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Thursday 29th of October 2020

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Says he Was "blindsided" by Revelations That a Think Tank he Chairs Received Donations From Convicted Paedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

I have no recollection of meeting Epstein, says Former Australian PM Rudd: Jeffrey Epstein link to Kevin Rudd peace think tank.
Everyone on the Epstein flight logs has endorsed joebiden EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. Let that sink in! Stay focused on our goal.
What do Donald Trump, Keith Raniere & Jeffrey Epstein have in common?
"Juan will not be in class today because he's singing and dancing with Ken Stabler and Fran Tarkenton." Signed, Epstein's Mother.
Did HRC know about Epstein and Bill in 16?
Murdoch is repeatedly shown in photos with Epstein.
Some paper-thin link from Rudd to Epstein getting a good run. John Howard and Tony Abbott best mates with George Pell quite ok. Give. Me. Strength.
I called everyone in Jeffrey Epstein's little black book.
So have I got this right? Murdoch hacks tried to smear Kevin Rudd for MurdochRoyalCommission campaign by linking Rudd to Jeffrey Epstein, but this has backfired by highlighting Rudd didn't know Epstein, but Murdoch was the one whose number was in Epstein's little black book? Wow.

And pedophile as he is suppressed his involvement in the Maxwell/ Epstein case they recruited people at mar o logo. I see it's OKAY to bring up the Clinton's the prince. just not him.
News Corp's disgusting attempts to smear MrKRudd by tenuously linking him to Jeffrey Epstein have failed. Only good thing to come out of it is that more ppl are now looking at Murdoch's links to Epstein. Yes, Murdoch is in Epstein's black booknulb No, Rudd is not[?].

Look at this entry in Epsteins Little Black Book .
Never been a massive Rudd fan but the Murdoch story on Epstein links is just such desperate bullshit.
Ladies & Gentlemen meet Rina who now is pleading innocence since theres a $VCF$ she has decided to come out as a victim, when on the record she was Epsteins GF& was rewarded with $$ in trade for victims- real victims. May karma be upheld and justice be done.

The sick reality, PPVSRB, is that Hadden is by far the most prolific serial sexual predator in the history of New York. Plenty of people at Columbia and NYPHospital knew, and have been covering it up for the past 30-years.

Dear SkyNewsAust . For reasons of space, no doubt, you forgot to tag this on the end of your bullshit report on Rudd and Epstein. Happy to help out.
Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd says hes 'deeply disturbed' on learning about the links between a think tank he chairs and Jeffrey Epstein.
Read it and weep.. the former prime minister was on a teleconference call in 2014 that included Epstein and at an event in New York in 2013 that Epstein attended. IPI records indicate that Epstein was also invited to attend that same function .

Kevin Rudd calls for a Royal Commission into Murdoch Media and the petition has over 402,000 responses. Fairfax and Murdoch response ' Let's dig some dirt on Rudd re Jeffrey Epstein and conveniently ignore that Murdoch had ties with Epstein ' . Welcome to MSM Oz style .

Rudd and Epstein in the same headline. Hmmm. At least it might shut him up for 10 minutes.
Well, well, well, what have we here? And why is Rupert Murdoch's private details in Epstein's address book? Dig deeper SkyNewsAust or has Kevin Rudd's MurdochRoyalCommission started to worry you.
Brenro4 Rabbittus frickmick theCutemartian1 howienudet GelicaAF ClwtrBkAtty Jackson02Jack Vazhog 1USMarine4MAGA Lynn80217236 Adorable_Todd LadyChesapeake stand4honor AnastasiaB2020 jjstyx don85375 Stevie47740937 rfragan us_poll GilbertLane14 Lisaisback21 tehipisehaka theAkmed ArtMcDonald8 QFollower13 _edwardmondini_ jaybakeraz veteran423 Tony_IsA_Turd Mari120468 WeidnerRoger na_uoy No... lolita express was island hopping in the Caribbean... He's on those pages... So was Gates, Hanks, clinton... That's just a creative cover. Besides, Roberts had no reason to hang out with a convicted pedo & was shown on the manifest post epstein's conviction.

