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Friday 31st of July 2020

Southern California Got an Early Wake-up Call This Morning...

: Preliminary 4.5-magnitude earthquake hits near San Fernando, USGS says.
If that earthquake is any clue of whats next in 2020, Im done.
Southern California got an early wake-up call this morning...
Its in. A 4.2 Magnitude Earthquake just struck LA to everyone that lives there, please stay safe. I will tweet later today tips on how to protect yourself from one.
I need some morning Zen. From a trip to Catalina in 2019. [?]nulb.
1.5 magnitude earthquake. 2 km from San Fernando, CA, United States.
LA Twitter be like.
Map of felt reports received so far following the earthquake M3.8 in Greater Los Angeles Area, Calif. 45 min ago.
Every time Californians see San Andreas trending...
USGS reports a preliminary 4.2 earthquake near Pacoima (San fernando Valley). Lots of people in Southern California reported feeling the shake. Did you feel it?
Pls enjoy this dog if you were just traumatized by the.
That earthquake sneaking into 2020 like.
All of Los Angeles right now.
Getting early reports of a preliminary 4.5 magnitude earthquake around 4:30 AM Pacific Time in the San Fernando Valley region of southern California north of Los Angeles. No reports of any widespread damage or injuries as of yet.

The Big One seeing LA Twitter freakout over a 4.5 magnitude.
Pouring coffee, getting ready for the day.
Ive been like this since 4:30am.
2020: Now shit getting real.
That one was scary.
Everyone: 2020 cant get worse itll only get better L.A.: Ha bet watch this.
Me: Let me go to sleep early, so I can finally get 8 hours of rest . San Andreas Fault.
San Diego are you ok? earthquake 4.2?
And Joramun blew the Horn of Winter, and woke giants from the earth. -Jon II, ASOS.
Because 2020 isn't bad enough already.
For all of those not in LA, and haven't experienced an earthquake, y'all are straight CAP'A'LACKIN on how you wouldn't be scared!
Highkey freaked out by that earthquake .Biixch Im from Florida give me a hurricane n sum shelter HTF Im suppose 2 run from da ERF.
More on the early morning M 4.2 earthquake - 2km N of Pacoima, CA here: Please let us know what you felt here.
Yes, L.A. just experienced an earthquake at 4:29 this morning - help DrLucyJones help you get through it by sponsoring our nonprofit Center.
Yall already know why Im here early in the morning.
Californians on their way to Twitter every time they feel an.
4.5 magnitude earthquake. 1 mi from SanFernando, CA, United States.
UPDATE: 3.9-magnitude aftershock jolts Pacoima hours after 4.2-magnitude temblor struck area.
Earthquake! Did you feel it? We did in the studio - lights and desks shaking. USGS says it's 4.5 magnitude that hit Northeast of San Fernando.
Nobody: everyone at 5AM in LA.
Yea THAT ONE woke me up!
Anyone ever been IN the shower when an earthquake hit? I'm not sure of the protocol when you're surrounded by glass. Asking for a friend who is about to get in the shower...
I am tired yet San Andreas fault started popping and locking, bitch its 4am go the hell to sleep. You ain't paying no Bills to be keeping me awake.
So it was a 4,5 earthquake! These things frighten me so much.
What if were getting a free trail of august rn with the little.
4.2??? Yeah whoever is grading these earthquakes definitely wasnt here for this one. I was awake for the whole thing and it felt like the house was gonna come down. Drawers opened and stuff was sliding, it wasnt cool.

It was strong enough to have me open my eyes, but not strong enough to have jump off my bed. Born and raised Californian.
A safe Delhi will be strong Delhi! We thank our Honorable Deputy Chief Minister & Education Minister of Delhi msisodia for his support to the Aaj Ki Tayarri - Kal Ki Suraksha earthquake awareness campaign. Read.

The people in SF don't even joke about earthquake's.
Last night I woke up to my cat freaking out and I thought it was because I forgot to clean out the litter box. Turns out it was an.
New people to LA: These are "ordinary" earthquakes. Follow DrLucyJones to learn more.
Me thinking it was a 9.0 earthquake to go on Twitter to find out it was a 4.5.
LA people in earthquakes.
All of us laughing about the earthquake in LA and then remembering that the big one is coming soon.
Were out here in LA just minding our business then all of a sudden...
2.8 magnitude earthquake. 2 mi from SanFernando, CA, United States.
The end time hadith about true dreams are true. Good time for Islam & Pakistan will come.
Nobody: Mother Nature at 4:11 AM.
WOOOOWWWWWW!!!!!! Okay that was a big one!
Cali knows the Valley aint it.
LA you awake??? earthquake woah.
I didnt feel shit.
The most 2020 earthquake to wake up to.
LA Twitter is freaking out over a 4.5 earthquake You just wait for the big one it's going to look like we got bombed I read about it being way over-due and it was supposed to happen in 50 years. I read that at least 10 years ago Glad I have some distance.

His silence Her Over thinking Relationship was thus Made Complicated.
2020, were tired sis!!! I use an alarm to wake my ass up, dont need this early morning earthquake shit.
All of the insomniacs in cali rn.

What You Really Think

I actually woke up, thinking I felt a little something moving!

I didn't feel a thing. Must've been a small tremor. Like a 4.2.

Quite the rude awakening. Just a coupla miles from us. Still getting noticeable aftershocks at 7:30 AM local.

Didnt feel a thing.

Hope everyone's okay. [?]nulb.


Hey CA, it's shake and bake weather.

We just had another.

Prayers to all.

Every time I see weather channel reports like this it looks like they are introducing their own VISA card .

More wake-up calls will come so the world will know to repent before Christ comes again, for, saith the Prophet NelsonRussellM, Time is running out!

Why the large social media coverage of this? 4.2? I can fart, and make a bigger rumble then that, just seems like way over done with the coverage on this little tremor! ***nulb.

Oh please fall in the ocean, oh please fall in the ocean, oh please fall in the ocean.

Many has reported that Quake felt different...saying it felt like a Precursor Earthquake more so than a the main one.

Earthquake greeting California like..

More info.