Tuesday 7th of July 2020

Arsenal Are Ready to Let Matteo Guendouzi Leave This Summer And he Has Been Training on His Own Since June 20, Reports.

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Exclusive: Matteo Guendouzi has been training alone since Arsenal defeat at Brighton on June 20. AFC keen to move on 21yo France midfielder, offering him as swap/sale. Club expected to meet with his reps in coming days. With gunnerblog for.

Arsenal are ready to let Matteo Guendouzi leave this summer and he has been training on his own since June 20, reports.
Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi has been training by himself since June 20, with the club now looking to sell him this summer, according to The Athletic.
Arsenal are keen to offload Matteo Guendouzi this summer and are willing to offer him to clubs as a swap deal or as a sale. He's been training alone since the Brighton defeat and the Neal Maupay altercation. (Source: David_Ornstein).

If Guendouzi was to be sold he will be missed. Will never forget his MOTM performance away to Man City. A lot of good performances for Arsenal when the team was really struggling under Emery.
I rate Guendouzi highly and believe he has a place at the top if he gets his head down. But the fact that he hasn't apologised for his attitude yet says a lot about his mentality.
Guendouzi leaving will hurt. He cares about the club and the fans VnulbVnulb.
Hate the term bust up. Sounds so vague. Apparently Guendouzi and one other didnt log on to MS Teams online meetings, and shrugged it off without apologising once the team got together again. Can see why Arteta will hold a permanent grudge over that. Very sad.

Matteo Guendouzi in 2018 celebrating with fans after Arsenals NLD victory. How things have changed 18 months later.
Say what you want about his attitude, but there is no doubting the ability of Guendouzi. He is a leader. Stop these reactionary agendas.
Guendouzi is actually leaving? This one hurts. He fights for the team, he shows he cares. His talent is undoubted. A leader on his day. If this is a farewell, its a heart one.
Arteta really has had enough of Guendouzi then, its his own fault and not the first time hes stepped out of line, we have been asking for a manager to get tough on players for years, so its good to see we now have one who does, either get on the board or get left behind.

Guendouzi Aubameyang Lacazette Bellerin Torreira PS100m For MBAPPE Thoughts?
People really want arteta out because of guendouzi??
Says who? And who says a Guendouzi/Aouar swap won't be on the cards?
Don't tell me you've indirectly compared Guendouzi to VIEIRA. Throwing handbags after we lost against Brighton is not showing spine, Leno had to shout at Maupay himself, no one backed him.
Guendouzi just aint got the balance of bravery and too much arrogance.
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Guendouzi should be the starter in another year. Hes a much better CM at his age, statiatically than Xhaka. Perfect player to replace Xhaka with.
Sentiments aside: -Guendouzi isn't a first team starter -Guendouzi has behavioral issues -Guendouzi has good market value -Partey would be the finished product, it is the ceiling Guendouzi MIGHT reach in some years' time -Arsenal need a creative midfielder who gets G/A.

The lead we blew was because of our shit defenders and not Guendouzi who gave his all in the game.
Matteo Guendouzis time at Arsenal is over. Crazy.
And BTW I really like Guendouzi, I think he has very high potential and I really hope it all works out for him. But bigger picture is development of this club, not development of 1 youngster.
Arteta can't be great with this kind of attitude. Guendouzi is like vierra. I don't see anything wrong in guendouzi behavior. He's a defensive midfielder so he needs to start the fight arteta is my number choice but does that means if we have a Ronaldo he will ace him out.

From now on I better not see any "Arsenal are too nice," "Wish we had a proper cunt," or "Where's the fight?" tweets when Guendouzi is gone.
There is plenty that I like about Guendouzi, and he does have the potential to be a top player in the future. However, if he isnt on board with Artetas project, he can leave. That applies to everyone. Be that Aubameyang, Sokratis or anyone in between.

Lloris and Son fight was beautiful, claims Tottenham boss Mourinho.
Guendouzi to the player he's marking on a set piece.
Problem is we cant sell Ozil for some reason too big of a brand but if I was to keep one it would be Guendouzi for sure.
Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta bans Matteo Guendouzi from first-team training - and midfielder could be sold in summer window.
It also works against Guendouzi that hes in a squad surrounded by young players who have great attitude. Willock, Nketiah, Tierney, etc. Maitland Niles holding his hands up and working hard to impress Arteta. It all shines a really bad light on Guendouzi.

