Sunday 10th of January 2021

Everton Manager Carlo Ancelotti Says Football is important For Communities And Should Continue Despite The Rise in Coronavirus Cases Across The Country.

Can anyone explain how City - with the worlds most expensive squad and fawned over academy - can just say naaaah not playing for the Everton game, but Villa had to field the Aston Juniors U14s?
West Ham and Everton - as Chelsea too - are not close to sign Moises Caicedo in this moment. Same for Atlanta ]MLS]. The race is open and many clubs are involved. Manchester United have 100% decided *not* to sign him, as reported today here.

Sunday's BarclaysFAWSL match been postponed due to confirmed COVID-19 cases at Everton. More details nulb.
For what its worth IMO the greatest ever Evertonian.
Football is a beautiful sport [?]nulb Chorley giving us the necessary New Year vibes Rooney Mbappe Everton FACup Ibra Sevilla Newcastle Man United Messi Ronaldo Goat.
Everton are into the next round but could they go all the way to the FACup final? Watch on BBCiPlayer or online here.
Derby kill you? Or Everton in 90 mins?
Is this what you call a Grey Wolves gesture? You cant blame someone with being fascist from a stupid photo.
And crookes the question is why make that substitution? We were on top of them they were the key men hurting Everton. Why take them off? ..
FT: Everton 1-1 Rotherham. We're going to extra time at Goodison...
Ole always got unlucky in his cup fixtures. League Cup - Man City in both semi FA Cup - Chelsea Europa league - Sevilla UCL - group of death Meanwhile Mourinho, League Cup - Hull City, Southampton FA Cup - Everton, Crystal palace Europa league - Celta vigo, Ajax.

'Everton revealed the soft underbelly, but covered it before Rotherham's tickles could result in pissy shorts and another lame domestic cup exit.' willfordy25 on Everton 2-1.
Thats Everton for ya.
Everton are in the hat for the 4th round of the FACup after a 2-1 win over Rotherham after extra time. Two great goals from Tosun &.
10 tickets everton dey everything.. Night never reach ticket don cut.
Oh Everton dey way u do mi like that.
Trump aint a dictator. Funny enough citizens of the world can not differentiate between a dictator and someone who would do anything to ensure anything outside national interest is cut off. Everton UseSwirge Sevilla LayconXFire Jack.

FT (AET). Job done - in the end. 2-1 NSnulb.
Non-league Chorley shock virus-hit Derby, Everton advance in FA Cup.
Everton don run person street Early fixtures [?][?].
Were you playing with your dicks or foot?
Thats what all Everton wins feel like to me.
I will need the poets for this one Lets see what youve got Please retweet Thank you Everton Wizkid kiddwaya Erica Ginger Burna waist Trump Google University Of Ibadan PS 5 Kiddrica 2 btc Jack HiStarGirlErica wizkid Davido.

4K gone gone bc of Everton. I hate that team.
Not long to go in the early FACup games... O Boreham Wood 0-1 Millwall O Everton 1-1 Rotherham O Luton 1-0 Reading O Norwich City 2-0 Coventry City O Nottingham Forest 1-0 Cardiff City O Chorley 1-0 Derby (60th minute) Live updates.

You cast your bait, and caught water you weapon...
Thanks to matt_olosunde for one of the best individual rufc performances Ive ever witnessed. Unplayable and had the World Cup winner on toss. Everton must have thought all their Christmases had come at once when they discovered hed been subbed for Extra Time.

FULL TIME Everton 2 v 1 Rotherham The Millers bow out of the EmiratesFACup, but can hold their heads high after pushing their Premier League opponents all the way at Goodison Park.
No place for facist acts not just at Everton but in football and life in general if Tosuns celebration is that there is no place for him at Everton!
FULL TIME Everton 1 v 1 Rotherham The game ends all square after 90 minutes, after Matt Olosunde's first senior goal cancelled out Cenk Tosun's opener. We will have extra time here at Goodison Park. (1-1).

Full time for the Everton Vs Rotherham Game Everton go through after getting knocked out by Liverpools youngsters last time.
Ruined my acca, expect you lot to paypal me 100 quid now.
Everton has ruined your ticket. Don't lie.
Always felt we were stitched up by The FA in that semi. If my memory serves me well, we were the first name out, had to travel the furthest and Everton had three sides of the ground to make it seem like a home fixture for them. Not that Im still bitter about it!

