Monday 7th of June 2021

Floyd Mayweather And Logan Paul Face Off at Their Weigh in at The Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, FL Mayweather Dwae ]?] 155 Lbs. Paul Dwae]?] 189.5 Lbs.

Social Media Says

years today, Floyd Winfield first Americans land Utah Beach Normandy. years ago, joined trip Normandy. HERO Someone something because Hitler needed brought down. -Floyd Winfield.

Today, fight Floyd Mayweather.
Floyd Mayweather says fighting again, absolutely doing another exhibition, probably not.
Floyd Mayweather bodyguards better fight against Jake Paul.
hate when people underestimate Canelo. difference between floyd! didn't look against fully charged floyd when would KILL they fought years later.

Muhammad considered goat lost multiple times. Canelo lost Mayweather clear first opinion debatable. Since Floyd loss been best fighter.

Logan better than Floyd stomach like that, shitting everywhere.
Logan lost tell floyd fuckin around.
Aighttt Floyd gotta fight Youngboy LOL.
Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather.
Maybe logan floyd should have sloppy kiss determine winner.
This sums Floyd Mayweather Logan jake Paul Fight.
Giving away $1000 Bitcoin, $1000 ETH, $1000 $1000 $TIME (MoonTime) DIFFERENT winners Logan even knocks down Floyd once tonight. Just retweet following Simulation break? Will send tonight LETS GO!

Floyd loses post bare titties.
Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather GOTCHA MONEY.
Floyd making look easy MayweatherPaul ShowtimeBoxing).
Good reading for southgate.
Likening baby Lilibet George Floyd hone fact isnt fully white. same people will pretend they never considered Meghan Black thus their unexplainable hatred nothing with race.

Logan paul explaining didnt knock floyd first round.
Floyd spoke highly Logan Paul after their exhibition fight.
Floyd Mayweather ring.
Logan Paul more hugs night from Floyd Mayweather than from during entire childhood.
Tomorrow George Floyd Square.
have least appreciate candid Logan Paul during post-fight interview. There's script after you've been knocked around ring eight rounds. knows Floyd Mayweather could have ended that whenever wanted to.

gonna tell kids this floyd mayweather logan paul.
Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul Just robbed world with mask.
Logan Floyd every seconds.
Logan Paul showing respect Floyd Mayweather post interview.
Floyd Mayweather lost fight Was caught with left hook many times Ate shots youtuber Cried when punched Logan Using excuse Refusing rematch Manny Pacquaio fight real boxer Le Money Mayweather 50-1 book.

Floyd getting paid figures play minutes.
Floyd Mayweather Deal: million guaranteed sales Logan Paul Deal: $250K guaranteed sales Floyd pace clear over $500M total across last three exhibition fights versus Logan Paul, Conor McGregor, Tenshin Nasukawa.

exhibition. Floyd fought that years. Yall expected year that hasnt fought years sudden give yall action risk taking actual damage something that meaning. Goofy smh.

Quick recap of Floyd-Logan.
Floyd logan lmao what fuck.
want someone Logan hugs Floyd sweet gives bear hugs.
Floyd greatest businessmen last centuries.. secured million allowing world watch spar with youth.
Lets go Floyd.
Mayweather-Paul results: finish Mayweather, Chad Johnson surprises boxing debut ESPN App.
They said Floyd untouchable. They said it'd over early. They said lot.
Logan hugging floyd more than father hugged
Yah, hugging Floyd like bitch.
POV: You're Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul after scamming boxing world.
Floyd Mayweather actually knocked Logan Paul, held during fight carry through rounds.
didnt. Floyd 50... your brother what something heavyweight cmon now.
really thought this beat Floyd Money Mayweather.
Uhmmmm looks like floyd holding make last rounds lol.
Noooo. entertain people. Floyd win. matter what. Floyd wanted knock Logan, would. Staged. day. ended did.
Canelo will literally kill Floyd life death fight. Mayweather never power. points inside ring outside hell body bag.
record, willing Floyd Mayweather minutes less than million dollars.
Logan Paul Floyd Mayweather does Floyd remember here wasn't supposed knock down?
Logan Paul able escape knockout drag Floyd Mayweather final bell their surreal showdown Miami Sunday night.
shit loganPaulVsmayweather fight over. just woke after Floyds boring boxing style sleep. results were tie. didnt that coming? This fight embarrassment real real.

Floyd beat shit outta mayweather
Floyd hasn't knocked someone since 2011. would anyone expect knockout against higher weight class? this your first time watching boxing match?
Floyd having ShowtimeBoxing).
Floyd Mayweather says "surprised" Logan Paul's boxing ability after YouTube star reached final bell their exhibition bout Miami.
Mayweather still leader that nation way? think Floyd shouldn't have worry about someone Logans skill. Youth maybe, skill probably not. Most fighters athletes still like compete even after their days over. won't ring. only?

SCORPIO Floyd Shivambus brother quietly pays back R4.55m, admits received money gratuitously PAULI WYK.
Floyd paul tonight after scamming everyone.
Logan Paul becomes Floyd Mayweathers punching rounds, winner declared.
Floyd having fun.
Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul.
While jake Floyd fighting they houses stealing.
Live look Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul.
Floyd Mayweather Logan Paul have hugged more times than father ever hugged
Critical Race Theory exact opposite King's dream being judged color one's skin content their character.
People saying look Floyd dont seem understand that Logan pounds years younger Floyd hasnt knocked anyone weight years. expected anything that fight wasted your money.

Moneybagg just walked with Floyd Mayweather.
Need girl much logan floyd.
dont support either Logan Floyd crazy guys towards Paul lmao feel like yall just reasons.
Floyd start losing imma need migos jump
waiting inside logans locker room finish what floyd couldnt.
Channels fictional boxer ROCKY goes distance against FloydMayweather LoganPaul managed survive eight rounds against boxer regarded greatest all-time Report.
Logan Paul going Floyd Mayweather's locker room after scamming whole world.
Floyd wasnt tryna out, also undersized pounds. wobbled looked massive probably from pounds. (somewhat) entertaining round fight. This sets potential rematch $$$.

floyd head movements sheeshh.
"stepbro Floyd!! I'm stuck on the ropes again!".

What You Really Think

So tight mayweather aint knock Paul tf out.

WHAT are they saying to each other? they're either saying fun nice things or Logan is being an ass and he's laughing it off and walking away.

Are they going to kiss?

They gonna kiss or what.

Floyd is going to dance around the ring for 6 rds and collect the easiest paycheck he ever got.

Fckn soap opera.

Cool but what is this male stripclub music y'all got going on though.

One smooch !

What time (UTC) does it start?

Shouldn't they be in different weight classes?

First to blink losses!

GODDDDD! Kiss alreadyy!!