Thursday 27th of April 2023

Giannis Didnt Like This Reporter's Question on if he Thinks This Season Was a Failure.

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Giannis didnt like this reporter's question thinks this season failure.
Giannis asked thinks this season failure..
Giannis being asked this season failure. (h/t cjzero).
Giannis really putting perspective. Kudos this young man.
Giannis with great explanation whether this season failure Bucks.
Giannis have lost game series, just gave best answer this season failure" question.
Bane, Giannis, Jaren, Stevo plus Luke score game.
Michael Jordan played years, championships. other years were failure?" -Giannis' passionate response considers Bucks' season failure.
Good analysis worst matchup Giannis.
This favorite response press conference question, maybe ever. Giannis just dropped some wisdom.
Heat made this adjustment down with minutes left make Adebayo primary ball handler Why? high actions with Jimmy Butler They completely took Lopez Giannis their defensive roles Erik Spoelstra masterclass.

time I've seen Giannis angry still polite.
manager McDonalds Milwaukee when Giannis walk submit application, asked show skills experience just started running jumping, confused until Mike Budenholzer walked told thats do.

have zero issue with Giannis response herehe didnt full LeBron call everyone broke anything.
Giannis: Michael Jordan played years, championships. Youre telling other years were failure? steps success. Theres failure sports. dont always win.
This such coaching move. Have lopez guard inbound with giannis protecting and/or switch with anyone.
Wow. This most frustrated I've ever seen Giannis Antetokounmpo press conference. Here's response question believes this season failure: BallySportWI).
know anything, Giannis gonna handle press conferences work greater every season. lucky have franchise player.
More from Giannis: Maybe could have double teamed make ]Butler] pass. Maybe could have switched matchup minutes give Jrue break. dont think team made rightor didnt make many adjustments could against them.

Michael Jordan played years, championships. other years were failure?" Giannis went when asked this year failure.
First offI head bricks Milwaukee. After hands stopped shaking, managed call Sheriff, they were quick respond. Before lost consciousness, police asked knew said yes, Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Giannis didn't like eric_nehm's question about whether season failure went long answer.
Giannis perfect response reporter asked season failure.
Yeah tweeted about that too. Enough time Giannis Brook.
this most composed answer this question have ever seen from athlete that just closed season. Much respect Giannis keeping cool even question clearly bothered him.

crying Giannis wanted parts them free throws.
Giannis Antetokounmpo asked wanted guard Jimmy Butler more Bucks series loss Heat: "Yes. respect, gotta coach make that adjustment. have best defender him. There conversations with Jrue. Whenever gets tired, can.

"Michael Jordan played years, championships. other years failure? There's failure sports... don't always win." Giannis went reporter's question whether Bucks' season failure.

Warriors helping hand? Giannis can't take Heat? Lakers crumbling against Grizz? Draft Love/Hate? Aaron Rodgers Jets savior? Maller Show's wheels turning till LISTEN.

Michael Jordan played years, championships. other years were failure?" Giannis Bucks 2022-2023 season.
Giannis slander going crazy
Giannis gotta fire barber matter what happens these playoffs.
Giannis broke that niggas heart LMFAOOOO.
he's clearly Injured... Anyone dunking Giannis bum.
understand Giannis. Have patient with some questions. Omg!
days have hold Giannis accountable like would other superstar.
want please message me. Product Code:20230427 appare calligraphy font hand drawn inspiration lettering motivation sticker AEWDynamite chenle Arsenal.
Never forget that Redick picked Giannis Antetokounmpo over Joel Embiid. moving home after Round
want that ball late Smart mane. Heat still have chance though here JrueHoliday missing.
"He's failure player, failure season? would yes." -Shaq Giannis Bucks falling first round Heat.
Bro, read what said, they were when Giannis injured, Jimmy frying them, game bucks Giannis wasnt playing, that already cancels out, team game point foul straight missed free throws last seconds not.

After 2021 yall said Giannis gonna Finals every year like LeBron 2010s. never forget.
Bam: AMAZING down stretch. Great Giannis, great deliveries scoring opportunities, clutch shots (jumper/follow up), hurt hip/hamstring. Miami needed play like player. That's what Game Shoutout to.