F/T FACup SCORES [?] Boreham Wood 0 - 2 Millwall Everton 2 - 1 Rotherham Luton 1 - 0 Reading Norwich 2 - 0 Coventry Nottingham 1 - 0 Cardiff Chorley 2 - 0 Derby.
Blues through to the 4th round draw but, it wasn't inspiring to say the least... that said, we run our MotM poll as usual, so don't delay, vote today !! Everton 2-1 Rotherham United .
Everton... what will I tell Lily and her mom??
Everton score but them cancel the Goal Who get rope for house.
Job done Everton are through to the FACup fourth round after beating Rotherham in extra-time. Reaction.
Teams into the hat fourth round of the EmiratesFACup so far = Tier of English football 1 Liverpool 1 Everton 1 Wolves 2 Norwich 2 Luton 2 Millwall 2 Nottingham Forest 6 Chorley.
Abdoulaye Doucoure scores an extra-time winner as Everton see off Rotherham in the FACup That assist from James Rodriguez.
And in a normal FA Cup year we'd have taken Everton for a replay back to the NYS. How can you not be happy with that?
Utd away 2001 - PDC Arsenal 97/98 until the pens And I thoroughly enjoyed the Everton penalty shoot out.
Nobody Everton.
Evertonians know their football. If they had been allowed here, they would have given Rotherham United a standing ovation at the end there.
This is not racism some stupid everton fans..its just a symbol..dont you love your country ? this is a crime ?
If - and it is an if - Cenk Tosun was doing the Grey Wolves sign when celebrating, then he should never, ever represent Everton in any capacity again. We dont want horrid fascists here. I think its important that Everton look into this. Well done on raising it, TweetGyorgi.

It's his index and middle fingers.
Maybe he is just a fan of the NWO.
Everton played draw FT only to get a lead 3mins into the Extra Time just so they can cast boys demma slips. Eno go better give them mmoa. The Casford field de3 ago bed this coming semester, Hostel fees nu ahye.

FA Cup LIVE: Watch Arsenal v Newcastle & follow Man Utd v Watford, Everton v Rotherham scores & updates.
As it should be.
RATINGS: Here are the Rotherham United grades from this afternoons Cup tie at Everton. Some excellent marks.
Messi is an Alien Goat Level !!!! Brighton Mings Coady Sporty Real Madrid Barcelona Messi Ronaldo Mbappe Haaland Everton Newcastle United.
That's it. Everton scrape through at home to 23rd in the Championship in what felt like the longest game of footy ever played. Has an Everton win ever felt so underwhelming? I guess ultimately we're still in the hat. Now let's never speak of that ever again.

The fact this has even been shared asked and people are arguing over it is laughable, martial will always b the french nani, Rooney was untouchable the moment he scored that goal for Everton against seaman.

Bernard blocking Everton fan accounts who've never had a bad word to say about him.
Everton Twitter currently becoming experts in niche, right wing Turkish nationalist political organisations, and the various symbolism associated with them. Another 2021 twist I didnt see coming, to be fair.

328 Apps. 0 Goals. 1 Testimonial. 1 Goal You have to give it to Everton fans, they were true to their word, when Tony Hibbert scored, they rioted.
Doesn't help Everton that they have a choker as coach.
10 Bet slips All Of Them I Stake Win Give Everton.
Who was your eToro MOTM today? Download the Official Everton App now for your chance to vote!
Before all the negative gossip starts, there's a bit of a difference in the raised fingers, so can we stop before we start?
Everton are in the hat for the next round and that's all that matters etc, etc But, is it actually all that matters? You won't win trophies with performances like that My on-the-whistle analysis of today's game.

HT in ET. Back in the lead and 15 minutes away from completing the job. Come on, lads! 2-1 NSnulb.
If he's purposely done that Grey Wolves sign he can fuck right off. And Everton need to get rid asap.
It's never easy with Everton. Never.
Google Translate.
Yeah thats good thinking. Pretty sure Im putting Lacazette in and leaving enough in the bank so him to Antonio can fund Saka to Grealish if the Everton game goes ahead. Feels like were the only two definite wildcarders on Twitter at the moment.

Banker lord. 2/2 Everton SW was 1.20 odds.
Everton is winning but bet punters are still crying...if you know you know.
Not in an Everton shirt he hasn't Luke.
Learn more about our POS/Point of Sale System Uhuru Atwoli RIPMamaHannah Moses Kuria JijengeNaJHela Sevilla Everton.
FULL TIME: EmiratesFACup (AET): EVEON 2 vs 1 ROTHERHAM UNITED. ]9' Cenk Tosun 93' Abdoulaye Doucoure; 56' Matthew Olosunde].
All the Everton shenanigans in the late 80's.
Everton u 2.5 lost , while my second ticket of straight win lost too ,please what's wrong ,what can I do right now.
Everton no win this game a, i dey retire.
My first ever FA Cup game. Preston and got beat 1 nil. Truly awful game. Absolutely Freezing too. Sure there was snow about. 1st ever away game. Everton 1988. 1-1 and it resulted in to epic replays. Chesterfield both games.

What You Really Think

They may be in a bubble but the fact that they are having parties, and going places is a danger to the whole community itself. That in itself is putting the epl and global leagues and risk.

Love Ancelotti, always giving off that mafia vibe.

Spot on Carlo, for mental health if nothing else.

More sane opinion on the issue.