Thursday 7th of May 2020


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FIFA has confirmed they are investigating a claim from Sampdoria against Sporting Lisbon in relation to the "financial obligations set out in the contract corresponding to the transfer" of Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United.

Bruno Fernandes. Premier League team of the season. Discuss.
FIFA have confirmed they are investigating Bruno Fernandes transfer to Man United. Sampdoria claim they are owed a sell-on by Sporting Lisbon.
Bruno Fernandes included in BBC Sport s Team of the Season [ ].
De Gea Fernandes Fred Rashford.
Putting Fernandes in the Team of the Season after 5 games?
Kova> fernandes There, I said it.
Bruno Fernandes scored one goal from open play had few assists and helped Man Utd move from 5th to 5th. The bias is unreal. Who allowed this lmao.
Im not even gassed about Bruno Fernandes being in BBC XI but how Manchester United fans have been lying to themselves that Fred has been a better player than Mateo Kovacic. 19/20 season, Kovacic is top 3 CM in the league. Beast mode.

Bruno Fernandes really came to England and said this is light work.
Bruno Fernandes in the BBC PL team of the season after playing 5 games LOOOOOOOL I need the tears of all rival fans right now into my fucking veins.
Bruno Fernandes made the BBC team of the month after just 5 league games. Rival fans grumbling over this won t change the fact that he has been pure class. We finally got our man! He will definitely contend for the player of the season next campaign!

Bruno Fernandes: *Makes it into the BBC MOTD team of the season* His season:.
Fernandes small achievements is killing them already after just 2 months The DNA is in him.
I obviously don t agree that Bruno Fernandes should ve been included in the BBC s team of the season seeing as he s only played 5 Premier League games for us, but the fume that it s caused for rival fans is still pretty funny.

How on earth has fernandes snuck in there?! Wowie.
Bruno Fernandes made five, yes you read that right, five appearances in the Premier.
you must be having a laugh This is suppose to be "Team of the Season" the lad has played about 5.
Bruno Fernandes since joining Man Utd: Most passes into the box (48) Most shots taken (19) Most shots on target (7) Most goal involvements (5) Most assists (3) 2x Man Utd POTM PFA POTM PL POTM 4x MOTM But rival fans will say you that he is overrated.

Bruno Fernandes has played five games in the Premier League, scored twice and assisted three times and has made the BBC Sport Team of the Season. Impact.
Bruno fernandes joinswhen Manchester United were 5th , plays 5 matches , United are still 5th - Makes BBC team of the YEAR Ndidi and kovacic lead Leicester and Chelsea s midfield to 3rd and 4th positions- They Don t make team BBC team of the year Thank God for Skysports.

We miss watching Bruno Fernandes play football for Manchester United.
Gilmour > Fernandes.
I dnt know y u all are bringing maddison and Grealish to counter fernandes Madison has 6goal and 3assists in 26games grealish 7G and 6assists 26games I guess they are just over-rated u guess and Bruno 2goals and 3assists in 5games he worth to be in the TOTY ahead diz two please.

have a day off man fuck me.
I dont mean to be rude but thats just the truth. is far better than Ayiii Billie Eilish Fernandes DSTV Grealish Mazi Wike Abacha.
There was but now it s over, Bruno Fernandes made the team ffs lol.
Fuck off Bruno Fernandes fucking bullshitting cunts!!!!
Bruno Fernandes since joining Man Utd: Most passes into the box (48) Most shots taken (19) Most shots on target (7) Most goal involvements (5) Most assists (3) 2x Man Utd POTM PFA POTM PL POTM 4x MOTM But rival fans will say hes overrated.

