Monday 17th of August 2020

The NSW Government Extends its Heartfelt Apology to Anyone Who Experienced Any Additional Hurt, Stress And Trauma Due to The Mistakes Made by NSW Health Regarding The Ruby Princess.

Social Media Says

If I was Premier Gladys Berejiklian and received a report as bad as the Ruby Princess - Id be fronting up this weekend not hiding. Thats what leaders have to do.
Premier Gladys Berejiklian. The Ruby Princess report was released Friday. Its now Sunday. Were waiting for you to take responsibility.
Required reading for Gladys Berejiklian and Brad Hazzard ahead of their next press conference.
The MSM seem to have let Gladys NSW Health & Hazzard off the hook very easily regarding the RubyPrincess... If it had been Dan ... can you imagine?
MURDOCH MANURE MACHINE FAIL A 2 min apology by Gladys doesn't cut it! Where are the headlines from NewsCorpse for MP Hazzard and Berejiklian to resign? Smacks of a shameless media blackout!
Gladys Berejiklian apologises 'unreservedly' for the Ruby Princess coronavirus fiasco.
A former NSW Premier resigned over an undeclared bottle of wine. Gladys's negligence literally kills people and all she does is apologise?? Libs are completely shameless.
So Gladys says sorry just like ProMo said sorry about aged care and its over? Wheres the outrage? Wheres the Australian media ready to tear strips off them and demand the resignation of GladysB and.
Im getting a new client who is also in jdc rn, who told me he couldnt follow his goals not with a record he said. I wanted to be like thats not true! But, Black youths lives are surrounded by police, and their mistakes are more likely to land in the juvenile justice system.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has apologised unreservedly for mistakes by NSW Health in the Ruby Princess fiasco and to those who continue to suffer and experience trauma as a result.
Unfortunately, Gladys is handcuffed by Morrison, who couldn't give a hoot about COVID. ScoMo's allegiance is to Hillsong, certainly not Australians.
Isn't great how the NSW Health Department runs itself & Neither Health Minister Brad Hazzard nor Premier Gladys Berejiklian have ANY Responsibility at all for their failures Whereas Daniel Andrews is the ONLY PERSON Responsible for Quarantine in Vic.

Yes baby ! There are unicorns existing too.
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has issued an unreserved apology to the victims of the Ruby Princess disaster, conceding that horrible mistakes were made by health officials and the department as a whole that should never be repeated.

Arent you a sweet little avenger ?! You dp says it all.
I help other youths who are battling cancer. I tell them this isn't the end; that cancer is not a death sentence; there is hope. With a strong support system, you are able to help others: through helping others, you also help yourself. - Mary Gathoni.

Gladys b. Mr Hazard Yeah our Incompetence Was partly Responsible For Infecting 800 people Killing 28. We apologise. LETS ALL MOVE ON. No job loss This Joints Rooted.
Which is still factually incorrect. Its broadly accepted those were vectors for spreading covid, possibly globally - who exactly died and how many? We don't know. Even Gladys admits it in her presser. We know they had the covid, that some odd distraction of your own making.

Presser live on abcnews GladysB says sorry for RubyPrincess~ focusing only on 62 cases (not the 28 deaths & hundreds of other cases)~ she says lessons have been learned She hasn't announced any sackings yet tho Why aren't you sacking BradHazzard Gladys?

Gladys Berejiklian apologises for Ruby Princess mistakes in NSW. She suggests there were only 62 cases arising. My sense is this cannot be substantiated because of asymptomatic cases.
Not dealing with loss and grief will cost you; it can even cost you your mind. - Wamaitha Karanja.
At least Gladys apologised!! Havent heard a word of apology from ?Dan re all the lives he has ruined, ?Businesses lost, Kids no school! He hasnt the intestinal fortitude of an Ant!
Yes! Unfortunately our Country is riddled with knockers who can't think of anything good to say for our hard working Premier Gladys Berejiklian - nor can they resist putting their own Country down every opportunity they get!

