Friday 21st of August 2020

The Monarchy. Above All Else. GillianA And Emma Corrin Join Oli Colman in Season Four of The Crown, Arriving 15th November.

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The monarchy. Above all else. GillianA and Emma Corrin join Oli Colman in Season Four of The Crown, arriving 15th November.
NEWS: The Crown S4 arrives on 15 November. Gillian Anderson and Emma Corrin join Oli Colman. nulb.
Some interesting claims made in response to The Australian's albericie article. Don't forget the New Daily found the emails from Turnbull's office directly to gavmorris attacking her...
"of the 200-plus staff who lost their jobs about 80 were from the news division, many senior, highly accomplished women over 40 .. older, experienced women walking away is something that has been raised with management and the board as a worrying trend".

Emma will be an excellent MP for Auckland Central.
Why Does Everyone Like EMMA STONE?
I wonder who first recruited Emma at the ABC & why they're not out here defending her? Without question one of this country's finest journalists. As sharp as they come. Fearless. Never stood in a presser taking 25 minutes to ask a simple question. Where are all her defenders?

Emma be driving like ma and shit lmao.
Emma mackey in death on the nile i will literally CRY.
Anklets are mad cute and mine should be dangling in the air.
Emma, I hope you can sense the support, encouragement & appreciation, that many Australians, like me, are sending you. Your excellent work is missed . Mr Morris may not recognise it, but not having you at the ABC weakens its reputation.

Gaven Morris when are you going to give full support to Emma's a disgrace what the "management " of Our ABC are allowing to happen to Emma .she's top drawer, start treating her like it.
If anyone i know has ever sexually assaulted you, taken advantage of you or done literally anything to you that you werent ok with, even if i consider them a friend - i will hold them accountable for their actions and walk away from that friendship if they do not fully step up .

This is a bad look because its incredibly bad!
Big Emma Nelson energy.
From the Community Oven in Hampton, NH to the nomination. What a ride Meirabb IAMoskowitz peterdoughy Emma_E_Riley.
I think personally it will end up happening in the end for many reasons. But its really annoying to see it drag considering his agents also represent Malcom who joined Barca instead of Roma in the last minute.

Emma reacted with.
I refuse to get married unless im proposed to with this ring box.
Also Emma I worked negotiating outcomes in IRC. Once it gets to that stage it's just 'horse trading' is the term often used. Never let them get you down as you will move on and be better for it. You have your integrity intact.

The fact that a stellar journalist like Emma Alberici has been shown the door by Gavin Morris and the ABC and a former Murdoch journalist like David Speers has been promoted wholeheartedly says much about the undermining of the ABC by the government .

What kind of sick god would allow us to live in a world with 14 Saw movies and only one Ratatouille film.
Cheers to the Emma Mae blu!
So sorry to hear this Emma. You are a fabulous journalist. This is a nasty political act meant to humiliate you. The boys in charge cant cope with strong clever outspoken women. Please know there are many of us who support and admire you and send strength to help you carry on.

What was Emma Alberici's crime? Why has she been made redundant from the ABC after 18 yrs as one of our most respected journalists? Because she critically assessed LNP economic policy. Why are we all ok with this?

And Leo is Emma so we have EiLeo swan queen.
Did aang save the world with geometry? no so why am i learning it.
And all the very best to you too Emma Alberici albericie .
Emma Steve Bannon Congratulations Farah 06327777.
Emma, I'm about to lose the second of only two women who have ever loved me during space of last four months. First died in April aged 38. Somebody knocked door yesterday and said other recently got married in hospital as is close to death. She'll be 49. HELP!! x.

Emma Alberici quits ABC over censorship claims: Competent women who challenge Murdoch, the IPA or the LNP will be destroyed. Australia is a world leader in Conservative propaganda and misogyny.
Im emma who r u ??
Im so sorry emma :,( ur amazing and ily so so much.
Goodnight to bruno emma love and ciara only . ily besties .
Great to see maemuller_ in rehearsals for TheLPShow yesterday shes amazing Apparently 10 years on I still cant find the camera though...
U cant have bad dreams if u dont sleep.
Today (August 20) in 2015 - 1D release their iconic music video for Drag Me Down, filmed at NASA Space Center!
I hope you come back to our screens soon Emma. We miss you in this household.
Emma is a sold stress causer.
We got her. We got Emma.
As Gavin Morris is the Director of News, can we expect any ABC reportage of his treatment of Emma Alberici? It's disgraceful. Or will you just continue to dutifully report with gusto Morrison's fake announcements when he needs to deflect from 100s of aged care deaths?

Good Morning Solid ALDUBNation & ALDUB! darna817 ashleylaw371 carreon3_emma eloise_avila MCambsl.
What do yall think are the chances we get the live album or documentary before the one year anniversary of Rogers Centre (Sept. 6).
Im so sad emma is gonna be at work while the mv premieres.
Forcing students to purchase a $100 access code should be outlawed...Im already paying upwards of $3k to take this class wtf???
Worlds Toughest Race Eco Challenge Fiji.
It was so lovely to read all the nominations this week and Im really not at all surprised to see your name there Emma ! Your thoughtful leadership very evident throughout. Have a wonderful and energising break annielaverty x.

