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Wednesday 15th of April 2020


-Los Angeles Mayor says snitches will get rewards.-Ohio prosecutor threatens felony charges for violating stay-at-home order.-Google offers federal government location data to track you. Dont forget freedom. Our latest op-ed..
Shorter Obama: Dems only have 8 of the 10 richest American billionairesincluding Bloomberg, Bezos & the Google foundersplus Soros & Steyer. And weve only got ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, WaPo, NYT & just about every other newspaper in America. How can we compete on $$ and propaganda?.
More chances of snowfall in Lahore than bilateral series between India and Pakistan, says Sunil Gavaskar.The actual phrase is snowflakes chance in hell or snowballs chance in hell. Look it up on.
jongdae and taylor swift: obsession & reputation. . lockscreen.
Thrilled to announce I am a freshly-minted Level 2 Google Certified Educator! Thank you for your excellent course!.
1/ Were excited to announce our first-ever digital Treasure Hunt, on April 15 at 5PM IST! Learn more about Matic through a fun activity for a chance to win a share of $300 in $MATIC Instructions will be released on the day of launch.Register here:.
Well looks like Google leaked my real full name Sorry you had to find out this way.
how its not going to work when you download the fed/apple/google app.
Day 22 I learned how to record my live video and share it on my google classroom for my students to see.
Lockdown creates the need for preventive maintenance. Avoid unexpected breakdowns and low equipment life. To know more benefits of preventive maintenance. Register on the link:.
AveyLum WiFi Smart LED Strip Light Kit Flexible Rope Lights 5050 SMD RGB Waterproof IP65 App Tape Lights Sync to Music, Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Android iOS.
I sat down with Tim Tyrell and had the chance to briefly discuss the professional career Aurora University Head Coach Don BeeBee.2020 NBA All-Star Weekend with former NFL player Tim Tyrell. Full episode available in podcast form on Anchor, spotify, Google podcast, & more!.
India also has a psychological problems en it comes to kohli average in of our superstar will perform in Oly wen Dhoni was captain Indian won a tournament They will perform in group games, thats will win t20 this time.
[GIVEAWAY] I will be giving away 4 copies of Apinks 9th Mini Album Look (2 x YOS version, 2 x Joojirong version)Link to Participate: Details and rules are all below Giveaway ends on 24 April 2020 2359 (KST).
ppl: lemon demons songs have a deep metaphorical meaninglemon demon: I had a dream that I was wearing a really cool wig, cause I was Google Image searching for a really cool wig.
Do you use to teach ? Here is one I made for dimensional analysis that was adapted from the National Center for Case Study Teaching in Science..
Do you drink your own pee daily, Joey?.
NN Badminton Here is the link for Melissa!.
Install Aussie/US 1935 Australian half penny.
Wrong. It means funding and resources are made AVAILABLE, but states are required to fulfill certain requirements and they are responsible for administering the funds and resources. Google is free..
Hillary said she was the only thing that stood between us and the apocalypse. Google it..
Thats not even BTS in the picture, how do we trust the research in an article that cant even use the correct picture for the artist. I mean google BTS and a million pictures come up, did the writer figure that no one will know as long as its a picture of a group of Asian men?.
Senator Ed Markey, champion of the Green New Deal, is 3000 signatures short of whats needed to get on the ballot in MA due to the inability to get signatures in person. We dont wanna lose this guy, if you live in MA fill out this form to sign by mail..
Remember CERN has a room named Alice! Symbolism will be their downfall!.
This Video Format Is Like A Fun Off-Road Version Of Google Street View - Photo: Nitto Tire, Screenshot: Nitto Tire, Graphic: AppleTruck YeahThe trucks are good!While were all stuck at home missing the smell of fresh air and the sound of knobby tires crushing sand, somebody.
Making Greeting Cards with Google Drawings.
One time I snuck out of the office to sit outside a while & a random guy approached me/gave me a Starbucks gift card for testing out a new google app. I was convinced he secretly worked for the gov, but fast forward to tonight and he just helped me torrent Princess Mononoke:).
I wont google his me guess, hes pro life. Amirite?.