Bruno Fernandes 2019/20 Season of a lifetime Better than Pogba? New king in Manchester?
Bruno Fernandes >>> Jack Grealish + James Maddison + Kante + Henderson + De Bruyne If you no gree, Your Father.
I cant give u back ur mb but u will laff when you see this video Mazi fernandes kovacic Grealish.
Marked man army Grealish Fernandes Vardy Liverpool Henderson Kovacic Barcelona barca Abba Kyari Abacha Wike Karma DSTV Paul walker.
Bruno Fernandes in Premier League team of the season Im hearing.
Bruno Fernandes lol he only played in the league for 3 months.
Bruno fernandes is a beast and has transformed united since he joined keep hoping he s overrated sha u need it.
: actress says there are no concrete plans for her birthday this year amid.
Lmao Fernandes is great but he has played liked 5 games or something.
Well played Fernandes Grealish Billie Elish Henderson DSTV Henderson.
What the hell is this?! Bruno Fernandes??!
When the EPL resumes and Pogba pairs Bruno Fernandes in Midfield. SOLSKJAER TO OTHER CLUB:.
Fernandes!!!! Really? United fans joke too much.
Magical team with fernandes.
Bruno Fernandes in the BBC PL team of the season after playing 5 games LOOOL I need the tears of all rival fans right now into my fucking veins.
Just saw Bruno Fernandes was included in BBC team of the season. He might have been so exceptional for man Utd since joining, but Kovacic in the league last season was TWICE the player he was.
Gentle reminder that Manchester United are yet to lose a game of football after they signed Bruno Fernandes in January. Played - 9 Won - 7 Drawn - 2 Lost - 0 Goals Scored - 22 Goals Conceded - 2.
Bruno Fernandes named in the BBC Premier League of the season love it.
Bruno Fernandes since joining Man Utd: Most passes into the box (48) Most shots taken (19) Most shots on target (7) Most goal involvements (7) Most assists (4) Goal (3) 2x Man Utd POTM PFA POTM PL POTM 4x MOTM.

Bruno Fernandes > Bernardo. This is common knowledge.
Fernandes played like 6 matches.
Bruno Fernandes has been included in BBC Sport s Team of the Season.
Bruno Fernandes isnt even the best Portuguese midfielder in PL.
Bruno Fernandes for ManUtd this season(Jan).
Bruno Fernandes right now.
Fernandes, unreal scenes.
Its Bruno Fernandes and NOT Fernandez .....stop disrespecting the name of my GOAT.
The FA says Bruno fernandes is by far the better player, case closed.
Bruno Fernandes played 5 games and was put into BBCS pl team of the season Unreal.
Ndidi , maddison , grealish , kovacic , Right Now after seeing bruno Fernandes in BBC team of the year.
Bruno Fernandes has officially become overrated. Not even the best Portuguese midfielder in Manchester.
Somehow it s weirder that hendo won player of the season over Fernandes being in the team of the year.
Arsenal fans on realising that s Bruno Fernandes has been included in the BBC s Premier League team of the season.
If not coronaVirus, Manchester United would have been in seventh position now and are struggling to make it to their usual Glory days gone Manchester.
Where from Fernandes.

What You Really Think

Hows this team selected, on what basis some explanations need to be made, or it simply means others were busy playing Baseball all these months.

Its hype like this that creates hate for and unnecessary pressure on a player. Bruno is crazy talented but this is unnecessary. After just 5 games? Huh.

Which season? i dont remember.

BBC has shamed Is like dey have a plot with I dont know how someone with such few matches will be among dose to be.


Hoes mad.

Nope. Didnt play enough games. Has been class but not enough for tots.

He deserves more. Player of the year award.

5 games.

Rubbish , pathetic.

His being impressive.

It will be unfair to add him to the team of theseason. He hasnt play quarter of the yet to end season.

d guy is good abeg all of you should rest nd eat apples or take naps!!!

he s not overrated because he s that good but surely not after 5 games.

Hes played well, dont get me wrong but United fans are by far the most delusional the works had ever seen. Theyre quick to set how much better their players are but not to discuss why they are closer to last place than to spot. Cringe.


A joke hth.

All those anti man u fans will never see something good in united. De gea is too overrated he has not performed well dis season Maguire we wasted money on him Rashford he scored 5 penalty, he does not deserve to be among the top 4 winger this season Bruno he is overrated.

Not a bad player tbh but hasnt played anywhere near enough to warrant team of the season but same for aguero.

Unah Dey whyne Jesus Christ niih.

He is not even better than Ruben neves.

Wow. The hype is real.

Played 5 games.


TEAM OF THE SEASON? Who were the panelists? "The know-it-all" Ex-Utd players? Delusional Utd fans? The clueless Utd owners? "Average" Utd players? Then they should have gone for Jorginho, coz the only highlight of Brunos Utd career is copying his penalty taking technique!

Whats there to discuss in a laughable example of recency bias ?

5 games played Ndidi Madison Grealish D. Silva B. Silva Wijnaldum Milner To name a few had better seasons than a player who played 2 good games from 5.

Marcos Alonso got more goals when Bruno was POTM. Bruno also takes pens ffs.

had me laughing for real.

He deserve it.

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