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Wednesday 29th of July 2020

President realDonaldTrump: Germany is Delinquent in its Payments to NATO.

President Trump on pulling troops out of Germany: "Germany's delinquent. They haven't paid their fees, they haven't paid their NATO fees. They're way off. And they've been off for years and they have no intention on paying it. The United States has been taken advantage of.".

The Administrations plan to remove thousands of U.S. troops from Germany is a grave error. It is a slap in the face at a friend and ally when we should instead be drawing closer in our mutual commitment to deter Russian and Chinese aggression.

The swastika is an ancient and greatly auspicious symbol of the Hindu tradition. It is inscribed on Hindu temples, ritual altars, entrances, and even account books. A distorted version of this sacred symbol was misappropriated by the Third Reich in Germany.

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And so the EU (German) re-armament begins a GDP and a military to eventually match the US break up NATO Remainers said all along there would NEVER be an EU army Leavers knew it was a lie . here is the proof Don't let Germany rise again, two world wars r enough!

The US officially withdraws nearly 12,000 troops from Germany, representing a HUGE WIN for Vladimir Putin. How can anyone observe what is happening and not be appalled?
Scathing statement from Sen. Mitt Romney on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Germany. it is a gift to Russia coming at a time when we just have learned of its support for the Taliban and reports of bounties on killing American troops.

This angry, hawkish, imperialistic denunciation by the pro-war GOP Sen. BenSasse of Trump's decision to withdraw *some* troops from Germany fits word for word perfectly within mainstream Democratic foreign policy views of the world & the US role in it.

Putin says spasibo! "Pentagon to pull 12,000 US troops from Germany following Trump demands, slammed as 'gift to Russia' ".
It was easier to get trump to pull troops out of Germany than to pull troops out of Portland. Probably because Putin does not want them in Germany but does want them in Portland.
Why? NATAO deterrent capabilities against Russia are already weaker than they should be. "Pentagon to pull 12,000 US troops from Germany following Trump demands, slammed as 'gift to Russia' ".
So Mitt Romney is the only Republican who spoke out against Trump- Putin plan to withdraw US forces from Germany. Shame on each and every coward Republican in Congress. Well hold you accountable!
"Over One Quarter of the Population from Migrant Backgrounds" The German People must be SO grateful to Angela Merkel!!!
With all do respect Jennifer you are well off base. Our forces presence in Germany has zero to due with cost. Forward deployed troop presence is a strategic objective and acts as our primary national deterrence and quick strike capability. We dont pay to keep troops in Germany.

We have a humungous military budget and hes removing troops from Germany? Why because they think hes an idiot? I think they are on to something.
Russia announces they will move missiles and troops to western borders. This is the same exact thing that happened when Trump announced the troop pullout out of Germany last month.
The United States will slash its military presence in Germany by 11,900 troops, relocating some to Italy and Belgium in a major shift of Washington's NATO assets, Defense Secretary Mark Esper announced Wednesday.

Trump should pull out of Germany. If Germany can't stand on their own too bad. I think after two world wars Germany should have been dismantled and given to the countries that they destroyed, I feel the same about Japan.

Trump didn't raise with Putin on July 23 bounties on US troops in Afghanistan. Did Trump give Putin a heads up on the removal of 12,000 US troops from Germany? Was there an implication it was a kind of down payment for election help, a taste of what could follow in a second term?

Trump called Putin 6/1 He'd known Putin was paying for murder of US troops since March Days later DT signed off on plan to remove up to 1/3 of US troops in Germany Which is part of Putin's dream to dismantle NATO And in May he pulled out of Open Skies, just like Vlad wanted.

U.S. to Cut 12,000 Forces in Germany.
If you were a Putin asset you would pull troops out of Germany and not confront on bounties on US troops. You'd be more subtle than Trump however.
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Is a disgrace to HumanRights and Democracy as Merkel keeps silent on Hongkong and Xinjiang Besides, she opposes banning Huawei So, I dont really get why Germany tops global leadership poll.
Did Putin tell Trump to remove US troops from Germany? Also, Trump thinks a vaccine will save him come November. Russia claiming it will roll out its (unproven) vaccine in two weeks is much too convenient and suspicious.

What surprising behaviour from Misogynist in Chief He has always been particularly rude to Merkel, a former White House official said.
A special gift to Putin and a blow to NATO. realDonaldTrump is not playing on Americas team. US to withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany in move that will cost billions and take years - CNNPolitics.

Nobody knows exactly WHAT trump discussed with Putin, but his move to weaken NATO by removing 12,000 troops from Germany sounds like a discussion topic. trump HATES our allies.
The US is reducing its troops in Germany to 24,000. The Germans refuse to fund properly their own armed forces & Trump is irritated. But it is irrelevant: the global threat is China. The US provides nuclear deterrence against Moscow & Europe can easily outnumber the Russian army.

With troop withdrawal from Syria and now Germany, its clear that Putin has control of our military. Let that sink in. Our sons and daughters of liberty are controlled by Russia, and our president refuses to protect them from Russian-backed Taliban forces.