If you dont fw me, its because you cant.
Can we normalize arguing with little kids theyre so rude unprovoked.
Im a sucker for sweet text messages, shit will have me cheesing all day.
Is that auntie gladys and uncle brad ?
Stood behind him many times in Gladys st. Sad new.
Under our Children's Sponsorship Program, Here is Kisakye Gladys who was sitting her PLE finals this year when she visited our office to pick her fees. Together we can continue impacting generations.
If u dont plan on marrying me y having a rancho w our last name en la entrada, leave me alone porfis.
Stay tuned for LAIKAKENYA's live interview . pwanifm with MMU4lyf MMU4Laika. Tomorrow, 9 am to noon.
JB JONES Sister to Jug Half sister to Charles Daughter to Gladys & FP Jones Ships with chem (Bisexual) DMs Open (the girly version of JB) 18 "Drop the butter knife bitch.".
We are lucky in NSW because Gladys has banned the virus from schools, has no accountability for cruise ships or NSW Health, & shes even got a no regrets policy. Nothing to see here (except tourists), well be right mate Wait... Wassat? An outbreak at Sydney Girls High.

It's great that Gladys apologized for the Ruby Princess. But surely, Scott Morrison, you knew this giant ship full of passengers was heading to Sydney! Why didn't you pick up the phone and ask Gladys what she will do to ensure the safety of Australians?

Super stoked to welcome Dr Gladys West to EduDrone this year! A hiddenfigure behind developing GPS, you can thank her every time you use a mobile device to find out how to get from A to B! nulb.
So what you're saying is aboriginals and muslims can't help themselves by committing crimes? ***nulb.
Gladys has not got her Morgue full and freezer trucks parked around the back like Andrews in Victoria. Your a little off key today Geoffrey .too much chardonay or may too many reds over the weekend prison lockdown?

Wow. The press conference where Premier Gladys Berekjiklian responds to the Ruby Princess findings for the first time ends earlier than Premier Dan Andrews DailyUpdateVic. Furthermore she was asked very few questions.

One of these days Gladys is going to do a presser in school uniform, pigtails and ribbons.
Surviving the times: Find people you have shared values with and be vulnerable; also permit other people to do the same. - Pastor Andy Mburu.
Congratulations gladys, lets interact more soon :).
NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian apologises 'unreservedly' over Ruby Princess mistakes led to coronavirus outbreak Ms Berejiklian she wanted to stress report found there weren't systemic issues had there been she would have taken action.

How Canberra's NSW border permit stoush unfolded, daniellamariewh (subscriber only).
It was breathtaking wasn't it. Zero consequences for outright negligence and culpability. Surely the sign of an incompetent government knowing it has almost 3 years before the next election.
Morrison stonewalled the Inquiry (threatening High Court action to shield Govt), but more damingingly prevented the Inquiry reaching a "fully informed conclusion" Today Gladys, on behalf of Fed LNP, continued that stonewalling It's a sham, by design.

What was that about security guards sleeping on the job? Sleeping security guards equals? What was that? Asking for Gladys. She really wants to know your thoughts on that.
. abcnews Gladys apologise was bloody weak & her gov needs to go as there is NO accountability & no action. Brad & those stupid incompetent unExpects need to be fired. I am not voting for this poor NSW government.

Gladys took the fall under the bus for Dutton, eh?
Seems to be a trend , Gladys has few more things to take the blame for yet before they will let her go ..
Gladys apologised or didn't u get the message!
Schools in New South Wales have been told to stop all activities that involve students singing, chanting and playing wind instruments under new health guidelines aimed at preventing the spread of COVID19.

Jodi is a class act. Even though Im in WA I have been following and trying to support her as much as I can. Gladys is dreadful- just with her wildlife death count.
Waiting for the media howls for Gladys to resign. Waiting, waiting...
Im not a fan of Gladys but I cant help thinking shes taken the fall for federal government. Im not convinced the outcome of inquiry would have pointed the finger at state govn had the inquiry had access to all federal evidence spec two witnesses.

Go Sally... you be might overwhelming NSW with your pragmatism, but you can only try. Will need Gladys to be unplugged from Morrison of course... that umbilical chord is very strong...
I also checked on Gladys and John Curlew this afternoon and they seemed the same as ever.
Isnt Gladys fault and she apologised Will Dan Andrews ever apologise for 6 x the deaths of nsw.? MPs on top coin heading portfolios are accountable. Too many unelected beaurocrats in governments now The whole set up needs a restructure.

Well is Daily Telegraph under your employer going to run 24/7 commentary like the Herald Sun on its Premier and request Gladys to resign as she failed quarrantine which resulted in deaths? I wait in anticipation!

