Sunday 10th of May 2020


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Seven years ago today, Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement after 26 years and 38 trophies with Manchester United. A legend of the game.
Ferguson vs Gaethje. The Octagon returns in 24 hours. Get the E+ PPV now.
Tony Ferguson has arrived!
I never seen this happen to Ferguson.
Tony Ferguson s chin is crazy that man can take a beating.
Yes Gaethje but tony ferguson is a walking zombie jesus christttttt, any human being woulda been dead long time ago.
Tony Ferguson just got his lunch money.
Tony Ferguson got his ass absolutely rocked. 5-0 Gaethje. Clinic.
LIVE: Its time for the main event Follow all the action here.
Absolutely incredible performance from gaethje. Think this has all but confirmed we will probably never ever see ferguson v khabib.
Gaethje went to hug Ferguson afterwards and Ferguson pushed him away.
Styles make fights, gaethje was a bad matchup for Ferguson. I think Gaethje beats Khabib.
Insane. Gaethje winning is not shocking but beating Ferguson down for 5 rounds like that is absolutely incredible.
Gaethje is a beast, what an animal. Kudos to Ferguson. Ridiculous chin.
Thats it. Justin Gaethje TKO in the fifth round. Tony Ferguson upset, shoves him away when Gaethje tries to hug him. Heartbreak for Ferguson in Jacksonville. Gaethje sky rockets off this. Wow. Bring on Khabib.

Tony Ferguson just got battered? Madddddddd.
respect to Tony Ferguson a true samurai he will be back stronger than ever.
Wow man. Hate to see that from Ferguson. Theres no reason to act that way, he was taking more punishment than Ive seen a fighter take in a long time. Brutal.
Tony Ferguson isn t human.
Lmao Ferguson took a beating.
What an incredible, professional, intelligent & assured performance that was by . He actually broke Tony Ferguson s resolve. That is unthinkable.
I can t believe Ferguson isn t falling from these shots. But this is virtuoso stuff from Gaethje.
Justin Gaethje stops Tony Ferguson in the 5th round. TKO. In my opinion the best performance of Justin Gaethjes career.
Tony Ferguson is not human.
That was absolute domination from start to finish. They aren t even in the same league ability wise those two. Ferguson has done amazing with his ability to take a shot and his cardio but it catches up eventually. Have to question his corner not stopping that earlier!

absolute domination over Ferguson! Wowwwwww.
Well in Gaethje, that was fucking brutal from start to finish! Give him a shot at Khabib! Ferguson is hard as fucking nails.
How is Ferguson still standing after this massive right from ?!
One of the best technical fights I have ever seen!! Justin Gaethje carried the same kind of pace and impact all the way to the end! Respect to Ferguson for being able to withstand that kind of beating, but this fight puts Habib on notice!!

Where the Tony Ferguson lot at? Ya ll were talking shit not too long ago.
They told me Tony would take Justin Gaethje to deep waters. They told me Justin had no gas tank, no fight IQ. 4-0 shutout and made Tony Ferguson quit. The best lightweight in the world. AND NEW!
Respect to Tony Ferguson for taking a fight.
SPECTACULAR! SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE!! Ferguson moving salty asf too.
Ferguson got out classed.
lmfaoo Ferguson really salty after gettin his ass handed to him I mean good shit on lasting so long.
Yikes, Ferguson with a bad show of sportsmanship after getting his ass beat. Gaethje went for a hug after the fight and Ferguson pushed him away. lol.
What s happened with Tony Ferguson?
Can t believe Ferguson didn t go down not even once.
That fight was incredible. Gaethje was flawless. For Ferguson to still be on his feet in the fifth round, after that beating, is unreal.
Tony Ferguson was eating those combinations all night. He was bound to lose his equilibrium at some point.
ferguson got that crackhead energy.
results: absolutely demolishes Tony Ferguson to claim the interim LW title. His striking and wrestling are a real problem for . What a unification fight we have to look forward to! Wow!
tony ferguson got fuckin workedddd.
Nah Ferguson actually got abused.
Tony ferguson has been the most disrespectful bitch in the ufc for years. Happy with the outcome.
Jesus. Tony Ferguson just got BULLIED by Justin Gaethje. Wow.
Ferguson should have never fought Justin terrible matchup for him! Lol.
Woooow never seen Ferguson beat up like this. gaethje went to show respect and Ferguson pushed him off smh. Accept defeat bro you got dominafed lol what a crazy fight.
Ferguson got beat the fuck up.
Wow gathje literally just broke Ferguson down.
Never thought i would ever witness Ferguson get dominated.
We may have lost Khabib vs Ferguson but Justin deserves this win. Complete destruction.
This is what I was telling everyone but you wouldnt believe me. McGregor and Khabib would absolutely destroy Tony Ferguson, just like Gaethje but even worse.
Ferguson gets the shit beat out of him for 25 mins and refuses to shake Gaethjes hand. Loser.
Good news, we wont have to deal with another Ferguson/Khabib fight cancelation.
: Justin Gaethje What a fight. What a performance! Justin Gaethje snaps Tony Fergusons 12-fight win streak; the first man to beat El Cucuy in EIGHT years!
Ferguson got mangled for 5 rounds. Jeez. What a performance by the new champ.
Tony Ferguson just got MURDERED. Justin Gaethje is the real deal.
Ferguson got molly whopped.
Tony Ferguson took way too much punishment.
We re never gonna see Ferguson vs Khabib are we.
This has to be how Tony Ferguson us built.
Breaking: Tony Ferguson vs Khabib Nurmagomedov has been cancelled for a sixth time. The reason: Justin Gaethje.
how does one train their chin to be as strong a Tony Ferguson s.
Ferguson got his ass damn.
Ferguson just got absolutely murdered.
Tony Ferguson is tough and an asshole.
Nothing but respect for Tony Ferguson. An absolute warrior.
Tony Ferguson got his ass whooped and was a sore loser, but y kno, I m still w him.
Tony Ferguson is a sore loser.
God knows what Ferguson s jaw is made off, enough punches landed on him to finish 20 fights there.
My parlay ruined cause Tony Ferguson lost. Out of all people to lose its Tony lol.
Goodness gracious! Gaethje put a beating on Ferguson, a beating folks. Solid, solid fight from Gaethje (or Garth for Stephen A. Smith).
Justin Gaethje just dominated Tony Ferguson for 24 minutes. Incredible how long Tony even lasted.
Ferguson got mauled my word.
McGregor finishes Ferguson easy I think bro.
Ferguson got BULLIED for 5 rounds.
Ferguson got fucked uuuppppppp and lost like a bitch smh.
Great main event! Gaethje with a huge win. No human should be able to take as many punches as Ferguson did. Big respect.
Ferguson has been picked apart by an outstanding performance.
Tony Ferguson clearly has flesh just like you and me because hes bleeding, but he must not feel pain. How did he never go down?
This fucking sucks. Ferguson is gonna lose this fight and lose a long deserved title shot against Khabib because of circumstances beyond his control. Now we ll never get Khabib v Ferguson.
Classless move from Ferguson unsportsmanlike.
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