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Friday 31st of July 2020

Unfortunately, 1GaryGannon & Othrs Amendment to Prevent Govt Forcing People on PUP to be Actively Seeking Work Despite Their Workplace Not Being Open Yet is Defeated by FF, FG And Greens.

If the Labour Party is a serious, mature movement that seeks to serve everyone & the national interest, it will make a proper electoral pact with the LDs, Greens & other parties, beating the FPTP distortions that sell us out to the Tories by ensuring constituencies can be won.

The toy soldiers march onto PS4 next week. Melt some plastic in The Mean Greens on August 5.
IF the other parties dont join Alliance4Unity our main target is the 3 SNP list seats and the 6 seats of their gardening section falsely masquerading as the Greens. This puts the Seperatists out.
Angel-Hair Pasta with Shrimp and Greens.
I want them Turbo greens sooooo bad.
Toy soldiers fight in a big, colorful world when The Mean Greens: Plastic Warfare hits PS4 August 5.
Some of you's have never seen poverty and it's obvious. That PS1 spent would have gotten my mum some tinned meat balls and a pack of pasta that would have fed three kids a whole meal. Put it into perspective a bit, you can't sustain off spring greens and apples.

Lush greens with the beautifully architectured, Dr. Bhupen Hazarikas memorial on rightthis stretch in Guwahati is a signal-free junction with its exemplary grade separators!
Southern Fried Chicken, Macaroni & Cheese, Fresh Collard Greens, Cornbread served with a Stella.
There should have been a 5% rule of the kind there is in Germany. That would have kept the Greens out of Holyrood.
Mom, I was thinking... if you have time... could you please teach me about being a druid?? Oh Greens, nothing would bring me greater joy. I would love to teach you!! I am so proud of you. In the last dnd session, we killed a white dragon and leveled up. Mom/son feels ensued.

The par three 18th at The Common, a great finish.
I love Wander to death, this is all so disappointing... and extremely countering to the messages of the show. I also don't understand what's not to love about Owl House, Amphibia, and Big City Greens. They're all fantastic, and Amphibia kinda hits the same vibe Wander did imo.

Greens perfect as always.
And I seriously want to knock the Greens & ALP heads together for their refusal to compromise with each other, for opting almost every time to stand with the fascists because they're scared of diluting their base or some shit. Fuck that noise. We could have had progressive govts.

On this DayofFriendship we want to celebrate a long political one. Since 1999 we are "The GreensEFA group" nulb bringing together the values of Green movements across EU & those of EFAparty, the representatives of stateless nations, regions & minorities.

Today Germany takes over the EU Council presidency. This comes at a crucial time in the history of the EU, faced with many unprecedented challenges at once. EUGreenDeal must lead the way out of this crisis. Check out our demands for.

Cant be worse than what them greens did to me midday.
Thank you to the Swedish Greens miljopartiet, who form part of Sweden's government, for this welcome step forward in making sustainable travel in Europe an option.
I'll prob vote Green. I know people aren't big on Hawkins but I'd like to see the Greens get 5%.
I hate the greens and Im even considering it. I voted for the grassroots party since 2008 in my state and it now has major party status. Voting 3rd party does work if we can agree on which 3rd party.
I had a journalist call me today about the IStandWithDan promotion, she assumed I was a Labor member, I said I'm not, she was shocked, I told her the banners are going on Greens, Liberal and Labor fences, it's time we stand with Dan, she thanked me for a lesson.

More soldiers will receive the new World War II-style Army Green Service Uniform later this year.
Did you know leafy greens like spinach contain magnesium, which can help lower Anxiety? View all of our tips for incorporating HealthyFoods into your Diet to naturally boost your mood and energy.
Thanks to CameronPalin, campaigns and Young Greens officer IOWGreenParty, for your support in the YoungGreenParty elections! Help grow our movement and get Young Greens elected across the country by voting Robert Nixon 1 for Non-Portfolio Officer.