The best way to know what an insecure man really thinks about himself is to pay attention to what he says about powerful women.
Girls are like the best thing ever.
Thanks Boogie. This is useful info.
Just had the absolute best birthday of my life today Vnulb cannot thank all of my closest friends enough that joined me and everyone that wished me a happy birthday Vnulb.
Lying: Did you steal the crayon? Pfft no wasnt me Gaslighting: I saw you steal the crayon in this room No, you didnt see me, youre crazy. I cant believe you think of me like that.
This one? And two years on, it is clear that the premise of the piece was fundamentally correct: business tax cuts do not result in greater investment and jobs. Rather like cutting penalty rates.
Sorry to see you go Emma albericie. You're a fine journalist and you've done some great work. Good luck in what will continue to be a fine career.
Disgraceful behaviour by gavmorris A fantastic journalist has left the ranks of the ABC. Your honesty and integrity will be missed Emma.
Took the coldest shower this morning.
Emma, youre clearly a victim of the Coalition Governments mendacious interference in the objective operation of OUR national broadcaster. That you held firm to your values and principles provides a beacon of hope and inspiration. Hold your head up high, WE salute you!

Out now.
I want a President that my grandchildren can look up to and respect.
That moment you realize witches were just healers, herbalists and medicine women who were shunned because of ignorance.
I'm hearing that some of the houses being sold by HAJ will also be made available by NHT to contributors with 100% financing.
New to nsfwtwt hi Im Emma but I prefer em Im 18 (2002) Im bi (60%girls40%boys) Im a sub can be bratty but soft Im 5"1 big single i have really hard kinks(carving,cnc) minors dni Follow and retweet to be moots I guess.

I love you youre the only person I've ever loved like this, and i know you're the only person I ever will. and I'm not myself without you, emma. ]...] I can't take you out of me. it means cutting out my heart.

Lawyers acting for Emma Alberici have accused the broadcaster of kowtowing to personal complaints by former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, alleging editorial managers had repeatedly tried to silence her reporting so as not to upset the government.

You are better than we deserve. Thank you for supporting Joe even though you deserved more from him and the DNC. We must elect Joe, but I better get the chance to vote for Castro soooooooon!
Best of luck Emma, we will miss you.
Hopefully The Guardian are in talks with Emma as we speak.
If you stan emma you gotta be supporting oli and amanda too!! have you seen the glow up from all 3 since that friend group started.
Michael, you and your colleagues should be standing up for Emma Alberici! If your all too scared you need to look for a new job! We need more Fearless Reporting.
Thanks Emma. Appreciate the response.
I love emma, thats all.
Oh no.
Hello graduates, what was your final year project topic?
Liberty North shooting guard picking up offer from Southwest Baptist. Emma Perry shot 36% from beyond the arc, making 56 3s on the season.
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Liam Payne will surprise us on August 29.
5 of 5 stars to This Adventure Ends by Emma Mills.
Woke up sweating bullets in this 100 degree weather / no air condition.
Im looking forward to all the blue ticks who jumped in fast to defend their News Ltd mates, stepping forward just as quickly to defend Emma Alberici. Any second now...
Things happen for a reason, always remember that.
Take a moment and look through this thread.
Ita Butthead needs to come out and explain how she allowed Emma Alberici to be driven out of OUR ABC. All her platitudes about standing up for the ABC and their journalists had been shown up as Empty Words. It's OUR ABC not yours not morrison's OURS. Were the fuck are you Ita.

Be careful on what you manifest.
Recording tonight something special.

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Have they done an episode about her son being a nonce yet?

Mori! Se estaban tardando!

Yesss omg I needed this.

These queens should be given their deserved Emmys.

Oooo can't wait.


PRINCESS DIANA!!!!!!!! Oh God i waited for this moment since 2015.

Soooo is that the legit wedding dress or nahh???

Estoy esperando que llegue el dia !

Mka esa temporada va a tener a Margaret Thatcher y a Diana.


Im torn... do I get Netflix for this or do I continue to boycott them?

I cant wait.

I cant feckin wait!


Eagerly waiting .. wow super excited for season four.

Nobody does period drama like the British. Its in their blood & years of great British acting & TV series. The Crown is a period drama production at its absolute finest. Looking forward to season four.


Omfg I cannot wait.


So exciting!!!


Hooray let's celebrate a family that thinks they're anointed by god to govern over all the heathen serfs of their monarchy. The only good Queen is the band.

Vc tem ate novembro para acabar as 3 temporadas e assistir a 4temp comigo. Isso nao e discutivel. paz.

Lets goooo!

Cant wait to see princess diana and margaret thatcher story.

Excellent !!!

Is this one about twerking kids too?

YEWWW!! So keen.

Im so looking forward to this.

Piel de pollo.

We know.

OMG Cant wait!


Early release...pretty please?!?


Omg omg omg omg omg.

I am waiting for it.

Them all.

I cant wait!!!!!!


And Helena Bonhan Carter.

Y O U P R O M O T E P E D O P H I L I A.

I CANT BLOODY WAIT!! God Save The Queen!!

Really looking forward to this I hope its a fair portrayal of Diana...

Are they going to showcase how the royals had her assassinated too?


?Pasaran la parte donde se entera que su cunado es un pederasta?

I keep rewatching this & just think: Wow. The clip is only 33 sec long, and Diana is only featured for 14 sec, but you can just feel the pressure that was on her for nearly half of her all-too-short life. She was only 19 when she started dating Charles, and married at barely 20.

OMG !!! The anxiety hit me real quick . I cant wait l.