins the respect she is entitled to. Simply, she is an adult woman.
Dutton is lying. The AFP got involved shortly after the alleged rape took place in March 2019 and that's when he would have learnt. Nothing is allowed past Dutton. And that's when Morrison would have learnt. That is the nature of those two beasts.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton says he opted not to tell the Prime Minister about an alleged rape at Parliament House so he wouldnt compromise a potential police investigation. They steam cleaned the office furniture 2 years ago. Dutton is a joke!

This should be the picture we always use of Dutton.
What am I missing here, the AFP tell Dutton 4 days b4 Brittany Higgins went public, AFP says they informed Dutton because it was a sensitive political matter, how did they know Brittany was going public about a 2 yr old event?, and why didn't Dutton inform Scamo then??

Morrison wasn't told by his office. Or Reynolds. Or Cash. Or Dutton. And he's expressed his disappointment at this culture of silence. This is the gold standard of don't ask don't tell. And it's a thousand percent unbelievable.

Peter Dutton, Bridget McKenzie put democracy at risk by playing with public money.
Peter Dutton says he wasnt provided with the she said/he said details of ]Brittany Higginss] allegation. Yet to hear a physical assault or the like described as he said/he said.
Not only are Morrison, Birmingham, Reynolds, Cash and Dutton lying, they are forcing others to sit on the truth. The AFP, APH security, their parliamentary staff, APH staff and public servants. To save his sorry arse Morrison is prepared to trash Australian institutions.

Dutton waited a week, until just after Scott had told Parliament that no other ministers knew about the rape, to drop that he knew about it five days before Scott did (and didn't bother telling him). Not an accident.

Peter Dutton's press secretary was potentially one of the last witnesses to see Ms Higgins and her alleged attacker before they attended Parliament House on the night of the alleged rape. Peter Dutton knew nothing of this until 14 days ago? .

Peter Dutton described an alleged rape as 'he said, she said', just as the Prime Minister spoke vaguely at an International Women's Day breakfast. It shows we have a long way to go.
CN: rape People like Dutton will call a sexual assault he said, she said even when theyve only heard from she. Hell yeah to samanthamaiden pointing this out in-article.
Dutton is alerted by AFP on February 11 2021 that Ms Higgins is going public. He does not tell PM. Then drops bomb in parliament. This is the one instance in which I believe PM wasnt told.
The Compassion Bus doesnt contain any LNP passengers.
Higgins first spoke with police stationed at Parliament House in March 2019. The guidelines state that even politically sensitive matters in their early stages should be notified to Dutton, even if a formal investigation has not yet begun.

Or maybe Dutton just knew all along.
Morrison is appalling but, just think, Dutton almost pipped him to replace Malcolm Turnbull as PM. How low we have sunk in just eight years. How this mob can be 50:50 in the latest Newspoll does my head in. Can there really be so many Aussie voters not paying attention?

There are three press secretaries in Peter Dutton's office and none had a response to smh and theage questions yesterday. And no notice of the doorstop this morning.
If Peter Dutton, the Minister of Home Affairs - with all the security agencies reporting to him - has no knowledge of a crime committed in Parliament House, what other threats to Australians safety doesnt he know about?

So Scomo roasted his staff for not telloing him, yet Dutton said it was correct not to tell him. They can't both be right.
RAGE. Unmitigated rage. Peter Dutton describes Brittany Higgins alleged rape as he said, she said .
This is staggering from samanthamaiden. Staggering that Dutton's office told the PMO. And staggering -- disgusting -- that Dutton refers to Brittany Higgins' alleged rape as "he said/she said".
Remember when Dutton had to apologise for calling Samantha Maiden a mad witch. Seems the culture in his office reflects his bad character too. The Libs have a culture problem.
As is Dutton.
Lost count of the number of times we tried to get an answer out of them before running this story. The AFP guidelines made clear there were questions for him to answer. Not a single word in response.
So Dan Andrews is accused of not knowing a security guard in HQ was incapable of doing his job yet the PM or Dutton don't need to know if a staffer was raped in PH.
Quite extraordinary that Dutton sees the Higgins allegations as a he said/she said situation when we have: - 4 alleged victims - 2 people in hospital (Linda Reynolds and alleged rapist) - 1 MP resignation from Craig Kelly - Involvement from the AFP - CCTV footage.

