Sunday 11th of April 2021

From WHO_Europe: "even With The Wider Spread of More infectious Variants, There is no Evidence That Schools Contribute in a Major Way to Community Transmission".

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Today in 1948, Zionist groups ethnically cleansed the Palestinian village of Deir Yassin, massacring 110 civilians, burning their bodies, and looting their possessions. A Jewish observer noted it was "like a pogrom...when the Cossacks burst into Jewish neighborhoods" in Europe.

Explosion of B117 across Europe. We epidemiologists have been shouting from the rooftops since December to no avail. Evidence was clear as day. Now we are in middle of another global surge for the 8th week in a row.

Europe has once again swelled with new coronavirus cases, driving a worrisome global surge. But this time, the rise in new cases is being propelled by a variant first seen in Britain, which swept that nation in December.

Barcelona and Arsenal two top teams in Europe all struggling this season.
Putin owes Ukraine, Europe, and the world an explanation for what he is doing.
These people are barbarians of the first order. this is what they did to women and theyre ones to talk about India. whats worse is the internalised racism by colonised Indians who actually buy into the lie that europe was progressive before the 20th century.

Ive just realized that the American dream is living in Europe.
Europes best youll be back V.
In Europe, Backlash Heats Up Over Garbage Incinerators.
VV I believe my Dad was half Welsh. I am English then British, OH is British then English. We are all part of Europe, and leaving the EU hasnt changed that as we know.
Someone explain to me why the EU shouldn't purge fascist and racist states like Hungary and Poland.
Hmm, some people are already trying legal challenges to identify as younger.
Nasir, M.A. Virtue after Foucault: On refuge and integration in Western Europe (2020).
Lol bruh with that you can travel the entire Europe from London.
When a small town in southeastern Poland adopted a resolution declaring themselves free of LGBT, the mayor didnt see much harm in it. Now, hes scrambling to contain the damage of the decision, which has become a costly embarrassment for the town.

Exactly point Ive been advancing since... Dembele outshined Mbappe at Dortmund resulting in big teams in Europe battling to sign him, Mbappe had his light completely dimmed.. Now, Dembele cant even compete the man.

Fresh blow for AstraZeneca as vaccine is linked to another dangerous blood condition in Europe.
How much Europe Shares Accounted in Cannabis Market? NeighborWebSJ.
Building for solana/bsc is like moving to europe to play pro basketball.
Melinda Gates: Economically we're not gonna have a swift recovery in USA or in Europe if we don't make sure that everybody gets vaccinated.
The variant, known as B.1.1.7, is now spreading in at least 114 countries. Its devastating effects are most prevalent in Europe, where thousands are dying each day and economies are again being hit by new restrictions on daily life.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin departs for Israel on a trip that is also expected to include visits to Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom.
The Doors - Love Me Two Times (Live In Europe 1968).
The best midfielder on europe Toni kross 2-0.
"We had a really hard year all of us and theres people uniting in a very special moment." Despite official pleas to stay away amid the pandemic, mourners continue to flock to British royal palaces to pay respects to Prince Philip, who died at 99.

REAL training could help. It varies from place to place, but generally training course is less than 6 months. In some parts of Europe, it can take 3 YEARS of training to become a police officer.
Chelsea have won League titles, FA Cups and League Cups. They've also found success in Europe, becoming the only British club to win all three major UEFA trophies: the Cup Winners' Cup, the Champions League and the Europa League. And people try say London is Red or White.

If you believe BlackLivesMatter then you support the right to self-determination and sovereignty of African nations. If America, Europe, Japan, Israel, India have internationally recognized right to self-defense, so does Ethiopia!!

Follow us to stay updated on news from the Council of Europe Directorate General HumanRights and.
Frustration grows at US military bases overseas over the slow pace of the Covid vaccine rollout.
Giorgos Karaivaz: Veteran crime journalist shot dead in Greece.
We looked at the rise of variants across Europe B.1.1.7 in particular and how dangerous this virus can be.
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Barca has never lost any game this year The only unbeaten team in Europe this year Koemans ball is back kmt my freeeen.
In data: Europes foodtech ecosystem in 2020.
Do you know an equivalence of this in Europe? Even heterosexual for the searched aspect. In heterosexuals, the question to be addressed should be the same, especially since it is easy to be born of a physical action that does not necessarily imply the desire to be a parent.