The tax revenue collected in the U.S. is less as a share of GDP than in Japan, Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy and France.
This is a much bigger deal than of troops that will either depart or, as with 2500 troops in the UK, won't be moved to Germany as planned. By moving special forces & key HQs such as EUCOM, saying Africom may be next, it is more about reducing Germany's centrality as an ally.

Germany and EU continue to be bullied by realDonaldTrump. The problem is not money. EU countries combined are 2nd biggest military spender (with China). Real problem is 27 armies and 27 budgets. Time for a real European defense market, strategy and army.

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Hulk told Brazilian outlet Lance that he has offers from clubs in England, Spain, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Turkey and China Would you take him?
It is very importaint like G7 member Germany to reject Russia. But be aware of China (due to Hongkong)...
Abruptly pulling 12,500 troops out of Germany (to put half of them in countries who spend LESS on defense) doesn't make sense financially, hurts NATO solidarity overall, and is a gift to Putin.
Man, Putin is really getting his moneys worth out of this guy. The only ones to benefit from US troops leaving Germany is Russia.
Cant complain today as my friend from Germany sent me chocolate! VnulbVnulbVnulb Danke schon.
NEW: Sen. Mitt Romney slams U.S. plan to withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany as "a grave error.".
That's scary. And it seems entirely possible. Just think, suddenly Russia owns Germany.
Don't Use the Word 'Nationalism': Mohan Bhagwat Tries to Distance RSS From Nazis.
Germany is good example of how US military spending is based on WW2 nostalgia. It's the same in the pacific too, with USA keeping big carriers around.
In 1963, Lebanon was classified as one of the four most prosperous country in the world along with Switzerland, West Germany and the United States. This should be a lesson how a country can move from civilization to this within a few decades.

Seem to recall there was once a slight issue when Germany tried to exert military might on the European stage! No thank you!
Why tf are 12,000 American troops in Germany?
WASHINGTON (AP) US to withdraw troops from Germany, sending 6,400 home and 5,400 to other countries, under shakeup sought by Trump.
U.S. to withdraw nearly 12,000 troops from Germany in move that will cost billions and take years. Belgium and Italy, the two countries that will be receiving U.S. troops from Germany, spend an even a smaller percentage on defense than Berlin does.

A Gas Station in Germany (1958).
Trump's Secretary of Defense Mark Esper says that moving U.S. troops from Germany to Belgium and Italy will "enhance the deterrence of Russia." Does he need a map?
So...Germany's not paying their NATO feeds, so we're going to spend billions removing troops to "punish" them? I thought America First meant looking out for US citizens. Those billions could be used to help struggling small businesses.

Yes, Trump mangled his tweet about Air Force One, but also he announced today that U.S. troops in Germany are retreating away from Russia six days after Trump had a call with Putin. Don't let his stupidity distract from his treachery.

First, what is obvious to me - having served 12 years in Germany and having participated in the last force structure change from 2004-2011, this is not a "strategic" is specifically a directed personal insult from Trump to our great & very supportive ally Germany. 3/.

Donald is just jealous of Germanys success in containing the virus and hes scared of Angela Merkel, because smart women scare the crap out of wimp Donald.
Virtually all the realistic threats Europe could face in the coming decades come from Russia, yet Germany insists on being reliant on them for energy, keeps her military weak, & boosts the Russian economy w/trainloads of Euros at the same time. This is a major unforced error.

You could easily put Ben Sasse on any of the prime-time MSNBC shows to express this hawkish, imperialistic denunciation of Trump's desire to withdraw some troops from Germany and ]as long as it wasn't mentioned that he's a Republican] the audience would swoon with approval.

Power move by realDonaldTrump. Hes given Germany YEARS to get things right with their 2% to NATO and they have refused to do it. Time to pay the piper, Frau Merkel.
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More great news. Why should we have any troops there at this point? U.S. to withdraw almost 12,000 troops from Germany in sweeping reorganization.
KILLJOY /// Germany Relax, Ive already thought of everything.
The U.S. mortality rate from COVID19 is not the lowest. Unfortunately for Americans, we're far behind Canada, Germany & Japan in terms of deaths per 100,000 people. This chart by ksheekey, based on JohnsHopkins data, says it all.

Trump: Russia putting bounties on our troops is no biggie. Also Trump: Germany must be held accountable for late fees!
The avs.
The funniest thing about muh Putin is that Russia has essentially zero lobbying power of the US it literally be more likely to say that South Korea and Germany are the hidden hand in American politics.

Trump has ordered the US to withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany in a move that has attracted bipartisan congressional opposition & roiled key allies who see the move as a blow to NATO & a victory for Russia. It will cost billions of dollars to bring about.

What You Really Think

How much does the USlessA owe China? couple of trillion?

Dallas by any hope?

He has a lot of room to talk, how many people has he left holding the bag? Filed bankruptcy 5 or 6 time and all of his businesses are in the hole and wants people to think he is a guru at business, ha fat chance. Wonder what he is hiding in those tax returns? Living off OPM.

Glad we have a great negotiator in the office of the President! God bless President Trump!


Someone else found this but this says it all.