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Sunday 2nd of August 2020

Best of Luck to The Bhoy, Kierantierney1 in Todays FACupFinal!

I am feeling the 14th is coming today. Good luck Arsenal FACupFinal FACup.
London is red.
Best of luck to the Bhoy, kierantierney1 in todays FACupFinal!
Heartiest Congratulations to Team Arsenal on lifting the FA Cup!! Arsenal 2-1 Chelsea.
Better banter like this.
North London Is Red.
Just look at Zouma but Maguire is the Fridge This one is deep freezer.
Just look how much the FA Cup win means to Arsenal keeper Emiliano Martinez.
If you Missed the FACupFinal .This is how it went down.
Chelsea fouls: 14 Arsenal fouls: 2 Chelsea yellows: 6 Arsenal yellows: 1 Chelsea reds: 1 Arsenal reds: 0 Ref, if youre going to be biased at least make it a little less obvious...
FA Cup Final Day [?] And could be more than one BIG Cheese today as we've got a case of it to be won For chance to win simply like & comment with taytohappy by 1pm tomorrow 02/08/20.
I was so sure I even told the whole Oyo State on bcos_tv this morning, the gods dont lie. NSnulb.
Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 at Wembley to win the.
One of the worst seasons I've ever seen. It was soul destroying..and then we go and win the FA Cup. Jokes. This club is jokes...
Pulisic delivers the opener in the FACupFinal after six minutes!
Bet Wenger would have also loved that today apart from the obvious reason. Yes Guardiola is Artetas apprentice, but so is Wenger. Vnulb.
Arteta!!! Arsenal! Champions! Call me Champion Carol!!!
Arsenal we done did it.
Arteta thanks Guardiola after he wins his first trophy in management!
1 - Mikel Arteta is the first person to win the FA Cup with Arsenal as both a captain and a manager. Leader.
Liverpool's first ever FA Cup final Vs Burnley at Crystal Palace in 1914.
How can u not love this man.
If you're an Arsenal fan that always FOLLOWS BACK other Gooners! Follow all who and gain! 1-1 v Chelsea at half time.
Another 1 .4.
Lewandowski and hin Bayern Teammates dey talk about their Second Leg UCL clash vs Chelsea.
GOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAL! Aubameyang [?]nulb Don't freak out yet, this is just practice for later.
How much are they paying this clown?!
Well that was fun.
Respect yourself Jaytex_songz Mr man. I expect you to quote this tweet daily and say good morning till end of August. FACupFinal COYG! Cc.
Lets do this lot MkhariGiven.
75: Arteta booked. 2-1.
CONGRATS to our ex-Dogues Nicolas Pepe and Aubameyang7 on winning the FACupFinal with The.
Me and my brother Arsenal Chief Priest kelechiAFC consulted the gods after a simultaneous bad dream and the gods have spoken. Arsenal will win the FA cup final today NSnulb.
Thats a foul on the edge of the box there! Anthony Taylor is bluffing.
Arsenal qualify for the Europa League Spurs have to play two more qualifying rounds Wolves drop out of European qualification.
This game highlights the stark difference between two rookie coaches One with endless resources The other with a disjointed team and meager funds Lampard cant match Arteta Arteta is greater than Lampard. Aubameyang is the best striker in the EPL.

Anthony Taylor currently the No.4 trend worldwide on Twitter. Thats all you need to know about today.
Clear red card here for Kovacic, a shocking tackle, can't believe he'd have the audacity to leave his boot under Granit Xhaka's... ***nulb.
Last year, I took my lad Tino for the annual pilgrimage to The Emirates. But its been a painful season & I worried for the lad. Today, Arteta & the boys restored some pride to The Beautiful Team. Tino is a happy lad! Well done you Gooners!

Highlights FACupFinal ARSENAL 2-1 Chelsea EmiratesFACup FOUEEN TIMES. Here's how Arsenal beat the Blues to win the.
Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang standing with every other player that has scored two goals in both the semi-final and FACupFinal of the same season in the last 30 years. Yep, that's right.
Congratulations kierantierney1 from everyone at.
Chelsea lost their Their 3rd position trophy to Man United They Lost the FA cup to 10th placed Arsenal too They Face Bayern Munich next Life is not fair on Chelsea fans this year. You can drop your tears below too, I love to see it.

How's everyone feeling?
1 - Mikel Arteta is the first Arsenal manager to win a major trophy in their first season in charge of the club since George Graham in 1986-87. Natural.
After listening to Nigeria's motivational speaker's "aspire, Maguire and prespire".
Arsenal scored four goals in beating Manchester City and Chelsea in the FA Cup at Wembley. Aubameyang7 scored all of them.
Teams that didnt go trophyless in 19/20 season. - Arsenal - Real Madrid - Manchester city - Liverpool - Lazio - Juventus - Napoli - Bayern Munich - PSG Reply this with Hi if u see your team.
Comment "Vnulb", and Like and this if you are proud of this noble badge and a proud GUNNER this day!
Pulisic kept on running even after pulling the hamstring ! RESPECT .
Aubameyang to Zouma in the build up to his 2nd goal. Auba! ARSCHE FACupFinal .
Anthony Taylor did well with the Red card. Definitely worth it.
FT: Chelsea 1-2 Arsenal in the FACupFinal Lampard can ultimately reflect on a good first season managing CFC but today will feel like bitter disappointment. Some questionable decisions from referee Anthony Taylor have not helped, neither had injuries to Azpi, Pulisic & Pedro.

Na beg i dey Beg you in the name of GOD to please help me , A single can go a long way Next season jersey available for all clubs 4000. 08032504439 London is Red Auba Ceballos OPPOA92xTacha Kante Anthony Taylor Arteta FACupFinal Always 14 Number 14 Europa League.

Stand Up for the Champions!

What You Really Think

ANd wasn't he just sublime..! What a signing!

We love the bhoy already.

Like this, a lot.

Great player.


Thank u CelticFC for such great footballer and a person VnulbVnulbVnulb.

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