Saturday 22nd of October 2022

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Right from ranch Introducing SchumacherMick's Texas Gina inspired helmet design Austin weekend!
Gina Rinehart's Hancock Prospecting pulled proposed million sponsorship deal Netball Australia.
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Gina Rinehart pulled sponsorship from Diamonds. Go woke, broke Zirconias.
What love about Gina Apostols keynote address FilBookFest22 perfect cocktail astute reading Filipino American history, long consistent writing practice engaged this history, personal narratives that inform this. Plus voice wow.

Acting HSMTMTS ricky gina rina edit.
That person should held account sponsor . What stupid decision Netball Australia. Poor management decision. Well done Gina.
knew Heather Terry were rich didnt know they were RICH RICH what doing show with Gina??
best ride Gina Rinehardt good shocking woke brigade!! No mens game save this money muncher pardon pun!!
Gina Rineharts million netball sponsorship deal equates about 0.0375% worth. estimated that successful campaign against Rudds mining cost public tens billions dollars over last decade.

Apparently people cant appreciate hard Gina worked inherit wealth.
were puking like crazy, gina help namin iyong bebe, puke went your chest area, putla shut down, puked again, then hinatid pauwi. drink pocari sweat lots water feel like lost many fluids last night inday :-(.

Gina Rinehart could contribute Australias problems volunteering taxes mineral takes Australias land kicked mighty stink when Labor going make start paying taxes just rich greedy elite piggy trillionaire.

write anyway. glorify Gina. been ripping Australian workers resources years.
These amazing girls have moral backbones. They'll more respected than Gina Rhinehart could ever achieve with rabid greed. Good them -Netball doesn't need garish Lycra. !! Her father despicable racist.

Gina gives money shouldn't have first place some charity immune from criticism?
Love your work Gina [?].
Gina oligarch that needs reining dumb Diamonds.
Gina Gerson Anal DarnAnal MaxxxiMad boytne35 Ass1Doctor Sircharly5X MRS1NS 21st_gallery XXXSINNERS PussylikerUa.
Gina national hero, national embarrassment. Billionaire Gina Rinehart sparks controversy with $2-a-day remark.
Gina wanted netball 0.05% worth. Just $289 median Aussie. Pathetic years! just reject extreme racist comments father. couldn't. Sickening. Stand tall DonnellWallam your team, country behind you.

trending Australia because netball team asked sponsor mining magnate Gina Rinehart address father's advocacy genociding Aborigional Aussies Instead condemning racism, Gina chose withdraw $15M funding Actions speak louder than words.

$300Mil royalties indigenous communities, land grants mandated Government. Gina done more indigenous than netballer.
Good Gina.
Good Gina!
Gina Rinehart honestly wanted promote women's sport, wouldn't care whether name jerseys not;m she'd just help them out.
throws tantrum like Gina.
Perhaps Gina Rineguts increase sponsorship shitfight game. true blood sport backstabbing.
Antsy little deluded fool.. Chuck your bucks need understand outside your Twitter echo chamber people agree with Gina..woke entitled sportsters fkd.
Media have sold their souls devil. (Rupert), course they dont understand ethics integrity. Gina just piggy back status Diamonds, really wanted help womens sport shed just give money, give vocab. kids.

Gina national hero.
surprised Ginas tame Blakfella, Jacinta Price hasnt condemned Diamonds listening propaganda about Lang Hancock thats freely available YouTube.
Well were getting genocidal dictator worth doing this case though, Gina often criticised when does good.
Showing precisely power sponsorship 'partnerships' with commercial companies really doing love sport they?
Gina Rinehart pulls $15M sponsorship from Australian Diamonds Netball Team because they wouldnt wear uniform, they played that perfectly with match point going Gina. cost wokeness will their wages deeply, gotta feel their next sponsor they one.

