Thursday 23rd of April 2020


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Tennis ball to baseball size hail with the storm near Elk City. by Kelsey Merz.
All hail the new normality: northern mayors want expansion of cycling and walking networks in cities to keep air pollution down and physical activity up, to keep some of the benefits of lockdown..
Tomorrows Event Line Up: Entire Journalist Fraternity will justify this attackRahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi will condemn the attack Again Media and Liberal Lobby will hail Gandhis for their non violent approachPost Screenshots once these event become real tomorrow..
Enjoy it Hail Cock.
A swarm of 5000 heavily armed ultra fast speed boats unleashing a hail of rockets upon a giant mockup of a aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf.High speed boats with high speed Hoot torpedo can take down US navy fleet in.
SPC maintains "Enhanced Risk" (level 3/5) for severe weather today. Strong/severe storms this morning: damaging winds, hail, tornadoes possible. Later today, another round of storms with damaging winds, hail and higher tornado threat. A few strong tornadoes (EF2+) possible..
Whenever reporting on being interviewed. The democrats know this is their only shot of thats by trying to make the President totally responsible. The democrats know Biden is in trouble. Blame Trump for the virus is their hail mary..
Spent the evening seeing temple carvings in popcorn; watching Hail, Caesar.
Hail the curly boys.
Day 1 tornado hail and wind outlook.
I would like to wish all my English followers a happy Saint Georges Day and anyone else that wishes to enjoy it with us. Be proud of who you are. Stand up for what is right. And like St. George did, fight the dragon that is tyranny with your last breath. Hail Saint George!!!.
1:18am - Still no severe weather in the area and were really not expecting anything too major. Heavy rain, thunder, and maybe some hail between now and sunrise. Nothing too concerning, and well be dry by the morning..
FIFY: The study found no benefit . . . as a last-minute, Hail Mary, treatment reserved for patients who were on the verge of death..
Level 3 (out of 5) risk is maintained by the Storm Prediction Center as we go into multiple potential rounds of severe weather today (Thursday). Damaging winds, tornadoes, and large hail will be the main concerns..
All hail the culture queen!.
Admire not only the bravery but also the intellect, clarity of thought, vision and mission statement of . Hail!.
Arey Ordinance aa gayi. Now they want us to hail the Ordinance as a great move..
Hail for the rebel.
Well crud SPC thinks afternoon supercells will form in AL Thu PM. Very large hail, damaging winds and even strong will be possible. This doesnt happen..
Even the sky must fall.
+ Hail Rebels.
Hail King Trump!.
Q Film : Hail, Caesar!. Rating: The Coen Bros arent my favorite, but I enjoy how much I smile while watching their work. Structurally, this film is a mess, but it still brought joy to my evening (Channing Tatum tap dancing, anyone?). Overall eh, but not bad. Netflix..
Brother, how can u be free without bringing those that hold u down, ZOO government is our problem for our freedom, so stop this madness of attacking our able leader, he knows what hes doing. Be wise! We must continue. All hail BIAFRA!.
Getting some good hail in NW Meridian right now!.
Kerala Chief Minister Vijayans daughter Veena showed Kerala headquarter as her address for registering her corporate company, Exalogic in Bengaluru! All hail Heil Vijayan!.
NWS Alertandgt; Strong Thunderstorms From Flora to Raymond to Utica Moving E At 55 MPH. Dime Size Hail, Wind Gusts to 50 MPH Possible with These Storms. Strong Thunderstorms will Be Near. Jackson, Clinton and.
Amen, lets pray; Hail Mary,full of Grace, The Lord is with you, blessed are you amongst women and blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, Pray for us Sinners, now and at the hour of our Death, amen..
All hail Biafra. Ride on Nwachineke Nwokoma. Nothing do you, sir..
Yesterdays heavy hail storm has effected our State badly. Approximately 500 houses have been effected. 5 relief camps opened immediately, where about 550 people are staying. We are committed to help everyone in this crucial period when we are already fighting against COVID-19..
Where is "the lab?" And yes, what a supe! Glad all you had was hail..
The hail mary wasnt consolidating around Biden, it was rigging the election and hoping that a cover story that somehow a bunch of meaningless endorsements right before Super Tuesday drastically changed the results would actually convince people it was real.
