Tuesday 18th of May 2021

Confirmed To Leave Source Music.

Social Media Says

Confirmed Leave Source Music.
]BREAKING] members GFriend decide renew their contracts with Source Music.
] G_ING] Peng Tai zhyxChan GFRIEND Shoot pool a.
GFRIEND TRUST Peng zhyxChan Lang Jia.
Source Music shares GFRIEND renew their contracts with agency will their separate ways Their contracts will expire Source.
Maybe hybe will be absorbing gfriend? idk hello sowon music?
wont even accept your source music. like gfriend build your company. cares about your
Kids, love you!!! love too!!! unnie sunshine~ sunshine Cutest girls ever GFRDofficial Peng zhyxChan.
don't feel like listening gfriend songs feel like going non-stop.
havent experienced first gfriend comeback :)).
MelOn Female Group Chart ]2021/05/17] 1 aespa 2 OH MY GIRL 3 Brave Girls 4 fromis_9 5 BLACKPINK 6 ITZY 7 Rocket Punch 8 STAYC 9 LABOUM 10 IZ*ONE 11 Davichi 12 TWICE 13 (G)I-DLE 14 MAMAMOO 15 Red Velvet 16 GFRIEND 17 Girls' Generation 18 TRIBE 19 Apink.

Forever with Peng Tai zhyxChan.
]INFO] Rough (198) gustas (212), acabam retornar chart Genie! GFS_backup GFRIEND Peng zhyxChan.
Exactly GFRIEND Music source music thing only cause GFRIEND other way, they built that company alone from scratches.
either GFRIEND move other company move from kpop.
love gfriend.
fact that gfriend only that fully stan.
Hello, buddys! Source Music announced earlier, GFRIEND decided renew their contract with them after years. REMEMBER: THIS CONTRACT TERMINATION DISBANDMENT NOTICE. This happening reason. Let's wait further announcement.

NU'EST Comeback ENHYPEN Comeback Comeback Comeback - SEVENTEEN Comeback - GFRIEND six-member South Korean girl group formed Source Music 2015. group consists Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, Umji.

Buddies archive gfriend content source music king records might remove them.
Gfriend leaving soumu just move another floor fckin praying that.
zhyxChan Lang glad have meet never regret that buddy, GFRIENDs buddy will support wait matter what happened inseparable.
Theres group like gfriend there will never
Gfriend built that company from basement where they that company still fail keep them together. hate here.
GFRIEND practice room much? were they studio? were they hybe much? keep trying come with reason that makes sense absolutely nothing does. This makes absolutely fucking sense fuck source music I'll never forgive you.

gfriend really leaving whole HYBE label then bighit wouldn't have included them Museum right haha
Gfriend cant disband still haven't finished storyline haha.
GFRIEND (GFRDofficial) trending MelOn search.
Gfriend japan said can't access mobil3 contents anymore after 22nd BITHJ POSTED MARCH 22???
fact that they decided renew together.. GFriend really came very long way, they truly started from very bottom become what they're now.
"Rough" GFRIEND re-entered Genie Realtime Chart 200.
TenAsia share GFRIEND will leaving Source Music after years they have chosen renew contracts.
gfriend have your (taylor version) moment plsss RE-RECORD EVERYTHING.
Gfriend always emphasized longevity let's trust girls support them whatever their future holds.
Without GFriend kpop ends
"hello! we are gfriend!" Peng Tai zhyxChan.
When sowon said in contrail song "hamkke" which means together , sowon literally meant that..V.
dream about going kard concert with maddie, then wake gfriend disbanding.

What You Really Think

Wow this is wow ..


Omg pls stay together, our time together was not enough.

Nagbibiro lang naman kayo diba??? :((.

Gfriend & Got7 Gfriend : six years Gto7 : 7 years How ...

The news said Gfriend will leave in Source Music . They didn't say any disbandment news... please keep that in mind... those who are happy might regret their happiness later on...

I dont get it all ... why would source music become part of hybe and their very own and only group part ways from them???? So they'll be under bighit now???? It's all so confusingg.

I think they will either join bighit music or koz or belift. idk but bighit is possible bcoz bh pds helped gfriend in their music too especially last year. but bh doesnt handle ggs anymore but if its gfriend i think they will?

Hopefully they sign another HYBE company..please ..


Is this fr???



Why they r leaving source music? R they going to be under another agency as a group ? Or they r going to disband? I don't want them to disband. Plz, bring back gfriend.

Fans will be like theyre not disbanded while every member be in different companies and group can even use their name anymore and being not active for 10 years. Come on guys, lets accept the truth. Let the girls move on with their life.

Sa tingin mo saan na sila lilipat??

Wow diem-diem menghanyutkan.



Woa can't believe Mago is the last comeback.

But why???

Nangis bgt ah.

It's Got7 all over again???

Im trying to be positive and think that theyre moving to hybe or bighit music. Theres no way gfriends in the hybe museum just for nothing. Hoping this is a business move or something.



I ain't a fan of GFRIEND but I was very shocked by this news. I just started to like them and this came. I even dance the chorus of MAGO just to have a performance video for the end of our school year.



They the only hybe's girl group.

I guess its true.


Kalian bercanda kan? gw tau kalian bercanda.

This is so unexpected, but I hope all the best for the girls.

So, that 7-yr timeline for girl groups really is a thing.

What it hurts the most is that, this news is so sudden and no one is ready.

Kaget banget dong, bener2 unexpected.


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