Perhaps you could use the term "shifty" for the NSW Libs and Gladys in particular .once a Murdoch minion...I do remember your Murdoch inspired "journalism" of the past.
Mozambique Hall. Block Q, Room 108.
Hear Rache is doing a piece on Gladys and then one on the Hazzard.
I understand. The USA is in a really scary place right now. Hopefully they'll soon have some real leadership that actually values human lives. We're seeing progress with mandated masks, but this is a tough cat to get back in the bag I hope you get to see your loved ones again.

Happy day my dear friend.
NSW Premier GladysB has publicly apologised for the mistakes made during the Ruby Princess cruise ship fiasco which led to the spread of COVID-19 across Australia. We have another fiasco on the NSW/Vic Border!! Gladys I dont want your apology, I want your resignation.

What You Really Think

So this miserable shrew had the gall, in the midst of this negligence, to call on the Queensland borders to open ??? Resign.

If schools are safe why are formals cancelled? Y12 have had a rough enough year as it is- most of them are 18 and can all go to pubs and clubs yet an event with social distancing, no dancing and commemorating 13 years of work with peers they are with every day gets scrapped?

Smells a bit like a cover up...

And yet Kerry Chant still gets to keeps her job?? The biggest screw up IN NSW Health history!! What a joke! No responsibility, no accountability!!!

Apology not accepted - The End.


Lmao rip.

Resign now. And take Brad Hazzard with you.

You lied people died. A simple apology for someones death is bloody disgraceful. These mistakes were made under your watch GladysB . What your government caused by allowing the ship to disembark is criminal in the least. Will you wait for the lawsuits or resign now??

Doesnt cut it.

Also know about people away frm families due to panic-full travel & flight restrictions for Australia! People are suffering - emotionally, financially & mentally! Children away from father's/mother's! People will NEVER FORGET this behaviour frm Govt in worst pandemic times!

FO Gladys you are a mere rubber stamp for the Simp Boy.

Are you going to pop down to the cemetery and offer the apology to all the dead people as well?

Too busy trying to get the abortion bill through and neglecting the needs of your voters. Voters will not forget.



Nice work throwing your bureaucrats under the bus with this non-apology.

Is Hazzard going to lose his job?

Good on you Gladys for apologising!

Now resign.

Must be nice not to have a rabid press at your heels baying for blood...bending over comes with its rewards clearly.

I think Glayds and SCOMO should Resign! The Buck STOPS with Glayds and SCOMO- When they took Credit initially for the Good on Medical Advise- they need to bear it and take Discredit for the Bad as well.

NSW Health? See, it's the fault of the workers not the NSW Government itself. But of course in Victoria, if lax hotel security allows the virus to escape - Dan's fault according to the LNP. And Dan hasn't dodged responsibility.

And that's it?

Oops... now WHY did Health make these mistakes? What circumstances led directly to these terribly inept decisions? And just as importantly what steps have been taken to ensure this never happens again?

Ohh well, people died, sorry. Anyway back to work ***nulb.

That's not good enough.

Sack anyone?

Not good enough.

Are you taking the fall for the federal government again?

So whens hazard going.

Sack BradHazzard now.

What is this? After this whole HQ Drama in Victoria, apology was not acceptable.

There were deaths Premier. Not only stress and trauma. An apology doesnt cut it.

That fixes everything thing, then. NOT.

Apologies doesn't save lives. you have blood on your hands. Doing the right thing and not pandering to mates, saves lives. pathetic.

It takes a big person to offer an apology like that. Thank you.

Can you explain this please - "Melbourne didn't get worse because of the number of cases they had," she said. "They had undetected community transmission which then unknowingly got to a stage where it formed a number of different clusters and we certainly don't want that".

Sorry for the loss of life... there was a royal commission after an apprentice died installing a pink batt... no such thing for the dozens that died from the RubyPrincess debacle?

What ... thats it?

Whatever happened to Ministerial Responsibility Premier? Your Health Minister should resign, so should your Treasurer. Both are inept.

I'm a prisoner in Victoria. I have the same conditions afforded on me that most criminals have. And there is no pandemic. Only a corrupt and tyrannical government using the natural cycle of life to oppress our civil liberties !

Come on Gladys, NSW Health made mistakes but please don't let Dutton off the hook stand up to the boy's in your party.

How about death, or is that just additional hurt?

Ya know where you can put that apology .

Tell that to the dead.

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