Tuesday 11th of May 2021

Fulhams Last Four Seasons 2017-18: Championship 2018-19: Premier League 2019-20: Championship 2020-21: Premier League Next Season: Championship.

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Fulham relegated Championship after losing home Burnley
Fulhams last four seasons 2017-18: Championship 2018-19: Premier League 2019-20: Championship 2020-21: Premier League Next season: Championship.
result means Fulham relegated Burnley avoid drop.
Yeah because youve watched Fulham havent you, Jeff?
Fulham's relegation confirmed Burnley, guaranteed another season Premier League football with clinical Craven Cottage.
Fulham became third final team relegated from Premier League with loss Burnley.
failed tonight. failed this season" football always finish where deserve Aleksandar Mitrovic fronts after Fulham relegated Championship.
*Fulham win promotion* The Championship.
three clubs relegated from Premier League this season, Fulham will down with most regrets.
Norwich Fulham every season.
Gutted Fulham. Rare relegated sides play some good fluid attacking football. sure Scott Parker will leave premier league with head held high.
Burnleys goal Fulham comes from high press, then series clever passes interplay Wood through goal. Dyche evolved them past long ball team that some still portray them fact, they often play some entertaining football.

Fulham have been relegated from Premier League.
Parker say...
Sheffield West Brom waiting Fulham...
"I'm hurt, gutted..." Scott Parker left gutted after Fulham's relegation Championship confirmed.
like said weeks ago. went wins games Fulham STILL couldnt catch says really.
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Sheffield United West Bromwich Albion Fulham Scott Parker's side third final club relegated from Premier League this season.
don't think this over-dramaticism helps anyone. Nobody nervous about tonight's game, Newcastle would've stayed their accord Fulham 10-0. There were three teams between Newcastle Fulham kick-off. Honest God, some these narratives.

Fulham relegated from Premier League after Burnley loss Punch Newspapers.
Fulham lost points.
special division should created likes Fulham Norwich. good Championship Premier League standard also.
Fulham have point from last available. Guess that point against; ARSENAL FOOTBALL CLUB. That's enough internet today.
think Fulham will stick with Henry?
Leicester (L) Liverpool (D) Fulham (W) Wolves (W) 7 points.
Full time Craven Cottage: Fulham Burnley. FULBUR [?]NS.
OFFICIAL: Fulham have been relegated from Premier League.
Boing-boing Fulham join boing-boing Baggies being relegated. Does Scott Parker stick with club they stick with him?
Fulham after every Premier League games.
Looks like game against Fulham dead rubber, India.
Scott Parker's team talk before Fulham beat Liverpool Anfield absolutely brilliant FulhamFC).
Fulham.West Brom. Sheffield United. You will have MILLWALL your fixture lists next year. That's when know down.
Cottage Talk Full Time: Fulham Relegated Again.
Fulham Joins West Brom Relegation After Burnley Loss.
Fuck Fulham haha this reason Vince Mcmahon will always better than Tony kahn.
great getting Fulham relegated.
Fulham Burnley: Cottagers relegated Championship.
Scott Parker calls Fulham bigwigs make decisions after yo-yoing back into Championship "The club needs make decisions. We've relegation, promotion relegation. roller-coaster that highs lows something want.".

Tony Khan trending Fulham relegated. like Tony Khan shame Fulham have relegated though. Glad doing well.
Goal WOOD Assist BROWNHILL Fulham Burnley mins).
class reaction from Scott Parker difficult post relegation interview MMF. Fulham need stick with him.
Scott Parker admits 'hurt' 'gutted' Fulham manager bemoaned side's lack quality.
matter matter when,thank lorddidierdrogba FrankKhalidUK Fulham/Burnley/IPOB/Add Friday/INEC.
don't Fulham anywhere here there's Newcastle
Fulham have luxury squad Plan Plan
Tony Khan celebrates another successful year premiership money loan players with Fulham!
Phew, been biting nails weeks with well Fulham have been playing mind. Glad thats over with.
Fulham heading back Championship Chris Wood doubles Burnley's lead Craven Cottage.
thankful there were worse teams than fear might lucky next season, unless have massive change personnel. Away match Fulham confirmed tonight, thats positive, would like City play Lionel Road hopefully next season.

Fulham defense even strong pass rock security.
Fulham obsessed about being worse than Chelsea, what weird tweet. bigger than your club.
Fulham total points gonna 27=36pts.
Choose your market! CSGO Team Vitality Double Poney 5 Tennis Hurkacz, Hubert Musetti, Lorenzo [?]7 Premier League Fulham Burnley FC 11 Atlanta Hawks Washington Wizards 11PM Montreal Canadiens Edmonton Oilers.

Hodgson about minimising expectations dragging teams towards ~30% rate. that Fulham Palace, means flirt above relegation. Liverpool, means flirt with relegation. should never anywhere near job.

Confirmed relegated teams. Fulham Westbrom Sheffield utd . Na Westbrom own sweet me pass.
Lowland league fulham scott parker gwyneth paltrow areola andersen mitrovic lookman.
Fulham Norwich every Premier League season.
gonna shoe-string budget Fulham relegated.

What You Really Think

Elevator team.

Norwich doing the same thing going straight back down next season.

Busy making money.

Boring club.

Mitrovic helps them qualify and they decide to bench him while in the prem. too bad.

Up and down.

That's why we need super league.

Everytime they get promoted they never really build their team to ensure a competitive team.

Buy the dip.

They have a decent team to win the Championship next season.

Them just dey go off and on.

"garbage in , garbage out".

They are rig players, on n off.

Come and go.

They steady switching back and forth.

Too good for the championship, but not good enough for the premier League.

They ar fluctuating like.

Scott parker is shittt.

Consistency V.

Yo-yo club.

Ping pong.

Consistency.. give them that.

Yoyo club.

And stay yo ass there.

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Premier Ship level.

Never Give Up.

Ga ada yg mau ngangkut Mitrovic sama Aina nih.

Clubs like Fulham and WBA are ridiculously shit. How are you always in a relegation battle in the prem.

Definition of a yoyo team.

Yoyo club at its finest, like Norwich no league fits them. They need a league which is the thin line between the Premier League and the Championship.

They are just doing like forex market.

And the season after they won't be in the PL. It's going to be even tougher for them to bounce back.


FC YoYo.

2022-23 Premier League.

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