Thomas Muller has registered 16 assists in the Bundesliga this season, more than any other player across Europes top five leagues. Consistently elite creativity.
Amnesty International condemns rich countries for hoarding Covid-19 vaccines.
Veteran crime journalist Giorgos Karaivaz shot dead in Greece.
I was talking about COCOA some days back. This podcast sheds more light. A lot of my classmates in Europe do not even know where COCOA comes from. We must continue to do more.
Guy was 4 when r9 left europe.
Check out this article: 30 Best Islands in Europe: Beautiful European Islands .
Think Ponte Vecchio but cooler. Kramerbrucke (Merchants' Bridge) in Erfurt was built in 1325 (the houses are 15th century). Through it ran the Regia, a medieval route connecting East and West Europe. It's still inhabited and used by craftsmen and merchants.

Is clean energy project powering millions of housholds & industries. If you love this planet, SupportGERD FillTheDam ECNAS_CA Tesla.
Cats are notoriously frugal, and therefore it was with much surprise that I first heard of 'Cat's-crown', Lax and idle habits have long been noted among The untamed breeds of foxes, which in Europe were Called no. I. As ever in a north summer, There must be a plentiful supply.

The variant is believed to be about 60% more contagious and 67% deadlier than the original version of the virus. It has spread rapidly across the continent since early January and is the dominant strain in many European countries.

Northern Europe, of testable explanations that scientists do.
The consequences of Boris Johnsons careless Brexit are playing out in Belfast Jonathan Freedland .
Bus torched in more Northern Ireland violence as British and Irish leaders call for calm.
The basis of marxism is very eurocentric. marx developed his philosophies by also studying world history which didnt necessarily take into account anything past eastern europe.
If you want to know how to apply for free (fully funded) scholarships in Europe, open this tweet.
We ruled Europe for almost good 3-4 seasons , Xavi, Puyol, Iniesta, Valdes, Messi, Villa Many other big names .
The NY times posted the b117 progression map of europe/UK, its 4.5 months, they better busy.
Toni Kroos from the free kick Real Madrid lead 2-0!
My thoughts exactly. Also THAT Leinster side doesnt play in the Pro 14. Europe only. Also I think the terms demolition would indicate a larger points different ***.
"Don't worry you're in the right place Messi, the best retirement home in Europe.".
Wallahi the quality of counter attacking madrid is playing ..defences way ft stop am nr reach 3 for Europe.
Killion Dollar Trilogy for Europe markets, PLEASE!!! V.
This is a massive military buildup. Purposely happening in plain sight - no more little green men. there are now at least 85,000 Russian troops positioned between six and 25 miles from the Ukrainian border and in Crimea.

Not what my tells me from London ! He tells me the people there want her banned from Europe! Good day sir.
President of Cape Verde since 2011, Jorge Carlos Fonseca is speaking at Universal Peace Federation's 5th RallyofHope. He is a politician, accomplished lawyer, university professor and author. See.
I'm excited that you have confessed what most Muslims think. I wish, expect vonderleyen to understand the danger that threatens Europe by allowing more people like you to come to EU countries. Guys you must woke up as soon as possible. Our Europe, west civilization is in Danger.

"Building a secure, prosperous, and democratic Ukraine, even if parts of the country remain under Russian occupation, is the best way to counter Moscows ideological and military aggression in Europe." THREAD 1/.

Does Nintendo of Europe repair the joycons for free? I know they still do over here.
Look at what Brexit is causing, on top of all this mess we are no closer to a socialist UK and no closer to a socialist Europe which is ultimately where we need to be.
Sadly Europe has been really shit with their vaccinations. It's likely that I will have to wait until May/June to be eligible.
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Someone said, how can we expect Africa that is divided to win against Europe that is united in exploiting Africa. My heart.
EU proposes six-month tariff freeze with United States - Der Spiegel.
Im sure your mom would be proud that her son had to leave Europe to become a snowflake-but pirate in nyc whos ex-wife left him for a rookie NYPD cop ...
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Docunents, activities involving machines, and an evil media are the red balls in 3 card monty. The real show and motive is to create a slow motion crash of our economy and have us lose 50-65 percent of our purchasing power over a decade like what happened in Europe.

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Define MAJOR way 3/5 3/5 3/5.

15 months ago WHO was saying there was no evidence about infection from human to human. And now here we are... Yeah, about this topic.

Absence of evidence, it is not evidence of absence.

You see this.

Aren't there are studies that show that school do have a major impact?

The same WHO_Europe_DE that declared this pandemic WAY TOO LATE? Oh dear ***.

I would probably trust her more if it didn't sound like she was ignoring COVID19 best practices herself.

Lets jab up them up anyway! Just in case...

Why is the report on a March 9th meeting coming out now?

It's that phrase again: "there is no evidence that..." Does this mean that the evidence shows that schools do not contribute in a major way? Or just that there is no evidence either way? People will assume the former.

They contribute, period.

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