Talking head protip: aerogardens are great for fresh salad greens AND soft lighting.
There is absolutely no logical argument to not vote third-party if you do not live in a swing state. FEC funding for the Greens would change the game.
I would have to hold my nose and vote for him. The 5% is the goal at the moment, but as split as leftists and Greens are, I seriously doubt he could muster enough support to hit it. Libertarians are likely to hit it first with the Never Trump crowd.

Do the Greens historically penalise this sort of thing?
I havent drank anything besides my greens today and I still have a bladder of a 2 year old.
Take your greens to a whole new level of yum! we are giving away an airfryer 3 months of FREE greens to over 20 organicgirl lovers! open to US and Canada. sweepstakes ends 8/22. enter here.
Woke up and put collar greens on.
]actively spacing out] I wonder if Melvin has been eating the leafy greens I suggested.
Excited to be back at Whitetail_Ridge this week. Everything about this place is awesome. Rolling hills, undulating greens, extensive natural areas, and beautiful panoramic views. Another must play IJGA venue.

I think everyone in a blue state should consider voting that way, because it would be wonderful to get the greens over 5%. At least we could get them funding.
Tonight tonight 8pm bring ur indie socks indierocksuk nulb nulbeat ur greens Mark.
He's looking really nice so far! Painting the wheels have definitely been the most involved part of my Arthur so I feel your pain lol.
Very disappointing: sinnfeinireland plan to gang up today in Dail with FF,FG, Greens &Lab to ram thru motion with no debate to gag smaller left/Ind groups-exclude them from opening round of debates. Serious attack by Gov on opposition rights, shocking SF supporting this.

I hope the Greens focus on the Blue states because I think they could really get some numbers there. For 30 years I've want nothing more than to break the duopoly.
Great to be back in the greens, seeing friends and going over the skills. Rusty is an understatment for me. I was useless.
Why are SF supporting FF, FG, Greens and Lab in attacking the speaking rights of smaller Left parties and independents? Attempt being made to push this through the Dail today without a vote.
I need a couple in earth tones, either print or plain. Browns, greens, dusty plums, etc. Got anything to suit? No elastic needed, I have my own rig for with glasses.
Cork Greens outline 'quick-wins' on transport investments in the city to new Transport Minister Eamon Ryan Read in full.
This new painting completed during lockdown in vibrant blues and greens is called The light fantastic its 60x42cm and is now available to buy as part of the artistsupportpledge If you are interested in owning this signed original piece please dm me.

What odds can I get on Neasa Hourigan leaving the Greens by Christmas?
Really. That's good to know then. The government don't seem to be listening to anything! Yes, strange about the Greens when they're welcoming the Muslims!
Experts say permanent status is the only way for "workers to be able to stand up for their rights, protect their health and safety, and protect themselves from exploitation. Otherwise, they can just be sent home if they speak up.

The water safety training events planned on Friday at Pennington Flash and Scotmans Flash have been postponed. The GM Fire and Rescue Service events, highlighting the dangers of open water swimming, will be rearranged and we will keep you updated with the new dates.

But data shows that thousands of migrant workers in Canada have been sent home mid-contract, often against their will. Today Flores is presenting a letter to federal immigration min marcomendicino asking him to grant migrant workers permanent status.

Gabriel Flores Flores spoke to the TorontoStar in June for an investigation into his employer, Scotlynn Growers, that showed a long history of complaints at the farm. Later in June, a new complaint to the labour board says he was accused of speaking to the press and terminated.

Dear VaughnPalmer: My guess is that "some New Democrats are dreaming of an early election this fall" because they are scared shitless about having to deal with the economic and fiscal fall-out of the 2nd wave and beyond in October 2021.

Fairways and Greens.
Walk up in with apple sauce and broccoli Little Bobby, better eat your greens, boy, don't give me lip about it.
Daily reminder: move your body eat your greens write or read drink a glass of water x8 call your mom wear your mask breatheeeee.
I can see Starmer and Moran working together and that's important if there is to be hope for a successful progressive alliance between Labour, Lib Dems and the Greens.
The new rules being pushed by Varadkar give Labour more speaking time than Sinn Fein. The new rules are designed to maximise the pro austerity narrative (FF/FG/Lab/Greens) and minimize the anti-austerity, pro-worker narrative. No one in Sinn Fein should be supporting this.

