Monday 12th of July 2021


Social Media Says

Were in the endgame now LETS BRING IT HOME! COME ON ENGLAND.
The final word. ThreeLions x.
very, very special message Gareth Southgate ThreeLions. Thank your support, Your Majesty.
proud England proud every country proud. matter result should proud.NOBODY fault blame. GarethSouthgate been amazing manager.Our time will come again. part-time glory-hunter fan,Im forever fan.x.

England just lost euro 2020 final against Italy penalty shoot out, nothing changed then!
planned England account suspended seemingly reason. Looks like guardian Angel.
Fantastic tournament from England. Cruellest lose reflection players' displays across competition. Credit Italy well were terrific throughout Euros. Gareth Southgate's side they continue build. There's much more come from them.

Sako fails to beat Donnarumma. WE'VE DONE IT!!!! ITALY: [?][?] ENGLAND: [?][?][?].
Lmao racism about to peak in England.
Hardcore England fans won't have pasta, pizza, lasagne weeks.
England cheats italy played very dirty lol.
Southgate only Southgate blamed England's loss.
England: coming home Chiellini.
knocking what Southgate done England. manager that should have NEVER been left shoulders year old.
people hating England much
Were about excessive amount Racism from England fans.
Italy deserved. amazing tournament England. Those kids young will have many opportunities again country.
Not england.
Congrats England, too. They overachieved playing final pushed Italy penalties. They someday they their considerable techniques need Spain, Italy France) speed power utilize wingbacks. shameful divers.

Horrible lose proud those England boys!
Rashford saka sent england back time ******.
Lmao they lined blacks take fall. tabloids going have wankfest England tomorrow morning.
All set & ready!!!! Come on England.
"This young England side..." How many time have heard that lifetime? They always young side they fuck all. Gareth Southgate hardly messiah way. fact, fucked time tonight.

Reports domestic abuse increase least when England team draw game, least when loses. Refuge number: 08082000247. Website.
Domestic violence increases england wins, they lose. alone, call 0808 2000
Covid restrictions being lifted, England loses match, penalties nature healing.
God. Such brutal ending. Well done England. Viva Italia!!!
Nooo england.
Oh wow. The 2 players brought on for the pens... That is so tough on England.
Italy game England heart. Athanne
Very VERY proud this England team though, tough these young guys tough they have really made proud this summer.
England fans: coming home!! Football.
loyal citizen since 1535 honestly this most embarassing moment life. Team England joke they should NEVER represent this country after this ABYSMAL performance. July 2021, will taking citizenship toof Italy, REAL country.

penalties that England missed, Rashfords worst. youuuuu.
Black stealing gold from England >>>>>>.
least England made Finals.
England fans live tweeting their post-Euro thoughts.
Yeah England fans raised PS20000 that little girl. lets isolate just fans pretends English.
People want England Euros People want Italy Euros People just want England lose.
botse prince..i told manchester boys saka kill England.
Domestic violence increases when england lose football match. know somebody victim this, here some useful contact numbers support.
If anyone is to blame for Englands loss its Southgate.
Toronto's Little Italy erupting after Italy wins Euro Final
England KOed Federer KOed Wimbledon India KOed This does again.
Sigh wonder what gonna with their England tattoos.
It's coming home Rome Italy defeats England Wembley EURO2020 Championship!
domestic abuse hotline england 0808 2000 stay safe!
Manchester United have failed England. Unsurprisingly.
Black players cost England title!!!!! ANCESTORS ALIVE.
England fans when they rashford, Saka Sancho outside stadium.
England pathetic.
Everyone england especially women please safe tonight.
Missed pens row. Damz.
domestic abuse - - please share these hotlines domestic abuse. when england loses, domestic violence increases also increases they play/lose. look anyone possible danger please stay safe.

Ommfs England please stay safe dont outside!!
Sterling, Saka Rashford England final. dont want hate inappropriate criticism from social media platforms tomorrow.
Putting hotlines domestic violence down below because increases england they lose they win/draw.
Honestly call fraud euro's want England bomb groups can't stand Southgate needs much talent this England team waste under this fraud.
Moots england stay safe.
least Luke Shaw proved Mourinho wrong. England take consolation that.
England have good players overconfident.
"Nobody is going to be pointing the finger of blame at anyone". Yes, England's tabloid culture track record definitely supports that notion.
England squad Nagoriyuki mains.
violence will never understand level violence england's football fans.
Losing penalties flattered England. Italy were better mile. would have been total injustice England won.
Louis_Tomlinson? amazing game england too.
Italy is!! EuroCupFinals what Game.. EURO2020 congratulations Italy hard luck England!
England played well what disappointing with penalties. Respect players.
Said after groups that thought Italy would all. Also genuinely believe England best side that tournament honestly think that side could World Cup. Feel Saka, should never been that situation. more experienced names bottled that.

saying england deserved loose after everything fans last games they deserve
England: coming home Donnarumma.
Feel worse that Saka missed than that England lost. What kid. What player.
Congratulations Italy (but still putting Pineapple pizza ) England thank getting country back love with national team.
Well done England. Couldn't have asked for anything more.
England gonna batter italy they said LOOOOL.
applaud optimism beans toast community going into penalties given Englands history know, shitting that stage.
Most fans when Denmark played against England booed during national anthem, some fans very nice, others straight arseholes.
England players crossed their fingers while penalties were being taken, Saka crossed eyes.

What You Really Think

Haha nope.

This aged well.


Why is rashford part of the cast again?

This is terrible but I think youll love it just for old meathead Maguire.

What is rashford doing there.

I love Twitter.

Get better dental first.

Joke of a nation this one.

Like this?


ENGLANDS MICKEY MOUSE ROAD TO THE FINALS -Played farmers in their group -Robbed Germany by booing their anthem -Played Chernobyl farmers in quater -Played all their games at home (doesn't count) -Sterling dive in ET England are a mickey mouse team in my book.

: that Maguire entry.

I love this.

Best thing I have ever seen.

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