Wednesday 9th of June 2021

Olivier Giroud Scores His 45th And 46th Goals For France Hes Only Five Behind Les Bleus All-time Leading Goalscorer Thierry Henry.

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Olivier Giroud scores 45th 46th goals France only five behind Bleus all-time leading goalscorer Thierry Henry.
goals Olivier Giroud. goals France.
Olivier Giroud delivers France once again.
June 2021. reported Channels tonight, foodstuff, cattle dealers unions issue three weeks ultimatum. Tiwa Biafra Malami Mohammed Nigerians Giroud Burna Fela.
Respectez Giroud renard.
Olivier Giroud five goals away from equalling Thierry Henry's record (51) with most goals scored France. could make history
Doublade de Giroud.
Karim Benzema goes injured days before Euros Olivier Giroud comes bench score brace. simply inevitable. Give Golden Boot now.
Giroud 20minutes buts Benzema 6ans buts.
many goals Giroud score during 2018 World that good Lampard Tuchel talents more??? Tuchel prefers Werner over him!!
Giroud came recorded brace after Benzema picked knock first half.
Oliver Giroud engine France National team Benzema cant anything about keeps scoring France.
Giroud better striker than Benzema this even debatable.
Therapists dont retainers, thats dentists. Giroud, brace.
Needs only goals become france scorer time.. what player.
Olivier Giroud just goals away from equaling Thierry Henry goal record France, after scoring twice tonight.
remember Henry saying France wouldnt World with Giroud
Jonny ft PFut10 - Allez Giroud.
Deschamps invited Benzema just show fresh Giroud starts ahead him. guess won't argue again. Giroud France clear.
Please Chelsea fans should guided, 100% sure Giroud would have retired even before 2018 World benzema didnt have issue with France...Benzema better than Giroud aspects! wish Chelsea front...its game over then.

Giroud goals France, just behind their time scorer Thierry Henry. Watch Giroud smash record this Euros. Very underrated striker.
Benzema games goal Giroud mins goals.
Olivier Giroud goals away from beating Thierry Henrys all-time goal scoring record France.[?].
Benzemas reaction to Girouds brace.
Olivier Giroud goals away from matching Thierry Henrys all-time record France.
Every time people think Olivier Giroud finished, responds. There arent many players with better mentality World football.
Who you gonna start Benz / Giroud???
name dont skip without retweeting Foreign used 325i(2 units) 3.7M(EACH) :ABUJA Tiwa Macron Seyi shay Giroud Pogba Burna Fela Abatcha Bush Mohammed Malami.
Amazing Giroud scored goals France couldnt score once against Monaco home.
They have Giroud, Benzema needed.
Giroud moment.
have solutions: -play nice football scored with Benzema -play boring football scored with Giroud 2018 My choice done...
No one does tap-in like Giroud.
Benzema match Giroud match but.
Stop hyping Giroud .!!! We know he's fraud Euro's will expose soon.
Giroud that complete striker doesnt need game time always shape best!!
Benzema play matches France norr hurt. Giroud Mallam joke.
Team Go Kart.
Olivier Giroud just goals away from becoming Frances time leading goalscorer currently goals nation. Legend.
Make that Giroud! just five goals away from all-time record Thierry Henry.
Olivier Giroud: Goals [?][?] Hakim Ziyech: Assist Edouard Mendy: Clean Sheet Another successful Chelsea boys!
Benzema matchs Giroud minutes buts.
capable stopping this France team from winning Euros. Griezmann, Mbappe, Giroud, Pogba, Kante, list endless. Hand trophy over already.
Giroud send Benzema pictures Bennin norr play better again . Ei.
Giroud Yedder.
Havertz goal assists Werner goal Giroud goals Chelsea boys cooking good their international teams. Chelsea really conquered Europe.
Giroud just goals behind France's time leading Goalscorer Thierry Henry.
Giroud better player Timo werner always play why?
Girouds average goals/game is actually 0.43 now. This doesnt seem to be up to date. Thierry Henrys avg. goals/game was 0.41.
Antoine Griezmann [?] Olivier Giroud [?] Olivier Giroud France completed their Euro 2020 preparations beating Bulgaria... even scored bicycle kick.
Pogba when Giroud Benzema fighting changing rooms.
Stfu Giroud Champion league, Europa League fvkn World winner.
Giroud, point faible : trop fort.
Giroud goals. (TouchePasAMonGF).

What You Really Think

Hes better than bumzema and big her than assna.

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I prefer my go kart.

Both of them played for arsenal .

How he will celebrate when he eventually breaks the record.

Yess. Go Giroud.

Bravo giroud.

The go-kart schooling the F1 AGAIN. Love to see it.

U legend.

Underrated AF!!! My guy.


The guy is an enigma.

Don't worry, I'm here.

Underrated fr.

Fa Cup League Cup Ligue 1 Community Shield Champions League Europa League Puskas Award World cup 5 goals away from becoming France's all time top scorer Mr. Underrated.


My ST.

Follow my page for live updates of every game of the Euros!!!

And not a handball in sight. Cheating French frog.

Not bad for a gokart!

Formula one got a flat tire.

Was Chelsea playin today ? ooh NO! we on international games, I'm tired of forgetting things too fast Girouuud!

Better than Benzema if you ask me.

How this bros take score 46 goals?

So much for the Ferrari.

Giroud turn up just in friendly game, I dont give a shit about that. In Worldcup hes has 0 shot on target ffs. Benzema clear.

Not so bad for a go kart huh.

Goals for France since Benzemas return to the squad. Giroud: 2 Benzema: Missed penalty Go-Kart > Formula 1.

Henry is shaking now btw.

Tap in merchant.

Brfootball while tweeting this.

Better than Overrated Go Kart Benzema.

NIGERIA 0-0 CAMEROON : "Cameroon carry our pattern wey we dey play TEACH US HOW TO PLAY FOOTBALL!!" Nigerian fans react to another uninspiring performance from the Super Eagles.

Go cart eh.

The big man!

Better than overrated Benzema.

The Difference.

Benzema gelmese miydi acaba..

The gokart has more goals than benzema.

This shouldn't even be happening.

- Undeserved tbf.


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