In order to beat COVID-19 we must understand it. Today Toronto Public Health will release our detailed analysis of COVID-19 in Toronto based on income and race.
Then came the gravy train and the submission to Bundeskanzlerin Merkel. Right, Fianna Fail? Fine Gael? labour? The Greens? Kathleen?
Is organizing a webinar Aatm Nirbhar Bharat- Operation Greens, Top to Total Scheme to be held on 31 July 2020 from 11.30 AM to 1.30 PM Registration link.
John Lewis asked The NYT to publish this on the day of his funeral. It is necessary reading. He writes, When you see something that is not right, you must say something ... Democracy is not a state. It is an act, and each generation must do its part.

I dropped and wet all my greens last night and now i cant find them anywhere wtf.
-good, yeah I still like greens, but maybe add in a few other calming colours? *smiles at him brightly, thinking of other possible colours to use, yellow? *.
Anyone played the Fort Cobb golf course lately? Hows the course look? Last time I played out there is was dry as hell with super fast greens.
Well the Greens do like there meat young.
Quick tips: keep a food journal, Drink 6 cups of water per day. Eat more greens. Measure everything. Take your time eating. Exercise!
My mom immigrated from the England when she was 12 but never grew out of pronouncing aluminum as al-you-min-e-yum.
If Biden doesnt win the election it will bamford like miss.
How is the standard: biggest fairways and greens and these guys can't hit them...
This great punter DenaroFreeBets has been giving us GREENS back 2 back 2 back. Give him a follow, turn on your notifications and thank me later.
Vital Greens All In One Daily Health Supplement Green Superfood Nutrient 600g .
Thursday is a day of royal blues and greens, associated with the planet Jupiter and metals like tin. When it comes to deities, look at leader type gods like Thor, Zeus, and Jupiter. Gemstone correspondences for Thursday include turquoise, amethyst and lapis lazuli.

Today is the final day on which you can join the Greens and vote for Rosi Sexton as leader. Just sayin'.
I love this game... Ummmmm, nose wiggling? Eating the greens? Wait, I think I know where you're going with this.
This is why any excuses arent good enough anymore, FF, FG and now the greens are complicit in these tragic deaths, and if you vote for them that tells me you dont care.
The better question is how did the Greens go down one point? Did they lose May?
Well done to BenGroomGP and others pushing for better public accountability here. Elected Greens, making a difference.
Kudos to Toronto city councillors for standing up to Bill184. People don't need housing instability on top of economic hardship right now. I wish the Premier had passed a rent relief fund for tenants and landlords instead of an eviction bill.

Greens play the race card, never mind that every other white Bunnings/Woolies Karen has been named & shamed & they didnt have Covid & lie about where theyve been. The only people seeing race here are the racist anti-racists. Talking now 2GB873 NewsTalk4BC w.

I (and some others)!joined the Greens earlier this week to vote you and ShahrarAli in. Keep up the good fight!
Thank youuu! >nulb.
We're less than a week away from hitting the greens! Join us on August 5 for our Annual Golf Tournament in Dell Rapids, South Dakota. Tomorrow is the LAST day to register! Learn more here.

What You Really Think

Why doesn't this surprise us.

Fire them into the Damn Sun!

A Fine Gaeler broke ranks! That was unexpected!

This is just one slow car crash isn't it. Who were the FF and FG liars who said they were opposed to this? What is the point in even having a Government. Shit day.

Keep holding them to account. Make them own this mean spirited mess they have made.

We knew what FF/FG where like but now the Greens have nailed their colours to mast it won't be long like the Labour party they will end up in the hall of shame.

Has just lost any credibility as far as I am concerned. I will never vote greenparty_ie again and will actively encourage friends and family to do likewise. Expected nothing less from.

If people on PUP were sure to be getting their old jobs back they'd be on TWSS from their employer and could travel where they liked. Only the left would try to create a job-non-seekers benefit.

I am relieved to see you completely made the right choice leaving. This is utterly indefensible.