Dad, I found this Inspect Element thing in Chrome that lets me see what the answers to the quizzes are in Schoology and Google Classrooms!Theres this if true thing and only one answer has 1 and the others have 0.So proud. But mebbe the devs cudda obfuscated more?.
Traductor de google..
I had three Google Meets today with students. Every single one turned off video & muted themselves. I kept asking for feedbackgive me a thumbs up if you x, tell me in the chat if you y, unmute yourself & say if you z. Like pulling teeth..
Google understands my ambitions..
sehun: anime boys . . lockscreen.
The track record & judgement calls of Director-General in his job have been questionable for the same guy who appointed Robert Mugabe as WHO Goodwill Health Ambassador when his own hospitals had no pain killers, gloves or bandages!.
[DONATION DRIVE UPDATE]Our donation drive has now raised P129,309 for the needs of our frontliners. Our heartfelt thanks to all who contributed!Donations are still open until 4/19, visit for more info..
[ENG SUB] 200331 Cultwo Show Quiz Theme Park with Ong Seongwubrought to you by G-Drive: YouTube:.
You can always Google it. But what I like abt 1. Lowest unemployment ever2. Fixing the VA3. Approx 4 mil jobs4. Brought our military back from the dead. the embassy 6. Tariffs china7. No more iran deal8. NASA is back WALL!Plus I love the fact that.
I can be such a DUMB DUMB sometimes. Jared was looking for a hardware store while we were in Lexington so he told me to google names. I had him call a hardware store alright. It was the computer kind though :/ the lady said um, were not that kind of business.
What does that have to do with people outside of the NY Drill scene, Choo Gang, or Woo Gang using a dance on tik tok?You google woo walk and nothing about woo gang, Wave Gang, or the like comes up except for one of their drill songs..
Red Velvets Irenes school days pictures resurface.
heres your word cloud _ (sponsored by Walloop - Live Wallpapers ).
ANNOUNCEMENT: COVID-19 DATA DROP NOW ACCESSIBLE ONLINE!COVID-19 related data now available for download! DOH is committed in promoting transparency and accounatbility in governance. You can access Data Drop at.
Yeah, just gonna chime in here the VV google doc you invited me to a while back I watched about 10 minutes of the first video and have been implementing it ever since. Ill jump back in when I dont know what to do. But that isnt now..
The district guidance is all based on Google Classroom, but some teachers may use other tools if comfortable or appropriate..
Do you want him to Google it for you?.
Online learning doesnt stop after students - supporting and teaching our staff is an essential piece to the success we have had in transitioning online! We miss you but we love seeing you on Google Meet!.
New APK: YouTube beta by Google LLC.
Android phones will get the COVID-19 tracking updates via Google Play.
News Medical UK collaborates with Google, Apple on contact tracing App: The UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock recently announced that the UK governments National Health Service (NHS) is planning to release an app that will alert people Via.
Lol thats cuz most of my pics are on google photos, I delete after so I can save space.
Its also known as Google and the US.
I am collecting funds for this family who lost their house in the recent tornado in Hampton County, SC. Cashapp: $amber9600PayPal: lange@Zelle: @(Tracking here )Every dollar helps!.
This video format is like a fun off-road version of Google street view.
Girl With A Purell Earring And Other Tweaks Making The Art Rounds During The Pandemic.
We can already name a thousand reasons why network fails but the other day I learned another reason is the SHARK BITES. Sharks are attracted to the magnetic field and think fiber optic cables under the ocean is fish.
Dear community,Ive compiled every animation that Ive done over the last 5 years and Im making them available for YOU to use in any of your content creations! Per policy, no credit needed but Id love to know if you use them!.
Sir/madam the so called great celebs are heroes only on the 1st 2 pages of Google. Their fangs are visible from the 3rd page onwards..
Look whos microphone is in the.
I did google him and found nothing. I checked his IG and found nothing. Sorry if I got a little hearted but it pisses me off when someone slanders you. Youre a good man, Andy, and have done so much to help people, myself included..
Get google photos and upload all your pics to it and then you can delete them off your phone but still have all the pics!.
Guess what, video game goat fans?!TOJAM: HINDSIGHT IS 2020 REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!.