Received similar responses from the minister's (taxpayer funded) media advisers to our questions and interview requests to discuss Peter Dutton's role in administering grants in recent weeks.
No way Dutton didn't know earlier. Wenke would have heard rumours and given his boss a heads up.
Find Duttons Lack of a Natural Curiosity - which is Human Nature - to be Unbelievable What is Dutton getting for A..eCovering for Morrison ?
Dutton not behaving like someone who is motivated to assist his Prime Minister.
He said, she said: PeterDutton_MP on what he knew and when and why he didnt tell PM.
Dutton says AFP notified him of rape allegation on February 11 2021. Higgins first spoke to AFP in March 2019. Guidelines require sensitive matters be reported to Dutton ASAP. But they didnt tell him for 2 years. Right.

Was watching American Gangster & couldnt help but notice the alarming similarities between a Drug Crime Syndicate & our PM & the way he runs the Govnt. These are sad times indeed.
He said, she said: Duttons Higgins remark A chauvinist bigot & racist all in one potato One must ask why an ex police officer (who had his history sealed) CANT ABIDE BY THE LAW! PeterDutton_MP lower than a snakes gut!

Dutton truly is an idiot. He thinks by saying he didn't see the need to tell Morrison about the alleged rape he's protecting Morrison, but all he's done is admit he's part of a cover up, potentially an accessory after the fact.

Don't know I'm comfortable about AFP routinely briefing Dutton on " politically sensitive" investigations. Dutton gains that little power edge that comes with knowledge. The New Daily.
Hey answer me this. I go to the AFP with information that Dutton and Morrison are doing something illegal. Does the AFP have to inform them that I have made these claim ie like they did with Ms Higgins complaint.

Peter Dutton ... crush this petty man at the next election please Queensland.
All crimes prosecuted as a result of Peter Dutton as a cop ought to be re-opened and re-prosecuted. All closed cases ought to be re-opened because when you have multiple allegations of sexual assault from multiple victims - this is NOT - He said, she said.

, The AusFedPolice WARNS ScottMorrisonMP about delays in reporting serious crimes , putting the ONUS on LNP MPs to report crimes to the AFP without delay. lindareynoldswa failed Brittany by not informing the AFP of the rape.

Dutton staffer at drinks before alleged rape.
Doesn't this suggest that all AFP investigations into actions by this corrupt government are compromised? This would include the Cash/AWU raid case, the ABC raid (Dutton conveniently out of the country), Angus Taylor & the doctored Sydney Council data etc. etc. etc.

That's not what the article is about though. I would imagine he has blocked access to Dutton and they have the shits with him. It is pathetic.
Morrison no other ministers knew .. then Dutton gets up & says he did.
So Simon Birmingham has said the review into who knew what in the PMO's office will be a Cabinet Document and therefore, not open to public scrutiny at all. It appears ScottMorrisonMP is being as transparent and accountable as usual.

Every time Peter Dutton refers to Brittany Higgins by her first name, my skin creeps.
Never forget this child abuse by Morrison and Dutton.

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Thirdly Sam, please ask the King Potato for his Ministerial Work Schedule. I am sick to the back teeth of this bullshit that Politicians work in some intense pressure environment. It's a fucking insult to everyone who's every had to catch the Red Eye flight. Mildred.

Dutton says didn't inform the PM because it was 'a sensitive / operational matter'. AFP is required to inform the Minister, to what end? So he can sit on it? Is there suddenly some notional Chinese Wall between Home Affairs and the PM? The incredulity here grows by the day.

Complete and utter rancid bullshit from the PM wannabe. Mildred.

The DEFENCE Minister folded like a deckchair under some pretty ordinary media scrutiny. Thank fuck we're not at war. Completely unfit for the job on every level. FFS Mildred.

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