Tuesday 16th of March 2021

JUST IN: Germany Has Become The Latest Country to Temporarily Halt The Use of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 Vaccine.

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Moms giving birth in the United States are twice as likely to die as moms delivering in Canada and five times more likely than those in Germany. Our maternal mortality rate is a crisis, and the new stimulus takes a small step towards fixing it.

DwaedwaeOh, and Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein. Born in Ulm Germany on PiDay, 1879.
If you vaccinate 100,000 people over the age of 50 today rather than tomorrow, you save 15 lives, according to a French analysis. Germany has 1.7m AstraZeneca doses that are now not being administered. Delay all of those by a week, you're up 1785 deaths.

But not only in Germany where the signal corps founded a Central language.
As Germany and the Netherlands join the growing list of countries to ban the roll-out of the AstraZeneca jab, Boris comes out and insists it is safe - but does the data support his claim?
Italy, France and Germany become latest countries to suspend rollout of AstraZeneca Covid vaccine over blood clot fears, despite WHO saying there is "no evidence" of problems.
Yes, by all means let us glorify the 1920s. Prohibition. The immense growth of organized crime. The enormous market crash of 1929 & the resultant depression that followed. And we cannot forget the impact the 20s & the depression had on the emergence of the 3rd Reich in Germany.

Italy, France and Germany COVID cases now heading north again. Merkel & Macron crashing in polls. And they just suspended AZ vaccine for political reasons because they haven't got enough. The EU will do anything to survive.

Any plans to do av Europe tour ? Greetings from Germany.
IT'S TIME FOR STRANGE SPY FACTS! Two notable spies saved thousands of Jews during WWII. Francis_Foley and Oskar_Schindler were both experienced intelligence officers. Schindler once served with Germany's Abwehr. Foley was active with the.

Gothic originally released for PC in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on this day in 2001, 20 years ago. Convicts are sent to mine magical ore in order to create weapons to turn the tide in a war against the Orcs.

Father & Son dancing Germany Master actorvijay V.
A German MP laments that 1/3 of births in Germany are c-sections, despite WHO recommending cs rate of 10-15%. True: Maternity care in Germany needs an overhaul. (There is a financial incentive for hospitals to perform cs). But please don't repeat mistakes that were made in UK.

Germany, Italy, France suspend AstraZeneca shots amid safety fears, disrupting EU vaccinations.
Germany, France, Italy among Euro countries now halting AstraZeneca vaccine, amid blood clots fears Just The News.
The use of COVISHIELD vaccines, which are widely manufactured in India, is banned in various countries. Countries including France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Thailand, the Netherlands, Ireland, Indonesia have subsequently imposed bans!

Covid-19: Germany, France, and Italy have temporarily halted administration of the AstraZeneca vaccine due to increasing reports of blood clotting .
Many governments, including UK Germany Japan Singapore have started acknowledging the fact that a Green Hydrogen-based economy could be the answer to growing concerns over carbonemissions, energysecurity & climatechange.

This rare photograph, taken OnThisDay in 1945, shows multiple flights of B-24 Liberators passing through flak and spotlights over Zossen, Germany. (National Archives).
JUST IN - Germany halts use of AstraZeneca vaccine due to concerns over serious side effects, the Federal Ministry of Health announced on Monday.
PLEASE A friend was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer last year. Hes on his 2nd round of chemo but the cancer has grown. Hes been told his liver is inoperable. He has 2 daughters 3 & 1. His family are raising PS for a liver transplant in Germany.

As I understand the numbers, this is an accurate statement. But national decision makers have their own reasons and calculus: Benefits of Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine outweigh any risk, says.
Sick cultures can indeed produce great art (see Germany, pre-WWII). But healthy cultures do not produce absolute garbage and then call it great art.
Italy is in a new lockdown. Germany warns of further increases in covid cases. Paris has so many hospitalized, patients are being evacuated to other areas. The Czech Republic is in lockdown. All because of the more contagious variant and fewer vaccines.

Germany Suspends AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine After Blood Clotting Reports - Bloomberg.
Friends in the Czech Republic have all pretty much had Covid. Even twice but second not so badly. Places are closed so they pop into Poland for a haircut. But Germany and Austria have closed borders to Czechs because of Covid. But restrictions are nothing like over here.

Albrechtsburg Castle in Meissen is widely regarded as the first castle in Germany to be used as a palace. Credit.
Im sorry, but what did the clarification from the Vatican change? It was raised because some Bishops in Germany asked the question. Im a practicing Catholic and also believe in science. There is no contradiction between science and faith.

Germany has suspended use of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine, Health Minister Jens Spahn said on Monday, making it the latest of several European countries to hit pause following reports of blood coagulation disorders in recipients.

As of today, there is no evidence that the incidents are caused by the vaccine covid19 AstraZeneca and it is important that vaccination campaigns continue WHO La OMS pide no detener las campanas de.
The AstraZeneca vaccine has been suspended in 11 countries across Europe, including Denmark and Norway, following a number of thrombotic events, death in Italy and suspended in Thailand, too. On Monday, Germany also suspended the use of the vaccine AstraZeneca.