NXIVM sex cult leader Keith Raniere guilty of trafficking,child porn offenses"Keith Raniere, 58, was found guiltyof racketeering, sex trafficking and possession of child pornographyin connection with the upstateNew York group.".
Hi we have developed an android app where an individual can learn Gita in an ancient vedic style, i hope you will like it, if so we expect u to extend this message to all your followers, so that Gita can be everywhere Jai Sriram! Jai Hind!.
Hey I am in- hol Looks up on googleYOU FUCKING RASCAL!.
Anyone wanna make a google doc for like the main lore for FNAF by using theories and talking about other ideas then just the main? DM me if youd like..
Im done putting all of VLive broadcasts from 2016-2020, durations included. Members are not done yet in 2016-2017 as I have to watch each broadcast so Ive put it in lowest priority. Will take a while to finish it.Link:.
[Tsunomaki Janken]WataUta staple "Tsunomaki Janken" is now an (unofficial) app in the Play Store! Turn on Elite Miko Mode for the true Sakura Miko experience (of losing)!Download here: LIVE.
Here you go guys. 92 free books to read during quarantine. Have fun!!!.
Do you know any or who would like to understand a bit better? Share this link as we are going live on Friday (04/17) to share a Parents Guide to Google Classroom.
what do we call this trend of small children on google plus roleplaying as FNaF characters.
[MY GO / SHARE EMS] Fallin Flower Album Group Order 2nd batchSEVENTEENHMV Thanks EventVER A RM60/setVER B RM60/setVER C RM64/setNormal Ver RM49/setOrder form:Close:9MAYNeed 2nd payment.
I am every day using Aarogya Setu app screenshot attached and also suggested to friends and relatives to follow the same by using the same and also shared the link. iOS :.
Vikings! Dont forget to login to your Google Classrooms DAILY! Remember ATTENDANCE MATTERS!.
A major challenge for organizations is perfecting to minimize friction and meet business objectives. To master meetings, organizations like , , , and have implemented these unconventional strategies:.
Matic excited to announce our first-ever digital Treasure Hunt, on April 15 ! Learn more about Matic through a fun activity for a chance to win a share of $300 in $MATIC Party popper.Referred : ""Register: draw 50 1UP 50.
OPEN PO NCT DREAM - RELOAD (NON-PROFIT)265k | DP 150kORDER BY WEBFirst pressTerhitung chartEMS + TAXDetail check link EARLY PO OPEN 25 SLOT.
A year ago D&E released this masterpiece and every performance was epic. Thank you & ! Full compilation video:.
Hi Kannan,This tweet from you is over 2 weeks old nowAt the time, I had told you that 27000 cannot be a "small sample"You used google to give me a lecture in statisticsAs on Apr 14, Indias overall rate of positives is and France is over 25%Will you apologize?.
5 -19 Read posters below for details.ORDER HERE:.
Google how to get over a losing campaign.
Ready for ?Come get your VIP tickets & benefits through All you need to do is donate to a charity or use & submit a screenshot here to get your ticket In collab w Charities to donate to.
Summaries of some of the Best Business BooksWas checking some old files and got Thought it would be of great help to new entrants in Market.
They are..
Escape & Enjoy! Web: Apple: Google: Spotify:.
Dont Google this. Its quite the rabbit hole of conspiracy and nonsense..
1) This is my thread for April 13, 2020Q posts can be found here: Android apps: My Theme: 5,4,3,2,1.
Platforms used: Compass to lesson plan for teachers/students, Zoom, Google Classroom (suite)..
Hello, we are forNCT_DREAM team! Were opening a donation to purchase streaming passes from korean digital streaming platform (such as Melon and Genie).There is no limitation, were hoping everyones enthusiasm and participation!.
There are so many incredible makeup artists out there that youve probably never heard of because they dont have an online presence. I always get so confused when people say, they tried to google me but couldnt find my portfolio I love being an influencer but ....
Not on google.
Election day Google doodle.
Thanks Google for your shout out to Transit Workers today!.
.dismissed concerns it was disseminating Chinese state propaganda:"The single update from our international site ... explicitly states the sourcing as a PLA story ... That transparency is key as a global news source serving a global audience.