I dey hail you my.
In the Book of Psalms, the 105th Chapter, the 16th verse, we read: Moreover, God called for a famine upon the landthat is coming! These books make it clear that The Judgment will be in the form of rain, hail, snow and earthquakes..
Sheybeee. Thats the Norm self.
Very dangerous situation. Definitely could have been Moderate after the tornadoes we saw yesterday but this has the potential for widespread tornadoes, hail, wind and flash flooding..
NWS Alertandgt; Severe Thunderstorms From Pineville to Magee Moving E At 40 MPH. 60 MPH Wind Gusts, Large Hail. Expect Damage to Roofs, Siding, and Trees. These Severe Storms will Be Near. Pineville Around 120 AM..
Hail St. Georges alma materHappy 170th to mi BIG SCHOOL, BIG SIDE!.
So our soldiers are worse than Robbers???.
with Chuks Ohuegbe on this morning doing his thing. I hail u, bro.
They Signed up for it, they shall be missed.
Sometimes I be nrvs to interact, dont want to be labeled as friendzy. So in real life I stay to myself, hail who I know, stay out the mix and no long conversations..
hail yeah.
SEVERE STORM OUTLOOK rest of the night. Get newest maps at evere Flooding.
I would trade for him too, but I aint giving up any first round pick for him lol.
Bro, this is really heart melting, hail and long live frontline fighters..
I swear Ive watched a movie recently that made mention of the Natalie Wood (death? Murder?) I cant remember if it was in the vein of Hail, Nice there was definitely a movie recently with a woman dying after being in a dinghy and I CANT REMEMBER.
JAN updates Severe Thunderstorm Warning [wind: 60 MPH, hail: IN] (cancels Simpson [MS], continues Smith [MS]) till 1:45 AM CDT.
TFW the Dotard who you simp for every day like a mewling, sodomized b*tchis so comically awful, your pitch is now: Yeah hes an imbecile , but maybe a cable news anchor might randomly throw a Hail Mary, and magically talk him out of it all by himself..
NCDC and WHO said they are impressed with the quality of facilities on ground, the human capital and the willingness of the Governor Dapo Abiodun administration to ensure that the state does not become a safe haven for the COVID-19 pandemic to fester..
I wouldnt be shocked if it appeared more than a few times! lol I think technically we usually say "giant" hail to refer to hail bigger than softball size..
all hail kuramochis tiddies (and abs).
my power is truly unmatched all hail miranda supreme leader of the middle world (earth).
It eventually will move into Montgomery by early morning and a few strong storms are possible with hail and wind the main threat in pockets. Then higher confidence that there will be supercells during the afternoon and move east through Alabama.
all hail wiggly.
Glad to see a dancer coming in support of another dancer !! Hail Antonio Maino !!.
Happy birthday to the baddest bitch in the game.
Bewildered by impulse of so many life-long conservatives who oppose Trump to hail Biden as savior. I will enthusiastically vote for Biden in Nov, but not b/c Im fond of his record or policies. Ill do all I can to elect Biden b/c Trump is an existential threat to our republic..
All Hail.
See, Pappa gave money to sates. It is the money that Pappa owed the states anyway. But why not use government handles for propaganda that Pappa is generous. The illegality of not giving states their dues be damned. All hail Pappa!.
Talk about Hail Mary.
In my opinion Harsha the post world will feel similar to the post 1 world. The clout of the , similar to the will be less recognised, at least till the financial situations of individual countries improve.Hail the Big 3.
Ushering in a new era of smart transport w/ maps and s services are now fully open to the public in Changsha, Hunan. Residents can hail an autonomous taxi w/ just one tap in or s Smart Mini Programfor free!.
good job sweetie!!.
Lol maybe I should. We cant even put our cars in our grave right now. Its absurd. Its gonna be like that until we are done remodeling at least. Just praying we dont get another awful hail storm like the one we had when we lost the Altima lol.
Not me but my catholic school teacher mums coworker - she was leading the entire school at assembly and asked the students to follow her in hail Marys ... but she said male hairies..
FYI I pernah illegally set up a burger stall , only to have my staff illegally steal my money. My Indonesian worker who is an illegal however make me Rm300 sweet money for 1 month. So all hail illegal stuffs. That stall later on got abandoned by everyone including me..