Thursday 10th of November 2022

Madison, Mason, And Mamie Joined us as we Cast Our Votes For Freedom. Proud to be Your Governor Proud to Keep Florida Free!

Social Media Says

DeSantis official says Justice Dept. cant send monitors Florida counties because would "violate state law." NEWS: Article U.S. Constitution makes federal supreme.
Make America Florida.
News: DeSantis admin attempting block Justice Dept. election monitors from gaining access polling places South Florida. Instead, says will have monitors wait outside Florida polling places, rather than inside.

Your just climb back under your Rick! good thing Florida from gave death kiss almost everyone support! only needing held accountable you.

DeSantis DESTROYED Charlie Crist almost points.. Florida BANNED Mass mail-in ballots, BANNED ballot harvesting, REQUIRES voter Gov. DeSantis created ELECTION POLICE FORCE... THOUGHTS?

wonder Republican voters that migrated Florida, received mail-in ballot? Nobody ever bothers check mailing lists Counties use.
Save your takes about Florida sucks, remember that weve been gerrymandered excessively actual democratic representation that what done here solidify their power should considered unconstitutional. angry with Florida! Miami-Dade County sucks.
second newest Seminole signed dotted line! Join welcoming pitcher from Milton, Florida, Mimi Gooden! OneTribe
Playing LITE Orlando Christmas Sarajevo 12/24 Trans-Siberian Orchestra.
Thank you, Florida. Freedom here stay.
Republican leadership class, paralyzed Trump phenomenon, failed provide leadership all... 8. Except DeSantis, leader, excellent candidate, organizer party, leading Florida tsunami.

Shes jail Florida. said imo.
Democrats Florida vote, shame you. When open carry, more restrictive voting, other things don't like become reality, don't blame anyone yourselves. Sitting home never answer.

Here's basic takeaway from Election 2022 far: 1. Democrats will change course anything; they wildly outperformed expectations, except Florida. 2. Biden their 2024 nominee unless fully incapacitated.

Nope. Disney taxes Florida like every other corporation here. Around 200M annually estimate. their special police force Disney Laws? Gone. white knighting multi billion dollar corporation lol.

Thank you, Southwest Florida. Lets celebrate Wave work tomorrow. Glory GOD.
could realistically looking scenario where DeSantis extreme gerrymandering Florida only reason makes appreciable gains.
going florida again?
matter who's charge, Florida still gonna Florida.
FAMILY OFFICE UPDATE: How High Net-Worth Investors Position Themselves 2023 Beyond with Handler PLUS Author Clark here discuss book History Love's Guide Florida LIVE social platforms -->.

Florida best Florida imitation show country that really doesn't give f*ck about doing right thing people. Instead, empowered DeathSantis gear 2024 presidential run. shudder think about THAT administration.

Btw, jaredpolis 20 point win in purple CO is as significant as DeSantis' 20 point win in Florida.
Need to tell the Cuban community that is Florida.
yall this Florida again!? damn illegal teach history schools because guilty what ancestors did.
High tide Vero Beach this morning. Water splashing onto boardwalk. Video photojournalist Jeff Ringrose.
They caught eating cheesecake middle Florida Everglades.
Voting Monitor Teams wonder there connection between states that allowed monitoring loses there fact that Florida denied them access voting sites landslide Florida. Interesting some analyses.

Democrats losing Miami Dade Florida tells same story Republicans losing Pennsylvania. speaks dangers blind faith ideology, pandering radical wings each party. Most voters stuck middle. (small) lesson there Scottish politics?

Rigged. Thats what they want believe. Florida outlier. didnt they target Florida all? They want with Ron. Theyve succeeded believe this.
Florida Texas seem totally cool with being fascist dystopian regressive nightmarish talibangelical hellholes.
What fuck, Florida?!?
Seriously what news source listening what heck going florida?
like roblox main focis roblox good world defender southwest florida.
DeSantis crushed Charlie Crist, winning Florida counties. Only Broward (Fort Lauderdale), Orange (Orlando), Alachua (Gainesville/UF) Leon (Tallahassee/FSU) went blue. Florida reddest state union.

smart stay where keep taking care Florida. There probably will never Republican president ever again. Stay where keep doing some good. Times have changed unfortunately.

Dominates Florida congressional races.
"Florida where woke goes die.".
Florida refuge sanity when world went mad. -DeSantis victory speech.
winners: Biden, DeSantis. losers: Kevin McCarthy, Donald Trump. huge mistake turn DeSantis. "America Doesn't Want Florida". latest, medium.