Giannis instead foot tall.
understand what Giannis trynna this failure. were seed, also favorites title lose seed first round.
terrified Giannis full speed with ball that wondered Jimmy should just hack send line. Then they just panicked Grayson Allen whatever that was.
Were getting Villian Giannis next year.
mean it's talking about here it's hard outcoach this guy. Remember going kicked year Bucks chip saved. bucks championship DESPITE Budenholzer because him. Giannis prolonged extra years.

couple moments that Giannis presser where almost real belligerent kept together.
know that Giannis Best Player Planet, keep hearing Undisputed.
Giannis most overrated player recent years, fans know nothing about basketball, they still think 2021 ring hold value debates.
giving consolations this thing still doing that Giannis. giving passes being head 2019. Bottom line make half throws missed playing Friday.

This type response makes respect Giannis even more. Yeah, goal championship, there many intangibles route that goal. obtaining disappointing, doesn't equate failure. Winning isn't linear.

understand about question. plays every game, might have been different series. -Chuck Giannis' passionate postgame interview after Bucks lost Heat.
Thinking about Giannis legacy human sized feet.
That sigh WHEW caught Giannis just time.
Bruh Giannis VEXED.
Bucks Giannis timeouts they their season with ball Grayson Allen's hands, fold franchise.
Call what Giannis just pulled biggest choke jobs history.
Buddy, cost mind sending something..I blame your head coach doesn't all.
Theres denying Giannis came short, this response failure fascinating. parents should watch show their kids.
literally love this answer much think could like giannis more than already even after most devastating losses career finding ways enjoy person even more.

Giannis flopping finally came back bite ass.
Giannis right real close just SPAZZING.

What You Really Think

I love this.

So if what the Bucks did was not a failure was what the Heat did not a success? You lost to an 8 seed dude don't take it out on someone making 1/50 of what you do.

Nice Logic and perspective.

I was afraid for a second thought he was gone snap but he pulled it together he gotta point bet he wont ask that question again they shouldve asked do we need dame.

He answered this brilliantly.

I bet Eric will not ask him that question again I think no 34 handle it very nicely well done 34.

Fantastic answer -- that reporter was just on cruise control. Hopefully an answer like that will give him the motivation he needs to ask better questions.

Giannis scolded him like a child. Lol.

Good answer honestly.

W answer Giannis.

Very good 34!

Im sure if you ask Michael Jordan, he would consider it a failure.

He's so real for that.

I like the response!

He gon turn into a villain because of bud the war criminal.


Bucks were a top seed & Jimmy butler cooked yall by himself for 3 games straight not to mention the heat just had to fight to get in the playoffs yes FAILURE.

It seems like hes comparing him to MJ.

Giannis Antetokounmpo signed a 5 year /$228,200,420 contract You went 10/24 from the free throw line. Is that steps to success? Is that failure? Absolutely. You dont have the luxury to say steps to success when you are a 1 seed as one of the highest played players in history.

What a response. Off the top of the head right after a loss nonetheless. This should be the title of his documentary. Steps to success.

Giannis is % correct. And great analogy.

Actual respect to akumpo, hes a real one.

Ah yes comparing a promotion at a regular job to a sport whos only goal is to win a chip is equivalent.

Tomorrow people will focus on his 12 missed FTs, minimal shortcomings, but they should also mention him gutting it out after missing the first 3 games injured. 26 PT triple-double Game 4, 38/20 Game 5, limping around. Injuries are the worst part of sports AND they collapsed.

This is a great response.

Tbh hes not even wrong.

Thats a great response.

So funny how all the guys this bozo went on tv and dunked on like it was a Comedy Central roast have all faced 100x the criticsm from the media and yet he cant handle a simple question after another choke in the playoffs.

No Oreos?

This was such a great response. Respect.

Giannis has a great point... failure is so inappropriate (they just lost the series Mr Reporter, be sensitive sometimes).

Fried his ass.

Haha this is the most Nigerian Giannis has ever sounded.

Blah blah blah you lost.

Did he fail to make half of his 23 free throws. No its just a stepping stone.

I don't like the question,if you are doing everything you can for the 82 games you play and practices, and at the end of the day there's other teams doing the same thing, so the effort is not a failure it's just my team didn't win this season!

Why would he ask that.

It turns out to be a Ted Talk.

This reporter LOL like they havent had nearly a decade of history together.

Thats my MVP.


Typical Balkan male.

Nah giannis owns eric now.

Hes cooking.

Made $55,000 in just in a week am short of words you are truly a good friend and a honest man Mr.

Wow it's the world, I'm depressed now.

I was with you until you said theres no failure in sports.

Dudes been brought up wellV.

What a fucking answer.

Dont kno whats worse jimmy beating the bucks in 5 or darvin ham rotations ***.

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