THREAD Hitler won mass support because a major economic crisis had driven Germany into a deep depression: Banks crashed, businesses folded, & millions lost their jobs. Hitler offered voters a vision of a better future - 'sunlit uplands', you might say.

China has been breaching the UN Charter, the 1948 Genocide Convention, and other international agreements / laws for decades with impunity. We again call on international community to support East Turkistan's case against China at the IntlCrimCourt.

Just in: France, Germany, Italy block/suspend the use of Astrazeneca Covid vaccines. Announcements come near simultaneously.
JUST IN: Germany has become the latest country to temporarily halt the use of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine.
Germany, France and Italy have joined an increasing number of countries suspending the rollout of the Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine.
Germany! for real!
Germany, France Suspend Use of AstraZeneca Vaccine.
Spain, Germany, France, Italy halt rollout of AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine over blood clot concerns Read ANI Story.
Story in 3 acts. Meet Ricarda Lang, Green party Germany.
If you ever get a chance, try to get over the border of Switzerland without a passport. ...Canada too ..oh and France .. and Australia ... dont forget Germany Or Spain..BIG DOGS BIG GUNS ..no NONSENSE.

B550 isn't super expensive here either, and b450 does work with Zen 3 CPUs if you want to save a buck. Also Ryzen 5600x and 5800x are available below their msrp in germany very often. 5900x is a bit above msrp. Only the 5950x isn't properly available.

Something like 30% of German cars are diesel, as opposed to 17% in NZ?. But I agree emission controls would be higher in Germany. If NZ needs higher standards of emission controls ( likely do! ), I'll be first in line to comply.

Indices Update: As of 20:00, these are your best and worst performers based on the London trading schedule: FTSE 100: 0.51% Germany 30: 0.34% France 40: 0.32% Wall Street: 0.00% US 500: 0.00% View the performance of all markets.

France, Germany, UK & other allies have long considered Iran's hostage taking as America's problem, not theirs. All 3 of these JCPOA participants currently have citizens being held hostage there. It should be clear to all that this is an Iran problem.

Germany, France and Italy became the latest countries to suspend use of AstraZenecas COVID-19 vaccine over reports of dangerous blood clots in some recipients.
The Greens in Baden-Wurttemberg and the SPD in Rhineland-Palatinate have clearly asserted themselves as the strongest parties in the state elections. NewsDE Get more news from Germany here.
Germany, France and Italy on Monday became the latest countries to suspend use of AstraZeneca's COVID-19 vaccine.
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MONDAY LIVE: Bombshell: Germany, France, Ireland, Italy & The Netherlands Ban Covid-19 Vaccine.
What does Germany have to gain by doing this? Genuine question.
Michael Zeno Diemer (Germany 18671939). Ship outside the coast of Lebanon with Beirut in the background.
Check out Vintage TRIMINO Dominoes Prof Dr Heinz Haber Western Germany Fun Puzzle Games.
Now that Germany has joined the list of countries suspending vaccination it's come down to 3 options: 1. There's a problem with the vaccine 2. There's a problem with supply OR 3. They want to slow down recovery to maintain lockdowns The plot thickens.

: Incredible to watch as Governments, Mainstream Media and Big Pharma all go into full damage control mode now... CLCLGermany, France and Italy Suspend Use of AstraZenecas Experimental Vaccine...
On the 10th anniversary of Syrias uprising, WafaMustafa9 is on AJTheTake discussing whether a courtroom in Germany is where Syrians can find justice. She's also sharing the story of her father, who was forcefully disappeared in 2013. Listen.

NYT: NEWS Germany, France and Italy paused use of AstraZenecas vaccine over concerns that it might be tied to blood clots. Experts havent found a causal link.
PS: just read that Germany blocked it too, at least until clarified if it's really dangerous / if the risk is acceptable.
Switzerland Italy Austria Lat Lithuania Estonia Luxembourg Iceland South Africa Norway Denmark Thailand Bulgaria Congo Ireland Romania Iran Netherlands Germany France Spain 21 Countries where the AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine is suspended.

Germany, France and Italy said on Monday they would suspend AstraZeneca COVID-19 shots after several countries reported possible serious side-effects, but the World Health Organization.
"Turkic Shithole" lol How Germany is better? with tens of US bases? millions of immigrants? no Army? Red Army statues? Thank you, sir. I prefer my own shithole lol.
Long story short, in Germany youll look for the cops to report crimes, theyll give you a raincoat while they stand in the rain and invite you to coffee, in KE the cops smell your money, in the States theyll run you over, beat you and call for HELP!

Things Germany has suspended today: the AstraZeneca vaccine Things Germany has *not* suspended today: hundreds of flights to Mallorca over Easter.
This is the Reichstag Fire Decree from Feb 1933. It nullified many civil liberties in Germany and paved the way for a one party state. One thing it suspended was the freedom to assemble. Surely not a direction a global Britain wants to take?

Outstanding summary of hundreds of pages of emails leaked yesterday on the origins of the Panic Paper used to launch Germanys lockdown in March 2020, including evidence of specific instructions and data passed to policymakers by German intermediaries in Chinese institutions.