It has been revealed notorious paedophile Jeffrey Epstein donated $650,000 to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's New York based think tank.
Is the MSM suddenly re-reporting the Epstein to Rudd think tank donation at the time of his anti-Murdoch petition a coincidence?
He will end up like Epstein, missing his day in court.
Why can't you be disgusted by Epstein Why can't you be repulsed by Pedophiles Yet still be a Democrat????? i.
You know you gonna lose dont you donny, bet you are on the verge of a breakdown , if they will imprison your mate epstein they will you.
The pig American system doesn't even care if you notice anymore, doesn't even try to hide or explain. we saw this with Mandalay Bay, with Epstein, and now this. and tomorrow it will be forgotten.
I think Donald is confusing California with that eyes wide shut party he went to with Epstein.
Yeah all they could dig up so far is a discovery last year of a donation from Epstein to some think tank which was immediately redirected to charity once discovered. Is that the best they can do?
So MrKRudd starts a petition against newscorp's media monopoly in Australia and, what, two weeks later Murdoch Media is reporting connections between him and Epstein? Seriously. I'm not even making this up, you couldn't. No one would believe you.

Donald Trump raped underage girls with Jeffrey Epstein.
Can you imagine a more hideous friendship coupling than Rudd and Epstein! Yuck.
Watch on YouTube the video: Trump rapes a 13 years old in the home of Jeffrey Epstein It's a testimony of 1 of Trump's supposed rape victim.
Things that may u go hmmmm...? auspol DictatorDan.
I know! Go ask.
Uses its market dominance to serve as the worlds biggest censor. According to professor and researcher Robert Epstein, Google maintains at least 10 blacklists it uses to block websites, individuals, and even words.

Epstein Islands girl is singing man.
The question remains - WHY did Epstein donate to this stink tank? Money laundering? A bribe?
The Epstein crap is professional political interference, disinfo trolls/operators, commissioned by Murdoch. It's a war against democracy.
Election poison nulb Kevin Rudd close ties to Epstein need investigation Another reason to put labor last...
News, Loretta Lynch & Bill Clinton both can confirm JoeBiden & Hunter on Air Force 2 were in fact discussing Loretta & Bills meeting at Phoenixs Sky Airport discussing grandchildren, golf & their respective travel plans to Epsteins little girls Island.

The true moral test- Rudd should return the dirty money now! Rudd wont, as his morals can be bought!
Two great, but short QB's... and yet they tower over Juan Luis Pedro Felipo de Huevos Epstein.
Just checking to see if Kevin Rudd 's contact details are in Epstein's black book. Nope but Murdoch's contact details are.
False Trump wanted to fuck his own daughter fucked a porn star and paid her to shut up friends with Jeffrey Epstein known child rapist even proof thats hes a pedophile and tons of rape allegations.
Pedo Jeffrey Epstein gave $US650K to Kevin Rudd peace think-tank. Rudd doesn't know anything. I bet.
Rudd and Epstein - No direct link. Here is a list for you. $80m Watergate $30m Airport Gate, Sportsrort, Gladys - Daryl cameo, Sukkar branch stacking, Dutton childcare rort, Angus Taylor Sydney council spending falsifying, $7m covidsafe app.. some appetisers to start with.

Maybe AngusTaylorMP knows where the documents are??
Welcome to current year journalism...
"Armistice activist" Jeffrey Epstein claimed to have been involved in major "peace accords" brokered by the Bush and Obama administrations. Another part of the Epstein scandal that mainstream media will ignore!

The article in the SMH is far more honest. Someone else on the board had a relationship to Epstein, and took the money. Rudd learned about this last year, and took action to see that the money from Epstein was given to charities fighting child abuse.

How about Murdoch's links to Epstein???
Kevin Rudds Jeffery Epstein denial not credible: Peter Dutton Sky News Australia Kevin...what have you done?
I've been down that rabbit hole . Is Zuckerberg wife relate to XI ? I'm guessing you know Zuck posted from Epstein Island.

What You Really Think

Chinese Puppet.

We see you.

Not a real issue. This just another smear campaign from Murdoch because Kevin's standing up for truth in Australian media.

Uncle Rupert is in Epstein's little black book, I wonder why?

They acted as quickly as they could after the revelations... I see no problem here. This is just trying to muddy Rudd because he is going after Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch is trying to smear, I see.

More important than ever. Is rupertmurdoch trying to get this trending again on purpose?

A warning shot? This will get dirty and after being bludgeoned by the right wing media, I've no doubt law enforcement will be used by their corporate paymasters to silence the dissent.

I always knew kevin under 7 was a pedo.


It is not an accident that Kevin Rudd lashing out at Rupert Murdoch has a return attack by Rupert Murdoch. The question is how and why Rupert Murdoch planted this Epstein bomb in a way to hurt Rudd, which speaks more to Murdoch's evil.

He would have known where $650,000.00 came from the guy is dodgy as hell have a look at the grub watch him weasel his way out of this controversy.

A lot of think tanks hold too much influence. Now do a full investigation of Australian Strategic Policy Institute.

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