Monday 7th of December 2020

Floyd Mayweather Jr. Announces he Will Fight Logan Paul in an Exhibition Match on February 20.

Social Media Says

Floyd Mayweather Jr. announces he will fight Logan Paul in an exhibition match on February 20.
Floyd Mayweather announces on his Instagram that hell be involved in a boxing exhibition against Logan Paul on Feb. 20.
Floyd Mayweather vs. Logan Paul February 20th, 2021.
Floyd Mayweather to fight YouTuber Logan Paul in February boxing match.
If Floyd mayweather loses to Logan Paul during black history month 2021 might be worse than 2020.
Its official.
The second Floyd to take an L this year.
If logan paul beats floyd mayweather its back to slavery.
Floyd need that ppv money again.
If floyd loses we definitely going back to slavery.
Logan Paul waking up at a Juice WRLD concert after his fight with Floyd Mayweather.
Fam hes gonna get crushed!! Idk if people realize how great Floyd is.
Logan Paul is fighting Floyd Mayweather during Black History Month...
Floyd Mayweather coming out of retirement to get the easiest bag of his life.
Floyd gotta do it for us.
Ill watch it wont pay though hope it doesnt back fire on Floyd.
Criticise Floyd Mayweather all you want, but there isn't a person out there who'd turn down being paid millions of dollars to beat the shit out of that YouTuber.
If Logan got knocked down from a ksi who looked like an inflatable man boxing whats he gonna do when he takes a jab from Floyd?
If Floyd loses to Logan Paul on February 20th they gotta take away Black History Month.
Logan Paul waking up at a 2Pac concert after getting knocked out by Floyd Mayweather.
Box me. if he can box floyd you can box me.
That Logan v. Floyd fight gonna be like this.
Floyd has lost 0 matches. I think he will win. I can't imagine him losing to that sucker.
First round of the Floyd Mayweather & Logan Paul fight boutta look like this.
What If Logan knock out Floyd.
Floyd Mayweather is hopping back in the ring for an exhibition fight with Logan Paul 2.20.21.
It doesnt matter how big a fighter is, most super champions spar people a few weight classes higher than them. Floyd is no exception he literally spars heavyweights too and has dropped many before.
Imagine being the best to ever do it, winning 40 professional boxing matches against ppl like de la Hoya, canelo, paquiao, and then getting worked by a fucker named LOGAN.
How does Logan Paul get a fight with Floyd? Like what?
Don't expect a knockout. Floyd will toy with him the entire time to make more money.
So if I train really hard for a whole year I can box Floyd mayweather?
Nate Robinson have to pay his people some reparations for that L. Our self esteem so low now we questioning if THEE Floyd mayweather can beat a nobody white boy. Just down bad.
Footage from the future of Logan Paul getting knocked out by Floyd Mayweather.
Vs LoganPaul 2/20/21 just announced! DramaAlert Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul!
Lol Floyd winning.
Floyd Mayweather is gonna clart Logan.
Bruh if Floyd Lose we gotta bring back Segregation.
I cannot imagine a scenario where floyd mayweather loses a fight to logan paul. it's completely unimaginable regardless of the size difference.
Floyd better beat him.
Floyd fought Conor. Floyds BEEN done with serious fights. No reason to expect more from him.
Floyd boutta fuck Logan Paul up.
What Logan sees after 1 round against Floyd.
For all intensive purposes it's just an exhibition event. Just to get that pay-per-view. The main thing going on is trying to convince Floyd exactly how many round to wait before he puts him out. Too much time goofball might land a punch. May has been training to last rounds.

Former five-weight boxing world champion Floyd Mayweather has announced he will take on Youtuber Logan Paul in a "special exhibition" fight in February 2021.
Floyd is going to make another man extremely wealthy.
Floyd hasnt knocked anyone out in 20 years.
Floyd vs Logan Paul in feb... this will be interesting I guess.
I guess floyd dont care bout his legacy anymore cuz wtf.
Logan is going to KO Floyd lol. This isnt going to be fair.
Logan Paul: yo go easy go easy Floyd Mayweather.
Floyd finna dog walk this boy.
Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Pa- Actual boxing fans.
All I'm saying is don't be surprised. I still think Floyd will win just yh.
The fact that yall really not acknowledging the Casey Goodson situation, isnt sitting well with me. Where is that energy you had with George Floyd?
I hope he gets paid well, and Floyd does what he is supposed to do. If it last more than 3 minutes, Floyd donates money to charity.
Lol Im not. That was Nates first fight ever. Floyd has a 50-0 record.
Im definitely betting on this Floyd fight. Who tryna bet dawg?
Floyd watching Nate Robinson get clowned non stop , decides to beat up the other brother.
Floyd going broke.
Floyd is gonna avenge Nate for Paul KOing him!
What kind of word salad is this?
Jake Paul to Logan Paul after he loses to Floyd Mayweather.

What You Really Think

Cool. An amateur boxer vs. someone who built a career on NOT boxing. Gonna be a riveting ballroom dance that schmucks are gonna drop $50 to watch.

What a joke.


Will Tyson be on this card too.

Is this a joke?

Not sure how beating Nate Robinson means you can fight Mayweather but Im here for it.

Is it weird to want them to knock each other out?

This dont do the sport of boxing no good exhibition or not. If Floyd fights again he should go up against a young contender. Cmon man this is ridiculous.

Great, now little kids will think they can fight elite boxers for shits and giggles too.

This dont look good Logan.

Its up, this ones for Nate.

Great White Hype got Floyd out of retirement. Tha privilege is something else.

This is stupid.

This is what fight world has sunk to? Just...sad. Legacy as PFPGF trashed.

I'll believe it when I see it.

This is a joke lol.

Easy win for logan.

They wouldnt dare step foot in here.

I'm assuming "exhibition" means 'to the death'?

Gonna be jus like his fight wit mcgreggor lol.

Logan has to survive round one just for self respect.

This is gonna be interesting because we know Logan has a good jab, the reach, & taller. so well conditioned Logan w good training? he could probably put on a show and put up a fight but this is Floyd. the best. so Im curious to see if Logan can handle himself against him.

But why.

2020 blowing right into 2021.

Logan about to film his own died body.

Exclusive footage of Floyd toying with Logan just before the left hand uppercut of death.

Please nobody pay to watch this garbage.

Not funny anymore lets stop making talentless privileged YouTube stars even more rich...

I told you he was gone come back and get a fight dont matter who.

Out of the two brothers he finna fight the podcaster??? And not the full time boxer? Either way this a easy bag for mayweather.

Give it up for Mayweather!

What a to terrible idea. Logan Paul is going to get an undeserved payday win or lose. I would much rather see Logan fight Canelo if he's gonna end up getting a big payday.

He's going to be charged with murder.

Exhibition...? man, if you dont knock that white boy down...

Boxing is a complete joke.

Isnt Logan Paul like 40 lbs heavier and about 6 inches taller?