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Sunday 17th of May 2020


Rotterdam will host the Eurovision Song Contest 2021.
WE ARE THE HEROEES! Five years later this song still slaps. .
Gonna tell my kids this was Joe Exotic.
Anyone have a link for me to stream the BBC show?
official youtube channel uploaded s performance in Verona Arena! SO WHEN CAN WE SEE THE WINNER PRESS CONFERENCE? WILL IT BE UPLOADED SOON???
Thank you to every single one of our artists. Youll forever be part of the Eurovision Family.
Tonight, with Public Service Media Organisations all across Europe, we light up our monuments in a demonstration of hope and unity. Here s your Rock of Cashel. Let the love light carry.
How did I miss it today gona rewatch later def!
Enjoyed a zoom party today. I had to dress like Ireland.
In 2016 I was really close to commit suicide but then this song gave me strenght to believe my life is worthy. I started feeling again. This song introducted me to . I found a reason to live. My life started to be more.

WHAT. A. MOMENT. Landmarks all across Europe light up in unison to the sound of the incredible Rotterdam Philharmonic playing Love Shine A Light. Brothers and sisters, let your love shine a light in every corner of our hearts.

Thank you for all the Eurovision programmes tonight! Huge fun! Excited for a return to the full competition year! Long live Eurovision!
Its so depressing to think that the Eurovision journey is already over for some of the artists we saw tonight, just because their broadcasters care more about ratings than anything else.
This is our results for the jury. Winner: Iceland 76 points Second: Sweden 56 points Third: Azerbaijan 34 points Fourth: Ireland 30 points Last, UK. null points.
Appeared on tonight and here s a to celebrate!
We re excited to have reached an agreement with & to stage 2021 in Rotterdam And we re pleased to be able to bring back STRONGER than ever to audiences around the world Read more.
Okay tonal whiplash from "Me and My Guitar" to "Ovo Je Balkan"!
Video Interview Graham vs. Commentary Graham.
europe robbing italy: starter pack.
I can t believe Italy finally won eurovision-again">Eurovision again.
Love the fact some of the singers are reading the words to Shine A Light - singing the words Shine A Light - well it is easy to forget these 3 words.
One of my favourite tv moments this year so far. Graham Norton: God that was awkward.
Well, that was fun. I ve laughed. I ve cried. I ve drank. I bloody love and I can t wait for the real thing to be back to normal next year. Goodnight Europe!
Absolutely incredible scenes from Iceland.
nobody: graham norton doing his interview:.
"So maybe I should get a nine to five And I dont wanna let it go Theres so much more to life" I felt that.
Love shine a light one of my favorite songs Sending my love to all of you. brings us together.
Hello Twitter! Meet my mum who made a Poli Genova outfit back in 2018 and is wearing it this year to celebrate Eurovision! This is her recreating the iconic Eurovision performance.
post/non eurovision depression anyone?
Eurovision 1982 Germany - Nicole - A Little Bit Of Peace (Winner).
My review: Czech Republic . Apart from the video making me a bit motion sick, I actually quite like this song. It was one of my favourites from their national selection and I feel I could have a good dance-a-long to this song. Overall: .

Dear Sietse, Tonight s show was truly moving and uplifting and such a gift for Eurovision fans the world over. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
Hi thoroughly enjoyed tonight it was just what we needed. I love can t wait till 2021.
Ok, ESAL was awful. Only those that blindly believe in EBU supported this cancellation. They couldve made Eurovision happen. Bye, Jon Ola Sand! You killed JESC and was unprofessional many times with ESC. Dont come back!

this WAS a cultural reset.
Good luck to everyone next year. Thanks to all the incredible fans and followers. It s been the most amazing 10 years of my life.
I have no discernible vocal ability, but tonight I joined this beautiful choir You can spot me in pink at the bottom right alongside my comrade A year isn t so long. Hope to see my pals in the in 2021.

Okay just watched Scooch on and enjoyed it. I must be drunk.
Live from our Living room Singing our song Waterline Everyone Stay Safe We love you Good vibes from Jedward.
Yes guys, See you next year! 2021!
Graham Norton is the true hero of the people.
Amazing show! Thank you from the USA!!!! Stay safe!
Imagine if every country in did this. It would become boring.
hi world, public service announcement to let you know that this song won.
thats it thats the tweet.
I m not crying you are.
Absolute hero. Two years ago announced to the world they are living with HIV after being threatened by a former partner to disclose. Since then Conchita has become a leading voice in ending HIV stigma.

Now that Ive recovered amd can tweet again: We know you dont want to end so were organizing the first ever on Friday, May 22! Want in? Submissions due Tuesday, May 19. Details here:.
I dont care about winning, this went from being a "love song" to being an anthem of hope, I cant get off my mind the idea that hes begging our country to make our chaotic, annoying, beautiful noise again. We will.

The EBU has formally confirmed that 2021 will take place in Rotterdam.
will return in 2021.
First Eurovision I was really aware of. I was 7. The hype around then we won! So Hold Me Now will always be my favourite.
Man we were robbed of seeing Russia s live performance.
Roll on 2021 guys.
Tonight was a very important moment for Bulgarian eurofans.
I thought 60 was on tonight. Where should I be looking?
a year since we were robbed xoxox.
WINNING PERFORMANCE: Diodato - Fai Rumore - Italy - Eurovision 2020.
I was going to nail it for night. Am gutted for them. I so hope the pull another blinder out for next year. Either way, Im a fan.
I dont think Iceland should send him next year. I think they should send him every year. He is the best thing that could happen to in quite some time.
Iceland were my winner, but Russia were a strong (those knees though?!?).
Waiting for tonight. So I have laid 42ft of train track between sofa and kitchen. A good service is now operating: a train carrying our two gin & tonics has just arrived.
Mr Graham Norton May he always be known thus.
I d love to see Jedward back at Eurovision.
Every year provides the Durotriges Project with a song for the dig. This year theres no fieldwork and no song contest Fingers crossed both will happen next year Meantime we leave you with Svetlana Lobodas 2009 recreation of the Boudiccan Revolt.

Who expected to hear San Marino on Saturday night 2 years in a row.
BREAKING : Samira Efendi will represent Azerbaijan at 2020 in Rotterdam.
yes im still thinking of her.
My review: Armenia . When I first heard this song I wasn t sure about it but it was the first 2020 song to become an ear worm for me. I love the modern sound of the song and how easy it is to dance to. Overall: .

Buddy, right now!
British viewers have chosen Waterloo from ABBA as the greatest song of all time Fans have also been singing the praises of the show. Congrats.

What You Really Think

Diodato, il migliore.

Youll be so greatly missed . Best wishes from Ireland.

YESSS Im so proud what my country has showed tonight. Its not easy to please everyone, but we showed we can do this a small country and WE WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN NEXT YEAR! Welcome to Rotterdam 2021!

Excited already.

Please promise .. if we are still in this situation, you will play the songs in full, let the people vote, and use as a force for happiness, not gloom PS I love you xxx.

Ahorrando para 2021.

Great show tonight! Thank you.

Thank you Rotterdam. See you in 2021.


Will be missed.

Thank you for the show tonight! folks!

See ya in a year in Rotterdam.

Well done on a great show tonight, it wasnt what it should be but it was a very moving show.

Thats awesome!!!