Thursday 22nd of April 2021

Do You Really Know Christ Yourself? If You Have a Doubt, Why Dont You Settle it Tonight? .

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Jesus said, Most assuredly, you, hears word believes sent everlasting life, shall come into judgment, passed from death into life." (John 5:24).

Bible will keep from sin, will keep from Bible. -Evangelist Dwight Moody.
Anyone thinks Revolutionary generation wasn't into canceling never considered what happened loyalistsincluding Franklin's son.
Franklin mother hitch giddy
Franklin gone Smdh.
could inflation scare what that means markets, according Jeff Schulze ClearBridge Investments, specialist investment manager Franklin Templeton.
Leon really deal...with crack Franklin Combs.
Manboy did say they would turn on Franklin.. didnt think it would happen this fast.
Franklin, Alton and Reed.
Jane Hampton Cook listed News presidential historian, does hold history degree studied music instead. word from about they depicted one.
Franklin always pretending that damn cane?
Seeing reed Franklin against another hard watch.
Fuuuccckkk!!! They ain't gonna dump all this shit in my boy Franklin's lap like that.
Franklin dropped cane walked like dont fret hitting that anymore.
mean supposed call though? Franklin shouldve finished skully outta that jam. They shouldnt even hurt Franklin whole play that Louie told first place thats them niggas into it.

Franklin walking away from Mel.
Franklin some other shit.
Franklin Snowfall.
They coulda somebody else play Franklin dont look close Franklin.
Franklin Saint been working reason. this money done made aint came full Gucci outfit time. trip Maldives, Panamera, NOTHIN. just been fighting life fallin with niggas whole time.

Kirk Franklin Like You.
Franklin niggas down.
Franklin everytime somebody want out.
Franklin uncle them wanna headed they trash.
knew episode gonna when they knocked Franklin like Looney Tunes character.
They that Franklin fucked lol.
Yall gone turn nigga Franklin like that damn!!!
When Franklin dropped cane walked off.
goin snitching Franklin next season? Leon? Wanda? Cissy?
Franklin really closed whole shelter lmao.
Franklin gained world lost everyone around cold game.
Franklin whole shit bout fold forcing niggas around when they dont wanna there never ends well.
Sandra Iheuwa hints Franklin having another baby mama.
conservative with perfectly good legs who, however, never learned walk forward. --Franklin Roosevelt.
What expect from cane Franklin next season whenever drop.
Franklin dropped that cane off!!!!!. That let's know, he's officially Pusha Man.
Franklin walked away like.
Franklin finding time shit >>>.
Electricity will destroy candle light as we know it. -Benjamin Franklin.
wont lie, fucked when Franklin kicked everybody shelter though, sooo icyy.
Nah, this right here. Franklin Corey Carter made them rich.
Lucia coming back Franklin vs everybody Even still thats.
Everyone is abandoning Franklin.
Franklin thank cause tired that cane.
Franklin sick these niggas man.
Franklins aim.
they play Franklin like that.. disappointed Louie Jerome..
Finallllyyyy Franklin holding balls. Took whole season shit like what?
Franklin episode.
feel like Jerome Louie gonna turn Franklin next season.
Me shooting Franklin.
Idk how ppl root for Franklin.. that lil nigga bitchmade.
Franklin like
loyalty Franklin remember episodes back told Alton shed never leave Franklin. doesnt like life loves son.
Teddy said franklin biggest coke distributor world like soldiers omg.
Franklin will Michael Corleone next season.
Franklin Cissy finna have start cryinggg couldn't leave son.
thought pretty good. season Franklin everybody perfectly.
watching that standoff between Reed, Franklin Alton; Skully against Louie Jerome.
didnt think comparison makes sense. Franklin like Tony Soprano that scene. matter much feel like brother/friend, hell remind youre asset first.
Franklin's cane better send than Skully.
Philadelphia when James became king, sixers happened change floor symbols Prior that game sixers confederate stars circle night before Kobe died record broken sixers changed floor Franklins Join cartoon.

thought would some black excellence TL... black women named Imani Franklin composed this piece titled Chrysalis Extended Insane
When did Canada's medical officers of health call Trudeau to shutdown borders, including international flights? Tell me when they did? These stupid, arrogant, snobbish, sanctimonious, fcking a**hole.
Franklin daddy just running mouth
just season snowfall whenever show goes anywhere else Franklin always like nahhhh trying whats with Franklin back.
think Jerome realized Skully shot figured Franklin didnt call them know.
Franklin rolling with Peaches Wanda next season. Nobody else left.
Franklin woke chose.
After all Franklins done for you, youve got no choice but to stand by him, Lee.
Season over .here comes Evil Franklin next season.
Franklin daddy needa popped!
0102 La musica en canciones: Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate the Positive - Aretha Franklin.
Between DeAngelo Franklin starting think womb produce only drug dealers.
Franklin Keyser Soze
Franklin give cane because he's giving things were getting stronger just Keyser Soze us..
Franklin that cane, Season
Franklin going into Season like...
Franklin saint came Odessa?!
Franklin that cane down pimped off.
Franklin lame shutting down shelter.
Franklin better than swear.
Franklin baddd man.
Franklin been pulling Kevin nash?
this nigga Franklin walk straight.
everybody leaving Franklin right now?!
This episode SnowfallonFx edge. Thought they take Franklin whole family out. Everybody leaving Franklin. Bruh.

What You Really Think

Yes, Hes my Savior.

Not one soul passed from death into life listening to this dead soul speaking on his usual platform. The dead are not able to guide the dead into life. More than half a century a dead soul spoke to the dead in what he masquarades as ( crucades). The dead became even more dead.

Better than my knowing that He knows me. He Baptized me. I can have real assurance in that act of God..for me. Totally apart from anything that I do, say, feel, or think. Thats the gospel.


Hard pass You dont believe in the Word of God. You use God to present your political agenda and to line your pockets.

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