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Monday 29th of June 2020

Angel Gomes to Leave Man United Tomorrow.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has confirmed that highly-rated youngster Angel Gomes is yet to sign a contract extension and looks set to leave Manchester United.
OGS confirms no agreement reached with Angel Gomes and 'it looks like' he will be leaving.
Angel Gomes has arrived as normal at Carrington this morning. Two years ago, a mufc youngster who was offered a new contract - but refused to sign it - kept on turning up at Carrington after his deal had expired to train until he was told to stop coming in to use facilities.

Still hope on Gomes Deal!
No news on Gomes. So doesn't look like he's staying says Ole.
LATEST: Angel Gomes to leave Manchester United LIVE fallout with Goldbridge.
After I saw that video clip of Angel Gomes running around in kakandes church I knew there's no way he's getting a new contract.
Angel Gomes declined a PS25,000 salary with bonuses because he had much better deals elsewhere, including one from Chelsea, with Pini Zahavi involved in the talks. The player has been contacted by clubs from Germany, Spain, Italy and Portugal. mufc ]Independent].

Angel Gomes 'will be leaving' Manchester United. All the latest comments and quotes from the Presser with Solskjaer.
We have an absurd amount of midfield depth, potentially more with Havertz around the corner, although at least one midfielder leaves if he comes. But with all that, where does it leave Gomes?
REACTIONS: Come on then, what are your honest opinions on Angel Gomes leaving Manchester United?
Footage of the Angel Gomes contract negotiations have emerged.
I see lots of Hannibal mejbri tweets now Gomes is gone we onto the next youngster on the hype train ? ***nulb.
"It seems like they haven't managed to agree" Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admits young star Angel Gomes is set to leave Man Utd for free when his contract expires tomorrow More.
Angel Gomes rejected a wage offer of PS25,000 a week plus bonuses from mufc and has been offered better wages elsewhere. Chelsea are one of the clubs interested. ]Independent].
Probably why Ole & Utd haven't pushed harder for Gomes to sign. Hannibal is ready to come up and theres all this talk of Grealish or Sancho coming in. Sancho not a no. 10, ofc, but Grealish can play as an 8, 10 or Winger. Gomes had 12 months before Bruno and couldn't claim the 10.

The big fear for Manchester United is that Angel Gomes turns into another Paul Pogba. Or Jadon Sancho, for that matter. nulb.
With Gomes leaving, United now HAVE to sign a midfielder. Smacks of the Ander Herrera situation again. Compensation money as he's under 23 isn't even going to cover 10% of the few required to get a new player in. Maddison, Grealish etc.

Where's Gomes going to go is the other question?
Angel Gomes is going to sign for us.
Disappointed about Gomes. Always a player I thought could really break into the first team but he hasnt made the most of his opportunities like Greenwood and Williams have done. Cant force him to sign.

Angel gomes is defos ole out.
Gomes situation is a tricky one. Could he be his generations Pogba that United are letting slip away again? At the same time, hes slightly younger than Foden and made nothing like the same progress.
Angel will be 20 at the end of August. Scholes was a relatively late debutant at 19 years of age. If Gomes couldn't get game time ahead of Lingard who's 28 this year and actually in decline, then I am not surprised in the slightest he wants to go. He wants to play football.

"I'm sure Tottenham and Arsenal will want to put a run together" [?]nulb Ole Gunnar Solskjaer runs through Manchester United's top four challengers ahead of Tuesday's clash with Brighton More.
Solskjaer on Angel Gomes: New contract? Got no news, nothing, so doesn't look like it.".
Mejbri is potentially generational talent. If you know, you know. I really like Gomes and it's a shame if he ultimately leaves, but Mejbri, innit.
If Gomes goes the big shame will be all the chances Lingard and Pereira got and performed poorly and he got none. Yes he might have played bad but he never got the chance.
Didn't really have many chances and expected to see him feature more especially with the team being so poor. Fail to understand how Lingard gets game time but Gomes hasn't. Maybe if he would've signed a contract earlier he would have been given those chances.

It's time we fans start defending the club we love instead of certain individuals. Hate seeing a section of fans coming out critcizing Ole & the staff for letting go of Gomes especially when he's hardly played for us. Ruthlessness is all i expect from our manager.

Juventus the minute Angel Gomes became a free agent.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has confirmed Angel Gomes will leave Man Utd for free when his contract expires tomorrow.
Chelsea to offer a lucrative contract to Angel Gomes after the youngster rejected Manchester Uniteds extension. (Independent).
Ive seen many MUFC fans who appear to be confused or upset that Gomes is leaving ManUtd I wanted him to stay but he decided to leave due to lack of opportunities. I explained Andreas & Jesse are fantastic boys who run around with passion so they had to play. Good luck Angel.

If Angel Gomes is leaving, Lingard and friends better be going with him too.
Angel Gomes has not signed the contract that Manchester United have offered.
What has Gomes done to deserve United begging on their knees for him to stay ? Really ? Been underwhelming. Exciting prospect but if he demands minutes or more money this isnt the right club. Not anymore.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says he expects Angel Gomes to leave mufc when his contract expires tomorrow. A great shame.
Gomes snubbing a new deal at United Bellingham snubbing a move There's big questions again on our negotiation team Not good enough.
Were keeping shite like Lingard, Chong and Pereira but cant agree a deal with Angel Gomes. Am I shocked? No.
But Gomes got chances, but still rejected a contract.
Gomes was apparently offered 30k but he wanted more. That's down to the player listening to the wrong people, not the club getting the deal done.
United constantly talking about building for the future and in the last six months Haaland, Bellingham and now Gomes have turned their back on the project. BIG issues in the club and suspect it goes back to being run by bankers instead of football people again. Needed a DOF.