Germany, France, Italy and Spain halt use of AstraZeneca vaccine Coronavirus pandemic News Al Jazeera.
Mr. HUBE LEITENBAUER HubertLeitenbauer, Snapshot Founder & Author PranaEnergieTherapie(r) Designer luxurySpiritualJewelry PranaEnergyTherapy(r)-Education - Above the Roofs University City PASSAU "The Three Rivers City - Queen on Danube.

Wouldn't they be trying to cross into France, Germany and Europe in general?
Germany joins Norway, Iceland, Bulgaria, Italy, Luxembourg, Estonia, Lithuania, Lat, Austria, Thailand, and Ireland in halting use of the AstraZeneca "vaccine" after people got blood clots and died, but, according to The Guardian, "there's no proof" of anything, so why worry?!

I agree but his masters will keep him there until he has served his purpose. A fascist dictatorship and a one Party Nation. Germany 1930's style and please do not say it can't happen here because we are British!

Dang Germany off to a flying start but the opposite way we wanted.
Sigh. Have not said it. Have tried NOT to say it, but Im going to say it today. Welcome to Nazi Germany.
BTW: the European AstraZeneca suspension is an even bigger deal than it seems - Germany et al are already short on pfizer moderna_tx doses, so they are tacitly acknowledging that they aren't worried about leaving much of their populations unvaccinated for several months.

Spain, Germany, France and Italy pause AstraZeneca vaccine rollout - CNN.
There is no such thing as "illegal pushback". Any country has the right to protect its borders. In any case, I am personally willing to fund charter-flights to Germany, since you are so eager to host them. Please lobby your politicians to accept these flights. Untill then.

Covid-19: France, Germany and Italy suspend AstraZeneca vaccine.
The world-renowned Robert Koch Institute saying just 2 days ago in Germany that AZ is as effective as Pfizer & Moderna; no evidence for causing blood clots; and strongly recommended continued usage.
Thankfully neither the Oscars nor Nobel committee are US and EU government institutions. But who co-produced Quo Vadis, Aida? The US? No. Here is the list of Austria, Romania, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, France, Norway, Turkey.

OFFICIAL: 16-year old Youssoufa Moukoko has been called up to Germany's U21 squad for their upcoming international games.
Today marks the date 78-years ago when Germany began exterminating Greek Jews ArutzSheva_En.
So as society turns its back on the vax, France/Germany/Italy suspend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The BBC seems more concerned with the reputation of the company, insisting the benefits outweigh the risks.The WHO is rattled, insisting its safe. Smacks of desperation.

Germany: 3C6562///.
DDR. best germany.
Honestly I will send you mine if you want it cause I cant take it back to Germany. Its just sitting on my bed and looking cute af rn.
Germany suspends use of AstraZeneca vaccine.
Germany halts AstraZeneca jabs over reported clot risks, says ministry Malay Mail.

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Now Spain too...

Germany: an average of 1738 hours of sunlight per year California: 3470 hours Latitude: 51.1 36.7, Solar angle is better when less Is it a good idea to invest in 53GW Solar in which gives 5% capacity factor for the last 5 months? Data in next hidden comment.

Lol not a surprise.

Well, I can't wait for my second dose.

OXFORD Astra zeneca .. Oxford.

The German president belongs in prison for ever having authorized it.


This vaccination drive in Germany and EU day by day is turning out to be the biggest joke of this COVID Pandemic. The so called experts have no clue about their own decisions.

Skoro v ghiermanii budiet sputnik v ghotov'ties' satanisty zhidy budiem vas chipirovat'.

Not vaccinated, but I woul rather take AstraZeneca than Pfizer. Obviously political campaign, UK is still the first in number of vaccinated people.

Herr, warum schneidest du diese subversive Propaganda des Terroristen Putin-Goebbels nicht immer noch ab?

France has just suspended the same too.

Antiwax supporters are enjoying this news.


How very naive. What a bad decision. It guess this allows stocks to build up.

I think normally, before vaccination they should check if the person have Covid-19 or not, because some persons have COVID-19 already but they don't know and dont have any symptoms. because if they get vaccination when they have active COVID-19, it will came with bad effects.

Kenyans kwisha sisi.

... on my way to get my second dose of.

The German Health Ministry said the use of AstraZeneca's vaccine was "suspended as a precaution.".

See RwandaGov? Nyamara mwe murashishikaye mukingira abantu.

The world needs a clear statement on these bans. People will loose confidence in you and the vaccines.

Is that the one from 'Oxford'? Well Jackson_Carlaw, is it?

This seems crazy ... is it a hysterical response ? or a money driven thing ? or even perhaps a political power game ?

Stupid stupid stupid.

Its the Oxford vaccine dont you know!?!

OMG my grandma took this vaccine. is it ok?? is the risk of thrombosis real? I've been getting confusing news online. freaking out right now.

What's the best alternative?

Looks like EMA approved a more efficacious poison than Novichok, which killed none. Congrats to Brussles bureaucrats.

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