Great show this evening. Gina Miller fire!! Miller been championing political change brave enough stand government WON. would give vote.
Gina's millions can't respect.
Gina Rinehart, that "national hero", wanted Australian workers hour. SUCH "hero".
fair, he's also Gina's personal rectal thermometer
Russian military treating Ukrainian children "spoils war," transferring thousands Russia adoption without their consent that parent guardian. Forcibly transferring civilian occupied territory crime.

puzzled this. thought Gina doing this philanthropist Business?
Gina parts people relaribes.
Good Gina.
Gina such good slut
Instead facing it's past doing some truth telling Gina withdraws that need royal commission into mining rights this country.
Holy shit lol.
Gina Reinhardt made Woke netball dare you.
Trussonomics lives Australia. financial worlds wholesale bagging this fiasco should serve official political mission force Reaganomics/Thatcherism/ neoliberalism/trickledown world wealthy vested interests.

Gina doesnt way; -takes bat, ball million.
2012, aspiring slave owner, Greedy Gina Rinehart, criticised Aust's economic performance said Africans willing work should inspiration. Rinehart reported world's richest woman views have been slammed.

Great. Gina given more indigenous, royalties, than netballers together. Stay strong Gina dont give them cent.
How's Gina?
Gina money lady earns more money than will ever lifetime, every fifteen minutes.
piece work. dont like him. Point that appalling views Ginas stance just because theyre related.
Gina Rinehart take money fucked!
Especially since people like Gina arent paying into kitty like they should.
Nah, good Diamonds- Gina Rinehart were fair dinkum about helping Australian sports people teams they wouldnt have campaigned against mining they prefer able Australian sport their little play things.

Gina doesnt seem require display logo Matt? difference?
Holy Ghost Won't Leave Gina Ragsdale feat. Lady Voncile Belcher auntmable1 03:28.
"Hey, yeah! We're fucking doing We're fucking doing it!" Danny "D.J." Rodriguez having time life Jan. long before drove stun into Mike Fanone's neck. Video filmed Gina Bisignano played Kyle Young's sentencing.

With zeros $41,112,201,600.00 worth* $00,015,000,000.00 sponsorship. *Source.
Well Done Gina, give money team will appreciate
have really hard offended comments father years long dead..great call Gina netballers.
first discovered mass graves Lyman, town Donetsk region, there were bodies civilians soldiers.All them victims russian occupiers. Ukraine will liberate territory punish murderers tens thousands Ukrainians.

Diamonds Forever! Bond Gina Bond.
Gina Lollobrigidas costumes Ralph Jester Solomon Sheba 1959.
News Rowan Dean says Morrisons comment about liking white bread confronting manifestation white privilege patriarchy Indigenous Professor Nareen Young tweeted about "abhorrent people" Gina Rinehart.

Congratulations AussieDiamonds Enjoy bankruptcy Your imbecilic stance cost lazy mill year. Well played Gina. average sensible Australian right behind Serves them fucking right.

This years More recently.
Michael Pascoe: Trussonomics lives Australia Daily "Philosophically financially, shadows major American neoliberal lobby groups more accurate description than think tanks.

Good, Gina Hutt oligarch scum.
You're class, Diamonds. There's opportunity ethical company board with Australia's elite sporting teams. Who'd like stick Gina?
Feel free compare contrast this with George Brandis' effort yesterday I've seen sort country Truss Gina want.
Australians supporting someone toxic selfish Gina Rinehart hate respected national sporting team? Don't understand myself. It's those right willing Australia create much climate damage possible.

Taras fighter pilot, Kateryna flight coder. They married before death. week they celebrate 26th birthday... Kateryna says dreamt switch from planes F16. Utterly heartbreaking, russia steals best.

Landing shortly.
Authorised Gina Rinehart Hancock Prospecting Perth.
Made arrangements something later, shouldve opted breakfast.
Thanks Michael. heard Gina Rhinehart Australia Talks about decade ago, tell Paul Barclay favoured idea bringing cheap labour from third world reduce labour costs because rich Arab countries were doing Left Paul (and lost words.

Well done net-ballers! Piss Gina..go bury your head holes you've dug.
from Romford market, icon made Ginas getting shout
what accusing Gina Reinhardt being disgusting person.
Russian withdrawal from western Kherson Oblast begun. Russian forces likely intend continue that withdrawal over next several weeks struggle withdraw good order Ukrainian forces choose attack.

father's daughter. Her views would differ much from his. Gina cliche rich inheritance thinks world owes more.

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