Guendouzi can leave. Disgraceful attitude, don't get how some of you want to tolerate this.
Disappointing that were letting Guendouzi go. Ive got a feeling he will become another Gnabry.
Aouar may fit our need for an advanced 8 but Guendouzi is rated higher than Aouar even in France for starters.
And also its not the first time Guendouzis attitude has been in question. There were reports of a fallout during the UAE tour.
Yes very evident its Guendouzi and like you say its easy to pick and choose games as you tried to in your argument but for now I agree lets see where Guendouzi ends up, I predict hell have a much better career than Xhaka and within 2 years hell be a starter at a big club.

Yes, Matteo Guendouzi has a lot of potential but hes not going with his current attitude. Its time to move on. These two will make you forget Guendouzi very quickly.
A nigga I know making threads because of a scrub like Guendouzi man.
You dont get it. Guendouzi hasnt done nothing to apologize for on and off the pitch. in fact i want Arsenal players to have more shithousery against opponents like Shawcross,Wanyama,etc that deliberately put up dangerous challenges that can ruin the career of quality players.

The only swap deal acceptable for Matteo Guendouzi.
My winning ticket from today's game, your games are the best. Keep up the good work... Seyi tacha BBNaijaReunion NLNTSoldOut venita Lloris Teal Ocampos Ebuka.
Matteo Guendouzi has come out with a statement apologising to Arteta and the team. Make of it what you will.
You're the best at what you do, thanks for. Won the game like you said I would, I appreciate your generosity.. Seyi tacha BBNaijaReunion NLNTSoldOut venita Lloris.
These guendouzi TWEETS are making me dizzy!
I feel somehow about the whole Guendouzi situation.
Dont compare him to Rabiot. Rabiot has quality. Guendouzi is a sideways pass merchant, can't defend or create and has basically not improved for about a year.
My opinion on Guendouzi: I dont want to lose him as hes an immense talent. But his attitude is poor, and if he doesnt want buy in to Artetas project, theres no reason for him to stay. The only players at Arsenal should be those who are fully committed to the process at hand!

He is still better than guendouzi.
Guendouzi should take a leaf from Lacazette's book, Humility is everything in this life.
It was in all the papers, which means either a Brighton player/coach leaked it or it was an internal leak.
The fact people are willing to choose Guendouzi over Arteta in a case where all we've been told is he's had multiple behavioural issues already under Arteta and is refusing to apologise is beyond incredible to me.

Xhaka literally told the fans of this club, on live television to millions of people, to 'fuck off'. Club apologized to HIM. Guendouzi shows a bit of steel/nastiness on the pitch and he's been treated like a criminal the club's hierarchy. White privilege is so real.

This has been going around for two weeks now. For me, personally, I wouldve liked for Guendouzi to turn this around and start listening to the manager, cause hes still one of our best prospects. But if hes not willing then theres no point in keeing him.

.David_Ornstein and gunnerblog: -Guendouzi had meeting with Arteta and Edu after Brighton incident, didn't impress -Guendouzi involved in a series of indescretions -Arteta disappointed player hasn't apologized or showed willingness to change.

We can all pick and chose single games. Lets watch next season. Clearly the majority agree with me. Doesnt mean Im right but well see whos proven correct. Very obviously a better team with him in it. Guendouzi... lets see where he is in 5 years. Mid table is the answer.

Guendouzi is set to be sold by Arsenal. Good or bad call? Comment below.
I can't lie - after seeing the rumours about Guendouzi leaving I'm gutted. He'll be a real star one day and always seemed like he gave his all on the pitch.
People are overreacting. We are in no state to keep an unhappy player when we can get a big amount of money. If we let the situation drag, Guendouzi will have a year left on his contract and all the leverage in the world and we are basically fucked. No way, we have to sell.

Im a big Guendouzi fan and I love his passion. But if hes not gonna respect the coach and trust him then theres no point having him in the team. He either needs to grow up or leave. Hes definitely good enough. But if he doesnt behave, we should cash in on him.

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That's 50p for the transfer kitty sorted.


Player with good potential but with big problems of self-control.

Senior man mumu.

Maupay won lol.

Gilaaa masa depan yang disia2in kalo gini njirrr.


Sell him to brighton.

Bad character child.

Guy is a.

Isnt he supposedly their best youngster trash all of em he should just leave on a freebie.

Hahahah remember when Arsenal fans said this kid was good.


Arteta doesn't have time for nonsense.

Decent midfielder.

TF ooh.


Shot himself in the foot! Back to France for him.

Arteta is doing to Guendouzi what Klopp did to Sakho his attitude problem. Worked out pretty well I think.

Best news ever.

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