Tuesday 29th of November 2022

FT: South Korea 2-3 Ghana Ghana Come Out on Top in a World Cup Classic.

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South Korea Ghana Ghana come World classic.
PASSION from Ghana fans!
Going Korean barbecue spot Ghana jersey celebrate.
Mohammed Kudus special player Ghana.
Ghana world cup.
love fight that Ghana world cup.
Ghana Girls repeat after me... Mmaa y333 oo!!! Girls: Ghana Blackstars.
Ghana fans behind bits. lady been praying entire injury time!
Glad Ghana they lost would have taken opportunity further kick down specific Ghanaian while he's down... hope knows that life equally stake.

against Ghana
BEST experience ever watching Korea Ghana today Educational City Stadium!!!!
Ghana's Black Stars defeat South Korea 2022 FIFA World Qatar. Ghana famously reached Quarter Finals World 2010. They were only African country qualify Round 2006 FIFA World Cup.

Ghana most entertaining team this World Cup. were ranked last world according fifa.
really here deciding match between Uruguay Ghana gonna stressed.
World Brazil Richarlison Swiss Ghana Korea Gitasav Senin Raffi Ahmad Link Live Streaming Mohammed Kudus Belgia KORGHA BRASUI Neymar.
Thank Ghana Blackstars, KudusMohammedGH Have Spirit Torch always come Through. ayigbe inside that best decision.. Coach defense tactics best That gives much room opponent dirty.

Bless Jigger KudusMohammedGH Well Done Proud GHANA BLACK STARS Hope Country
Unfortunate for South Korea, they deserve to win. Tactically they were far suprerior than Ghana. Kudos to South Korea. Great game.
Tell what Anthony Taylor respect narrative. Ghana going into grudge Uruguay game with points board play ADDS MINUTES!
Mohammed Kudus. future Ghana football!
This Ghana fans reacted winner FIFA Festival!
Imagine Felix Afena-Gyan part Ghana Blackstars squad. they dropped him, still have idea ***.
Ghana have blood their hands they lose this game.
After South Korea's huge comeback second half, Ghana's Black Stars escape elimination from this year's 2022 World Cup.
Fans baffled Ghana official takes SELFIE with distraught Heung-min seconds after over South Korea.
Nketiah would very good this Ghana team well. needs have good look himself mirror.
Three points for Thomas and Ghana.
Anthony Taylor didn't even check on-field screen first Ghana goal. That prelude this games nightmare. qualified games. even EPL. Despite result, ruined game!

Ghana won, drop your handles
Ghana beats South Korea.
Asamoah Gyan went through the full cycle of emotions at the Supersport studio during Ghanas 3-2 win over South Korea.
After another brilliant game, ends with Ghana taking three points.
Ghana have scored goals consecutive World games first time since 2006.
Ghana winning World Kudus winning Golden boot, watch will cedis.
Let's fill with Ghana flags!!
Where? In Ghana?
South Korea Ghana livestream
Ghana wins against South Korea World Cup.
Match performance from Mohammed Kudus What game Ghana Blackstars much love
Yessss Ghana.
Scenes from Ghana
South Korea Ghana. HUGE POINTS GHANA!
Chale Ghana Breddas making proud. Sekof goals score first half, World Cup.
Portugal Uruguay Uruguay would group with points with Portugal points. Portugal today only South Korea quality they beat Portugal larger margin than Uruguay beat Ghana goal difference point tie.

pulsating game stunning Ghana. Mohammed Kudus with brace goal from Mohammed Salisu, immense box, too. lowest-ranked side World making waves.
match Mohamed Kudus played heart Ghana colours today. goals [?][?] Letting world know arrived biggest stage. Remember name.
Ghana fans were cleaning stadium after their against South Korea JoySportsGH).
Ghana!!!!!! Just retweet!
Ghana seem wild card fifaworldcup once again. team should sleep them.
WHAT GAME! classic between South Korea Ghana.
Ghana South Korea 24' Ghana South Korea 27' Ghana South Korea 58' Ghana South Korea 61' Ghana South Korea second World thriller sees Ghana their first game tournament.

Who else 1/3 Mohammed Kudus wins the man of the match award after Ghanas victory over South Korea. Deserved.
Ghana AGAINST ODDS When They Conceded Goals Second Half They Kept High Spirits Found Energy Winning Goal Later Great Match, Well Deserved Black Stars.

Very proud Nation Ghana Come Lads.
Cause death: last minutes ghana korea.
What game!! Ghanas World running. next grudge match! Uruguay. Unmissable.
Ghana girls crush Kofi Kyere saaa turn bench player fear women.
GHANA murder bloodline.

What You Really Think

You need the strength of Sampson to beat Korea. That is the strength.

Never have seen corner kick getting canceled like that.

We keep giving you great games any time we rep. When are you going to reward us.


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Korea were unlucky. Way better than ghana.


Classic football is our style.

Uruguay next.


What a game.

A classic between 2 trash teams who won't make it to the next round.

What a pic.

Buy more $MMTLP & $MMAT before they may squeeze 1000% .

Better luck next time We aren't playing Premier League.

Portugal were just lucky.