Angel Gomes leaving and Jesse Lingard most likely to leave surely has to pave the way for an AM to come in to the squad this transfer window. Hopefully, it will be Jack Grealish.
Maradonna was about the same size as Gomes, got kicked about in a more physical time and still prospered.
People legit saying Gomes is too small to make it anyway.
"2nd best 10 and LW we have" Okay Meanwhile Jesse Lingard has scored an FA Cup winner and AP has scored more goals than Gomes has and also has put much better performances than Gomes has. The delusion is real.

Gomes Leaves United! I'm LIVE.
Mark Goldbridge is really comparing Angel Gomes to Diego Armando Maradona.
Yo. Where does Angel Gomes fit into Chelsea's future?
O clone.
No he's not. He's saying to people who say Gomes is too small to succeed that there are small players who have become the world's best.
Chelsea vs Arsenal for Angel Gomes, PSG, Barcelona & Dortmund are interested as well, Gomes knows he will get a big move.
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I do wonder what the reaction to Gomes leaving would have been had Mourinho still been manager, especially after the season weve had. Can you imagine the reaction on here had a young talent been seemingly forced to leave through lack of opportunities? Thered have been uproar!

Final word on Angel Gomes. Ole wanted him to stay and saw him as part of the club's future fact. He's chosen not to by the looks of it. Read in to that what you like. But as with many failings over recent years I blame the negotiators.

Coming up TODAY on The United Stand 2PM - Sky's James Cooper on Sancho, Bellingham & Angel Gomes 8PM - Match Preview For Brighton vs Manchester United.
VVD Ramos Varane Koulibaly Kimmich Bailly Laporte Cheillini Bonucci Gomes Thiago Silva Hummels Boateng Pique Godin I could go on but geniunely one of the most overrated players.
Did anyone else know that Angel Gomes is Nani's cousin? I didn't.
Mejbri doesnt have the technical proficiency of Gomes. Not even close.
Shame about Gomes leaving. I've never understood why he's never been given a chance to prove himself with more minutes and understand why he's taken decided to go and play elsewhere. Yes Utd offered him a new deal but clearly not with the reassurances of sufficient minutes.

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PS70m Havertz BOOST, Gomes transfer UPDATE, Pulisic injury updates, Declan Rice swoop EXCLUSIVE The Sun.
No.10 options: - Bruno Fernandes ]] - Jesse Lingard ]ineffective on ball] - Andreas Pereira ]not hit expected heights] - Juan Mata ]squad player at 32] - Angel Gomes ]set to leave] Wouldn't be surprised to see Hannibal Mejbri coming off the bench in 2021.

Y'all having tantrum cos Ole didn't give Angel Gomes games and there's high probability of him leaving the club you also need to understand 'Potential' isnt a reason to fvck off senior experienced players who are better than him.

Havent seen him play so hard to tell, but from what Ive heard hes class too. Guarantee in a couple years gomes will be worth top dollar! If you look at the clubs hes linked too were stupid letting him go.

Ngl dont know why United fans are so pressed about Angel Gomes leaving. Mans smaller than Insigne, the chances of him becoming a top player are very short too.
Oga ade, they shouldn't hide behind being academy boys, make dem sef take leap of faith...Sancho do am for city..Make Gomes go boss things elsewhere.
Is Gomes leaving permanently or on loan?
Angel Gomes will tear up wherever he goes and united will end up buying join back for like 70 million.
Tbh Im not bothered if Gomes leaves but the hypocrisy we have right now stinks. If a popular young player like him had left on any other managers watch post Fergie there wouldve been uproar. Brainwashing at its finest by Ed and the boys.

Solskjaer on if Angel Gomes is renewing his mufc contract: "Got no news, nothing, so doesn't look like it.".
Angel Gomes to Chelsea?
Some of you lot arent bothered that Angel Gomes is leaving. Heres why you should be. Absolute gemGood luck agomes_47 Likes and s Appreciated.
Angel Gomes will never find a club as patient as Man Utd when it comes to youth. And while I get he and his team may feel Ole and Utd have been too patient, he's in for a shock if he doesn't hit the ground running at his new club and justify those hefty wages and signing on fee.

In his short tenure, Ole's record at developing and improving players of all ages speaks for itself, and he's made every attacker bar the declining Mata and Lingard more dangerous. But fair enough if Gomes believes that isn't worth enough for him to stay.

That no 10 spot was Angel Gomes' for the taking for 12 months and clearly he never did enough in training to make Ole trust him there. Ole's trusted Greenwood and bedded him in slowly, and Chong has been humble enough to admit he's still developing and saw the value in staying.

Sad day for mufc fans all around the world. agomes_47 likely walking out of ManUtd as of tomorrow and idk what went wrong but whoever was doing the negotiating of his contract has failed us as a football club and fans. No way a talent like Gomes should be leaving.

Got to admit, I'm really disappointed Angel Gomes appears to have decided to twist. He was one of Utd's best players in 19/20 preseason and has technical skills in abundance as well as good vision and risk taking.

Any United news mate? Or Angel Gomes?
We are LIVE! Angel Gomes to Leave United! MrStephenHowson is joined by RFFH for Howson's Brew as we look at the news that Angel Gomes will NOT be extending his contract at Man United. Will we regret letting Angel go? Check it out nulb.

If there's one thing I trust about Ole, it's his management of youth. If Ole didn't think Gomes was good enough to get into the first team, then I trust his judgement. He was a fantastic youth coach for us under SAF, so I actually trust this decision.

The Angel Gomes situation is an odd one. Hes had 4 seasons and two different managers and has never even looked close to into the first team despite everyone considering him a top class prospect. Theres clearly more to it behind the scenes that we all arent seeing.

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