This mirror image Florida Dems being force-fed former Crist police chief Demings because 2018 went radical with Gillum, lost DeSantis 0.4%. Crist Demings lost close 20%.

America needs look more like Florida. end.
Governor DeSantis, Catholic, been re-elected governor Florida.
Florida Governor DeSantis sailed double-digit over former Gov. Charlie Crist, setting potentially strong candidate White House 2024. Former Pres. Trump called possible DeSantis presidential campaign mistake.

They already that which Florida what did. those will decide move maybe should move Austin Texas because theres bunch people that deciding Texas just wasnt them after news article prove it.

Democracy lost Florida.
fact that florida keeps getting more lol.
Hi. Blue voter waving from (redistricted) Florida.
Clay Travis have never agreed anything. agree that every state should adopt Florida's vote-counting policies. That means generous early voting, counting (not just processing, counting) mail-in votes they arrive. Every state should this 2024.

Strike Florida from vacation destination list. It's officially Republican hellscape.
Tropical Storm Nicole could bring much inches rain storm surge high feet above normal Florida. prepared event severe flooding, learn protect your family, pets home with these helpful tips.

know sis. florida texas went poorly. committee just about left building. pick ourselves back work. ---------.
reject woke ideologyFlorida where woke goes die. Governor DeSantis.
Cant believe Dems fell Florida four years.
Texas: we're the most backwards state in America! Florida: hold my possum jerky...
surprise here when consider that great amount white move Florida every year; it's predictable progression state turn red. Much work will have wait nature recycle voters move more Dems into state.

have Beto! Texas dont like him, hasnt anything needs retire Florida. name Robert Francis ORourke.
DeSantishuman traffickerjust despite arresting Black voters banning election monitors Matt Gaetzteen traffickerjust despite being under investigation engaging insurrection against Welcome fascist state Florida, folks.

Damn good Florida!!
Until elections secure like they were Florida. Your vote doesnt matter these elections. true.
Pinellas County's 13th Congressional District Florida seats that flipped from blue last night after re-districting. Democratic loser, EricLynnFL predicts Florida Supreme Court will ultimately throw that he'll another chance.

American friends travelling home today before storm Nicole hits Florida. 4days bottoms want keep company?
dont Bellweather counties Florida Ohio lose races Michigan. This second time this correlation broken. Obviously Trump something with going have spend more time looking data Michigan PA.

Where hell were young people women Texas Florida. Shameful!
American Jews, your planned move Israel 'Murican Israel (Florida) coming along?
think country went Florida difference GovRonDeSantis balls steel when laid down election interference, filth backed off. only state that publicly stood against this sh!t.

What learn from midterms that dismantling public education Texas Florida doing effective enshrining fascists.
Florida only place with real wave.
Madison, Mason, Mamie joined cast votes freedom. Proud your Governor Proud Keep Florida Free!
DeSantis disaster, outside Florida likes him.
have been crunching numbers this morning, Nevada troubling. Democrats could still pull off, will tough. Democrats poured much money into other races they should've focused Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Wisconsin. Stop with Florida.

Florida Ohio swing states? Nice try. smdh.
Rubio wins again with help those angry Hispanics Florida think they Cuba even though they have never lived there half century, all.
Maybe signed Anti Florida, Israel? thought DeSantis liked freedom. Guess not.
really starting believe that Florida Puerto Rico always picking worst politicians house.
Glad feel that way, because will keep people like away from Florida. Stay California York some dump like that.
Yesterday Florida Outright REJECTED Soros Backed Attorney General Candidate AramisAyalaFL Re-Elected AGAshleyMoody! dont want State Criminals!!! Also congrats WiltonSimpson and.
Explain anyone would vote like Florida does.
Florida imported hundreds thousands blue voters from blue states. Open borders change voting patterns.
heard pundit make good point this morning. Dems need stop pouring money into Texas, Ohio, Florida. They solidly states. Focus
Ohio Florida overwhelming margins both have Voter strict mail-in ballot procedures efficient counting, really that simple ***.

What You Really Think

Thank you Daddy DeSantis congratulations Lets Make FL number 1 state in country now in every column you the man sir thank you for all you do and let's go Miami Duval red now MAKE MIAMI AND DUVAL GREAT AGAIN.

Woke doesnt mean what you think.

You mean freedom for straight white men only?

Kids voting? Proof of election fraud?

Free from what?


Every American cast their vote for freedom, not just you. We pray for Florida today. The future is dark at the leaderless helm.

Proudly driving Florida into the ground.

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