Monday 29th of November 2021

5-game Win Streak Defeat a Ranked Opponent How About That Game, Mean Green Nation?!

Social Media Says

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First order next Congress investigation Fauci Wuhan GOPLeader must give green light COVID Origin Committee Benghazi business. want results soundbites.

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Would rather: Squid Game's light green light Alice Borderland's tsunami sprint.
seokjin impersonating doll during "red light green light" squid game.
Share green app.
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"Man Went COVID Party Build Immunity Dies From Virus" Vaccines build immunity. Immunity cannot occur don't survive long lasting/permanent symptoms worth risk.
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Don't forget Melania's green dress.
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Yes, Mark making profit increasing price carbon credits, which makes them expensives, which incentives business finance green alternatives instead offsetting their polution. It's win-win-win situation, this what crypto enables, better aligned incentives.

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Seokjin playing light green light, fvcking Squid Games inside stadium. LMAO Jue.
crypto golden rules: dont panic sell take profits dont leverage keep your worth stable coins, ready dips dont dont chase green candles crash equals opportunity patience DYOR.

shankargoenka Green addressed participants about this innovative Agricultural Drone Training Program KrishiViman that train farmers operating this device agriculture.

Again with copy pasting Green Goblin can't wait!

What You Really Think

Great game! Congrats on bowl elligibility!

Congratulations! That's a big win and bowl eligible! I'm interested in MeanGreenFB! 2023 Vincent Cox, 6'2, 285, C/G/DT, versatile, 4.94 40, 2.86 20, 4.6pro, 325bench, 500squat, 3.12gpa, Hartland MI.

Major W.

Congrats. Y'all really had a turnaround since we played yall, and we went downhill big time.

Thatll do Mean Green Thatll do!!!!!!

What a blast at apogee today!

Congratulations! You can have one of the Dec. 18 Bowls. UAB_MBB plays West Virginia at home that day, so it would be best for UAB_FB to get into another Bowl, IMHO!

Light the tower babyyyy.

Such a beautiful turnaround, now our guys need to extend that streak to 6! After the last few weeks, it's looking like there's a great chance of it!

Proud of you!!! GMG!!!

Went old school for the win!!

Congrats guys!!

I was critical of the team earlier in the year, but I have to congratulate SethLittrell and the team for turning it around. Well done team.


With one win and 6 losses, who would have thought? I BELIEVE!!!