Monday 11th of April 2022

Sum up Ederson in One Photo.

Social Media Says

Ederson just most Ederson thing I've ever seen thankfully stays level! 1-1.
EDERSON. Chill. Please.
Robertson with another lovely ball, Salah Mane pursuit it's knocked back Ederson. ]1-1].
Ederson playing like gea.
Maybe little close comfort Ederson City there NBCSportsSoccer).
Thanks DStv_Ghana rewind that nearly disastrous Ederson moment. Calm like.
Jordan Henderson (Liverpool) sends chip pass into box, Ederson quickest intercept ball.
Ederson playinh benzema next.
through have vision Ederson mistake Benzema.
Ederson modern keeper lol.
Lowkey, Allison having worst game than Ederson.
Ederson maddest ever seen kick ball.
Ederson arriscou.
Ederson chest ball make more embarrassing.
Even Ederson better
This Ederson guy.
Ederson photo.
Watching Ederson.
said several times, cant compare other goalkeepers Ederson. absolute freak. calmness, control range passing goalkeeper unmatched. sweeper with gloves on.

your bets Ederson scorpion kick clearance from corner.
Alisson Ederson having more ballsy challenge.
Look calm Ederson isnt normal.
Ederson genuinely been looking like might that game far.
Ederson something else man.
Most players would dramatically exhale relief after nearly passing ball into their net. Ederson looks like couldnt bothered. stupid level calm/confidence only could away with. Nerves steel.

Ederson context.
Ederson 100% pass accuracy inside goal-line far.
biggest moments your life, cool Ederson NBCSportsSoccer).
Gonna rapid counterattack started Trent, salah, wholl drop players slot past ederson.
team's keeper this weekend cost game still feel more comfortable with than Ederson when he's being closed down.
Ederson coolest footballer planet.
fact that Ederson still calm passed ball says lotIce cold.
Benzema watching Ederson.
allison ederson
Ederson loading.
calm Ederson here?
Ederson!! Watch game live
Ederson serious all.
Ederson playing square pass across goal line under pressure.
Always worth having goalcam.
Ederson Cold.
Nobody: Benzema watching Ederson like.
Ederson thinking ball will stop just looking
Ederson with goal line clearance.
Ederson today.
Ederson dicing with death there, inches away from letting ball trickle over line. Talk about cucumbers keeps block ice, freezer behind Iceland Vol-au-vents next library copy Shining. He certainly does! loves it!

Ederson venes...
THAT'S close Ederson came conceding again...
Ederson deffo that chilled game.
Ederson this half.
Ederson doing Pogba dab.
Ederson's shotstopping needs called into question.
Ederson having here.
Ederson first half.
Ederson actually terrible goalie. just good distribution when ball feet.
Ederson teasin meeee naughty naughty.
Ederson piss take.
anyone else just hear Martin Tyler? Shades David Beckham Selhurst Park those years ago. from that attempt TTA. Ffs. David Beckham scored muppet. passed ball back Ederson.

getting ball giving ball back opposition time. With Ederson Alisson least your team gets keep possession.

What You Really Think

My anxiety can't take this.


Ederson with his own goal line clearance.

Social experiment.

Lol his body language and facial expression looks like he is at practice.

He's so calm, definitely saw all those Allison better than ederson before the match lmao.

Miles better centre half than keeper he cant stop heartburn with gaviscon that lad.

Man hit one of these bro i'm done.

He so cold bro on something to be this nonchalant.

Me at that time.

Hes not even panicking ffs.

Thats the closest shave I ever saw for a Brazilian.

I swear we understand.


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